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White, J. Fred
B: 1888
D: 1980
M: 1921, Hannah Mae Hodgson b. 1896, youngest daughter of Thomas Hodgson and Janet Bell of Hill's River. They lived in Hill's River for many years in the home built by Mae's brother, David. After this home was destroyed by fire, Fred and Mae moved to Alberton where they bought the former Presbyterian Manse and later the adjoining farm.

FN: Archibald White
MN: Jane Wyatt

J. Fred White moved to Alberton in 1897 and lived there until 1906 when he moved to Western Canada. Six years later he returned to Alberton where he and LeBert Pridham bought the furniture business of Fred's step-father, Thomas Wilkinson.

Child of J. Fred White and Hannah Mae Hodgson:

1. Gordon White
M: Klara Anne Batizzi, of Hungary. Had four children:

1. Frank White

2. Anna White

3. Susan White

4. David White

Fred and Gordon at one time had an orchestra known as "The Western Five" that raised funds to help many service clubs in the area.

Gordon was recognized by the Heritage Foundation for the restoration work done on his property on Church Street in Alberton. The property was the former house of Fred L. Rogers, which in more recent times was owned by Herbert Clark and Rev. David MacDonald. Gordon owned what was locally known as the Dr. Erskine Keir home which was also on Church Street.