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These are queries for information on families or individuals who lived in Wabasha County, but who do not appear in either of the biographical books used on this site.
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My husband, Harley Zephier, is a direct descendent from Augustin Ange and Pelagia Wapashaw. We are looking for more details about Augustin and Pelagia and their lives. Where did Augustin come from? Where did he meet Pelagia? Are there birth records of their children, especially Henry Ange - Harley's ancestor? Was he involved in the fur trade, and how? Was he part Native American? Whatever we are able to find out is of great importance for us.
Monika Zephier


I am looking for additional information on the Henry Roff line. Here is what I have:
Henry Roff b. Crawford Co. PA d. 1841 m. Clemintine Brown. d.1845 in Crawford.PA
Children of Henry Roff and Cleminitine Brown are:
Calfina Roff. m Hiram Read
Clarinda Roff
Clementine Roff
Eliza Jane Roff m. Horace E. Taylor
George Roff
Harriet Selina Roff m. William Clark
Luther Roff
William Harrison Roff
Collins Roff b. March 11, 1811 d. Dec 8 1861 Maries County MO m. Mary Ann Lowell Henry Roff b. March 26, 1828 Yates Co. N.Y. d Feb 3 1907 Fresno, Ca
Children of Collins Roff and Mary Lowell are:
Margaret Elizabeth Roff
James Lawrence Roff b. North East Earie County. PA

I only had that info because I found a woman that was researching her ancester Collins Roff and found he was the brother of my Henry Roff. That's all the information I have except for what goes on down my line from Henry. If this brings us anymore information I would greatly appreciated it or if I can share what I have with anyone. Thanks for your help,


The Wittenborg family of the Bodenteich area of Germay emmigrated to Winona. If you should happen to know anything about them and their destiny I'd be very interested. I am also interested in sharing information about the Pletke Family.
Rosemarie Scheer Bonn, Germany


John Rohweder is my gggrandfather on my mother's side and his daughter Lizzie or Lizie Rohweder (Seidlitz) was my ggrandmother. I have found very little on my Rohweder side of the family, partially because Lizzie died at a young age of 29 in 1899 of tuberculosis and a new wife to her husband Herman Seidlitz who was Anna became the new mother to Lizzie's three children. I would appreciate any help in finding more info. on the Rohweder family or if there are any Rohweders in Winona that I could contact.

Thank you for all your help.
Randy Roedecker


My name is Wayne Peters and I grew up in Plainview Township. I am starting to conduct some family research and am interested in the surnames of Peters, Smith, Wood, Klein, Plein, Schierts, Howe, O'Donnell and Costello as related to Wabasha County. If you are interested in these names or have done some research on these names, I would like very much to get in touch with you.

Thank you,
Wayne Peters


I am looking for Clarence and Margarett Kuehn.

I'm also looking for Lucy Koopman (possibly with two N's) who died in a mental hospital. Lloyd Silvius was my Grandfather's Dad and as the story goes, he was killed in a car accident, thus sending Lucy to the institution. Grandpa was born in 1922 so all of this would have happened after he was born.
Sandra Miller


I am searching for Philip Arendt's daughter Josephine b. Dec 3 1874. I'd like to know who she was married to. My gggrandmother's name was Josephine Arendt. She was married to Albert Tomaszek. There are at least three more variations to this name, the longest being Tomaswzeski. I appreciate any help you may be able to give me.


I found you in the results of a search for "William Matcham." Your site makes mention of a W. MATCHAM who held the office of DA for one term sometime around 1870/80. Do you have any additional information on this MATCHAM, or indeed any MATCHAMs in Wabasha?

Many thanks,
Peter Doyle


I just came across your website while doing a Google search and it's exactly the thing I've been looking for. My name is Allison (Deming) Braswell, my parents are John and Alice (Eversman) Deming. I have been very interested in learning more about my great-grandmother Katherine Irish, the mother of my Grandma, Ina Deming (she was one of the triplets). Ever since I can remember there has been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Katherine's death. The story we have all heard was the she committed suicide, but she may have been murdered by her husband Roy who was a well-know philanderer and prominent citizen of Wabasha County. Any help of information you could give me concerning Katherine or Roy would be very helpful. I am very new at this type of family research so I would appreciate any assistance you could give me in how to find more information. Thank you for your time.

Allison Braswell


I am a granddaughter of Wilburt and Marilyn (Sprick) Klindworth. My great-grandparents are Raymond and Laura Sprick and Dick and Katherine Klindworth. I was born after all of my great grandparents passed away. I am looking for history, stories, anything I can find out about them. I'm also interested in Herman & Anna Klindworth and Gustav & Sopia Sprick. I was sent to this web page by a second cousin. I was overjoyed to find what I did. If you would happen to know any place or anyone I could get more information from, please contact me.

Thank you for your time.
Stacia (Klindworth) Round


I am seeking any descendants of Sarah (Carson) Greer, widow of James Greer. She moved to Wabasha with her children during the Civil War or right after her husband died during the war. She re-married Rev. Silas Hazlett. Children were William Ard Greer, Allen J. Greer, Charles W. Greer and Mary Carson Greer. Any help would be appreciated.

Irene Greer Ihrig


I've been trying to locate the grave of the following individual for years. With so many cemeteries now coming on line, maybe there's a chance...

She was born Mary RISCH around 1867 in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, just across the Mississippi River. She married Frank JANISCH, who died between 1900 and 1910. Mary herself is thought to have died around 1954. Relatives and descendants all believe that she was buried near Minneiska, MN, in Hillside Cemetery. HOWEVER....

We have searched that cemetery and found no stone for a JANISCH. It has been suggested that perhaps she remarried late in life and was therefore buried under a name we don't recognize. ..relatives vaguely recall hearing a name such as BECK, BERK or BURK.

We will be grateful for any information.


I'm looking for Bannister connections in Wabasha. David Quincy Bannister and wife Venneta Roe lived there in early 1900's. David died in 1904 and Venneta married Joseph Tritzler (sp?). According to family history, David set out lights on the river to guide boats away from the sandbars.



I am curious about the origin of 'South Troy.' Several sets of myancestors were early settlers in Zumbro township. One set, the Denisons,came from near 'South Troy,' NY. Are you aware of any connection? I havenot seen any mention in the online bio of Wabasha county. Any further leadswould be appreciated.

If you have any information on Pencilles, Perkins, Sprengers, Scholers, or Hermanns, I would much appreciate it.

Kenn Hermann


I am looking for information about Henry Darvin LONGFELLOW born in MN 1886 and his wife Molly SOMMERFIELD born in Mezepah, Wabasha Co. MN 1900.

Henry died in Hennipin Co. 23 July 1960. His mother was Amelia GRUNTMAN.

Molly died in Hennipen, Co. 4 May 1993. Her mother was Minnie PAHL.

Thank You for your help.
Myrle Theimer


I am helping a friend find her ancestors. She is a descendent of Thomas Wabashaw. ThomasWabashaw died at the Santee Agency after 1890 and before 1900. He is listed in the 1887 census ofthe Santee Agency at the age of 74 which would mean he was born in 1813. I don't know how he fitsin to the Wabashaw family, could he have been a brother to Joseph Wabasha III? Has anyone comeacross the Name of Thomas Wabashaw? His Indian name was Wapate. I know that he was atFlandreau for a time because he is listed as a homesteader in 1878.

I copied the whole 1887 census for Santee if anyone would like me to look up something Isure can. Besides Thomas there are also Napolean (age 34) & Joseph (age 41) and their families.

Thank You for any help.


I am a descendant of Patrick McDonough and Julia Lydon. I am also a descendant of John Bricherand Mary Shierts. Can you direct me to any appropriate sites/sources. They all arrived in WabashaCounty in the 1800's; the McDonoughs and Lydons from County Galway, Ireland and the Brichers andShierts from Luxembourg and Bohemia respectively. Thanks for any help you may provide.

Richard Grimes


Researching the Knapp family of Highland, Wabasha County. Would like to find descendants ofFrancis Wright Knapp and Hannah E. King. Does anyone know when Hannah E. King Knapp died? Also, who was the second wife, Margaret N, of Francis Knapp. Whose children did they adoptbetween 1900 and 1910?

Nicole L. Martin Researching the King family


My computer crashed a few years back (12 years ago) and I had the Funke family tree on it. I losteverything except for a few notes laying around.

I was wondering if you had any BIO's on the Funke's. Joseph Funke went to La Crosse tomake the Funke Candy. One of the family members had a hotel in Read's Landing and also owned aferry service to cross the river. Many years ago I went to museum in Reads and found a photo albumgood on Christ Funke. My family went back to find that book - and it was no where in site. It was fullof newspaper articles on the family. My great grandfather is Nicholas Funke and he came to Reads in1849 I believe.

Any help you can be - and then when I get going on the tree I will give you what I havelearned. Thanks.
Carol Loeffler



I was reading the stories of the three Berktolds in Wabash County. This is very interestingfor my Research of the BERKTOLDS. My family records date back to 1640, originating in Wallis,moving to Berwang in Tyrol and into Bavaria. I have it all documented.Once I found a BERKTOLD on my PC and lost him somehow. He was a Captain in the Union Armyand served during the Civil War. Maybe you can help me out.

Maximilian Berktold


I am putting together the biography of some kin who were residents of Wabasha. These are OctavoBarker and his brother-in-law Jean Baptiste Joseph Trudeau, who became known as "John Trudo." Ihave good information on Octavo "Bob" Barker and his family but need some help with John Trudo.

Both of these men were river pilots and Barker was a Civil War vet who survived Andersonville Prison ~ a very interesting man who became known as "Judge Barker" of Argyle,Minnesota.

John and his wife Marguerite are in the 1875 and 1880 Wabasha census. He is listed as"river pilot" 56 years old. Jean Baptiste Joseph Trudeau was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 22,1825, the son of Louis Rene Trudeau and Archange Dumouchel. It while both young men worked onthe river that John introduced Octavo Barker to his sister Celina. Celina Trudeau and Octavo Barkerwere wed in Wabasha on May 9, 1857, and Marguerite, John's wife, signed the record. Susie Barker,born in Wabasha, is my grandmother.

Is there anyone there at Wabasha who can help me with information on that "John Trudo"family?


I am interested in locating some of our Putnam ancestors' graves so I can hopefuly film them next month when we are there. I think that three are in Minneiska: Judge Alvis Z. Putnam, who diedafter 1920 and his wife, Jane Elizabeth Fuller-Putnam who died in 1906. Their daughter, Flora EugeniaPutnam-Kading was born in 1849 and died after 1920.

Also, I believe there are Putnam graves in Elgin, Edgar and his wife Lelia Putnam.

Has anyone transcribed the cemetery lists for these locations? I see a few things online butnot much.



My great grandparents James and Carrie Magistad lived in Wabasha in the early 1900's. Mygrandfather Carl Percy Magistad was born there in July 1901. He had several brothers and sisters.Anyway at some point in time when my grandfather was a teenager, my great grandfather abandonedthe family on the farm. There was a story told to my mother that someone had seen in the Wabashapaper that so many years ago on this date James Magistad was shot. The story as my mother heard itfrom my grandfather, there was a man James and Carrie knew whose son was treating him badly. Theman came to live on the farm with James and Carrie. One day the man's son came and shot my greatgrandfather presumably because he had taken the father into his home. I'm not sure how much laterJames abandoned his family or if the two events are even linked. No one heard from him until in 1949when someone (the hospital?) called my grandfather's home in St. Paul to notify him that JamesMagistad had died in Hastings, MN.

I'm basically looking for any documentation of the shooting and any other information aboutwhere James was for all those years, as well as any other information about the family. I live in NJ soit's difficult for me to visit places to gather what I'm looking for physically myself. If you could give meany phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses or web sites that may help I would really appreciateit.

Christine Roeske-McMillen


We've been working on my husband's family history and have come up against Lionel Heath. So farLionel's winning but we hope that someone can shed some light on him. It appears that Lionel M. Heathof Clearfield County, PA was married to my husband's Ggrandfather's sister, Adelia Gardner, in thelate 1840's. We believe we've found the correct Lionel and Adelia Heath with baby Clarissa in the1850 Huston township, Clearfield County census. Six households later Alpheous and Louise BundyHeath appear.

In the 1860 Fox Township, Clearfield census Lionel's living with the Dohner (I can't quitemake it out but that's close) Bundy family sans Adelia and Clarissa. Next we find that he served in the military from February-October, 1864 from Minnesota, enlistingfrom the Wabasha area.We feel that the Clearfield, Bundy and Wabasha interconnections between Lionel and Alpheus are toonumerous to be strictly coincidental. Does anyone have any information about Alpheus'brothers/cousins?

I am so looking forward to hearing from anyone with connections to this family! Lionelappears to be a man of many faces--and four wives. We really want to know what happened to Adeliaand Clarissa.Thank you very much,
Norma Scott


I've been working, off and on, on my husband, Mike Balow's, family tree. It includes many Wabasha families. I have some (sometimes limited) information on several of thesefamilies. I look forward to hearing from you. Sherry Balow


We would like to find some information about Mathew Berg. He was Anna Heiser (Heaser)'shusband.All we have is his Obituary. He was born in 1850 and came here from Germany when he was 18. Hedied on March 1, 1902 in Oakwood. He lived most of his life in the Minneiska, Kellogg area. AlsoAnna Heiser Berg's 3 sisters all died in the same year, 1877. Their names and ages were Elizabeth 17,Caroline 12, and Mary 8. It would be nice to find their Obituaries. They were Joseph and Anna(Westline) Heisers children. Sometimes the surname was spelled Heaser. I think Anna spelled itHeiser. It would be nice to find some History on Joseph and Anna Heaser (Heiser) too. I know thereis some with each spelling. I got the web page from Kathy on the Joseph Schurb family from your 1920History book. That was a very interesting page. And Joseph was married to Dora Heaser, which was asister to my husband's grandmother Anna (Heaser or Heiser) Berg. They had another sister Theresaand a brother Joseph. Like I said before the other three sisters all died the same year. I would like tohear from anyone with more information. Thanks, CarolineMulcahey


In the 1884 book, under the section about Minnieska Township is a mention of Peter Schenk andMary Leyes. Theirs was the first marriage ceremony performed there. The date was July 16 1856. Iam researching their child Catherine L. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has otherinformation about the Schenk or Leyes lines. There are many variations on the way the names arespelled: Schank, Schanke, Shank, Schenck, Layes.Thanks, JoAnne


I looked in your index for Bilderback and didn't find any listing. My grandfather, Heywood E.Bilderback, was born in Minneiska Minnesota. I would like to hear from anyone who has informationconcerning the Bilderback family.Thanks, Marshall


I am interested in finding more information on these Perkins Family members from the Cattaraugus Co.NY area:
  • Daniel Perkins b. 1774 - 1794
  • Elijah Perkins b. 1780 - 1790
  • Elijah Perkins b. 1805 NY
  • Daniel Perkins b. abt 1818 Catt Co
  • Andrew J. Perkins b. 1836 Chau Co - lived in Catt Co.
  • Hannah Perkins b. 1802 NY
  • Rena Perkins b. 1811 NY (sister of Hannah)
  • Wealthea Perkins b. abt 1815 NY
  • Emerilla Perkins b. abt 1825 NY
  • Amanda Perkins b. abt 1826 NY

I would love to share information and brainstorm.


Saw your site on Wabasha County and read through it. Very nice! My OLIVER family lived inWabasha Co, actually Hyde Park and Zumbro Falls mostly around 1858. There were 10 children whoall married local people, so many of the names on your site are familiar to me. Orris Oliver and MarthaForbes Oliver were the parents of these children and came to Zumbro Falls from Clinton County, NY. While I have extensive information on most of them, there are 2 children that elude me. One wasMartha Marie Oliver, who married John Harboldt. I cannot find anything on them and think theyperhaps moved away from Zumbro Falls. Do you have anything on the Harboldt family? Also, anotherdaughter was Mary Oliver who married a C.D. Bryant and I later found C.D. in Menomonie, WI. Mary had died by 1892. I have never been able to determine if C.D. is "Curtis or Charles". Anythingon the Bryant family from this area around 1860? Have many pictures of the Oliver family from this era. Thanks for sharing this information with all of us. It is appreciated. Let me know if any of these names are familiar to you. I have traveled several timesto Lincoln Cemetery in Zumbro Falls to the grave sites of the Olivers. Not too far, since I live in theTwin Cities. Bye for now. Kathy


I'm trying to find out more on Henry Sheldon Gaylord, my Great Grandfather. He died 29 years young:October 4, 1880-October 1909. My Grandmother Mildreth Louise Gaylord was born July 18, 1901and was his only offspring. My grandmother married Emmett Ray or Bailey Easton and they had twochildren: my father, Robert Morrell Easton and my Aunt Doris Louise Easton. Any further help wouldbe welcomed.Thanks, Robert M. Easton, Jr.


I am very interested in Elgin, MN since all of my relatives are buried in the Elgin Cemetery. and many ofthem lived in Elgin years ago, eventually going on to Fargo, ND. I have just received photos from acousin of mine (on the Mathieson side) of gravestones of Houghtons all the way back to the early DavidHoughton; Parr all the way back to Wm. Riley Parr; Mathiesons and Harringtons. These are all of myrelatives. My sister will also be sending me other pictures that she took at a different time. Can you tellme if the stones in this cemetery have been copied by the MN Gen Records Committee for the DAR?Also I understand some of the graves are in poor condition including my parents Hubert and DorisHarrington. My sister and I would like to try to put them back in shape if we can. Is there a CemeteryAssoc? I understand that our great-grandfather John Moses Houghton's home is still intact thoremodeled. It is right near the Cemetery and from the back of the house one can see the cemetery thruthe trees and brush (so my sister says). When she was in Elgin, the lady who has the cemetery recordswas unavailable. She didn't find out her name. The house that I mention was owned by Carl Houghtonafter my gr-grandfather had it. We never have established Carl Houghton's relationship to our gr-grandJohn other than that he was a cousin. The Wabasha website is very well done and I presume you haveeither done it or done it with others. Thanks so much. I was only in Elgin once in my life and recallabsolutely nothing about it except that we were at Cousin Carl's home after a burial of someone in thefamily. Thank you for any information that you might have. Sincerely, Ruth


My Great-Grandfather was Fulton V. Amadon. So far, I have not found anyone researching thisfamily. Fulton and his wife Hilda were divorced in 1900 and my Grandfather was adopted by Hilda'snew husband after they moved to Montana, so I have very little information about the Amadon family. I would like to hear from anyone who may have information on this family.Thanks, Pat


I am looking for any information on my great-grandmother, Christine (Youck) Markus. I know sheimmigrated from Switzerland and married Matthias Markus in Wabasha in June of 1882. Thank youfor any information you can provide. Jo Ann Lukens


Thanks again for your work with The History of Wabasha. The chapter 18 section on Religiousparagraph 4 refers to Philip & Nicholas Arendt as heads of households. Our Nicholas was both afarmer & stone mason. He built his stone residence which was still inhabited in 1977 (based on ourfamily information). We also believe he was instrumental in building the Catholic church in 1877. Ifanyone in the local historical society wants to be in touch we will gladly share data. Our Nicholas wasmarried to Josephine Weber. We do not know if Peter or Frank Weber in your paragraph 4 arerelated to our family. We strongly suspect that Philip who became very active in the church was realtedto our Nicholas. We would love to connect with Philip's descendants. Your objective of putting thishistory on the net was reached in this case. Jim


For those studying Henry Cook / Elizabeth Collins of Grant and Richland counties, WI, this may be ofinterest. I would like to find Cook, Collins, Sylvester descendants/ancestors. Their daughter, MatildaA. Cook, married at Highland, WI George Washington Sylvester, son of Caleb Barker Sylvester andJoanna Whitney of Mifflin, WI who came from Phillips, ME. George and Matilda moved to Plainview,Wabasha, MN where they lived out their lives and were followed by descendants including GeorgeFranklin and Edwin Lawrence Sylvester. Extract 1 register of Anglican Church, Granby, Township,Quebec Province, Canada 1843 on front of folio 4 Quebec National Archives microfilm #124.3: Baptized 13 July 1843 by George Slack Protestant Episcopal Minister, Matilda, daughter of HenryCook of Shefford Township and of Elizabeth his wife, maiden name Collins born Oct 5, 1837.Sponsors Dorothy Cook, grandmother and Jared Griggs, neighbor. Extract 2 register of MethodistChurch, Shefford, 1836 on back of folio 20, Quebec National Archives microfilm #124.12: On 24Nov 1836, Henry Cook, farmer, Township of Granby and Elizabeth Collins of same township, Bothparties being of age after Due publication of Banns were married in the presence of William Collins,brother and Jefse Smith, brother-in-law to Elizabeth Collins aforesaid. Note: Henry and Elizabeth hadthe following children: Matilda, Lidia, George, Lucinda, Abbie, John, Maria, Solomon. His parentswere John Cook and ? Catlin from Ireland and his children were: Henry, Jacob, John, WilliamDorothea and Adam. I am studying Cook/Collins ancestors back to Ireland but have not yet attackedthe Ship Passenger lists or Irish Census but may go to Ireland and England to do work in genealogicalcenters where I have been before, particularly the one at Kew, London. It is interesting to note thatthey were Protestants and there is a connection to potato famine, unavailability of land andopportunities, homesteading opportunities, establishment of Wisconsin and Minnesota territories, andtransportation improvements. In studying Cook, Collins and Sylvester families of Wisconsin, I note thatmany were involved in Civil War as well as travel to California gold fields (Eben, George, CharlesSylvester among them). Do you know anything about Tralaie (sp?) Corporation which now ownsCaleb Barker Sylvester original farm enlarged by Eben and Homer north of Mifflin, near Leffington, andMontford WI? My brother, Burt, and I found the farm last summer but did not ask about presentowners. I wonder if any Sylvester or Cook descendants own it. (Other Sylvesters marriedCooks/Collins) Lately I have found references to popcorn production under that name. We also foundCaleb Barker Sylvester and family graves in Graceland Cemetery, Mineral Point, and former farm ofHenry Cook south of Montford a few miles from Caleb Barker Sylvester's farm. I intend to visit thearea next summer to get pictures. Since I live in Connecticut, I also intend to detour toGranby/Waterloo, Shefford Co, Quebec Province, Canada to see if I can find Cook and Collinsdescendants and home places. I have just joined Patriots and Founders of America having descendedfrom William Dyer and Mary Barrett. She was hanged by Boston authorities on Boston Commons, hasa statue on Boston Commons commemorating her early Quaker stand and women's rights, for speakingagainst established Congregational Church. Their son, Samuel married Anne Hutchinson and escapedfurther hangings by moving to Rhode Island to help Roger Williams found that colony. I am a memberof Descendants of the Mayflower (John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley) and active in ConnecticutChapter. My line goes through Caleb Barker Sylvester's wife Joanna Whitney, to Cobb, Chipman,Howland. Do we have any information we can share on Sylvesters, Cooks, Collins, Dyers, Hazards,Dana, Towne, Vance, Ricker, Emory, Dow, Heath, Sawyer, Whitcomb, Morse, Hull, or Olson lines?My Sylvester line goes back to Richard Sylvester and Naomi of Scituate, MA. My Sylvestergenerations moved north to Maine and then to Wisconsin, and westward. I was born and brought up in western Minnesota but have lived in Connecticut for 50 years. I am now retired as Associate ProfessorEmeritus, Central CT State University. Kenneth


I am researching our family history. Leandrew Huntoon (Hontoon) was born in Coaticook Quebec in1846 and was a great-grandfather to my wife. He traveled to the USA (unclear of where exactly)where he herded horses and worked in mining. He met and married Mary Ann Otterson (possiblyAutherson or related to them) and then moved back to Bancroft Ontario Canada. He had a sonCharles born in the US who was 2 yrs old when they came to Canada. Leanrew had a brother namedPhilandrew and Leandrew died in 1912 in Bancroft and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery here.There is evidence of Native America or Native Canadian heritage in the Huntoonor Otterson families. Would you have any information on these families from your area? Any info wouldbe greatly appreciated.Sincerely, John


I'm looking for information about F.H. Wilde. He was born in Germany, probably around 1836 orearlier, and arrived in Minnesota between 1877-1880. His wife would not join him in the U.S., so heremarried in Minnesota. F.H. lived in Plainview, MN. He was supposed to have been quite aphilanthropist and something in Plainview was named after him. Supposedly, he died in Plainview. The oral history states that F.H. Wilde, his son John William, and possibly others, emigrated to theStates together. John paid for passage for Minna Hager to join him and in 1881 she arrived and theymarried in St Paul. John was listed in the city directory for St Paul as abookbinder (an occupation he continued with until his death in Seattle, Washington). He was born in1856 in Germany. I look forward to hearing from others who are researching this family. Terry

UPDATE: I've found some more information on Wildes living in Plainview. According to the1920 Census, Plainview Twp, Wabasha County, MN:Herman A Wilde, 43, b. Germany and Emma M., 38, wife, b. IL
Children: Ella A, 16, IL, Elmer A, 14, IL, Emley M, 12, MN, Herman A, 10, MN, Henry F, 9,MN, Elma A, 7, MN,
F.H. Wilde was said to have died in Plainview. Even though there would have been a 20-year agedifference between F.H.'s son, John William and Herman, I believe they're related. John lived inChicago, IL for several years. Herman may have followed him there. Herman's son, Henry F, mighthave been named after F.H.


I am looking for the families of my ggrandparents from the Wabasha area:Frank WALKER married Edith ANDERMANN in 1900. Edith may have been born HOLCOMB,and have a sister named Emma. I believe Frank may have been the son of John Samuel WALKERand Elizabeth BIRTCH who married in in Wabasha in 1856.My father has Edith Andermann's childhood autograph book from the 1880s which mentions Read'sLanding. I have just begun helping him trace his family, and would appreciate any information.Beth


I am searching for information on current living descendants of Fredrick Thierstein whose biography isin the 1920 book. I would like to know where I could obtain a legal description of the location of theThierstein home. I would like information about the ancestors of Mr. & Mrs. Thierstein and about thevillage in Canton Berne from which they came. I would like more information about my ancestors,Samuel and Elizabeth Thierstein for the short period in which they lived in Wabash County. I will look forward to hearing from fellow researchers. Gerry


I am looking for any information regarding Albert L. Kimble. Albert and his wife Ada lived in the areato around 1890-1900. Thanks for your help, Bill


My wife's grandfather and his brother, as young men, emigrated from Sweden, one in 1879 the other in1880. Both listed their destination as Lake City, Minnesota on the ship manifest. On the single pagewhere the name of one appears, 12 other Swedish emigrants list their destination as Lake City. Thislevel of interest in Lake City, Minnesota did not come about by accident. I am curious to know whatkind of promotional activity resulted in so many men heading for the same small town. Was a railroadbeing built through the Lake City area at this time which recruited workers in Sweden? Or did theLutheran Church promote this type of migration. Do you have an explanation?J. N. Jones

Dear Mr. Jones,
I don't have an explanation, but I do have a few educatedguesses.
          First of all,there are several historical sketches on my web site which may provide clues. See especially the pageson Pepin Township, which includes Read's Landing, and Lake Township which are linked on the 1884index page. Unfortunately, I don't have the entire section on Lake City transcribed - only the section onthe fires.I don't know if you're familiar with Wabasha County. If not, here's a good reference map:Wabasha County

It seems that when the county was first taking shape, Read's Landing was a popular andaccessible place to leave the riverboat and set out to find land on which to stake a claim. Later, itseemed that Lake City took its place. This may well have been because of the railroad beingestablished there. In addition, the lower portion of the county is very rugged where the bluffs meet theriver valley. The passage inland may have been a bit easier at Lake City.There's another possibility, the example for which was provided by my children. As they graduatedfrom high school in Kentucky and North Carolina, they "followed the leader" and migrated to theAtlanta area where construction work was plentiful. Word of mouth is a powerful draw. It may be thatthe first settlers from Sweden came to the Lake City area simply because that was the route to theWest which had been recommended by a riverboat captain or a teamster in the East. The first sentword back to friends and family who joined him as they could.As I have transcribed these biographies and historical sketches, I have seen many instances of earlysettlers congregating in areas where there were others from the same country as they. This would belogical for sharing common language, customs, religion and for strength in numbers.See the biography for Kaspar Scheer for just one small reference to disembarking at Lake City. Youmight like to search the site for "Lake City," "Sweden," and early 1800's dates. Many bits and pieces ofinformation are contained in the biographies themselves. The autobiography of Morris C. Russell, editorof the "Sentinel," Lake City, contains much historical information. Hope this might have been of some help, Barbara


I have read the articles on the history of Wabasha County and searched expectantly for my ancestor'snames and for bibliographies of my ancestors to no avail. I know they lived there because I have copiesof numerous letters written in the 1870s both to and from Reads Landing, and "Reads" is mentionedoften. One even has a Post Mark that says Reeds Landing.My gggrandfather was Patrick Shealey: at least that is how it is spelled in the land records for Township111N, Range 11W, Section 21. He moved into the area in the spring of 1855. A quote from a son'sbibliography written in 1898 says:"We started for Minnesota in the fall of 1854, reached Galinas, the end of railroad transportation andfound navigation closed. The next spring, we took the first boat for St. Paul, the War Eagle which tookthe famous 1st Minnesota Reg. South. We reached Reads Landing, an Indian trading post, and foundLake Pepin full of ice. The boat went back. My father went out through the wilderness and took a farmon unsurveyed lands. We lived in a log house for a number of years, I used to have to walk three milesto school, making six miles per day." Notice that Section 21 is just about three miles from ReadsLanding.I have identified five sons and possibly a daughter of Patrick Shealey and his wife Hannah. His sonswere John J. Shely, William Shely, Michael Shely, Terrance (Terry) Shely and my great grandfatherJames P. Shely. There may also have been a daughter named Ellen Sheely. James P. Shely married Floria Jane Rasicot (per the spelling in the Wabasha Co. clerks office) on 24Feb 1879. Floria Jane had ten siblings, including a twin, all except William, the eldest, were born inReads Landing between 1840 and 1859. William was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1838. Floria Jane's parents were Oliver Racicot or Roscoe and Madeline Campbell. They may have beenmarried in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1837. Madeline was the eldest daughter of Scott Campbell andMargaret Manaigre. Scott was an interpreter at the Indian Agency in Fort Snelling for 25 years(1818-1843) and both he and his wife were each at least 1/2 Native American.Oliver Racicot's oldest son William married Anna Niehart in Highland on 19 Oct 1866. Anna's fatherChristopher Niehart also homesteaded in Section 21 (NWNW) in 1860.I look forward to contacting anyone who is researching this family. Miles Rene


I am hoping you can help me find information on my husband's grandmother and grandfather. His nameis Nicholas Johnson and his wife is Anna (Halverson) Johnson. Anna died in 1913 or 1914 after givingbirth to my husband's father. He was born in 1913 and he was told she died giving birth to LeonardAlbert, my father-in-law. We can find no record of her. My father-in-law was adopted by Anna'ssister, Olive Sly, and moved to Wisconsin. His 3 older siblings; Carol, Gladis, and Vernon, were on their own and three younger were put in anorphanage. Baby Earl died in the orphanage and we have no information on the others. The familywould not talk about this to my father-in-law, and now they have all passed away before I joined thefamily. Please, if you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Cynthia


There are two Carlos Wood's listed in the 1870 census, one in Lake City the other in Mt. Pleasant. Ipresume that they are related. The one born around 1854 is my great-grandfather. He married Ann(ie)Hunter, aka Hattie or Addie (born in Illinois, father was Heil Hunter). They had a son, John HenryWood, born in Wabasha Co. in 1877. In the 1880 census they are listed as living in Sioux Valley,Union Co. SD. In 1881 my grandfather, Frank Hiram Wood, was born in SD. At some point(1900-1910?) he returned to Minnesota. In about 1913 he married Mary (Engela Marie) Bolland,daughter of Catherina (Weinberg) and Johann Wilhelm Heinrich Bolland of Belvidere. John returnedalso. He died in 1945 in Hay Creek. Ann remarried in SD and returned to the area after her secondhusband died. She is buried in the Bay City Cemetary as Hattie Brown (1854-1938). I waswondering if Carlos was related to any of the Wood's listed in The History of Wabasha County.Frank died in 1928 in the Red Wing Hospital. Almost nothing is known about that side of the family. Ihave a quite a bit of information about the Bollands. I would like to share information with anyone who is researching these families. Becky


I saw your postings on the Wabasha message boards and I just thought I would ask if you've evercome across the name George McCaffrey (his wife was Catherine). He was also one of the pioneers ofthat area; he arrived in the Wabasha area (Greenfield Twp?) around 1858. Apparently he came downfrom Montreal, to Galena, IL and then to Wabasha. Do you have any theories as to his migrationpattern? What might've brought him to Galena? Then to Wabasha?? Was that a common migrationpattern? If you can shed some light on any of these questions, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks, Mary


I was looking on the web for some information on the history of Saint Mary's University of Minnesotaand came across your site. Do you have any information on this? Please let me know when you get achance. Thanks.Kristen


My gggrandparents, Benjamin & Henrietta Harrison, are on the 1880 census for Wabasha County(Mazeppa) with 5 children (Calle is not mentioned): Joe age 14, Mary age 12, Lottie age 10, Ada age6 and George age 4. In 1870 they were in Graham Lakes, Nobles County, and Calle was 16. By1900 this family was in Cass County and Joseph, age 33, was the only child still at home. In a book written by Arthur P. Rose, there is an article about this family, however I am unable to locatea copy of the book.Any information on the family is appreciated. I believe that Benjamin had a brother named Henry.Benjamin was born in Indiana, about 1826 and Henry was born in Illinois about 1838. Henrietta wasalso born in Illinois. I do not know where or when Benjamin, Henrietta or Joseph died, or where theyare buried.Thank you. Sue


My name is Edward L Stone. I am the 2nd great-grandson of Chapman & Clarissa Stone. I amlooking for any information I can find on Chapman and family. I know that Chapman was born 16 Dec1805 at Hudson, New York and died Oct 31 1857 in Minnesota, I believe. I have Chapman living inLake County IL in 1850, but he is gone by 1860. As for his wife, Clarissa, the census tells me she wasstill alive in 1880 in Wabasha County, MN. I have the children of Chapman listed as follows:
Rhonda Stone, born 19 Sept 1832, Livington County, NY, married Henry Wells, 24 Feb 1852,Lake County IL, died March 29 1909, Wauconda IL.
William P Stone, born 08 April 1833, Hudson NY, married twice: first; Elizabeth Hill, Jan 1 1856,she died leaving one daughter, second; Cynthia S Warner, 01 Jan 1870. William died July 26 1911,Wauconda IL.
Adeline Stone, born 1836 NY, married Monroe Cook, Lake County, IL, 12 Dec 1855, died Feb14 1886.
His other children are: Martha J Stone, born 1838; Ira Stone, born 1843; Chapman Stone, born1846; Clarissa Stone, born 1848.
I have a ton of Stone Family information dating back to William Stone, born 1608, England, died16 November 1683, Guilford CT. Hoping to hear from you. Maybe we could help each other out.
Please e-mail me! Thanks!


I am looking for any information on Franklin Purdy and family or on James Bradford family who bothlived on High Street in Lake City. James ran a nursery for a number of years. Later Helen Purdymarried John Gage Bradford and lived a number of years in Lake City. The Hunn's and the Morse'smay also have lived there. I do know that Sam Hunn originally started a country store in Plum City andlived across the river for many years. Any information would be appreciated. Many of them are buried in Lakeview Cemetery.Kay