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It should be stated at the outset that it is very difficult at times to trace Swedish surnames because of the way surnames were adopted in Sweden. The Younggrens who put together a family history book contacted Kenneth Smemo, Professor of History & Scandinavian Studies at Moorhead State University, Moorhead, Minnesota who interpreted this matter in the following way which is a fitting introduction to the Younggren page in this website:

"The matter of Swedes - and the other Scandinavians - and fixed permanent surnames is a complicated one. The upper landed classes had used them for centuries, but for the common folk it did not become customary for all blood - or marriage related kin to adopt a common family surname until the late 19th century and early 20th. In Iceland this has never been done. For example: women use names like Anna Sveinsdottir all their lives, whether they're married or not, and men have a first name plus their father's name and the suffix son.

By and large, it seems that most Swedes and Swedish families had settled on a common last name for all official records by the time of World War I. They most often chose the patronymic of the oldest male in the family (Knutson, perhaps) and used it unchanged through future generations or they chose the name of the farm on which the family lived or on which they might be tenant farmers, if they didn't own it (like Ljunggren in your case, which is surely a farm name). Most often they faced such a decision when they had to give a name for official purposes (induction into the army, perhaps, or applying for an emigration permit or registering themselves with an American immigration official in some American port of entry, like Ellis Island). Therefore, you can have the cases of two brothers settling in America with two different surnames - depending on their preference. And altering the spelling so as to make it more "English" as easier for Americans to spell and pronounce was common - like Ljunggren to Younggren."

The above background information is significant in trying to ascertain the correct names of the early families shown in this record. It was difficult to determine from the information received whether one should be Andersdotter or Andreasdotter, for example, because both spellings occur in the same family. All corrections, of course, will be welcomed by this website.

Persons or families may be found by clicking on any underlined linked name in the file which are also linked to other related family pages.

Andersdotter, Britta b. 1815 m. Per Falck

Andersdotter, Caisa b. 1818 m. Per Larsson

Andersdotter, Eva b. 1824 m. (1) supposed to have been engaged to Hans Persson (2) Mans Anderson

Andersdotter, Karna b. 1804 m. Mons Svensson Strobeck

Andersdotter, Kerstin b. 1811

Andersdotter, Svenborg b. 1813 m. Nils Larsson

Andersson, Anders b. 1801 m. Hedvig Miller

Andersson, Andreas b. 1783 m. Anna Persdotter

Andersson, Christian b. 1818 m. Johanna Andresdotter Johnson

Andersson, Dahl Nils b. 1791 m. Bolla Christiansdotter

Andersson, Jons b. 1784 m. Bengta Rasmusdotter

Andersson, Pehr b. 1793 m. Anna Svensdotter

Andersson, Sven b. 1787 m. Cathrina Maria Boos

Andersson, Wollemar b. 1786 m. Pernilla Mansdotter

Bjerstedt, Carl William b. 1870 m. Alice Olson

Bjerstedt, Delia Bernice b. 1906 m. (1) Irvin Milde (2) Theodore Thompson

Gordon, Cassandra Fay b. 1959 m. Michael Brandt

Gordon, Stephanie Jo b. 1961 m. Paul Lawrence Lenstrom

Hannson, Wollemar b. - m. Karna Truetsdotter

Johnson, Henry Alfred Ashley b. 1908 m. Wanda Jennings

Johnson, Sheldon Delbert (6) b. 1913 m. Eunice M. Gilbertson

Johnson, Sheldon Delbert (7) b. 1948 m. Millicent Ann LeBlanc

Ljunggren, Anna b. 1824 m. Anders Persson Holmqvist

Ljunggren, Christian Anderrson b. 1795 m. Pernilla Persdotter

Ljunggren, Christina Kersti b. 1820 m. Nils Anderson

Ljunggren, Nils Wollermarsson b. 1824 m. Hedvig Andersson Miller

Milde, Nancy Clarice b. 1939 m. Gordon Larson

Neperud, Lori Ann b. 1953 m. Kerry Randall Mildon

Neperud, Ronald George b. 1957 m. Gloria Jean Larson

Persdotter, Nilla b. 1844 m. Johannes Persson

Persson, Sven b. 1835 m. Cecilia Nordstrom

Segerstrom, Harold Axel b. 1907 m. Winnifred Brown

Segerstrom, Nancy Ann b. 1946 m. Douglas Laska

Segerstrom, Roy b. 1899 m. Helen Dawson

Segerstrom, Sara Jane b. 1948 m. David O. Larson

Segerstrom, Thelma b. 1905 m. Gordon Poulter

Svensdotter, Cecilia b. 1820 m. Jons Thomelius

Svensdotter, Margaretha b. 1825 m. (1) Niles Joseph Ramstedt (2) Johan Theorin

Swanson, John Leonard b. 1925 m. Gloria Mae Borseth

Thompson, Dale Vincent b. 1943 m. Nancy Strommer

Wollemarsdotter, Elna b. 1810 m. Jons Malmquist

Wollermarrson, Anders b. 1755 m. Boel Andersdotter

Younggren, Alfred Henning b. 1872 m. Hilma Segerstrom

Younggren, Alfred Russell b. 1908 m. Nila Linnell

Younggren, Alpha Elaine b. 1904 m. Ernest W. Ziebell

Younggren, Anna Malinda b. 1890 m. John W. Swanson

Younggren, Axel b. 1836 m. Malinda Mattson

Younggren, Bengta b. 1830 m. Carl A. "Charlie" Bjerstedt

Younggren, Bengta Delia b. 1874 m. Albert Johnson

Younggren, Carl Alfred b. - m. Agnes Byquist

Younggren, Carolyn Jean b. 1941 m. Wayne Edward Nelson

Younggren, Charles b. 1858 m. Caroline "Lena" Olson

Younggren, Clifford Axel Percival b. 1888 m. Elizabeth Jerome

Younggren, Cordelia Cora b. 1905 m. W. Ben Bernard

Younggren, Daniel Larry b. 1959 m. Diane Louise Kalinowski

Younggren, Darryl Edward b. 1961 m. Tracy Lynn Lang

Younggren, Dean Lowell b. 1922 m. Muriel Dellamae Swanson

Younggren, Edward Charles b. 1893 m. Anna Caroline Lund

Younggren, Emma b. 1870 m. Anton Segerstrom

Younggren, Fay Olive b. 1935 m. Earl Duane Ryden

Younggren, Franz b. 1868 m. Pauline Solem

Younggren, Franz Raymond b. 1909 m. Annie Anderson

Younggren, Frederick II b. 1872 m. Mildred Segerstrom

Younggren, Harley Edward b. 1928 m. Janice Caroline Erickson

Younggren, Harold Stanley b. 1927 m. Lucille Marie Diamond

Younggren, Joan Ruth b. 1936 m. Lowell Albert Gordon

Younggren, John Charles b. 1935 m. Mae Olive Willadson

Younggren, Larry Melvin b. 1931 m. Rose Jean Layhon

Younggren, Leonard b. 1877 m. Cora Blagen

Younggren, Lois b. 1925 m. George Neperud

Younggren, Lois Ann b. 1919 m. Jerry Henry Lindegard

Younggren, Lola Amalie b. 1908 m. John "Johnny" McAndrew

Younggren, Lorraine Ann b. 1925 m. Jack Joseph Marcinek

Younggren, Luther "Luke" b. 1909 m. Olive Rose Isabell Craig

Younggren, Marlyce Ann b. 1933 m. Phillip Cassel Peterson

Younggren, Nelson Amos b. 1870 m. Nancy Weberg

Younggren, Newell Amos b. 1915 m. Beth I. Hoveland

Younggren, Ole b. 1858 m. Anna Anderson

Younggren, Oliver Swen b. 1904 m. (1) Mildred Tausch (2) Georgean (Pat) Sherman

Younggren, Oscar b. 1863 m. Mulvina Elizabeth Berg

Younggren, Oscar W. b. 1889 m. Josie Anderson

Younggren, Stanley b. 1891 m. Alma Linnea Lund

Younggren, Stephen b. 1942 m. (1) Jeanne Porter (2) Julia Teague

Younggren, Sven or Swen b. 1833 m. Hannah Nelson

Younggren, Vera Malinda b. 1906 m. Lewis Thomas

Younggren, Victor Oscar b. 1896 m. Verla Kimball

Ziebell, Nancy Jo b. 1936 m. (1) Bruce Harrison (2) John Phillip Wilson

Ziebell, Peter William b. 1931 m. (1) Betty McAfee (2) Deborah Howard

Sources: Dean and Muriel Younggren

Kittson Historical Society Book # 1

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