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Ward, John
B: England
D: 17 Oct 1918, St. Vincent, MN another source said d. PEI
M: Mary Ann Reynolds Wright Neaves, England

FN: Unknown Ward
MN: Unknown

Both buried at St. Joe Cemetery NW of Humboldt, MN. (Emily was the second youngest child)

Ida Croaker Munro Hamilton said the Wards came from a place called "Lower Eastoff" in England (or something similar sounding).

Children of John Ward and Mary Ann Reynolds Wright Neaves:

1. Sam Ward (lived in Boston, MA)

2. Margaret Mathilda Ward
D: 1889? 1891?
M: 29 Jun 1874 (1) Wm. H. Ferguson d. 14 Apr 1883
M: (2) Jim Ferguson

3. Robert Ward
M: Elizabeth Clow

4. William Ward

5. Mary Ann Ward
M: John Higgins, PEI, Canada

6. Hannah Ward
M: Joe Williams

7. Emily Ruth Barnabeth Ward
B: 24 May 1844, PEI
D: 17 Oct 1918 St. Vincent, MN
Both buried in Clow Cemetery, one mile West and one mile South of Humboldt, MN
M: 09 Mar 1865, Cornwall, PEI,William Croaker b. 1837 d. 20 Feb 1916 Humboldt, MN

8. George Henry Ward
M: Annie Taylor

Note: There is a question as to whether this is the "Charles Ward" mentioned under Margaret Ward Ferguson.

Jenny Ward

M: Seymore Ferguson?


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