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The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


List compiled by Jerry Anderson

NameRankCompany BuriedRegiment
BARTZ, Julius HUnknown?Elgin9th WI Infantry
BILDERBECK, ThomasUnknownAMinneiska1st WI Cavalry
BLACK, E WUnknownKMazeppa31st WI Infantry
CARRELS, NicholasUnknownDWabasha 2nd WI Cavalry
CLEMENS, PeterUnknown?Mazeppa14th WI Infantry
CORNWELL, F IUnknownKPlainview 39th WI Infantry
CRANDELL, L RUnknownAMazeppa 17th WI Infantry
DAMOUD, RichardUnknownBPlainview 41st WI Infantry
DEMICK, F JUnknownELake City25th WI Infantry
DITMAR, EdwinUnknownFHammel 5th WI Infantry
EVERETT, GeoUnknownI Lake City 12th WI Infantry
FALENSBY, GeoUnknownGMinneiska2nd WI Infantry
FELLER, Wm HUnknownIElgin28th WI Infantry
GAULTHIER, FrancisUnknownK Wabasha 31st WI Infantry
GROVE, MartinUnknownGPlainview 38th WI Infantry
HARTUNG, JohnPrivate G Lake City 2nd WI Cav
HELLENBOLT, InoUnknownEMazeppa 36th WI Infantry
HEWITT, AlfredUnknownGLake City 25th WI Infantry
HOLLES, JonathanUnknownNWabasha 13th WI Infantry
JONES, E CUnknownE Lake City 6th WI Infantry
KNOLL, CharlesUnknownDWabasha 2nd WI Infantry
LACKEY, WillisUnknownE Wabasha 10th WI Infantry
McDONOUGH, WmUnknownDZumbro Falls 36th WI Infantry
MOOSE, JosephUnknownFWabasha 3rd WI Infantry
PARR, E AUnknownGPlainview20th WI Infantry
PARR, ThaddeusUnknownGPlainview20th WI Infantry
PATCHIN, JamesUnknownBElgin40th WI Infantry
REEVES, ThomasUnknown G Lake City 42nd WI Infantry
REICKHABER, FredUnknownK Wabasha 34th WI Infantry
RICHMOND, Geo CUnknown?Plainview24th WI Infantry
SAINDEN, PhillipUnknownGLake City 3rd WI Infantry
SQUIRE, WmUnknownEMazeppa 12th WI Infantry
TUPPER, EzraUnknownE Mazeppa 3rd WI Infantry
UNSELT, JosephUnknown?Wabasha 10th WI Battery
VANHORN, ElhomanUnknownK Lake City 16th WI Infantry
WRIGHT, C MUnknownGPlainview25th WI Infantry
YOUNG, J BUnknownC Mazeppa 36th WI Infantry

According to
LeAnn, great-great grandaughter of Nicholas Carrels, he was born January 1836 in Luxembourg, Germany; died February 23, 1911 and is buried in Wabasha, MN. He fought in the Civil War, was shot in the forearm and received a pension in 1883 or 88. He had at least one daughter, Mary Carrels, who was born August 22, 1865 or 1868 in Wabasha, MN and died November 24, 1956 in Longview, WA.

According to
Patti, Francis Gaulthier applied for a pension in 1894 in Minnesota. She'd like to know where he lived and find a record of his wife's death.