Aurora Twp Cemetery

Recorded July 1985 by Ron Houghtelin

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Made available to The Steele Co. genealogy pages by: Ron Houghtelin

Located in Aurora twp section 13. Entrance from Steele Co Road #6. This cemetery is aprox 100' x 300' and is fenced  and is mowed. Some of the markers are broken an toppled over. Some markers are led gable on the ground and are recorded here as best as could be intrepid and read.

     This cemetery is recorded in the county records at the County Recorders Office in Owatonna original surveyed by BS Wheeler county surveyor June 6 1872 for the Aurora Cemetery Association.

Adsit    (all oss)
      Charles          Apr 29 1833 - Oct 5 1902
      Janet M         June 2 1835 - Oct 2 1878                                       
      Nettie P         Mar 13 1877 - Apr19 1894                                 
      Fred A           May  3 1861 - Feb 2 1872                                 
      Anna P           May  3 1873 - May 3 1873                                
      Kitty Mae      Feb  2 1871 - Sep 6 1877                                                                                                                   

      Thomas          Sept 26 1805- Sep 2 1884 

      Eugene       d Jan 21 1879   age  5m  

      Francis C (father)             1846-1911                                       
      Mary his wife (mother)    1854-1936        

     Jay Lewis  s/o EP & LM - d Dec 16 1870  age 4y 8m 3d

     Electra Ellis  w/o Seth  Nov 16 1805 - March 17 1890                     
      (oss)  age 84y 1m  * acceptable member of the MB Church                   
     Seth  born in Eaton New Hampshire Aug 26 1801 age 64y 4m                   
     Ezekiel  s/o Seth  d 10 (???) 1872  age 32y 5m 9d (vhtr)                   
    * stone marker is face down  (illegible) unknown                          
    * (FS)  M E E  (unknown)                                                  
     (2) umgs          (unknown) 

Cogswell    (oss)                                                            
      Francis  (father-vhtr) b in Dover NH Apr 6 1790-Oct 22 1881                  
      Elizabeth (Smith) h/w (mother) May 20 1794 -Jan 24 1876 

     A C             ??y 6m 27d  (vhtr)                                        
     Morci  A    w/o AC  d June 18 1875                                        
     DeWitt G            d Jan 1 1894    age 68y 5m                             
    (8) umgs (unknown)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
      Matilda A w/o George   Mar 30 1839 - Mar 29 1878                                           
      *a stone marker has fallen on ground                                   
         and the next marker is buried too deep to read                                  
      (4)umgs (unknown) 

     Elizabeth            1854-1919
     * marker under bushes                     
     Henry      Co F 11 VT inf ( Post 81 GAR)                                  
     (10) umgs (unknown) in the south  30' of  the cemetery                                                                                                           

     Harry  inf children of John and Anna Lysne                              

     Note: John & Anna are buried in the Aurora Luth Ch Yard Cemetery in Havana

Mahlman   (all oss)                                                           
     Bertha                1896-1928                                             
     William              1928-----                                             
     William              1884-1945                                                                                                                             

     Felex      d Oct 8 1880   age 58y 8m 11d                                                                                                               

    Harriet Z (Steele) w/o Delos T   1834-1876                               
    Delos (Pioneer Steele Co 1856)   1834-1871                                 
    (6) umgs (unknown)                                                                                                                                         

    William         Aug 13 1801 - Aug 19 1880                                  

(16) umgs (unknown)                                                        

    TAP  (conc marker flush * nothing else legible) could be part of  S (TAP) LTON                                         

(16) umgs (unknown) in the north area of cemetery

Note: a stone marker located in central portion of the cemetery is very difficult to read.

     I read Hans ?einsen (Heinsen or Hansen?) Dode 14 Oct 1874   age 5y 13d  (Danish)


The Aurora Cemetery seems to have many unmarked grave sites, probably some were never marked and also many of the markers have been lost thru settlement of markers and broken stones.                                                                                                                       

                   Recorded by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota, July 1985