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This index covers the time period from June 6, 1859 through December 31, 1900.

Due to the number of records, and working from handwritten copies and records, there may be some misinterpretation of information from the original records to this index. You will therefore need to keep a very open mind and try variations of spellings when using this index. Please be aware that we cannot and will not change spellings in the index. You will need to provide the information exactly as it appears when requesting birth certificates.

The index contains the name, date of birth, record number, and comments/locations (if any) as entered by St. Louis County personnel. You will need all of this information to order a copy of the birth certificate. Forms for ordering are provided on this site and include instructions and fees.

We would like to thank the St. Louis County Recorder's Office for their assistance in providing us with the index information. Special thanks to Mark Monacelli - monacellim@co.st-louis.mn.us , St. Louis County Recorder, who authorized the posting of the index on-line.

If you would like to obtain a copy of a birth certificate from St. Louis County, Minnesota, write to:

St. Louis County Recorder
P.O. Box 157
Duluth MN 55801-0157
---$16.00 for a certified copy
---$13.00 for a non certified copy

Make check or money order payable to: County Recorder

Please make sure to send the information that is found with each entry in the Birth Record Index

Name, Date, Record #, and Comments/Location

Click here for a printable form used to obtain Birth Records

Birth Index

(Added August 31, 2000)

Aas-Azinsky * Baas-Bloomquist * Blotnick-Bystrom * Caasin-Chriss * Christensen-Czpluski * Daeda-Dzieminski * Earl-Eyster * Faber-Fusk * Gabion-Gyllin * Haag-Hellstine * Helm-Hyland * Ibbotson-Iverson * Jaattela-Johnson, Eva * Johnson, Female-Jusczak * Kaanta-Kyseth * Laakkonen-Leppi * Lerch-Lyons * Maas-McClure * McComber-Millen * Miller-Mysck * Nacey-Nystrom * Oates-Ozakalski * Paako-Petersen * Peterson-Pyykala * Quaal-Qwail * Raatikainen-Ryter * Sa[ore-Shonnier * Shosie-Steark * Stearns-Szymanski * Tabarson-Tyson * Ulgenard-Uusitalo * Vaida-Vostrowetzky * Waara-Wibery * Wichi-Wymicka * X (None) * Yager-Youngstrom * Zachowitz-Zygmanski *

(Added April 11, 2001)

Abbet-Dyser * Ebert-Juten * Kaczmarek-Owen * Packard-Zoltek


*We take full responsibility for the formatting of the index that appears online, not the content or spelling!