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The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War


Your webmaster thought that this message from Bruce Bump concerning the 2003 Gettysburg Campaign (historical re-enactment and commemoration) might be of interest to many of you. You may contact Mr. Bump if you wish to join next year's Campaign. In the meantime, just reading the historical notes included below is a fascinating trip!

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Dear All:

As we are leaving in the early morning hours tomorrow and will be offline for about 8 days, we needed to let everyone know what is going on, etc, so that IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, you may choose to join us in any of our plans during the next week or so. We sincerely hope that if you visit the Gettysburg area, that you will at least come by and say "howdy"!

This will be a little lengthy, but something for you to print out if you wish (you probably should). It includes everything that is going on during the 140th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. This will also be sent out by newsletter and posted at our discussion boards at Winds of Valor at This schedule will be posted at our HQ Tent at the campsite, as well as a printout of area happenings, and such.


We did have a couple of folks cancel their campsite reservations, as they are reenactors, and the 140th Reenactments were postponed until August. We have two spaces available for sharing, if anyone wishes to join us: first come, first served, of course.

I will be bringing all of our Winds of Valor stock, which includes the small memorial flags at 96 cents each, and our inventory of about 200 books through our Winds of Valor Book Club at 20-35% discounts off retail prices to save you some bucks. We will also have some shirts, caps, windbreakers, etc available. 10% of each purchase goes to Battlefield Preservation.

Also, in case you didn't know, the 140th Reenactments were postponed, and the annual Fireman's Festival and fireworks was postponed today. There will still be many events in the area still going on, including the Battle Walks, the Wall Ceremony, etc. These are all outlined below.

More details are provided under the Gettysburg Campaign 2003 section of the boards at . Other area scheduled events are seen in the calendar section of


Crack of Dawn: Dawn Patrols: I usually make it a point to get on the field in the early hours with some coffee and go to whatever section of the park beckons. Anyone is always welcome to join me if you want to get up that early.

Community Meals: usually around 6 pm, for our campers in the area. If not camping with us, bring a dish and join in.

@8 pm each evening: We don our uniforms and period clothing and go to Little Round Top, the Angle, or elsewhere, to enjoy the sunset and help educate what we can to those that wish to know.

@10 pm: Campfire time: whatever that entails. Possibly some music, card playing, movie watching (perhaps), and it lasts until whenever.



We arrive in the early afternoon and setup. We will be doing some basic tent layout engineering since we have so many folks staying with us. We are at Artillery Ridge Campgrounds, in the very front section by the pool (yeah!) and the playground area. We can't be missed!

WEATHER: Mostly sunny, with no rain forecast. High is about 95 with 85% humidity, low is around 69: 5 mph wind. Hot, sultry, and pool hanging weather…


More arrivals all day long and setup to prepare for the onslaught of guests. Open Day, mostly, and we will be battening down the hatches when that evening's T-Storms blow in, which will cool things down at least 10 degrees for the remainder of the week. Then we hit the Cyclorama for our favorite authors. Dinner will probably be early that evening.

WEATHER: Isolated Thunderstorms, with 30% chance of rain. High is about 85 with 85% humidity, low is around 61: winds can be gusty, and about 10-15 mph. Cool front coming through (yeah!)

EVENTS: June 27

The 2003 Lecture and Book Signing Series will be held on June 26-28, 2003 in the auditorium of the Cyclorama Center at Gettysburg National Military Park. The authors will sign books immediately following each lecture. This series is sponsored by Gettysburg National Military Park and Eastern National Park and Monument Association.

5:00 PM - Park Ranger and Author Gregory A. Coco Topic: "Gettysburg's Confederate Dead."

6:00 PM- Licensed Battlefield Guide and Author Philip M. Cole (YES ~ OUR PHIL COLE ~ WOOHOO!)

Topic: "Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg."

7:00 PM- Licensed Battlefield Guide and Author Timothy H. Smith

Topic: "Devil's Den"


Open Day again, as more folks come in.

WEATHER: Isolated Thunderstorms, with 10% chance of rain. High is about 80 with 70% humidity, low is around 59: winds can be gusty, and about 10-15 mph.

EVENTS: June 28

Wrightsville, PA ~ about an hour away: at 8 pm, the 140th Anniversary of the Burning of the Wrightsville Bridge: more information at the Discussion Boards.

June 28-29, Living History Weekend: 17th Annual Heritage Days Encampment with the 20th Maine Infantry & 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters Living history camp and programs by park volunteers at the Pennsylvania Monument, Auto Tour Stop #12. 2nd Maryland Infantry (CSA) and the Maryland Line Living history encampment and programs by park volunteers at Pitzer Woods, Auto Tour Stop #6. 23rd Virginia Infantry Living history encampment and programs by park volunteers at Spangler's Spring, Auto Tour Stop #13.


Open Day, until 1:30 pm: Tour of East Cemetery Hill by Lt. Col. (ret) Wayne Wachsmuth, LBG. Free tour, but donations to the good colonel for his time would be appreciated. Meet at the Howard Statue across from Evergreen Cemetery off Baltimore Pike. Tour will be a couple of hours, bring water, and be prepared to hike a little.

WEATHER: Partly cloudy with10% chance of rain. High is about 80 with 70% humidity, low is around 62.


This is now an Open Day, as we have cancelled the scheduled Adopt a Monument Work Day at the request of the NPS. (pssst ~ it's Allan Shikhvarg's birthday!)

WEATHER: Partly cloudy with10% chance of rain. High is about 81 with 70% humidity, low is around 61.


Big day scheduled:

10 am to 2 pm: Guided Bus Tour (Winds of Valor Event) to Antietam Battlefield by Lt. Col. (ret) Wayne Wachsmuth, LBG. Cost is $20 a person to cover the 46-passenger air conditioned bus and tour. Seats are still available and payment will have to be in cash before departure promptly at 10 am. Meet at the Artillery Ridge Campground. Drinks will be provided and sack lunches or snacks are recommended. For those meeting us at the field, the cost is $5 a person. NO checks or credit cards, please.


These ranger-guided walks are developed to follow the three days of the battle and highlight the battle's effect on the armies and civilians alike. Each walking tour will last approximately three hours and involve walking routes up to two miles in length over uneven and moderately difficult terrain. To prepare yourself for these special walks we recommend that you bring plenty of water, have proper sun protection including a hat & sun screen for exposed skin, and wear comfortable walking shoes or boots. Insect repellant may also be necessary. These ranger-guided programs are free of charge.


"The Battle was Now On in All Its Fierceness"

The Opening Clash with Ranger Eric Campbell, Gettysburg National Military Park Program will begin at 10:00 AM at the West End Guide Station, Route 30.

Walk over the ground where the lead elements of each army collided on the morning of July 1, 1863, and find out more about the events that turned this chance engagement into the largest battle of the war. This 1.5 mile walk covers the area from McPherson's Ridge to the Railroad Cut. Meet Ranger Eric Campbell at the West End Guide Station located on Route 30 West adjacent to Stone Avenue.

Phantom Division: Alpheus Williams's 1st Division, 12th Corps The Source of Many Aberrations and Rumors on July 1, 1863 with Ranger Troy Harmon, Gettysburg National Military Park Program begins at 3:00 PM on Highland Avenue in Gettysburg.

As the main Union battle lines north and west of Gettysburg began to crumble on the afternoon of July 1, 1863, reinforcements from the Union 12th Corps were approaching the field on the Baltimore Pike. Instead of marching directly toward Gettysburg, however, Major General Alpheus Williams took his division of the corps on a circuitous route northeast to the Hanover Road and over a mile away from the important Union position on Cemetery Hill. Although this episode has been largely forgotten or heavily criticized by students of the battle, the movement of Williams' division that afternoon may have had a significant impact on the movements of Confederate units approaching Gettysburg. Did Williams' maneuver affect the outcome of the fighting on July 1, 1863? Join Ranger Troy Harman at the parking lot of C. E. Williams and Sons, Inc. at 1141 Highland Avenue, to explore this little known episode of the battle. Check at the National Park Service Visitor Center information desk for directions and additional information.

Buford's Cavalry and the Opening Shots of the Battle of Gettysburg with Michael Phipps, Licensed Battlefield Guide Program begins at 6:00 PM at Kinsey Drive, located on Route 30 West 2.1 miles west of Seminary Ridge.

The first shots of the Battle of Gettysburg were fired by Union cavalry troopers belonging to Brigadier General John Buford's division. This initial clash not only started the battle, but heavily impacted the fighting that later that day. This program will culminate with a summary of the role Buford's Division played during the fighting on July 1, 1863, and their contribution to the outcome of the battle itself. Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Michael Phipps as he explains the opening skirmish along Whistler's and Herr's Ridges between Buford's forward units and the approaching Confederate division commanded by Major General Henry Heth. This program starts on Kinsey Drive, located on the south side of Route 30 West adjacent to Oaklawn Memorial Gardens, 2.1 miles west of Seminary Ridge. (NOTE: This is a residential lane so please park on the street and do not block driveways). Due to the limited parking and that the program requires driving to Oak Hill (Auto Tour Stop 2) for its conclusion, car-pooling is recommended. Check at the National Park Service Visitor Center information desk for directions and additional information.

WEATHER: Isolated Thunderstorms, with 30% chance of rain. High is about 79 with 85% humidity, low is around 59: winds can be gusty, and about 20-25 mph. Cool front coming through (yeah!) Batten down the hatches again!


Open Day for us: we are possibly having a skirmish demonstration with Tony Miller's Boys but won't know about that until we get there! This is a Family Day for myself, Autumn, and our kids as we plan to go shopping, seeing the sights, have a nice meal and that sort of thing. We would like this to be private time for our family if at all possible, but we might run into each other in town or something. Please don't be offended if we keep going on our own way. We will be back in plenty of time to put on the steaks for the community meal that night!


"The fighting was general and desperate all along the line." Kershaw's South Carolina Brigade at Gettysburg with Ranger John Heiser, Gettysburg National Military Park Program begins at the South Carolina Monument, West Confederate Avenue at 10:00 AM.

Aligned in battle on Seminary Ridge, General Joseph Kershaw's veteran South Carolina Brigade was ordered to take Union guns in the peach orchard and drive out Union troops around George Rose's wheatfield. Gracefully the brigade advanced, all the while under a terrible fire of shell and canister, before wheeling toward the Union guns "in gallant style." The volume of fire grew as the Carolinians swept through the Rose Farm where Kershaw soon found his brigade divided, caught in a vise of Union artillery and infantry. Doubtless, Kershaw himself questioned whether his men were equal to the terrible task they faced for how long could they hold this precarious position? Join Ranger John Heiser and follow the path taken by Kershaw's Brigade on the afternoon of July 2 to the Rose Farm, Sherfy's peach orchard, the "stony hill", and the wheatfield.

The program will begin at the South Carolina Monument on West Confederate Avenue. Park at the observation tower parking area adjacent to the Longstreet's Headquarters marker.

In the Footsteps of the 15th Alabama: A Family Program with Ranger Barbara Sanders, Gettysburg National Military Park Program begins at the Alabama Monument near Auto Tour Stop 7 at 10:00 AM

This walk is recommended for children ages 8 to 14, accompanied by an adult or guardian. The 15th Alabama belonged to Brig. Gen. Evander Law's brigade, which took part in the main Confederate attack on July 2 against the Union left. By the time these men began their attack off around 4:30 p.m., they had already marched over 20 miles throughout that morning and early afternoon and were out of water. Join Ranger Barb Sanders as he explains the role of these soldiers by following in their footsteps from Warfield Ridge over Big Round Top and finally to Little Round Top where they faced the 20th Maine. This program will not only cover this attack, but also the impact the battle had on the local populace and how Union and Confederate troops transformed Gettysburg farm fields into battlefields. Meet at the Alabama Monument near Auto Tour Stop 7. Suggested parking is at the picnic area on South Confederate Avenue. Note: This walk will be long and moderately difficult and concludes approximately 1.5 miles from its starting location. Please dress and plan accordingly.

"This hell of destruction."

Col. George Willard's Brigade vs. Gen. William Barksdale's Brigade. with Ranger Karlton Smith, Gettysburg National Military Park Program begins at the Cyclorama Center at 3:00 PM.

Late on the afternoon of July 2, 1863, Colonel George Willard, commanding a brigade of New York troops, was ordered to reinforce a crumbling section of the Union battle line and "knock the hell out of the Rebs." In the action that followed Willard and his troops launched a counterattack against the Mississippi brigade commanded by Brigadier General William Barksdale, and in so doing partially covered a dangerous gap in the Union line. Join Ranger Karlton Smith as he examines this critical action by following in the footsteps of Willard's men. Meet on the second floor patio of the Cyclorama Center.

The Rose Farm: The Bloodiest Farm in American History with Garry Adelman and Timothy Smith, Licensed Battlefield Guides Program begins at 6:00 PM at Sickles Avenue in the Wheatfield, Tour Stop 9.

Join Licensed Battlefield Guides Garry Adelman and Timothy Smith for a tour across the historic Rose Farm. On July 2, 1863, between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m., roughly 9,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or captured on a single tract of land (which includes the Wheatfield) owned by George Rose, making it arguably the bloodiest single farm in American History. Soon after the battle, photographer Alexander Gardner and his crew arrived at the Rose Farm where they encountered scores of unburied dead, and recorded a series of the most ghastly images of the Civil War. This tour will highlight the fighting in this area and examine the sites where these haunting images were recorded. This program will also examine the post-war history of the area and describe the memorialization and commercialization of the area, which included an electric battlefield trolley, an amusement park. and one of Gettysburg's first "bed and breakfast" homes. Meet at the Wheatfield pull-off along Sickles Avenue, Auto Tour Stop 9. NOTE: Please park your vehicle on the right side of the road with all wheels on the pavement. Check at the National Park Service Visitor Center information desk for directions and additional information.

WEATHER: Partly cloudy with no forecast chance of rain. High is about 78 with 75% humidity, low is around 59.


A group of us will be involved tending the fires that day from dawn until dusk, preparing for our barbecue that evening.


3 pm: The Wall Ceremony presented by the Civil War Heritage Foundation at the Angle. Arrive by no later than 230 pm for this tear-jerking event, as the Confederates march across the fields of the Pickett Assault on the final day of battle, and reenact the "Hands Across the Wall" tradition started by the original veterans 90 years ago. If Confederate, wear period clothing and full uniforms if you have them, bring a flag, and meet at the Virginia Monument at about 230 or earlier. Bring some water somehow, and march with us with flags flaring across the field. To watch the spectacle from the Angle, get there early also. Note: we found that if Confederates are dropped off at the Virginia Monument and the vehicles are parked at the Angle, it saves having to march back again.

This is followed by another ceremony at the Armistead Marker, and is very popular. Since the Battle Walk also begins at that time at the Virginia Monument, be prepared, but it is a separate event. This is a planned WOV Event as well, meaning that we will be participating in the CWHF Event.

7 pm: The 2nd Annual Genooine Texas Barbecue and Social, located at our campsite. We will be providing the genuine real Texas BBQ Brisket, Baked Beans, Roast Corn, and Bob Hall has promised his famous Amish Macaroni Salad. Bring your own beverages, lawn chair, and a covered dish, dessert, chips, or something else for the Pot Luck portion.
This meal is free, and is open to all WOV members, their family and friends, and all CWHF members as well. We are planning on feeding about 100 people, and if we have leftovers ~ kewl! And if you make it after we start serving, no problem, we should have plenty!


"A Terrible and Trying Time for All"
The Confederate Assaults on Culp's Hill on the Morning of July 3. with Ranger Scott Hartwig, Gettysburg National Military Park Program begins at 10:00 AM at the Indiana Monument, Tour Stop 13.

Before dawn on July 3, 1863 Union batteries opened fire on Confederate units on and near Culp's Hill. This barrage not only signaled the beginning of the third and final day of the struggle, but also the longest sustained combat of the entire battle. This program will walk the ground that Southern soldiers of the divisions of Johnson, Early and Rodes advanced over in their courageous but futile efforts to break the Union line on Culp's Hill. Meet Historian Scott Hartwig at the Indiana State Memorial near Spangler's Spring, Auto Tour Stop 13 to walk this significant area of the Union "fishhook" line. NOTE: Park along East Confederate Avenue on the right side of the road with all wheels on the pavement. Most of this program will take place in woods and over somewhat difficult terrain. Water and proper footwear is required. Check at the National Park Service Visitor Center information desk for directions and additional information.

The Attack and Repulse Of Longstreet's Assault
Program begins at the Virginia Memorial and Cyclorama Center at 3:00 PM

Follow in the footsteps of the Confederate soldiers of Pickett's, Pettigrew's, and Trimble's commands in the ill-fated charge against the Union center, or stand with the Union soldiers of the Second Corps to meet the charge, and learn why they were determined to stop the Confederates before they could reach the line on Cemetery Ridge. A team of park rangers will follow the routes of the southerners in the attack and simultaneously lead a walk along the Union line. For the Confederate perspective, meet the rangers at the Virginia Memorial, Auto Tour Stop #5. To join the walk to the Union defenses, meet the ranger at the back (west) entrance to the Cyclorama Center. The programs will begin promptly at 3:00 PM. Check at the National Park Service Visitor Center information desk for directions and additional information.

"Hang to It, Boys!"
The Struggle for the Codori-Trostle Thicket, July 2 and 3, 1863 with Wayne Wachsmuth, Licensed Battlefield Guide Program begins at 6:00 PM at the New York Auxiliary Monument, South Hancock Avenue.

An important, yet often overlooked section of the Union battle line on July 2 and 3 was the southern end of Cemetery Ridge. On July 2, following the collapse of the Union battle line in Devil's Den, the Wheatfield and the Peach Orchard, the Army of the Potomac faced a serious crisis as this nearly undefended section of their line was threatened by advancing Confederates. On July 3, this section of Cemetery Ridge proved to be an ideal artillery platform for over 30 Northern cannon that delivered a devastating fire upon Pickett's Division during Longstreet's assault. Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Wayne Wachsmuth as he examines these critical events and their impact on the fighting on both July 2 and 3, 1863. Meet at the New York Auxiliary Monument on South Hancock Avenue, just before Auto Tour Stop 12. Please park on the right side of the road with all wheels on the pavement.

WEATHER: Partly cloudy with no forecast chance of rain. High is about 80 with 75% humidity, low is around 61.


WEDDING DAY: and y'all know what that means! This is an open invitation event. ( I personally apologize for formal invitations not being sent, but that was my fault and neglect due to my recent illness).

Wedding is at 6:05 pm (yes, there is a reason for that) at the Amphitheatre on W. Confederate Avenue right by the Longstreet Statue. This is a period clothing wedding, and wear ‘em if you got ‘em, please. If not, that is okay as well, as long as our friends can be there. There is 46 slots available for parking, so car pooling is strongly suggested. Please do NOT park on the side of the road there, or face NPS tickets.

We would like to meet with everyone in the wedding party sometime that morning before my betrothed departs to go over the plans, etc. It won't take long, won't be complicated, just kinda go over things.

My betrothed leaves for the day with her entourage (might have to rent another bus?), and I plan to spend the day with my compatriots at the Wax Museum until about 330 pm. At 4 pm, whomever is helping to decorate the Amphitheatre needs to be there. We have the facility from 4 pm until 7 pm: and we HAVE to be out by no later than 7 (they have Fireside Chat at 8). We ask that our guests arrive around 530 to 545 pm.

7:00 pm to 10:30 pm: Wedding Reception at the GAR Hall. I know we have vittles and music, and that I get to take off a garter or something, but join us and my betrothed for this event. Again, period clothing, BYOB, although we will have sodas, mixers, and wine for the toast, I am told. We have to be out of the Hall by 11 pm: or we get shot!

And yes, there is a couple of NPS Battle Walks that day, but I is gonna be busy!


""Shattered Dreams: Gettysburg in the Aftermath of Battle
with Ranger Terry Latschar, Gettysburg National Military Park Program begins at 3:00 PM at Gettysburg Middle School on Lefever Street.

As the smoke of the battle cleared, the tangible scars on the surface of the town became evident. But what of the soul of the town of Gettysburg? How did the battle, the Confederate occupation and the subsequent aftermath affect the town, its residents, and future economy? Join Ranger Terry Latschar for a walk through the historic streets of Gettysburg. Experience the thoughts of the people and share their shattered dreams. Meet at the Gettysburg Middle School, Lefever Street. Check at the National Park Service Visitor Center information desk for directions and additional information.

"Into the Mouth of Hell"
Clash at South Cavalry Field with Andi Custer, Licensed battlefield Guide
Program begins at 6:00 PM at the picnic area on South Confederate Avenue.

As the attention of most the combatants was directed toward the events on Culp's Hill and Cemetery Ridge throughout the morning and afternoon of July 3, a less famous engagement was unfolding at the southern end of the battlefield. There, constant skirmishing occurred between Union cavalry commanded by Brigadier Generals Judson Kilpatrick and Wesley Merritt, and Confederate infantry south of Big Round Top and Devil's Den. The fighting escalated into a full-scale battle shortly after the repulse of Longstreet's Assault when Kilpatrick ordered a mounted charge against the Confederate infantry. Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Andi Custer as she explains this important action and its tragic result. Meet at the picnic area along South Confederate Avenue, just before Auto Tour Stop 7. Please park in the picnic area or on the right side of the avenue with all wheels on the pavement.

WEATHER: Partly cloudy with no forecast chance of rain. High is about 80 with 75% humidity, low is around 61. Good Day for a Wedding!


Open Day: recovery from the previous night and the same applies for Sunday. A lot of family and friends will be leaving that weekend, and things start winding down. Lots of open time, and again, recovery.

Sunday is also the Father Corby Mass at his monument on Hancock Avenue at 9 am. We probably will be able to go to that. Weather stays the same all weekend from what is forecast now.


I hope again that each of you will be able to join us at one time or another during this Gettysburg Campaign. We consider all of you our friends, even those that we have never met, and look forward to you just dropping by if nothing else.

See ya soon, and be careful, all of you!

Vaya con Dios, mis amigos y amigas!

At your service,
Bruce Bump, Project Manager,
Winds of Valor, LLC
"It's All About Honor..."

The Winds of Valor Discussion Board team