Saco Cemetery   (St Vences Lous)  HrBITOV-SV-VACLVA

 Recorded Aug 1985   by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota

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Made available to The Steele Co. genealogy pages by: Ron Houghtelin

    Bohemian/Chech, this cemetery is located in Somerset Twp section 6. Entrance to the cemetery is from the twp road on the east of the cemetery, just north of Steele County Road 31. Maintained, mowed, fenced and nice trees.

     Alois (brother)              1883-1951
     Mary                            1888-19--
     Emma                          1910-1963
     Wencl                          1902-1907
     Joseph F                      1938-1970
     (2) umgs (unknown) Appl?
     Joseph (OTEC father)  1844-1929
     Marie (MATKA mother) 1844-1919
     (2) umgs (unknown)

     Anna J                           1893-1917
     Pergin    Nar 20 Lednar 1959  Zem Rijnar 1941
     Anezka     Zem 29 Cervna 1917 Narozen 1872

     Emanuel                        1868-1954
     Mary                             1874-1957

     Wecil                            1864-1936
     Margaret                       1864-1962
     Josef (OTEC father) dne 16 Ledna 1843 Zem 28 Cervence 1932
     Marie (MATKA mother) 12 Cervence 1845 Zem 11 Brezna   1920
     (2) umgs (unknown)

     Alois  Narozen 26 Prosince 1872  Zemrel 11 Cervence 1900
     Anna M                        1896-1940

     John S   Dec 16 1898  May 20 1963
     Ignac  Narozen 1 Ledna 1830 v Dlouhe Trebove v Cechach osp
                             Zemrel dne 8 Duna 1914
     Rosalie (Kubistova) 17 Dubna 1844 dne 24 Cervna 1915
     John                             1862-1940
     Theresa                        1865-1939          oss
     William      May 10 1907  May 14 1976
     Mary         Mar 25 1912  --- -- ----   oss

     Adeline                       1903-1983
     Edmond                      1909-----

Matejcek                              n/d
                                         VEGNE AT JEMU SVITI

     n/d  no inscription but is a very good marker
     (6) umgs unknown osp Matejcek

     Anna Narozena Zde v Panvodpociva v Cechach dne 5 Unora 1853
          Zemrela dne 13 Unora LP 1918

     Rosy   Dec 21 1913   Jan 31 1914

     Rosalie                      1870-1957
     Joseph                       1866-1938 oss
     Emile                         1902-1937 osp
        wooden cross behind Srsen osp
         (8) umgs (unknown) Srsen plot?

     Barbara                    1876-1944
     Joseph F                  1866-1956 osp
     Albert J                    1905-1973 osp

     Alois                        1868-1960
     Lovis                        1908-----
     Julia (MATKA mother) Narozena NDE 11  Dubna 1889
                          Zemrela  NDE 3Prosince 1936

     Adolph                     1886-1900
     Anton  (father)          1837-1916
     Joseph                      1881-1919
     Frances (mother)      1859-1942


    Note : The names in this cemetery and some of the language on the stone markers is Bohemian /Chech. I have done the best I can to interpret and record the markers with out understanding this language. Friends have helped to translate some of the more common occuring words. This is an accurate record of the markers in this cemetery, but might not correspond exactly with the burial records

       Recorded by Ron Houghtelin, Owatonna, Minnesota  Aug 1985