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Thank You Letters
I haven't published all of the many thank you's I have received.
If you don't see your message here, please contact me.

          I have had a wonderful helper, a fellow genealogist who did the lion's share of transcribing the biographies from the 1884 book. She wishes to remain anonymous. She says that's how she likes to operate!
          My dear friend, here are some of the letters I have received expressing gratitude for what we did. You've helped me make many people very happy!

          I have another new friend who has been researching his genealogy and found some information on this site. He has volunteered to transcribe some of the chapters that he has available. Blessings on you, Dale!

          Hi Barbara, What a wonderful thing you are doing for us genealogists! Bless your heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Claudine

          Thanks, Barbara, for transcribing the Stegner bios. To me, it is things like this that puts meat on the genealogical skeleton and makes the names real people. We know that they existed, but that is about all one ever knows in many cases.
          Best regards, Eunice

          I'm thrilled! This is what I've been looking for. Thank you so much for your help. Every bit of information I get, makes me want more. You have one of the better county websites I have visited. Thank you so much.

          I want to tell you how thankful I am to you for devoting so much time and effort on the Wabasha 1884 and 1920 book site. I contacted you back in February after I found my great-great-grandfather's biography listed. That entry was the spark that made me decide to pursue our family history, and has ultimately led me to purchase local genealogy/history books and become a genweb volunteer! Your site led me to volunteering!
          Thanks for all you do, Beth

          Thank you sooooo much for the bios. I found more information than I though I would! God Bless You!

          Just a note to thank you for your response to my e-mail concerning [my ancestor's] biography. I did get to your web site last evening, and found some other references to him, and one for his son. Appreciate your assistance, and all the work you are doing on Wabasha County!!
          Sincerely, Marilyn

          Your website is wonderful. I found more help there than I have found anywhere for a long time. Keep up the good work.

          I just finished scanning the Wabasha County locality board. Wow! What a contribution you have made. Thank you!

          I just want to tell you how many times I have looking at your site lately!! Thank you for your splendid efforts for those of us who visit!!

          I just want to tell you how many times I have looking at your site lately!! Thank you for your splendid efforts for those of us who visit!!
          Jeanine Reckinger

          Hello, that is a wonderful site that you have put together.

          What a kind thing to do!

          I just want to tell you how many times I have looking at your site lately!! Thank you for your splendid efforts for those of us who visit!!

          Thank you very much for your transcriptions of those old books. It is a wonderful piece of our heritage that can be shared by all thanks to you and the Internet.

          Thanks for your help Barbara. Your another one of the wonderful people I've had the good fortune of meeting while rediscovering my family ancestry and history. May your and family's life be long, health and happy.
          Regards, Doug

          I have copied the pages for Minneiska. This gives me a good idea of the area when my great great grandfather lived there. It will be a nice addition to my mother's family history. You are doing a great service for all of us who have ancestors in the Wabasha area.

          Thank you very much for your transcriptions of those old books. It is a wonderful piece of our heritage that can be shared by all thanks to you and the Internet.

          Thank you so much for taking the time to personally respond Barbara. I find that as I get older, this becomes so much more meaningful to me. I only wish I had asked more questions of my grandparents while they were still alive.

          You have an awesome site and I appreciate all of the work that went into it!

          Thanks for doing all of this! The website is great! I've now just discovered this gem!

          Many thanks for the answers to my queries! Keep up the good work! Now I've got to update my genealogy database and begin another search. Who knows what it will reveal?

          Dear Barbara,
          What a great surprise to find the information this AM. I have been piecing bits and parts together this year, but you have already added more that I had on the Wabasha years. The family members have been difficult to trace with census records alone. This information will be fun to add. Thank you again for your efforts to share this book with all of us. I'll enjoy going through it today! Have a good day and thanks so much.

          I would like to applaud you for your work!! Thank you so much for your generosity.
          Thanks again, Shelley

          Dear Barbara,
          I am so happy to have found your site with so much information about the Wabasha area! I have to tell you how thankful I am that you have taken it upon yourself to undertake the huge task of transcribing such huge portions of the two history books.

          Thanks for the wonderful site.

          Thanks again for your work with The History of Wabasha. Your objective of putting this history on the net was reached in this case. Thanks a million. If there is anything I can do, please contact me. I have recommended several to your site & I'm sure they're equally impressed.

          What a wonderful job you have done on this site.

Subj: You are a Special Lady
Date: 1/19/2002
          Just wanted to thank you again for the work done on the Wabasha Co page, it is so interesting I cannot believe it, good reading and brings back lots of memories from our family visits to Mazeppa.
          bill n terry

          I love to come to the Wabasha web site because each time I learn a little more about my family history.
          I would like the biographical sketches of Louis GRAY and Henry GRAY and Lucas Kuehn.
          Thanks so much for any information you might have. Thanks and God Bless, Maxine

          Thanks a bunch for doing the bios for me. The Schroeders are not my relatives as it turns out but John Hostettler is my grandfather.
          Thanks again. It is really nice of you to do this for people.

          I just found the fruits of all of the work that you have done with the transcriptions of the Wabasha history. God bless you.

          I have been watching your wonderful site. It must have been a lot of work, but very rewarding to have such a special site. Sally

          Thanks so much for the great biographies.

          First of all I would like to thank you for your site. It really contains a lot of information for all of us that are researching the area. It is also well laid out and the graphics great. I'm sure it has taken a lot of your time and I am truly grateful.
          I am researching a few families that arrived in Wabasha in 1860 or before. They are on the 1860 Census and my husbands ancestor joined the Civil War in 1861. I am interested in the Glasgow Township Chapter 21 and also Chapters 33, 34 and 35 on the early pioneers.
          I have information from the Biographies already which has helped me immensely. Keep up the good work as it is very much appreciated.

          Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this information. I really appreciate it! I can't wait to get home and compare it to what I have...
          Thanks again, and take care! Megan

          Thank you so much for posting the information on Wabasha County, MN. Would you please send me the information on the two Gregors listed in the history book? I would be glad to pay you for your time and or copies and postage if you are going to be sending it that way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

          I am again in your debt, having just revisited your site for the transcription of the histories and bios from the 1884 and 1920 histories. I have written to you previously regarding my Pope ancestors there. What a marvelous resource. Please accept my thanks and commendations.

          Thank you so much for you kind offer to transcribe these biographies.

          I've been looking over your web site (it's beautifully done) and found what I think is the name of my Great-grand uncle's great-great-grandfather. Could you please send me anything you have on Plein, John? I was looking in the 1920's book.
          Thanks ever so much :)

Subj: A thousand thanks
Date: 8/20/2001
          Just want to let you know how very much I appreciate the service provided. I have found the "bios" for some of the members of our family. Through family stories I also know that one branch of our family wrote a "family bio" for the book and when she learned they had to purchase the book -she destroyed the bio :-( Her action is our loss.
          Thanks again. Mary Ellen

          I have just begun researching my family tree. I have worked on it for about a year now. I was very impressed with your website. All that transcribing must take hours of your time. I am interested in the biographies of the Costello names in the 1920 book. I have very little information on the Costello branch of the family and would be very happy to read these. I will keep checking your website. It is fascinating reading. Thank you. Laurie

          I just found your website regarding Wabasha. It's very interesting. My Grandmother on my Mother's side was Wilhelmine Laqua from Wabasha. I'm doing research on the family and am very interested in the John and William LaQua biographies in the book. Can you give me more information?
          Thank you, Dave

          Your offer and effort are greatly appreciated.

          Thanks for your note and help. I was looking for information about the Putnams listed in your 1920 history, but, there are no biographies listed for these names yet. Your biography website is great! What a wonderful resource for researchers.
          Thanks, Betty


          Thank you for the information with the website address for Wabasha County.

          I was exited to find your site! We've been trying to find more information on the Garrett Fitzgerald family (my ggg-grandfather) for many years. Thank you so much for making this site available!

          Discovered your Wabasha County web site a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled with the work you're doing on it. I got some great info from the 1884 bios. Thanks much! I just discovered a new name in our family search, and saw it on the 1920 book names index: Nepper. It shows a Peter Nepper and a John P. Nepper. Would love to know when you transcribe those! Thanks much! Barb

          Thank you very much for your efforts to make information on early residents of Wabasha County available to all.
          My mother, Margaret Sexton Maynard of St. Paul (1900-1983) was the daughter of Catherine Cronin (Mrs. Patrick) Sexton, daughter of Patrick and Mary (Doody) Cronin, who grew up on the Cronin family farm in West Albany. Although Patrick Sexton went into business in St. Paul on arrival from Ireland ca. 1880, I am still trying to sort out his Sexton siblings and cousins who lived in Wabasha County, St. Paul, and Minneapolis.
          Thanks again for your beautiful site. Twiss

To Barb from another Barb
          I appreciate all the work you do on your wabasha/winona county biographies site. Thanks for doing it.

          You are amazing and wonderful. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful.

          Ms. Timm, I teach Social Studies Grades 7-12 at Elgin-Millville H.S. I've been very fortunate to teach electives such as Historical Research which I will begin 3rd Quarter. The focus of that class will be the local Civil War soldiers, in particular Smith's Guerillas. We will attempt to create a website dedicated to the local soldiers. Your material will be invaluable in doing this work. I appreciate you looking for info concerning Henry Southwick. Can you tell me what state or city he was married in? He's really caught my attention. I will start on Monday using your website to start a unit on local history. Where did you get all the material? Also, I use Jerry Anderson's website all the time. And yes, I would love to have coffee with you when you're in the area.

          Wow ~ what a great site. I totally enjoyed your poems and the letter was just lovely Barbara. How nice of you to share them with others.

          Just wanted to thank you for putting the Wabasha County histories on the web. I know how much work that must have been.
          Thank you very much.

          Thank you for posting the contents of the volumes on Wabasha biographies on the GenWeb site.
          Both volumes contain an error in reference to Joshua Brackett Haines -- he was a direct descendant in the male line from Deacon Samuel Haines of Greenland, New Hampshire -- his grandfather was not born in England, but in Greenland N.H.

          Barbara, I saw that you posted a bio involving the wife of Harry Rolph. Are you just transcribing them for your county's web site or are the Rolph's related? I was thrilled to find Harry's obit on the web as well as his wife's father's bio.
          Thanks, Jolene

          This is to thank you for posting the Bios from the History of Wabasha County. They contain information new to me concerning my ancestor. All the best.

          Dear Barbara,
          This is to thank you for posting the Bios from the History of Wabasha County. They contain information new to me concerning my ancestor Ira J. Humphrey.
All the best, Darrel

          Thank you for posting the bio's to the Wabasha Co., MN GenWeb site. My maternal grandmother Ellen Marie POPE is a granddaughter of William Henry Hanson POPE, one the sons of Ralph and Mary (Richardson) POPE. Please let me know if you are aware of any other information about these POPE's or their descendants. I have a fair amount of information on the POPE ancestors, if you are interested.
          Thanks, Ian

          Just have a few minutes tonight, Barbara, but my wife's grandfather was Henry Gessner's brother Julius. We have Henry's obit & a few other things but very few Gessner pictures. Have traced back to their parents (John M. Gessner & Theresa Noll) and their parents also. Will write more soon.
Also wanted to say a BIG thanks for posting the 1884 chapters. Pat's family came to Wabasha county early. She's descended from McDonoughs, McGraths, Halls, Costellos,Harlans, and Kinsellas to name a few.
          Thanks again
          Best regards, Dan

          Just wanted to Thank you for the Bios you placed on the Wabasha County, Minnesota site. Thanks to the one on Turner PREBLE I have finally found the family of my husband's great grandfather after 25 years.
          Thanks a bunch,

Hi Barbara,
          I just found your name on the internet, having submitted the article on Chester Hall (also Laconius Howard). I don't think that I've been in touch with you before, as you had a lot of info on the family of Jerome Hall & Iona Howard which I don't have.
          Laconius Howard was my great-grandfather, so if you'd like to, I'd like to compare info.
          Hoping to hearing from you, Lynn

Hi, Lynn ~
          The information you found is a biography from a book published in 1884 titled "History of Wabasha County" (MN). I'm not related to Chester and have no more information than what you have found. A friend and I have been publishing these biographies in the hopes that they would help people find their ancestors. If you wish, I can link your e-mail address to the end of Chester's biography. Possibly some other researcher might find you through that and you could share information. If you want to see how I've done others, simply click on "Wabasha County" on the home page and follow the instructions to the biographies. Or you can make a response on the Wabasha County GenWeb page at
          So glad we were able to help you.
          God Bless, Barbara

Hi Barbara
          Thanks for posting the Piers and Shurtleff biographies. I am directly related to them thru William Temple Piers. I have very little information on the Piers family but am beginning to acquire some. Last weekend I was in Allamakee Co. Iowa and got a lot of the Piers photos from my great aunt to scan. She has the photos but not a lot of the names dates or history. It was so exciting to find this information.
          Thanks, Jim

          Your information being posted has been a huge help. You have no idea. Thank you so much!
          Thank you, Anita

Hi Barbara,
          Thank you for transcribing info, so many people can learn about their ancestry. I can provide Samuel Doughty's ancestry back to the Rev. Francis Doughty who arrived in Massachusetts in 1638. If you would like this info I'll be glad to forward it.
          Bill (The information he sent has been published following Samuel Doughty's biography.)

This was a letter I sent to the lady who made the backgrounds I used on this site:

Subj: your sets
Date: 3/19/2001
Dear Shawna,
          I have a huge genealogy site and wanted to divide it into three sites to make it easier for people to locate information. The original site I kept as my family site and one of the new sites is a Civil War site. The third site is the one I want to tell you about because I used your background sets there. You may find it at
          This site contains biographies and historical sketches from two huge books of history for Wabasha County MN published in 1884 and 1920. (I was born and raised in this county and now live in Georgia.) I wanted bordered backgrounds for my pages, but since there's a massive amount of information to publish, I needed small borders. I looked and looked, but most appropriate backgrounds had borders that were too large for my purposes.
          Then I found your site and the nature sets!
          For the home page, I used the "mountain" set. Wabasha County borders the Mississippi River, and the mornings along the river are often misty. Although Wabasha County doesn't have "mountains" per se, there are huge bluffs that line the river, with flat land below and prairie above.
          For the information page of the 1884 book and its biographies, I chose the "cabin in the woods" set, since many of the buildings in the 1800's wilderness would have been log cabins or even sod huts or dugouts.
          For the information page of the 1920 book and its biographies, I chose the "red barn" set, since it represents prosperity from the move of time as reflected in the architecture.
          For the historical sketches of the 1884 book, I chose the "waterfall" set which reminds me of the virginal land the pioneers describe in their accounts.
          For the historical sketches of the 1920 book, I chose the "trees" set because it reminds me of my childhood (post-1943) when my mother and I went berry-picking in Rachel's woods.
          For the page of pictures and poetry from the 1884 book, I chose the "nature 1" set because it has the aura of an ancient and dimly-remembered place.
          I haven't started transcribing from the 1920 book yet, but if its contents provide a pictures and poetry page, I will use the "victorian 3" set. This lovely lady may not be a roaring-20's flapper, but she is so pretty and she's working on her needlepoint. She's a Victorian hold-out, as I'm sure I might have been!
          Thank you very much for your lovely background sets. I'm so glad I found them. If it's possible, I would enjoy having my site, "Biographies & Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota" at added to your list of sites which use your graphics.
          Barbara Koska Timm