East Meriden Cemetery, Lemond Township
Recorded July 1985 by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota.

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Made available to The Steele Co. genealogy pages by: Ron Houghtelin

        This cemetery is located in Lemond twp in section  2  along  Steele Co Road #7. Cemetery is mowed but several old stone markers are broken and laying or piled on other stones.  Approx 100'x 100' size of the cemetery. S Wheeler (Co Surveyor)  made the original survey in June 1879 an is recorded in the County Recorders records in Owatonna.   

    William W            1839-19--      (Post 81 GAR)                         
    Olive   N            1837-1910     

     John            July 18 1801 - Dec 15 1886                               
     Milender his wife  Sep 19 1807 -Feb 10 1880                              
     Kezia           Sept 21 1833 - Oct 31 1905                               
     Elizabeth       Mar  27 1842 - Jan  7 1887                                
     (3) umgs (unknown)   

      Abner W         d Sept 11 1908   age 80y                               
      a wife and child buried here (no other information)                     
      (4) umgs (unknown) 

Graham    (oss)                                                              
      John            d Aug 28 1883   age 68y                                  
      Francis         d May 27 1884   age 32y 21d                            
      Eliza J         d Sept 7 1898   age 79y                                   
      Thomas John     d May 16 1886   age 32y 7m 3d                           
      (5) ungs (unknown)

        Mary F  d/o S & LA  d Nov 13 1866  age 12y 6m                           
        Sanford             d Aug 23 1869  age 63y 3m 17d                      
        Louisa A w/oSanford d Jan 20 1887  age 73y 7m 27d

Manson   (oss)                                                              
       Fannie  d/o GF & LB d Feb 20 1877  age 1y 11d                          
       Olive L  w/o W F    d Mar  8 1879  age 47y 6m 12d                             
      (marker was made by A Meyers, Owatonna)                               
      (FS)  O L M   (white marker broken)                                    
      Olive L d/o WF & OL d Oct  3 1871  age 16y 10m                        
      (2) umgs (unknown)

       Hannah w/o Zebina and daughter of Thomas & Hannah Tabor born in New Bedford
          Mass 1794, Lived in Mt Pelier VT, Came to Owatonna Minn 1857 d April 27 1881
              age 86 yrs  (Sacred to the memory ) broken marker  (vhtr)

      Ray s/o O & R  Murphy  d Apr 8 1885 age 14y                               
     (2) umgs  (unknown) 

Parcher  (marker is flat on the ground)                                       
     Alice J d/o W&A  d Feb 13 1865  age 6y 11m 13d  

     Ella G               1866-1915 
     (4) umgs (unknown) 

Rowland   (marker is off from base)                                           
      Mary A w/o W A  d Nov 4 1877 age 58 8m 20d 

     Gilbert H    d Dec 21 1881  age 50y                                       
      * (next to Russell plot) Mother died July 18 1906                                  
       no other data                                                                                                                    

      Christof     Gest den Nov 26 1893                                          
      Anna G  May 7 1820 June 18 1876                                         
      (2) markers missing -bases only  (unknown)                                 
      (3) umgs (unknown)                                                         
       *marker illegible on the ground.                                        
      (4) umgs (unknown)    

      Nellie May  d/o JH & HE  d July 19 1867  age 3m 2d

      S  (father)     d Feb 24 1876  age 81y 22d                             
      Lydia  w/o  S Wyman (mother) d Mar 14 1878  age 79y                    
     George G        d (month illegible) 10 1858 

This This cemetery is on a hill and is well drained. 

            Recorded July 1985 by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota.