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Photo submitted by Marcia Kremer


Capt John & Sarah Oliver.jpg (101363 bytes)


Capt. John Oliver

 b. 1796 - d. 1869 

Sarah Oliver

b. 1796, d. 1884





Charles Oliver 2.jpg (101052 bytes)


Charles Oliver 


Great Great Grandfather of Marcia Kremer


Charles Oliver.jpg (59308 bytes)


Charles Oliver 

b. 1823, d. 1910 






Margaret Oliver.jpg (98094 bytes)


Margaret Oliver

d. 1869

second wife of Charles Oliver




Margaret&Jennie Oliver.jpg (60696 bytes)


Margaret and Jennie Oliver: mother and daughter, Jennie was born 1865 in the Oliver home in Lakeland, Mn and died 1956 in St. Paul, Mn.

Alice Oliver.jpg (67643 bytes)


Alice Oliver 

born 1857 in Lakeland, Mn and died 1940 in Fitzerald, Ga.

daughter of Charles Oliver and his first wife Emily R. Newell. 


Jennie&Alice Oliver.jpg (72923 bytes)


Jennie and Alice: half sisters, daughters of Charles Oliver 





Jennie Oliver.jpg (84489 bytes)


Jennie Oliver

daughter of Charles Oliver and Margaret




John Oliver, Jr.

b.1823, d. 1914

 Son of John and Sarah Oliver, brother to Charles


Clara Oliver.jpg (107526 bytes)


Clara Oliver

b. 1855, d. 1923 

Daughter of John and Mary Oliver , married to Daniel McKean.

Ellen Oliver.jpg (102791 bytes)


Ellen Oliver

b. 1851, d. 1949

Daughter of John and Mary Oliver,  married to Thomas Secrest.

Oliver Reunion 1.jpg (104029 bytes)


Oliver Reunion held in Lakeland in the early 1950 on old Oliver property. Pictured in the back row l-r: John Oliver and Harry Oliver (sons of George Albert Oliver and Grandsons of John and Sarah Oliver); front row l-r: Jennie Oliver O’Connor (daughter of Charles Oliver), Cora Oliver Webster ( daughter of Howard Francis Oliver), and Ellen Oliver Secrest ( daughter of John Oliver Jr.).



Oliver Reunion 2.jpg (122388 bytes)


Oliver Reunion in Lakeland  Note John Oliver, Sr.’s 37-star flag is hanging in the background.














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