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Younggren, Bengta (4)
B: 28 Feb 1830, Naas
C: 23 Jun 1844 The inscription in Bengta's confirmation Bible reads "Bengta Christiansdotter at number 3 Ignaberga got this book June the 23rd, 1844 at the Church of Wankifva in her alliance of christening for her confirmation in public." The 5th book of Mose 29: 10,11,12 and 13. Lukas 14: 17.
D: 16 Dec 1870 and is buried in the Mann Valley Cemetery, St. Croix County, Wisconsin
M: Carl A. "Charlie" Bjerstedt b. 1829 in Sweden and came to America about 1849 d. 1908.

Charlie Bjerstedt eventually married again to Kate Bergman. They had four children: Elmer, Agnes, Eric and Ike. He died in 1908 and is buried in Mann Valley Cemetery located in Sec. No 5 of Clifton Twp.

FN: Christian Andersson Ljunggren
MN: Pernilla Persdotter

Lineage: Ljunggren, Christian Andersson (3); Wollermarsson, Anders (2); Hansson, Wollemar (1)

Children of Carl A. "Charlie" Bjerstedt and Bengta Younggren:

Inga Bjerstedt, Louis Bjerstedt, Paula Bjerstedt, Carl William Bjerstedt

1. Inga Bjerstedt (5)
B: 1862 (never married)
D: 1940

2. Louis Bjerstedt (5)
B: 1864 (never married)
D: 1898

3. Paula Bjersted (5)
B: Unknown
D: Unknown

4. Carl William Bjerstedt (5)
B: 18 Nov 1870 in Mann Valley near River Falls, Wisconsin.
D: Aug 1955
M: 28 Feb 1901 Alice Olson B: 17 Dec 1873 D: Aug 1964
Buried: Both are buried at Dawson, Minnesota