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Wass, Ivar
B: 31 Jan 1867, Hoe Vestergotland, Sweden
E: 1889
D: 13 Mar 1967
M: 10 Nov 1895, Gunhild Eggerude, who had immigrated from Telemarkan, Norway in 1891.

Children of Ivar Wass and Gunhild Eggerude:

Martha Wass

Oscar Wass
D: 1937
M: Clara Kruse

Hilma Wass
D: 1969
M: 1920, Mark P. Craigmile

Children of Mark P. Craigmile and Hilma Wass:

Delia Craigmile

Milton Craigmile

Glenn Craigmile

Neil Craigmile

Donald Craigmile

Victor Wass
D: 1973, El Cerrito, CA
M: Myrtle Anderson, dau of Anton Anderson

Children of Victor Wass and Myrtle Anderson:

Annehte Wass
M: Greco

Patricia Wass
M: Zenuis

Esther Wass
D: 1936

Melvin Wass
D: At age 9