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Scott County, Minnesota

The Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill in 1867
By Victorin J. Ruhland June 1967

John Pint

John Pint came to Union Hill in 1863, the same year his brother Matt did and the two settled on neighboring farms. John immigrated to this country in that year and came directly to Union Hill where he settled on a farm one mile north of St. John's Church. The farm is still in the Pint family.

John was born in Wilsecker, Germany in 1837. Marie Moers became his wife in 1865 at New Prague. She was born in 1837 in Feustdorf, Germany. She also came to this country in 1863 and settled at Union Hill. Her sister was the wife of John Michels.

The John Pint family included Mrs George Wagner later Mrs. Val Lenz of Ellsworth; John of St. Benedict; and Mrs. Frank Giesen (Elizabeth), Jacob and Matt of Union Hill; Mrs. Joseph Westrup (Margaret) and Mrs. Lucy Fink of Eden Valley; and Mrs. Albert Ott (Mary) of Winsted.


Math Pint

The Math Pints were in the Union Hill area about fifteen years including the year 1867. Math was an older brother of John, also of Union Hill. Math was born in Bitburg, Germany, not far from Trier. He learned the wagon makers trade and when coming to America in 1856 he obtained similar employment in Montreal, Chicago and Racine. He was married to Lucy Lichter in 1859 in Racine. They moved to Union Hill in 1863 and settled on an eighty acre farm in Section 25 a mile and a half northeast of Union Hill. In December 1882, Mrs. Pint passed away following the birth of their twelfth child. The following year Math moved his family to Ellsworth, Minnesota. The Pints were living near Belle Plaine in Sections 4 and 5 at this time having sold their farm near Union Hill in 1877.

The Pint family consisted of three sons and five daughters. The sons were Math Jr. and Anthony of Ellsworth and Peter of Sanborn, Minnesota. The daughters were Mrs. J. Peter Unzen and Mrs. Nick Lichter of Kenosha Wisconsin; Mrs.Peter Lenz of Wolf Point, Montana; Mrs. William Vogelsberg of Ellsworth; and Mrs. Rudolph Lenz who is still living in Litchfield, Minnesota. In addition three boys and a girl died between 1880 and 1883 and along with their mother are buried in Belle Plaine. Mr. Pint is buried at Adrian, Minnesota.

The following is a summarized account of each family based on information located by this writer. The first section will discuss the 22 families who lived and died in the Union Hill area and whose descendants are still living there. They will be discussed in alphabetical order.

The Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill in 1867
By Victorin J. Ruhland June 1967

Peter Poss

Peter Poss came to the Union Hill area from Kenosha, Wisconsin in the early 1860's, it is believed. He married Katherine Tix about the same time. Not much is known about Peter before his arrival in Union Hill. Katherine came with her parents to this area around 1854. She had a brother (Bernard Tix) and a sister (Mrs. Leonard Rech) living nearby in 1867. The Poss farm was a half mile north of Union Hill. Here they had eleven children born to them. Peter's life was cut short by an accident in 1883 when he was only 43 years old. He was thrown from a wagon loaded with pumpkins and suffered a broken spine.

The Poss family included Nicholas of Iowa; Jacob and Peter of Humboldt, Canada; Math of Union Hill; Mrs. Martin Pranke (Mary) of Prior Lake; Mrs. Susan Glenn of Mrs. Elizabeth Schaunus of Belle Plaine; Mrs. Katherine Haus of Calio, North Dakota; and Mrs. Anne Haus of Mantodor, North Dakota. Math was killed by lightening at the age of 18 on their farm in Union Hill. Another son, Bernard died as a young boy.

Mrs. Katherine Poss married a second time. She had another son, John Hertz. John and his mother left for the Dakotas and later for Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Here she died shortly after arriving and was buried at Humboldt.

A peculiar coincidence in connection with the death of Peter Poss was the death of Mr. Newell of Belle Plaine, who was also thrown from a horse loaded with pumpkins. Both accidents happened on the same day from the same cause and both were interred from a Church of St. John the Evangelist.

The Early Settlers of St. John's Parish at Union Hill in 1867
By Victorin J. Ruhland June 1967

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Union Hill History

Plut, Alois, pastor of the German Catholic church, at Shakopee, was born June 21, 1841, in Austria.  when eleven years of age he began classical studies in the Rudolphwerth, Gymnasium, where he remained a student eight years; he then completed his theological studies at Goritz.  In June 1864, he came to America and spent a short time at St. Vincent College, Pennsylvania.  In the fall of that year he went to St. Paul, and in February 1865, was sent to the Stillwater mission, where he remained until September, 1866, when he was given charge of the New Prague, Scott county church; from there he went, in May 1868, to Winona, and since May, 1876, has been pastor at Shakopee.  His congregation includes two hundred and twenty-five families.

From the History of the First Minnesota, page 310




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