Meraker Lutheran Norwegian Cemetery
Recorded March 1987  by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota

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Made available to The Steele Co. genealogy pages by: Ron Houghtelin

    This cemetery is located in Deerfield twp on the west side of section 27 along the township road about a mile south of Steele County Road 6 and the town hall. This is the former site of the Meraker Lutheran Church and now the cemetery is called the Meraker Norwegian Cemetery. The church building is no longer here.

    The size of the cemetery is about 140' east and west x about 120' north and south. Fenced on the west, north and east sides with a gate in the south /west corner that is no longer used as the south side is open to a farmer's driveway. All of the burials of this cemetery are along the east fence and in the north/west corner area.

     I have provided a layout map with this report that was compiled from two sources. One source is from my survey and measurements of the all the markers visible in regards to their location in the cemetery from fences and relative to their location to the other stone markers and I recorded the information written on the stone markers.(Names and Dates)

        The other source was information provided by Esther (Eliason)(Larson) Grunz of Owatonna whose parents, Rose and Elias Eliason, are buried in plots 41, 42. Her grandparents are buried in plots  28, 29, and Esther’s great-grandparents, EO Bye, are buried in plot 10. Esther died Jan 1 2000 and is buried in plot 43 in this cemetery. The information Esther provided listed all the persons buried and their burial location with or without markers.

     All of the burials in Row 1 are exactly as listed in Esther's cemetery data.  Row 2 is listed exactly the same as her data except the first two sites on the north which have stone markers in place and I must assume the markers are in the right place. Row 3 is the same as her data except markers again prove where one person was actually buried. Row 4 is the same as the data and Row 5 which are Esther's parents is correct except her data showed the person buried in plot 44 as in another location. But John C Eliason  is buried in plot 44.

     The data for the unmarked graves do not list any dates, only the names of the person buried on that plot or site. I am not certain that the exact location of the plots or even if the burials were exactly as laid out but for the purpose intended is as accurate as needed.              


                        Meraker Norwegian Cemetery Layout
                Deerfield Twp/west side of Section 27 Steele Co Minnesota
                                           East  Fence  120' North/South

     o-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-          --*-o
R1   !01!02!03!04!05!06!07!08!09!10!11!12!13!14!15!16!17!XXX!18!19
8' *---------------------------------------------------    ----                      >
R2   !20!21!22!23!24!25!26!27!  Row-1 is 8' and Row 2-10'
R3   !28!29!30!31!32!33!34!35!36!   Row 3-10'
10'*---------------------------                                                                   >
R4   !37!38!39!40!    Row 4-12'
R5   !41!42!43!44!    Row 5-14'
     !                                                                                                            >
  North                                                                                             Farm  >
  Fence                                                                                             Drive >
140'East/West                                                                          east/west   >
     !                                     Open Area
     !                                                                                                           >
     !                                                                                                           >
     !                               SCALE about 1/2"=10'
    *                                                                                                           >
     !                                                                                                           >    *
     !                                                                                                           >
                                                     West Fence 120' north/south             Gate

 <--one mile to Steele County Road 6 and Town Hall   (north/south) Township Road)                                                   


Meraker Norwegian Cemetery in Deerfield Twp, Steele County Minnesota    
        Recorded March, 1987 by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota

        Burial Records are listed according to numbered plot locations on Meraker Cemetery map. Most unmarked graves have only the names and no dates. Grave sites or plots with markers are indicated with an "*" preceding the plot number.

Row 1              (north/south just west of the East Fence) width approximately 8'

     1   J Johnson

     2   Magnes Moe

   *3   baby Woldmoe (Beret Marie Woldmoe)
                    Fodden 15 June  1885   Dodden 26 April 1886

     4   baby Larson

     5   Thomas J Gillan

     6   Mrs Anna Graftaas

     7   John Woldmoe

     8   Ole Graftaas

     9   Bert Graftaas

  *10  Elias O Bye 1825-1897 (EO Bye)
             inscription/name? s/o EO & DW Bye  died Aug 12 1888/87 2years
                   note: Elias O Bye is the father of  Peder/Peter Eliason on plot (29)

     11  Thomas Woldmoe

     12  Marit Woldmoe

     13  Molly Sagmoe

     14  Ole Krogen and twin babies of Norman Hanson

     15  Margaret Krogen

     16  baby Hanson (twin sister of Dorothy (Tuttle) Hanson)

     17  Mrs Olina Mellick

           note: next two open plots are not counted

     18  Sara Woldmoe

     19  Peter Woldmoe

Row 2  (North and South) width approximately 10'

    *20  John Kleven died 1883 (baby Bastervold removed)

    *21  Paulina (Johnson) Moe died 1887

      22  baby Eliason

      23  baby Woldmoe

      24  baby Larson

    *25  Ole K Solemsaas (child) Nov 11 1896  May 2 1898

    *26  Julia Paulina Blastervold  1892-1919

    *27  Peter R Blastervold  Minn PVT 332 Field Arty 86 Div WW1
                                                         June 23 1885  Aug 29 1951

Row 3  (North and South) width approximatly 10'

    *28  Sigrid Eliason (w/o Peder/Peter 29) 1852-1913

    *29  Peder/Peter Eliason 1854-1935 note: son of EO Bye (10)

    *30  Martha Eliason (w/o Peter 29) 1891-1955

    *31  Peter Larson  Sept 20 1846 June 20 1974

    *32  Mattie w/o Peter Larson  Aug 23 1856  May 20 1919

    *33  Lena Larson           1886-1920

    *32  Annie Larson          1877-1963

    *34  Elizabeth Larson     1880-1966

    *35  Bertha Larson          1883-1969

      36  open plot

Row 4        (North and South)  width approximately 12'

      37  open plot

      38  open plot

    *39  Annie Blastervold    1875-1926

    *40  Ole Blastervold       1873-1940

Row 5        (North and South)  width approximately 14'

    *41  Rosie Eliason        1878-1957   on same marker

    *42  Elias M Eliason      1879-1970               
                              note: son of Peder/Peter Eliason and Sigrid on 28/29

      43  Esther Grunze dau of R&E Eliason (Larson)   Esther was born Feb 14 1908 -
            died January 1, 2000 - age 93yrs. Esther contributed this cemetery’s information in1987
(Esther’s mother was an Olson woman from near Duluth. MN, and her daughter is Elaine Beich, ND and Owatonna).

    *44  John J Eliason  Minnesota PFC Co L 106 infantry WW 2
                         (Bronze marker) US American Legion

The information in this report was recorded and correlated
by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota March 1987.
             Revisited and corrected January 2002.