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White, John Thomas
B: 1873
D: 1936
M: Jane Josephine Cameron
, Richmond

FN: Matthew J. White
MN: Jane Josephine Cameron

John Thomas White followed in his father's footsteps. He was a carpenter and also did some farming. Like his father, he also made caskets. There are many buildings in the vicinity of Freetown and many parts of PEI that were built by John T. White. They bear significant features that were evident in houses and other buildings that he constructed. Two of the outstanding ones are St. James Catholic Church in Summerfield and the Parochial House adjoining. He designed the interior of the church by eliminating the pillars. It was the only church on PEI at that time, in 1929, that was without pillars. John Thomas White inherited his father's farm of 38.5 acres and resided there. Source: Freetown Past and Present

Children of John Thomas White and Jane Josephine Cameron:

1. Matthew Joseph White
B: 1905
D: 1983
M: 11 Oct 1939, Cynthia Reeves b. 18 Aug 1918, resides in Charlottetown. Had 6 children

2. Mary Catherine White
B: 10 Sep 1906. She was a Notre Dame Nun, Sister St. John Gualbert.
D: 31 Jan 1966

3. Bridget Agnes White
B: 24 Sep 1908
M: 15 Apr 1930, Roy Reeves. They resided in Ontario

4. Bernadette White
B: 07 May 1910
M: 10 Jul 1963, Henry Alder b. 27 Oct 1913. Resided in Quincy, Mass. and had no children

5..John Peter White
B: 02 Jun 1912
D: 15 Dec 1945
M: 04 Feb 1942, Frances Smith d. 01 Oct 1942. They had no children. John served in the Canadian Army during World War II.

6. Martina Ann White
B: 1914
D: 31 Mar 1956.
M: 21 Sep 1944, Charles Cash b. 18 Jul 1909 d. 12 Jan 1970. They resided in Graham's Road and had 7 children:

7. David Michael White
B: 11 Oct 1916
D: 05 May 1979
M: 26 Aug 1967, Judith Wilson. Had one son, David Michael Wilson

8. Joseph Allinus White
B: 06 Jan 1919
D: When he was about one year old.

Source: Freetown Past and Present. Submitted by Sharon Cash