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White, John Reddy
B: 1858
D: 17 Dec 1939
M: (1) Flora Campbell b. 1863 d. 1892
M: (2) Mary A. Lamont b. 1874 d. 13 Nov 1961

FN: John White
MN: Isabelle Thompson

Children of John Reddy White and Mary Lamont:

1. Harold White
B: 1895
D: 13 Aug 1918

2. John Wesley White
B: 1898
D: 04 May 1914

3. Russell White

4. James Edward White
B: 1909
D: 30 Sep 1956
M: Annie Nicholson of Hunter River, PEI

Edward was initially a farmer in Stanckel, PEI until moving to Charlottetown where he worked with a dairy company. Annie worked at the PEI hospital bor many years as a seamstress.

1. John White Graduated University of New Brunswick, BSc 1961 Civil Engineering
B: 07 Jun 1937
D: 12 Aug 1989

2. Gordon White, Pharmacist at the K-Mart in Charlottetown, PEI

3. Dan White

4. Sandra Bently. Dietician at Dept. of Nutrtition in Charlottetown, PEI, and lived in New Glasgow.