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Cathie, Tuesday, October 19, 1999
I'm looking for an Aaron Wade Lucas.  His father was Floyd Lucas who died February 2, 1972.  His mother was Eva Lucas who died on October 14, 1980.  If anyone has any information, please contact me.  Thank you.

Kelly Fricke, Thursday, October 14, 1999
I am trying to research anything that I can pertaining to John or Marie Olson or their children, especially Sophie Swanson.  Also Marie remarried Maurice Collins.  Marie was born in Sweden in November of 1895.  She came to America around 1912, pregnant with Sophie.  She came to Granite Falls and married John Olson on June 24, 1918 and they had 10 more children. John died approximately 1940.  Marie remarried Maurice Collins on February 4, 1949 at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Granite.   Maurice died February 6, 1966 and Marie died on December 28, 1969.  I am further looking into these facts to find out more about Maries parents.  I am not having any luck with SS numbers or with the death index numbers.  Any info would be extremely helpful....Thanks so much

S. Fischer, Wednesday, October 13, 1999
I am new to genealogy and am looking for information on Norwegian Jarstad..Rudi Dalen Farms.  Please let me know if you have any information.

Sandra Evans, Saturday, September 18, 1999
Looking for information on Minnie Groen and her sister. Minnie lived in Porter, Yellow Medicine County prior to 1927. Her sister was married to a Leo Kuemper and lived in Hankinson, North Dakota in 1928. This is the only information available to me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Shirley Graham, Monday, September 6, 1999
Philemon S. Graham moved his family to the Canby area about 1900, and lived in an area across from the Antelope Hills Christian Church (from memories of his daughter Zella Graham Garnhart). He sold groceries from a wagon, maybe for The Grand Union Tea Co.  The family consisted of: Philemon S. Graham and wife Martha (Bates); children: William Arthur; Della; Royal Philemon; Lola "Maude"; Goldie; Winifred "Winnie"; Zella May; and Harry.  While living there William "Arthur" married ?; and Maude married Ed Evenson; Goldie was married to Frank Shaffer. 
Any information on this family is appreciated.

Cliff Otos, Sunday, August 29, 1999
We are researching Holten-Otos families.  Christian Holten had a land patent in Yellow Medicine for 160 acres signed 8/12/ 91.  He married a
Widow Otos from Renville Co., and took the Otos name.  Her first husband was Halstein Otos.  We know nothing about Christian Holten, and nothing about Widow Otos.  As direct descendants we are seeking this information.  Cliff and Sandy Otos

Ivar Aavatsmark, Sunday, August 22, 1999
The person I am trying to find, is Olea Mathiasdatter/Mathiesen. She was born August 14, 1853 in H°ylandet in Grong parish, Norway. Olea’s mother was Martha Ingebrigtsdatter, baptized January 14, 1811 in H°ylandet, dead August 22, 1896 in Decorah, Iowa. Olea’s father was Mathias Olsen, baptized July 15, 1812 in H°ylandet, dead September 23, 1876 in S°mna in Norway. Martha Ingebrigtsdatter and Mathias Olsen were married July 9, 1837. They had 7 children. Olea was the youngest child. The last years of their marriage, Martha and Mathias lived separately.
Olea emigrated with her mother Martha to the Decorah area, Iowa, in 1873. Olea stayed in Decorah only a few years (she was sponsor there for her sister’s child in 1875). Later I don’t know anything about her. However, in the obituary of her sister Sophie Krogsund in 1923 it is mentioned that Olea (in the obituary called Olena) was living in Minnesota.
I don’t know where Olea lived between ab. 1875 and 1923, but she probably married and settled either in Iowa or in Minnesota. I have tried to find Olea in the census 1880 of Minnesota and found two possible candidates:
1. In Norman Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, there lived in 1880 the couple:
John A. Tweed, 29 years, farmer, born in Norway
Olia Tweed, 27 years, born in Norway
They had no children, indicating that they just got married
2. In Webster Township, Rice County, Minnesota, there lived in 1880 the couple:
John Davidson, 26 years, farmer, born in Norway
Olena Davidson, 27 years, born in Norway
They had no children, indicating that they just got married.
There is a good chance that one of these women is identical to Olea Mathiasdatter, born August 14, 1853. That could possibly be clarified by checking the 1900 census for these two counties. In the 1900 census, birth month and year is given, so if one of these women was born August 1853, it is likely that she is the right person.
However, I do not have access to the 1900 census for these counties. And here is the point where I would like some help from you. If you have access to the 1900 census for these counties, would you please look and see if these women still lived there, and when (year and month) they were born.  If I could find the township in which Olea lived, it should be possible to check that her maiden name was Mathiasdatter/Mathiesen and thereby have her identity confirmed.  It is difficult to do genealogical research abroad, so I really hope you can help me.

Glenn M. Vaught, Wednesday, August 18, 1999
I am looking for any family record of:  Jacob Mortvedt Family, He married Inger Marie ( Hemner). Jacob was born in Norway May 29th 1856. Inger was born in Norway 1857. Relatives think their burial was in Dawson , Minn. They arrived in USA approx.  1880 to 1885. We think they had two children with them, Halvor and Greta Emelia.  It's possible  they immigrated from Norway to Canada and  from Canada they settled in South Dakota and Minn. Their youngest daughter Gertrude was born in Thor. Iowa.  They had 7  children born in USA. Ragnilda Martha,  Sievert Olai,  Clara Overdie,  John Emil, Caroline Katiie,  Minerva Minnie and Gertrude.  If you see any connection drop me a line! I sure  would appreciate any Help.

Veronica Soderstom, Monday, August 16, 1999
I am looking for my great-grandfather HENRY COOK.  He was born in Granite Falls, MN about 4/7/1873.  I know nothing about his parents.  He
married LAURA MAE MESSER, but I don't know when.  They had 2 children:  HAZEL the oldest and LEROY RUDOLPH born 7/26/09.  Henry and Laura Mae divorced and she moved to LA and remarried.  Hazel and LeRoy were put in a state home in either MN or ND because Henry could not care for them.  If you can help me AT ALL in my search, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,   Veronica (Cook) Soderstrom

Terry Long-Taylor, Monday, August 16, 1999
I am researching Mathias Johannes LEE from Lesja, Oppland Co., Norway and lived just south of Clarkfield on a farm, then moved into town.  He was married to Gjertina Jacobson and they had thirteen children all born in Yell Med Co (Swede Prairie).

Ann Hogan, Thursday, August 12, 1999
Looking for Erickson family Granite Falls. My gmother was Olga Erickson, married Jack Field, barber in Granite Falls for many years.  Have very
little on her family, other than her father's name was Erick Erickson, mother Anna ?.   Olga's siblings were Alma, Randa, William, Laura, Nellie, who married Murray Peterson.  Jack's parents were George and Celia Field of PA.  Olga's kids were Beverly, Jim, Bob, Hazel (m. Eldyn Jeseritz, Wood Lake), and Florence, my mother.   Since Erickson is such a common name, I have been unable to get more.  Can you help?

Mary Farrell, Sunday, August 8, 1999
Searching for descendants of OSMUND EVENSON, b. 1851 in Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway, died 1925 Canby.  Emigrated as a child in 1858, lived in Mower County from about 1865-1880.  Married JENNY JORGENSON, born Dec 1855 in WI.   Seven children:
1. ED EVENSON, b. Oct 1879, m. MAUD GRAHAM
2. ALBERT EVENSON, b. May 1881, died single
6. ANNA EVENSON, b. Jan 1892, m. ELMER OLSON
The Evensons owned a farm in Hammer Township, but lived most of their older years in Canby.  Family oral history is that the only children to remain in the Canby area were Alice & Ed Anderson. 

Brian Paulson, Monday, July 12, 1999
I am interested in any information about JOSEPHINE CHRISTINE PAULSON or her ex-husband RAYMOND SHUMWAY.  They are my great grandparents.  She was born in 1873 in Minnesota.  She was divorced from RAYMOND SHUMWAY on 3 Sep 1909 in Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine County.  They had been married in Elgin, Wabasha County on 21 Oct. 1906.  Their brief marriage began on her father's farm north of Canby.  My grandfather, ROY CLARENCE PAULSON was born to them on September 8, 1907 and they also had a girl named MYRTLE PAULSON.  They divorced around 1911 or 1912.   No one in my family has ever been able to trace Raymond Shumway.  My granfather, Roy, was raised in Canby.  Please send any information to me.  Thank you for your help! 

Vicki Sanow, Friday, June 18, 1999
I would like to contact anyone with information about August HINZ, who lived in Posen Township in 1914.  I am searching for relatives
of my great-grandmother Wilhelmina HINZ FLOETER, born 1835 in Gornitz, Posen, Prussia, and her brother Gottlieb HINZ, born 1845. Wilhelmina lived in Crystal Lake TWS, Marquette County, WI, and Gottlieb settled in North Star TWS, Brown County, MN.  It is possible they are related to August., Wednesday, June 16, 1999
1900 Census:
George Duernberger, his wife, Henriette Louise (Kegel), their three school age children: George W., Edna, and Frank Roscoe.  He lists is occupation as Wheat buyer.
George was the conductor of the Granite Falls town band circa 1906.
Members included:  Ira Nelson, Peter Wille, Carroll Nelson, Oliver Kruger, Knute Homone, Tom Schimo, Tom Allen, Ed Torgerson, Paul Soelberg, Tolley Hartwich, Ole Neste, Gunnar Nordlye, Alfred Emerson, Percy McElrath, Albert Olsen, Clarence Nelson, Ted Sorbien and George W. Duernrberger.

Barb Ashmead, Wednesday, June 16, 1999
Looking for information on ALFRED J FOURNIER/LEONA DAY.  They are my grandparents.  Alfred is from hancock michigan, leona is from Hutchinson.  They married in Aug 14 1907.  My father Jean was born in June 1908, my aunt Mary was born in 1909 all in Hutchinson.   They moved to Granite Falls (I don't know year yet).  Alfred was a cpo and worked for the Hutchinson Produce Co.  Leona's father was Burt Day who owned the Hutchinson Leader newspaper. We are looking for newspaper stories about when they moved to Granite Falls and when they went back to Hancock Michigan to visit, his parents names, or when they died.   We know they went back to Michigan for his parents funerals sometime before he died in 1940.  He was born in 1880 we think in Canada.  Thank you.

Linda Rahija, Sunday June 13, 1999
I picked up your email as a source for Yellow Medicine Co. (what interesting name!) from the web. I have been researching my ancestors
in MN to prepare for a trip to Sweden next week in hopes that I can find relatives there. I have been having a great deal of difficulty in
determining my greatgrandmother's maiden name, her marriage date and where she and my great grandfather immigrated from in Sweden. I just
learned that they might have lived in your county and probably had 3 or 5 of their children there. Is there anyone that can look up birth,
death and marriage records this week for me? Their names were John S. and Betsey Swanson. He immigrated in 1876 (born in 1855). Betsey
immigrated in 1883 (?), born in 1865 and married in 1883 or 1884. The children's names are: Sarah Bell (born Feb. 28, 1886), Frank (born
March 1889), Josie (born April 1890), Harry G. (born April 1892) and Minnie (born ? died before 1900). I would greatly appreciate any help
or advice!! Thanks.

Richard Moiel, Friday June 11, 1999

I am tracing 2 ministers who moved to Clarksfield about Oct 1937. Rev. Charles ADEE and Rev. Hulda ADEE,(his wife). He was about 62 years old &associated with Tabernacle Church? in Clarksfield. Can you help?

Linda Jenkins Wensel, Monday, June 7, 1999
I received information that Claire FREDERICKSEN was murdered on Jan. 20 1921and that the story was in the Harlan, Shelby Co. IA newspaper, but the account came from Canby, Minnesota.  Claire was born March 16, 1901.  She was the daughter of John FREDERICKSEN (or FREDERICKSON) and the granddaughter of Andrew FREDRICKSON.  I would really like to get the details of the murder.  Anyone out there that could help me?  Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.

Vonda Bongs, Friday, April 23, 1999
Looking for any information on a Peder Olsen Vik Berg from Canby. Also went by the name Brevig and Brevick.  Peder was married to Marta
Jorgensdatter.They came to Canby in 1870.  Daughter Jorgine, born 1849 married Martin Pederson Brevik in Norway. She was buried in Canby in 1883.  What happened to their son, Peder , born 1869 in Norway?? Last trace was in Canby in 1900. He went by the name of Vik MOST of the time. Should have been Martinsen or Brevik.

Mary Maki, Thursday, April 22, 1999
Hello .I am looking for anyone with information on the Hilligs of Yellow Medicine County.  I know that Richard Hillig was the first white child
born in Yellow Medicine County and would like more of cemetery listings if possible. Thank you.

Leo Mayer, Friday, April 9, 1999
My name is Leo Mayer. My father Joseph M. Mayer was born in Omro Township, I believe in St. Leo. Born in 1901. His father was Matthias
Mayer, emigrant from Germany, date uncertain, maybe 1800's.  Thank you for any Info you may have.

Kristin Olson, Wednesday, March 31, 1999
I am searching for information on the following surnames of Midboe, Olson, Kjelleberg and Barstad.  I know that Olaua S. Barstad was born in 1838 and died in 1916.  His children are Sivert O. Barstad born 1870 and died in 1940.  Helene Sophie Barstad, born in 1873 and died in 1909.  Ingeborg H. Barstad, 1875 to 1945, Jens O. Barstad, 1879 to 1901. Sena Barstad, 1883 to 1931 and Olava Barstad 1886 to 1973. I need any information on the name Kjelleberg.  I'm told that my great grand father changed from the name Kjelleberg to Olson. Any information on the Midboe name with first names of Benjamin, Christine, Lillian, Jessie, and Harford.   I'm also looking for any information on Edwin Andreas Olson.  He would be my grandfather but very little was documented on his family members.  Any birth, death, and or marriage information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Laurie Armstrong, Wednesday, March 31, 1999
I am doing some research on Arthur Wilhelm Bergmann b.Nov 1, 1893 in Wood Lake.  I know that his Fathers name was Heinrich (Henry) Bergman(n).  I need to confirm Heinrich's birthdate and place of birth. But first I need to place him in Yellow Medicine Co.  Where do I start?  Thank you.

Gloria Lund, Monday, March 29, 1999
Looking for members and decendents of the following family:
1920  Yellow Medicine County, Porter City, Minnesota Census CHRISTENSEN, Andrew M.    24 years old, born South Dakota, Manager Grain
Elevator/Parents born Denmark Tina(PETERSON) wife, 33 years old, born in South Dakota (father Soren PETERSON, mother Augusta LUND)
Arlo, son, 10 years old, born South Dakota Noma, daughter, 7 years, born South Dakota Edla, daughter, 6 years old, born Minnesota.
Any and all contact with these cousins is welcome.   Please feel free to email me directly at or write to:
Gloria Lund
10510 W. Richland Rd.  #47
Cheney, WA  99004

John Fuester, Tuesday, March 23, 1999
I am trying to obtain specific date/place of death information on Fay and Martha REYNOLDS.  From SSDI it indicates Fay died July 1973 and Martha died October 1976 in Yellow Medicine County.  The family lived in Porter at one time.  Any information concerning this couple is appreciated.

Dian Monday, March 15, 1999
I live in western Canada...trying to find info on a lady who married my Gt Uncle.  She was born: Edna Martha  Marie Pfarr. (I've also seen it spelled Farr)   She was born Oct. 10, 1903 at  Wood Lake MN.  I can't even find it on a map. But I have an old note here that some of the family lived at Cottonwood.  I see a river with that name...would that be in Marshall county?  Thanks if you can help. Sunday, March 14, 1999
Searching the family of Brueske, Johanna mother and son August who resided in Hazel Run.  Another son Carl and his son, Hugo, played in the band in around 1900's.  Thank you. 

Hallie Trovatten, Thursday, March 11, 1999
I would like to add the Trovatten surname to your list.   Great-grandfather was Aslak Trovatten.  Grandfather was Halvor Trovatten.
Both men lived in Yellow Medicine County  in the late 1800's and early 1900's.   Halvor and his father immigrated from Norway around
1866.  Halvor's wife, Kari Holte also camae from Norway around 1880.  Any further information would be appreciated.  I believe they
originally went to Wisconsin.  See also:  Surnames.

Susan Harrell, Monday, March 8, 1999
My great-grandfather Gulbrand ENGEBRETSON (INGEBRIGHTSON) immigrated to in Burr and Canby, Yellow Medicine Co. between 1872-1877.   His daughters married SORBY, KOTTLER and BEALOR.  I would appreciate hearing from any other researchers on these families.

Sharon Buethner, Thursday, March 5, 1999
I have a photo of the newlyweds, Nellie FRICKSON and  ?  MORGAN.   The photo was taken by P. Siverts., Canby, MN.  I need a marriage date and Mr. Morgan's given name.
Nellie FRICKSON was b. abt 1862 in Fillmore, Co., MN.  In 1880 Nellie was living in Olmstead Co., MN.  Her parents moved about that time to
Deule Co., SD from Saratoga TWP, Winona Co., MN.  Nellie's Uncles, John, Mons and Christian Thompson, along with their mother, Bertha Thompson (b. Britha Trulsdtr. Mel in Norway) were all living in Renville Co., MN.
I would estimate the marriage to be about 1890 - 1905 (when was P. Siverts. Photography in Canby??). Any info on this family will be sincerely appreciated.

Greta Krahn, Thursday, March 4, 1999
I have been doing research on ancestors from YM Co.  I am primarily researching my own Krahn family, but ran across some interesting information from Medical Lake, Washington related to several families from YM Co. who apparently moved to that area, just southwest of Spokane, in around 1901-02. Thought others searching for YM Co. ancestors might appreciate knowing the following which I found in an early 1970s issue of the Medical Lake newspaper in that town's library:
"St. John's Lutheran Church of Medical Lake was organized sometime before March 1902 (at which time land was purchased for construction of a church building).  Articles of Corporation were drawn up and signed May 11, 1903 by Gottfried Kruegar, Fred Fuhrman and Henry Tesch . . . .  Pastor's records date from 1902, secretary's minutes from 1907 (written in German until 1929) and services were in German until 1910.  Other Charter names are Karl Krahn, Friedr. Lueders, George Rusch, Charles Swanson, Malth Fritzner, Carl Voss, Augusta Pahnke, Wilhelm Tibins, R.O. Steinke, Dietreck Windhusen, Moritz Schwanbeck, Albert Dittberner, Julius Koening, Earl Stokes, Fredrick Kramer.   Other early names in the Church are Pluckhan, Nieman, Heyer, Repp, Rosenau, Weyen, Willms and Stark."  I have no further specific information, but thought this might help others trying to trace some of these names from YM Co.
(NOTE:  Spellings of names may not be quite accurate, but they are quoted from the article).

Donald and Mary Miller, Thursday, February 25, 1999
While learning to browse the web in computer class, I discovered the web page for Yellow Medicine County.  It was very interesting to read some of the history of your area.  My husband had just received a picture taken by the Campbell Studio in Clarkfield, probably in the early 1900s.  We think it is his great-grandfather, Wilhelm Muller.  Since that studio is no longer in existence, we hope to pursue our search through Yellow Medicine County Historical Society in the near future.
If I recall, it is possible to "post" things on your web page.  Please enlighten me about how this can be done.  We are still the newest of the
novices when it comes to the web!  But on the remote chance that there is someone in your area who might know of Wilhelm and Mary Muller or any of their children:   Albert, Elmer, Bernard, Robert, Henry, Lydia, and William, we would like to make contact with that person.  We think that if the Mullers (or Millers as they later called themselves) either lived in Yellow Medicine County or were visiting there when Wilhelm's picture was made.  Bernard was my husband's great-grandfather.  Oral tradition was that Wilhelm was a Lutheran minister.  If we can place his picture on your website, that might trigger someone's memory.

Patricia Warren, Friday, February 19, 1999
I would like to see if anyone has information on my Grandfather's family.
Name:  William J. Timm
DOB:    Unknown
Died:     1968
Buried:   Sunset Memorial Park
              St. Anthony MN
Residences:  Wood Lake, Echo
Married:  Alvina Bruss
Also divorced

Perry/Sharon Burkhart, Friday, February 5, 1999
We are searching for the brother of my husband's great grandfather, Andrew Anderson.  Before emigration, the family lived in Telemark Norway.  This brother's name was KRISTEN ANDERSEN (CHRISTEN ANDERSON).  In the 1865 Telemark Norway Census of his parents, their son, Kristen is mentioned with an 1822 birth date.  A sister Anna (b. 1827 and married a Sigurd Gunderson) and a brother Tom ( b. 1838 and married Helga Merdi in Norway) along with Tom and Anna's parents,  emigrated and came to Farmington Twp. near Waupaca WI.  Another brother, Andrew (b. 1835), emigrated to Port Townsend in WA state (via Hawaii). But there was one brother, Ole (b. 1826) who DID NOT emigrate.  But  all of Ole's children did emigrate.  I have been told by a part of the Waupaca family that it was the uncle of HAZEL RUN TWP (YELLOW MEDICINE Co. MN)   who paid for his brother,  Ole's childrens' passage to the U.S.A.  Upon arrival to America, Ole's children would go to their Uncle in Hazel Run to "work off" the passage money.    Ole's children would have come to their Uncle Kristen's farm at Hazel Run around the "turn of the century".
I have been told this Uncle (Kristen) had a large wheat farm at HAZEL RUN.  He also had a large family.  A member of the family in Waupaca Wisconsin  remembers a large photograph of the MN family - she believed there were 6 boys and 2 girls.  From Granite Falls MN I have received an index of cemeteries of Hazel Run Twp.  There was a CHRISTEN ANDERSON  b. 1822 d. 1916 in location R 14 of the cemetery.  Perhaps the Christen C. below him on the cem index in same section is a son?  - also an Ole C. that is listed too?   In 1992 I entered this info. into the computer, but cannot seem to find the source (name of the cemetery).  I feel quite sure the Christen Anderson b. 1822 at the cemetery at Hazel Run is the correct person.  What is the name of the cemetery?
Just in case there is a similar "run of names", Kristen's brother Ole had following children:  Tone b. 1872, Mary b. 1874, Gina b. 1875, Gina b. 1877, Anne b. 1878, Christina b. 1879, Anna b. 1884, Andrew b. 1885, and Ingeborg b. 1889.
The brother Tom emigrated with his wife Helge into U.S.A. in June of 1867.  Kristen's sister, Anna was married in Wisconsin in 1865.  Brother Andrew who was living somewhere near Drammen, did not  leave Norway  until 1881.  Probably Kristen emigrated during this same time period.  I do not know if Kristen Anderson married in Norway or in America.
Is there someone who can help me with this family?  - perhaps putting me in contact with part of this family?  Also check the 1870,  1880, 1900, and 1910   census for the area and see if the parents and children are listed?  Thank you so much for any help!

Kenneth M. Kruse, Tuesday, February 2, 1999
I am searching for information on my g-grandfather John Kruse born 10 dec. 1862 in WI. In 1884 he married Elizabeth Schrupp and in 1885 moved to Wood Lake, MN. where he farmed until retiring in 1926 at which time they moved to Granite Falls, MN. where they lived until they died. Both John and Elizabeth are buried at Wood Lake. They had a total of 13 children. I am interested in making contact with any descendants. Please e-mail.   Thank you.....Kenneth M. Kruse

Henry Keichler, Tuesday, January 19, 1999
My name is Henry Keichler (sp is incorrect, should be Kiechler).  I am tracing the Ibsen and Radue Lines.  From the Birth Certificates of my mother's side it shows that Dolores Marie Harper was born in Woodlake, Mn., Yellow Medicine Cty, 30apr1931.  Dolores's  father's name was Louis P. Harper born in Brownsville Texas. and that her Mother was also from that same villiage of Woodlake Mn, her name was Grace Amelia Ibsen.  Grace was born  22dec1911.  Her mother's  name was Clara Radue, and was born in Minn. , exactly where in Minn. Clara  was born , I don't know as of yet, but she was born in Minn. according to the Birth Certicicate on Grace Ibsen.  Clara  was of  German decent.  Grace's  father, was Henry Ibsen.   He was from Denmark and was born around the year of 1886.   For right now this is the bulk of what I have
recovered from the state of Minn.  Since then I can't find any other names to these two families.  I am hoping that by posting this ,  it might help me find more information on these families.  I have never seen my mother, except in a picture, and am hoping that she is still alive somewhere.  Thanks again for this service you have provided.

Mark Haugen, Monday, January 18, 1999
My grand-mother (Agnes Aune) was born in Granite Falls around 1902 in later June. Her fathers' name is Bernt.  Is there any hope of additional information?

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