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Some Early Washington County Settlers

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Afton Township

Platted in 1855 by R. Haskell, Joseph Haskell, H. L. Thomas and C. S. Getchell.  Organized in 1859.

First elected officials of Afton were; Joseph Haskell, G. W. Cutler and H. L. Thomas, Supervisors; M. H. Thomas, Clerk; J. J. Rice, Assessor; S. P. DePuy, Collector; Enos Gray, Overseer of the Poor; S. P. DePuy and G. W. Bolles, Constables; R. Buswell and J. J. Rice, Justices of the Peace.

Early settlers included Joseph Haskell (1840), James Norris (1840), Andrew Mackey (1841), Lemuel Bolles (1842), Baptiste Tournier (1841), Taylor Randolph (1841), Paul J. Carli (1843).  Other settlers by 1850 were James Getchell, Francis Oldham, W. H. Guernsey and F. M. Cox.


Village of Arcola

Arcola Mills were founded by Martin Mower, W. H. C. Folsom, John Brewster and D. B. Lewis.


Baytown Township

Organized in 1858.

First elected officials of Baytown Township were: Ambrose Secrest, John Parker and W. H. Crosby, Supervisors; John Hale, Clerk; Henry Beach, Collector; David Loomis, Assessor; Joseph Perro, Overseer of the Poor; Henry Beach and A. Flynn, Constables; William Gowen and Richard McDonald, Road Overseers; W. H. Crosby, Pound-master; James Crofut and George Kern, Justices of the Peace.

Early settlers included Francis Bruce (1842), Norman Kittson (1842), Ambrose Secrest (1852).  Other settlers by 1850 included John Short, Albert Harris, Joseph Perro, A. B. Fisk and J. Marty.


Cottage Grove Township

Organized in 1858.

First elected officials of Cottage Grove Township were: William Watson, Chairman; John Atkinson and B. Winant, Supervisors; John Rhodes, Clerk; Joel Munger and John Braekens, Justices of the Peace; J. B. Benson and R. Rhodes, Constables; Jacob Mosher, Collector; Thomas Furber, Assessor; James Davis, Overseer of the Poor; Joel Munger and John Swetland, Road Overseers.

Other early settlers included James Norris, J. W. Furber, Jacob Marsh, William Ferguson, Jonathan Brown, Lewis Hill, Henry Belden and George Crippen, Dr. A. H. Steen and Dr. William Furber and W. H. Glenna.


Denmark Township

Organized in 1858.

First elected officials were: James Shearer, Chairman; Thomas Wright and David Hone, Supervisors; G. W. Campbell, Clerk.

Early Settlers included Oscar Burris (1840), Levi Hurtsill (1840), David Hone (1843).  Other early settlers were William Dibble, Simon Shingledecker, Martin Leavitt, E. H. Whitaker, Caleb Traux, G. W. Campbell, Thomas Heatherington, Mark Wright and John Allibone,  W. McAboy, William Bush and Charles Leonard.


Forest Lake Township

Village of Forest Lake was platted in 1869 but not incorporated until 1896, originally part of Marine Township.

First elected officials of Forest Lake were: H. D. Benedict, A. C. York and George Simmons, Supervisors; Louis Schiel, Clerk; Louis Schiel and S. P. Howell, Justices of the Peace; S. P. Howell and Jonas Johnson, Road Overseers.

Early Settlers of Forest Lake included Louis Schiel, Cyrus Gray, Frederick Veith and Jeremiah Postons.


Greenfield Township (Grant)

Organized in 1858, renamed Grant in 1864.

First elected officials of Greenfield Township were: Albion Masterman, Chairman; James Rutherford and Joseph Cram, Supervisors; Jesse Soule, Clerk; R. S. Thornton, Assessor; Daniel Getty, Collector; O. L. Kingman, Overseeer of the Poor; Jacob Cram and S. R. Webster, Constables; Albion Masterman and Jesse Soule, Justices of the Peace; J. B. Taft and S. R. Webster, Road Overseers.

Early Settlers of Greenfield Township included A. Masterman (1849), William Rutherford (1849), James Rutherford (1850), Thomas Ramsden (1852).


Lakeland Township

Organized in 1858.

First elected officials of Lakeland Township were: Charles Oliver, Elias McKean and A. D. Kingsley, Supervisors; S. S. Young, Clerk; George Leach, Assessor; F. C. Tyler, Collector; L. A. Huntoon and A. E. Vye, Constables; William Oliver, Overseer of the Poor; D. A. Butler, Road Overseer; A. E. Jackson, Pound-master.

Early settlers included George Clark (1842), William Leith (1843), Edward Worth (1844), Elias McKean (1844), Jacob Fisher (1848), George Leach (1848), John Oliver (1848), James and A. B. Green (1848), Jonas Newell (1848), A. D. Kingsley (1848), Moses Perin (1849), John Molton (1849), Benjamin Bonsell (1849), Putnam Gage (1849), Hubbell Robinson (1849), James Green (1849) and Sheldon Gray (1849).


Marine Township

Organized in 1858. 

First elected officials of Marine Township were: J. R. M. Gaskill, John E. Mower and B. F. Allen, Supervisors; A. H. Wilkey, Clerk; A. C. Lull and T. P. Cheney, Justices of the Peace; Hiram Berkey, Assessor; Orange Walker, Overseer of the Poor; S. B. Clark and Jonathan Lawton, Constables; John L. Hill, Collector; John E. Mower and M. Welshons, Road Overseers.

Settled by founders of Marine Lumber Company.  Members of the settlement group included: Lewis Judd, David Kane and his wife, Orange Walker, Hiram Berkey, A. C. S. Parker, George Judd, Albert Judd, Dr. Green, Lucius Green, William Dibble, Joseph Cotrell, Samuel Burkles and James Parker.  This was the first civilian settlement in Minnesota.

Earliest farmers were a German immigrant named Cartwell, Edward Von Kuster, and B. T. Otis, all in Marine Township prior to 1850.  In 1851 they were joined by three Swedes - August Sandahl, Oscar Roos and Carl Fernstrom.


May Township

Organized in 1893, previously part of Marine Township.

First elected officials of May Township were: John Daly, Chairman; George Hinds and Nels E. Nelson, Supervisors; W. J. Smith, Clerk; C. A. Rutherford, Treasurer.


Newport Township

Organized in 1848.

First elected officials of Newport Township were: William Fowler, Chairman; E. b. Scofield and John Willoughby, Supervisors; G. H. Fowler, Clerk; J. H. Huganin, Assessor; F. S. Odell, Collector; D. S. Shellenberger and C. M. Shelton, Justices of the Peace; J. R. Hutchinson and L. C. Everett, Constables; D. Scofield, Overseer of the Poor.

Early settlers of Newport township included John A. Ford (1841), William Johnson (1847), Elias Scofield (1850), W. R. Brown (1841), Joseph Irish (1851), William Fowler (1852), Giles Fowler (1852), James Huganin, R. C. Knox, E. M. Shelton (1857).


New Scandia Township

Organized in 1893, previously part of Marine Township.

First elected officials of New Scandia Township were: Engal Johnson, Chairman; John P. Swenson and William Magnuson, Supervisors; John A. Peterson, Clerk.


Oakdale Township

Organized in 1858.

First elected officials of Oakdale Township were: E. G. Gray, John Bershen and E. R. Morse, Supervisors; W. Armstrong, Clerk; Robert Aldrich, Assessor and Collector; Arthur Stephen, and C. Manny, Justices of the Peace; Robert Gray and Robert Stephens, Constables.

Early settlers included John Morgan (1849), Maurice Malone (1850), Cornelius Malone (1850), G. H. Lohmann (1851), John Lohmann (1851), Patrick Day (1852), Arthur Stephen (1854), W. P. Gray (1855), John Bauer and John McDermott.


Oneka Township

Organized in 1870.

First elected officials of Oneka Township were: George Walker, Clerk and Treasurer; Geoge H. Kannady, Assessor; V. B. Barnum and Prescott Newman, Justices of the Peace; Francis Briggs and Joseph Lambert, Constables; O. l. Kinyon and V. B. Barnum, Road Overseers.

Other early settlers were Lewis Semper (1853), Fred Jungblust (1868) and A. J. Soule.


Red Rock Township (Woodbury)

Organized in 1858, renamed Woodbury in May 1859.

First elected officials of Woodbury were: John Colby, Chairman; John Ford and J. J. Miller, Supervisors; Ebenezer Ayers, Clerk; David Little, Assessor; N. Gilbert and David Holton, Justices of the Peace; James Middleton, Collector; Alexander McHattie, Overseer of the Poor; John Anderson and Joseph Lawson, Constables.

Early settlers included Alexander McHattie (1844), John McHattie (1844), James, Middleton (1845), Robert Cummings (1846), Linn Cummings (1846), Joseph Cooper (1850), John Tanner (1850) and Ebenezer Ayers (1854).


Village of St. Paul Park

Platted in 1887-88 and incorporated in 1909.

First elected officials of St. Paul Park were: F. C. Woodward, Chairman, C. B. Sperry, A. H. Frazer and T. A. Stanch, Supervisors; L. C. Oltman, Clerk; John Kemp, Constable.


Stillwater Township

Organized in 1858.

First elected officials of Stillwater Township were: Cornelius S. Lyman, Howard Packard and Henry Jackman, Supervisors; Sylvanus Trask, Clerk; Wallace Rutherford, Treasurer; J. C. Gardner, Assessor; C. S. Lyman and W. T. Boutwell, Justices of the Peace; Daniel Houstin and W. T. Bishop, Constables.

Early settlers included Rev. W. T. Boutwell, H. A. Jackman (1851), William Rutherford (1849), Dr. James Covey (1848), S. and P. Trask (1848), John McKenzie (1848), Joseph R. Brown, Jacob Fisher and Alexander Wilson, John McKusick.



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