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Scott County, Minnesota

The Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill in 1867
By Victorin J. Ruhland June 1967

John Meyer

John, along with his sister Angela, came in 1867 and settled at Union Hill, it is believed. Their brother Benedict, also came to this area in 1867 and settled near St. Benedict. The Meyers came from Waxweiler, Germany.

The following year Angela was married to Thomas Lochen at Union Hill. They made their home on his farm two miles northeast of the church. Thomas was a brother of Henry Lochen and Mrs. Matt Schoenecker. He had some from Waxweiler with his parents, brother and sisters in 1854. The Tom Lochen family consisted of Mrs. Mike Faber of St. Leo, and Mrs. Gerhard Busch, Louise, Henry and John of Union Hill.

John never married and so stayed with his brother-in-law Tom Lochen. During the Civil War, John served as a soldier. In the Union Hill area he was a labor man. In 1878, he dug a well by hand near the church to a depth of 29 feet. On April 3, 1886, he was accidentally killed. He was well known in the community and went by the name of "Honnas".

John Michels

The John Michels came to this country in 1862 as newlyweds. They were just married in Trier, Germany. They lived for two years in Kenosha, Wisconsin before coming to Union Hill. They made their home on his farm about four miles northwest of Union Hill. Through the years the letter "s" has been dropped from the family name and it is spelled "Michel" today.

John and Margaretha Moers Michels had a family of five daughters and three sons. They were Mrs. Conrad Fink of Cold Spring, Mrs. S. Wagner of Springfield, Mrs Adam Riesgraf and Mrs. John (Lena) Gestach of Carver, Mrs. Stephen Huss and Matt of Union Hill, Peter of Tintah, and John Jr. of Hixton, Wisconsin. John just recently passed away.

The Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill in 1867
By Victorin J. Ruhland June 1967

John Merget

The Mergets lived for twenty years in the Union Hill area on a farm on Section ten and eleven of Derryname Township. They came to Union Hill around 1861 from Sheyboygan county, Wisconsin. John was born in Darmstadt, Germany, and in 1854 came to Wisconsin. He met Magdalen Sprey while in Sheboygan County and in 1854 the two were married. Magdalen was born in Grossherzogtum, Hessian, Germany. She came to Wisconsin in 1846.

John and Magdalen were among the few of the Union Hill community that were not from the Rhenish Provinces as nearly everyone else. The Mergets were both of Hessian background. Yet their birthplace of Hessian is relatively close to the Cologne-Trier area.

John served as the town officer of Derrynane Township for a time while still on the farm. The Mergets retired from farming in 1882 and moved to Jordan. Here Magdalen died in 1897. They had no children.

After Mrs. Merget's death romance developed between Pauline Grund and John. She came to America in December 1898, and they were married that same month in New York. A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to them. After nearly nine years of marriage to Pauline, Mr. Merget passed away in 1907.

Pauline Merget continued to live as a widow for nearly 37 years before her death in 1944. She was born in Schoennvalde, Schlesien, Germany.

The life span of John and Pauline covered nearly 117 years between his birth and her death. The Mergets were all buried in Jordan.

The Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill in 1867
By Victorin J. Ruhland June 1967

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Union Hill History

Mather, F.C., born August 11, 1836, is a native of Union county, Ohio.  In the fall of 1853 he went with his parent to Iowa; his father died in March, 1861, and the family resided near McGregor until 1876.  Mr. Mather labored in the ministry twenty years in north-eastern Iowa, and in the fall of 1876 came to Minnesota.  He had charge of the Methodist church at High Forest, this state, during the years 1877-8, then for tow years was pastor of the Shakopee Methodist church.  Since November, 1880, he has been proprietor of the American hotel in this place; also keeps an extensive stock of farm machinery.  He married Sarah C. Mather, of Union, Ohio, October 26, 1855.  Their children are Eva, Flora, George C., Stella, Mary D.,, Abbie G., Sadie P. and Winnie I.

From the History of the First Minnesota page 309

McGrade Frank, (deceased) was born in 1830, in Ireland.  When twenty-two years old he joined the regular army of his country and served until discharged in 1855.  That year he moved to New York city, where he worked in a clothing house about one year.  November 9, 1856, he married Mary Loughrey, at Kellyville, Pennsylvania, and they at once came to Shakopee, where for a time Mr. McGrade engaged in the lime business.  He held the office of sheriff six years, employing a deputy nearly two years while he was in the army.  He was instrumental in raising company L, Second Minnesota cavalry, and was commissioned first lieutenant; was discharged at Fort Snelling, May 4, 1866.  He returned to Shakopee, and soon after went to Jordan, where he purchased half interest in a stock of general merchandise.  In 1867, was elected register of deeds, of Scott county, and returned to this place; about two years after he bought a farm which Mrs. McGrade still owns; was also in the hardware business with George Reis.  For three years he was one of the county commissioners, and was a member of the city council from 1874, until his death, September 27, 1876.  His widow, four sons and five daughters, are living in Scott County.

From the History of the First Minnesota, page 309

Marrian, Michael K. , born November 4, 1855, is a native of Rochester, New York, where he acquired his education in the Christian Brothers Academy.  In 1873 he came to Shakopee, and read law one year under Judge L. M. Brown.  In 1876 he was appointed clerk of the court, of Scott County, by Judge Brown, and in 1877 was elected to the office which he has since held.

From the History of the First Minnesota, page 309

McMullan, Nathan McDowel was born September 18, 1806, in Franklin county Pennsylvania.  At the age of twenty-two he went to Bedford county, where he was one year interested in woolen manufacturing; removed to Somerset county, where he was hotel proprietor and postmaster for about three years.  In 1844 he went to Mansfield, Ohio, and carried on mercantile business there nine years; was mayor of that city in 1851.  He was engaged in mercantile trade two years in Van Wert county, and in 1856 established a hardware store in Shakopee; two years later, his son took charge of the business.  Mr. McMullan was the first mayor of this place; in 1862 was elected a member of the legislature, held the office of county treasurer in 1858-9, and has been justice of the peace twenty years.

From the History of the First Minnesota, page 309


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