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Chapter 38
Pages 1195-1250

From the book about Wabasha Co. Minnesota
Compiled by Dr. L. H. Bunnell
Published Chicago by H. H. Hill, Publishers, 1884
Republished Currently by Higginson Books

Besides the account below of an area business, this chapter is composed of the biographies listed following.

Jellison, T. S. & Son, druggists and dealers in paints, oils, etc., north side Main street, two doors west from Pembroke. This business is of comparatively recent establishment, the present proprietors having been in the drug trade in this city only since November, 1881, at which time they bought out John Moran, who had succeeded John Schmit, who brought a small stock of drugs to this place from Lake City about three years since. The business under the former proprietors was not prosperous, but since it has been in the hands of Jellison & Son it has been well stocked up, a commodious salesroom occupied and a flourishing trade built up. The building, of which they occupy one floor and basement, fronts twenty-five feet on Main, and has a depth of eighty-five feet. Business has increased over one hundred per cent since occupying the present stand, and a force of three persons are employed in its management. This house is also doing an extensive trade in pianos, organs, musical instruments and merchandise. Their sales of pianos and organs from October 6, 1882, when they established this branch of business, to July 24, 1883, aggregated sixty-seven; sales for the thirty days ending July 24, 1883, being five pianos and twelve organs. They handle the Hallett piano and Kimball organ principally, but are not confined to any particular manufactory, as they hold no agency, but, purchasing for cash, buy and sell to suit the demands of the trade, always keeping a full supply in their wareroom. C. C. Jellison, who manages this branch of the business exclusively, is a native of Indiana, made his acquaintance with the musical trade in the house of Baldwin & Co. He came to Durand, Wisconsin, in 1877, and was for a time engaged as a steamboat clerk, his health having become impaired by too close attention to office work. Soon after he came to Wabasha county, as bookkeeper for Drury & Kirns, lumbermen at this place and St. Louis, and still manages their affairs at this point, his office being in the rear of the drug and music store.

The remainder of this chapter consists of the following biographies which are all published on this site:

Mr. Morris C. Russell (memoir), Peter Reding, Clarence E. Finch, Charles E. Hinckley, William R. Murray, Richard R. Damoude, Justin H. Clear, George R. Bartron, Dr. Charles W. Crary, C. E. Herman, F. H. Burdick, Fred C. Loucks, Anthony Casper, Peter Musty, Peter Hall, J. E. Young, J. H. Lakey, M. Schram, Abbot E. Smith, Milton D. Smith, Florence Sullivan, Andrew D. Van Buren, William E. Reusch, Gabriel Chalmers, Ezra Feller, John Behrns, A. J. Myers, Commercial Hotel - H. Oswald Proprietor, Orlo B. Munger, J. T. McGovern, Ed. A. Paradis, J. P. Waste, M.D., Hon. William Edward Wording, John P. Wagner, John M. Weimar, John Asher, F. Ferris, Rev. Patrick B. Murray, David Walker, Rev. Thomas B. Killiam, Rev. John Wesley Horner, Joseph Merritt Underwood, Hon. Sloan M. Emery, John Coleman Doughty, Major L. S. Van Vliet, Charles Wise, Martin Johns, John R. Goodenough, Ephraim Wildes, Andrew J. Wildes, Samuel H. Bell, Wilson W. Cassidy, Joseph Ley, John Kennedy, Peter Puetz, Peter Schilling, John C. Enright, Nels Peter Burman, John F. Rose, Justus G. Rose, James P. Davis, M.D., Michael Quigley, Michael H. Quigley, Cornelius F. Quigley, Philip Quigley, John Gage, Aaron Fox, D. H. Ingalls, William H. Ingalls, H. S. Sumner, William McKinney, John Wear, Royal Morey, and Charles Anson Morey.

End of Chapter