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My grandmother, Mabel (Anderson) Sommers Johnson ( April 12, 1907 - May 09, 1996), lived her whole life in Waseca County. My mother found this hand written copy of the "Last Will and Testament of the Class of '25" in my grandmother's treasured papers.


Last Will and Testament

of the

Class of '25


I, a duly authorized attorney of the regular bar of Justice, have hereby upon behalf of my client, the Class of 1925 of the School of Waseca, State of Minnesota, assembled you on this solemn occasion to listen to the last will and testament of said class, duly made out by me, legally signed and witnessed by said testator.


We bequeath:


To the Faculty: Our notebooks, pencils, paper, and all our other worldly possessions which might help them in bestowing their high ideals upon the coming classes.

To the Freshmen: Our textbooks.

To the Sophomores: To be disposed of as they see fit, we, the Seniors, leave all the wrong answers, set down in moments of weakness.

To the Juniors: The unstained dignity which we have upheld.


Russell Spittler leaves his No. 12 1/2s to the Junior who will undertake such a huge "understanding."

Evelyn Lang hands over her position as Miss Parson's Deputy to Marion Duncan.

Harold Mitchell leaves in the minds of all his schoolmates a mental picture of the dimple in his chin.

Edward Iverson leaves his honored position of "Skipper" of the Senior Class to any Junior who is willing to undertake such a responsibility.

Sarah Krause and Beatrice Turnacliff leave the school quite content.

To Thomas Trainor, Ernest Gerdts bequeaths his sober looks.

Robert Anderson gives his volume of "World Famous Cartoons" to the General Public.

Fred Gerdts bequeaths his perpetual grin to the "Freshies." We, experienced Seniors, think they will need it.

Bethel Cottingham leaves her "Bell Hop" suit to George Herter. George promises to be very efficient in carrying faculty notes.

Gertrude Duncan has left the operation of station "Bla --- Bla" to her understudy, Dutch Bathke.

Dan McCleery, Lucille Weckwerth, and Evelyn Nelson leave all their love for "The good, the true, and the beautiful" to the world at large, to be absorbed at every possible opportunity in season and out of season.

Mabel Anderson leaves her renowned reputation as a great actress to Mary Dorn.

To the School for all general truck work, Lucille Jackson gladly gives her "Tin Can."

Eugene Graham bequeaths his musical knowledge to the coming High School band.

To the Juniors: Clare Patten leaves his uncompleted notebooks, which he urges them to finish.

Archie Lortis bequeaths his dictionary of two-inch words to Harold Lowne.

To the Juniors, in spite of all the leniency we have shown already, we leave Jeanette Day, our shining example --- a bit tarnished.

Under numerous chairs in the High School, Elaine James kindly leaves huge wads of gum.

Clarence Wobschall bequeaths his vocal talent to "Peanuts" Miller.

Ralph and Rolland Lorenz have graciously consented to give their "High powered, sport-model Overland" for various occasions.

Lois Schultz and Gertrude Rynearson leave their ability "To vamp" to such Juniors who would enjoy such a talent.

Lloyd Peterson leaves his shavings in the Manual Traning Room for the Freshmen to clean up.

Frank Leslie and Olivia Verin leave their now well-organized "Sunshine Club" to the coming generation. An extensive membership is desired.

Florence Roesler, Nettie Born, Velma Isker, and Hilda Edwards leave their Senior modesty to the Junior flappers.

Helen Schaumkessel bequeaths her undisputed reputation as star basket-ball player to Ellinor Breed.

Clarence Juhnke leaves all his spirit and speed in foot-ball to the would-be athlete, Edgar Hagen.

George Myers bequeaths to the Juniors, who are soon to become Seniors, all his stupidity and faculty for blundering at the simplest tasks.

Ervin Wynnemer leaves to Wm Latham his electric searchlight, which enables him to find these two long-lost entities, "The greatest common divisor and the least common multiple."

Willard Hernkamp leaves his ability of emptying the school room by singing any of the latest songs in his best up-to-date style to any Junior who is seeking praise in the "Halls of Fame."

Lastly, I make, constitute and appoint the General Public: To be executors of this our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by us made.

In testimony whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal, this twenty-ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five.




This Instrument was, on the day of date thereof, signed, published and declared by the said testaments to be our last Will and Testament in our presence, who at our request, have subscribed our names thereto as witnesses, in your presence, and in the presence of each other.



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