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White, Henry Douglas
B: 05 Aug 1851
D: 02 Dec 1929
M: (1)
Eliza Melinda (or Malinda) Matthew b. 22 Mar 1866 d. 17 Dec 1893, age 28. Buried: North Wiltshire PEI United Church
M: (2)
Mary Bethesda (Matthew) Gill (sister of Melinda) b. 19 Apr 1866 d. 03 Mar 1952

FN: John White
MN: Isabelle Thompson

The 1st marriage of Mary Matthew was to Ed Gill

Children of Ed Gill and Mary Matthew:

1. Ernest Gill
M: Mary Sylvester Balderston

2. Bertha May Gill
B: 12 Jun 1888 PEI (made her home with uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Heatherly untilher marriage to Leonard Sylvester)
D: 10 May 1915 Kittson County, MN, age 26, tubercular meningitis
Burial: Joe River Cemetery officiated by Rev. Campbell of Swan Lake, Man.
M: 26 Jun 1913 Leonard Sylvester

Child: Kalvin raised by second wife, Laura Hare Sylvester

Children of Henry Douglas White and Eliza Melinda Matthew:

1. Fidessa White
B: 03 Dec 1888 PEI (Another source says 09 Dec 1887)
D: 1915 per cemetery marker
M: Oliver Tremere, Hampshire, Prince Edward Island

Children of Oliver Tremere and Fidessa White:

1. Viola Mary Tremere (raised by grandfather Henry and Nannie)
B: 02 Jul 1913
M: Earl Howard Anderson b. 18 Aug 1909 d. 13 Oct 1973

Children of Earl Howard Anderson and Viola Mary Tremere:

1. Florence Anderson - lived in NJ somewhere and had 3 children or twins.

2. Winston Earl Anderson b. 05 Oct 1942 d. 21 Jul 1975. Buried in Dumstaffnage, PEI

2. Garfield Tremere

3. Infant Tremere

4. Infant Tremere

2. Hettie Leah White
B: 09 Sep 1889 Wiltshire, PEI
D: 06 Feb 1945 (another source says 06 Feb 1946) Bethesda Hospital, Crookston, MN
M: 08 Sep 1910 William Wilkie, Humboldt, MN

Hettie White came to Northern Minnesota at age 14 to make her home with her aunt and uncle, George and Annie Matthew of Humboldt.

3. Levi White
B: 03 Oct 1891 PEI
D: 11 Jan 1911
M: Unmarried

Children of Henry Douglas White and Mary (Matthew) Gill:

1. Derril James White
B: 16 Jun 1897 PEI, Bonshaw
D: 04 May 1970, Charlottetown, PEI
M: 06 Nov 1918, Bessie Mayne (or Maney), in Cornwall, PEI. B: 01 Sep 1901, Boston, MA

2. Chester White
B: 03 Jul 1900 PEI
D: 09 Jan 1968
M: 04 Feb 1925, Mildred Green (Elizabeth Mildred Green (Millie).b. 10 Sep 1905 and d. 22 Apr 1985.

3. Gladys White
B: 21 Dec 1903 PEI
M: 26 Dec 1923 Lorne Smith

Stone nearest the road

Malinda Mathew ( that's how it was spelled ! )

wife of

Henry D. White

died Dec 17, 1893

AET 28

Blessed are the

pure in heart for

they shall see God


beside that stone... a taller brownish granite stone

In Memory Of

U Bertram Matthew


Mar 10, 1904

AET 82

Father let thy grace be given

That we may meet in heaven