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Virginia Frisone Sat Jun 13 11:37:24 2009
Can anyone take a picture in the Hillcrest Cemetery for me. I would like a picture of Elmer R. SIMS gravestone. He died Oct. 6, 1956. His wife's name was Valamina. I do not know when she died.
Thank you for your help. Virginia Frisone


gieser Tue Apr 21 21:36:49 2009
Searching for information on Jacob GIESER or Eliza WILSON who reportedly lived in or near Echo Mn. Eliza (WILSON) GIESER possibly a victim of an epidemic 1890-1893.


Liz Kaines Sun Apr 19 06:46:21 2009
I am looking for information on Clifford ENEVOLDSEN, born in Guernsey Channel Islands around 1913, who emigrated to America. I understand he changed his name probably to ANDERSON. His wife's name was Betty. Any information would be welcome please


Carol Bacon Wed Apr 8 00:15:52 2009
Looking for relatives and social history on Axel PETERSON born 1894, died 1969. Married to Hilda MILLER who had three daughters, Mildred, Stella and Florence. One sister was named Bettie and a brother named Alfred C.
Appreciate any and all info you can provide including photo's.


Ruth Henrichs Sat Mar 14 09:43:13 2009
I am a decendant of the Schmidt family, Renville, MN area. A small house, I believe still stands there. There was once a huge cottonwood tree and about 20 years ago, sugar beets were raised there. Any info on who lives there now and how I can visit would be so appreciated.


Paul Dahlberg Thu Nov 6 16:25:22 2008
My grandmother was born in Yellow Medicine County on Dec 5, 1897 in Wiergland Township. Her parents I believe resided in Lincoln County Ash Lake Township 111 North Range 45 West Section 22. Father's name was August LUNDBERG and mothers name was Alma. She also had a brother John LUNDBERG born Dec 1896 but I do not have where he was born. Any information you can provide regarding her birth or his would be appreciated greatly.
Paul Dahlberg


Linda Johnson Tue Oct 14 11:37:42 2008
Need divorce information, please. What is the best way to find out of a couple divorced in Yellow Medicine Co? Could someone--either a volunteer or a paid researcher--please check the county divorce indexes for a divorce between Charles H. WHITING and Nellie Viola WHITING (maiden name Walker) between the years 1896 and 1908? In researching this couple, I've sometimes found the surname WHITING miscopied as WHITNEY, so I'd appreciate it if the researcher could keep that in mind. If records are found, I'd like copies of all pages. Please let me know if you can help with this research or have suggestions about how to accomplish it.
Thanks very much.
Linda Johnson


Betyjean Thu Oct 2 22:09:01 2008
Looking for info on Hedda GUSTAFSON b-1848, who married Johan ANDERSON b-1840. They have 3 kids: Hilma who died in child birth of Violet BENGTSON, Hilma married Emil BENGTSON, then 2nd child of Hedda was Hjalmer ANDERSON, who had 10 kids with Edith, then my Grandmother Olivia Freida ANDERSON b-1894. She married Arthur BENGTSON. They lived in the Canby area, then they went more to Montivideo area till 1976 when she passed away. Olivia married my grandfather Arthur BENGTSON. He passed in 1942 and had Roland BENGTSON and Walden BENGTSON who was my dad. I know one of the ANDERSON boys of Hjalmer's was Robert ANDERSON but I was told they have all passed away. Now looking for thier kids. Roland's wife Francis' family and the county split up all the family items or threw them out in a large dumpster and the county took the platt books that Roland owned instead of giving them to the family on our side.. I saw them and they had all the ANDERSON info inside, but too late now.


Gary Klofstad Tue Sep 23 18:31:35 2008
I sent this same message to an Email address on another web site----.
I am looking for three birth records from Yellow Medicine County from the early 1900s. I have looked at the index on the Minnesota Hsitrocal Society "people finder" page. The names I am looking for are not there. I am not experienced in looking for vital records in Minnesota. Are they stored by County, or Region as in Wisconsin? I would like to understand the process of looking for birth records.

The individuals I am looking for are as follows:
Agatha HUSTAD 1903 or 1904
Orpha HUSTAD 1903 or 1904
Julo MOE 1909
I would begin my search in Sioux Agency Township.


Nancy Munger Sun Sep 21 11:22:56 2008
Seeking information on my grandparents, Bernard W. REYNOLDS and Marion G. RASMUSSEN. They were married in Yellow Medicine County [Porter likely] between 1938 and 1942. The couple lived in Alabama, where Bernard was stationed, early in their marriage. They had two boys that were born and raised in Canby. Bernard was a mechanic and Marion worked as a cook in the Canby Schools. Bernard and Marion divorced before 1950, and Marion was left to raise her sons alone in Canby, MN. Bernard moved to Sioux Falls, SD where he remarried in 1950. Marion never remarried and lived in Canby until 1988 when she passed away. My uncle Dale REYNOLDS and wife Rosie (s/o Bernard) lives just outside Canby. I would appreciate any information on this family, especially marriage date/place and divorce date/place. Thank you in advance.
Nancy Reynolds Munger


Sherry Kell Sat Sep 20 01:00:45 2008
From Luxemburg, looking for relatives around Canby area. KOCH and KOENIG names. Please respond. They all had big families, just would like to connect.


stephen morgan Wed Sep 10 15:39:11 2008
Looking for any information on Leonard and William HAZELDEN who were resident in Stony Run from 1870's to early 1800's when they moved to South Dakota. Leonard and William were brothers who had emigrated from England. Leonard was one of the first County Commissioners for Yellow Medicine County. He married Betsy HALVORSEN


Lynda Stensvold LaBar Sat Sep 6 23:13:33 2008
Looking for any information on my grandfather's sister, Ingeborg (STENSVOLD or IVERSON/IVERSDATTER) NELSON (b. Meloy, Norway 1881) who lived in the Clarkfield area. I don't know when she came to US. My grandfather, Elling STENSVOLD, arrived from Norway in 1909. His ship manifest says he was going to his sister in Clarkfield, Minnesota. When his wife and son, Augusta and Otto, arrived from Norway in 1911, they also indicated they were going to Clarkfield, Minn. I don't know if Ingeborg was married at the time so she may have used either the STENSVOLD or IVERSON/IVERSDATTER surname prior to marriage. I learned of the Nelson married name from Elling's obit information saying he had a sister, Mrs. Ingeborg NELSON in Minnesota.

Please contact me with any information on this family. We thought my grandfather was the only one of his family to come to the US - it looks like we have cousins to meet!
Thanks so much!
Lynda Stensvold LaBar


Anne Westvang Mon Aug 11 13:37:46 2008
I'm looking for a brother of my ancestor; Christian ANDERSON who lived in Norman, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota in Census of 1875, 1880 and 1885. I have a letter he wrote to Norway dated 1894 from Canby, Yellow Medicine, MN. He was born 1834 in Norway, was married to Anne Karine / Carrie / Karen who was born abt 1821 in Norway. In the letter from 1894 he says that he lives with his daughter Marie and her husband. Marie / Anne Marie / Mary was born 1860 in Norway.
I have tried to search in in order to find Christian and his family but there's a census gap from 1885 to 1900 and then I don't find any of them..?

Map of Hazelwood

Tim McKenna Fri Aug 8 13:26:33 2008
I understand there is a map of the Hazelwood and Pajutazee Missions in 1862 on page 66 of the Yellow Medicine Co. History. Is it the same map used by Folwell in his Minn. History, page 117, vol.2? I am looking for more detailed maps than Folwells, with layouts of the missions themselves. Can you help me? Thanks, Tim

Killowatt Hotel

Laura L. Clinton Thu Aug 7 13:50:32 2008
I would like to somehow get a picture of the old Killowatt Hotel in Granite Falls inside main lobby and the outside. Does anyone have such a picture?


PAMELA MURALT Sun Aug 3 08:34:04 2008
I am interested in researching my family. Most were located in Minnesota and Oregon. I would like to share information. Please feel free to email me.


Kim Taylor Wed Jun 25 22:00:50 2008
Thomas H BARKEY move to Minnesota Falls where he lived from about 1870 untill after the high water in 1881. (What is the history of the high water?) He was a saloon keeper. Frances COREY was his wife and they had about 5 children at the time.


Colleen Rithmiller Thu Jun 19 15:49:55 2008
Would like any information on Milo and Mildred ANDERSON. They would be my grandparents. They lived in Hanley Falls, MN. Grandpa died in 1966. They are both buried at the cemetery by the highway near Hanley Falls, MN.


Irene Stone Mon Jun 16 12:31:50 2008
I am seeking info on a log cabin built in 1876 on property of Lars Mathias ELIASSON (Louis ELLISON) This would be in the Wergeland Twp. Yellow Medicine Co., Minn. area. In 1876 Louis built a 14'x16' with 12 foot posts. He later built a larger home and the log cabin was no longer used except for storage. The farm was sold in 1945 and then the log cabin was torn down. A granddaughter of Louis's (who is now in her 80's) remembers playing in the log cabin when she was a small child.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Irene Stone


D.Warholm Wed Jun 4 06:23:11 2008
Can you please provide DOD on CITROWSKI, Allen / Allan? and marriage certificate for him, date of marriage, spouse's maiden name and children if any?
Thank you.


Susan D. Purington Thu May 8 14:02:01 2008
My great grandfather, John G. PURINGTON appears in "History of the Minnesota Valley, Including the explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota". He was actually born on Feb. 6, 1835 (on death certificate and many other records) rather than 1844 as they say. He "lived in Owatonna until 1872, then came to Wood Lake." My great grandmother, Cornelia DIX shows up on your 1880 census marriages to Joseph McCANN in 1865. He died and she married John G. PURINGTON in 1868 according to the History above. John G. PURINGTON's mother, Sarah PURINGTON shows up on the 1880 census as living in Owatonna and then in 1885 she is 83 y.o. and living with John G. in Wood Lake. My questions are:

1. Where can I find the marriage certificate or just the fact of where John G. PURINGTON and Cornelia (DIX) McCANN were married.

2. Cornelia (DIX) McCANN PURINGTON died in 1899 after a separation from John G. PURINGTON. He moved to Idaho about 1909 and she is buried with him there in the Pinegrove Cemetary in Rathdrum, Idaho. I haven't been able to find where she died. The 1899 comes from the cemetary records. Also, in the 1895 census she shows up living with a much younger man, Samuel McCORMACK as head of household in Wood Lake and I don't know if she was married to him. I would like to know if she died in Wood Lake and confirm when and hopefully get a death certificate. I would also like to know if there is evidence of a marriage to Samuel McCORMICK.

3. I haven't been able to find evidence of where and when great-great grandmother Sarah PURINGTON died. I would like to get a death certificate for her and hopefully that would give me a hint as to her maiden name. Her husband, John G.'s father, died when he was a boy according to the history above and his name was Laris if that helps at all.

I would be eternally grateful for any help you could give me. (I'm sorry for the length of this query) and thank you again for your help. Susan D. Purington, (Seattle Washington)


Deanna Bader Wed Apr 30 12:10:53 2008
Seeking information on a Joseph BEDNAR and Josephine (KOKESH) BEDNAR who are suppose to have died in Yellowo Medicine County. Joseph BEDNAR (est1886-Mar 1961) and Josephine (KOKESH) BEDNAR (1889-May 1957)
Seeking where they might be buried and where to seek an obituary for them.
They had 8 children: George, Joseph, Ronald, Ruth, alvin, Alla, Gordon and Mildred.


Allan and Gaye Winter Sat Apr 26 11:45:02 2008
Am looking for any information about Louis Victor REHN's father Ole and his mother's name was Karen. Louis was born in Douglas County 1892. Louis lived in Canby. But his father died before Louis was born so we have no family background from that side of the family. Would appreciate anything...


Roy Martyn Fellows Sun Apr 6 13:55:32 2008
Looking for anything on James Henry FELLOWS, wife Rebecca or children Charles 1884, Edward 1886, Frank 1888, Annie 1890, Elizabeth Gertrude 1893 & Minnie 1896 . They farmed in the Hammer area from 1900 to at least 1920s having moved from Illinois.

Postmaster Canby, MN

Dawn Benck Thu Feb 28 15:50:17 2008
I am looking for information regarding the name and pictures of the postmaster of Canby MN during the years of 1931 and 1932. This postmaster is allegedly my biological Grandfather and any information would be truly appreciated. Thanks


Kay Fleming Wed Feb 27 16:55:10 2008
Need to know date of death for Elmer G. ANDERSON who died about 2006 in Granite Falls. Originally from Hanley Falls. His wife Anna died in 2007 but no mention of Elmer in the SSDI.


Angela Canty Mon Jan 14 10:32:35 2008
Still looking for pictures of Theodore August STOLTENBERG and his wife, Anna Marie THOMTON. Thank you.


Carolyn Griffin Tue Sep 25 14:53:35 2007
Looking for decendants of Herman b. abt 1835 and Anna H. SETZEPFUND, lived in Posen 1880. Daughters, Anna b. 1838, Bertha b. 1868, Amelia b. 1872, and Olja b. 1874. They were all born in Saxony Germany.


Jessica Peterson Sun Sep 16 17:07:21 2007
I am looking for any information on Charles ERICKSON b.4/3/1848 d.1930. He married Anna Louise PETERSON in Minneapolis MN 1874. They moved to Canby and farmed there approx 1878-1890?.


Stefan PUKE Sun Aug 12 01:01:44 2007
My name is Stefan PUKE and I live in Karlskrona in Sweden.
1881 Aron Alfred PUKE emmigrated to Yellow Medicine County with his new wife Anna and their two sons Axel Emil and Haqvin Birger (James).
When they came to Minnesota they changed their surname to POUKEY.
Alfred and Anna got two children in Yellow medicine County. Hilma and Esther POUKEY. They lived in Yellow Medicine County for nine years then they moved to Peoria Illinois.
Aron Alfred PUKE (POUKEY)
Haqvin Birger PUKE (POUKEY / ARONS)

I have a letter where Alfred wrote he worked at a farm !? and he mentions Canby. This is what I know about this family in when they lived in Minnesota.
Do anyone have information about this family I would be most greatful.
Stefan PUKE


Roger and Beverly Stoufer Sat May 19 14:38:07 2007
Today at an auction we purchased a butter dish marked Made for Edwin NORDSTROM, Sacred Heart, MN Made in Vienna Austria. We want to give to our niece who lives in Sacred Heart as a shower gift, but would like to know more about who he was and the photo of a church on plate..Synode Church, Sacred Heart MN.
Can you give us any information on the church or Edwin NORDSTROM?


Brenda Conkel Sat Apr 28 08:16:12 2007
I am looking for an obit for James Arthur PAINTER b. 18 Jun 1895 in PA d. 30 Sep 1972 in Yellow Medicine Co. His parents were Samuel & Cynthia Belle (McCOY) PAINTER. Siblings were Roy, Harry, Cora, George, Charles, Fulton, Donald & Walter.
Thank you,
Brenda Conkel


Heidi Anita Nyhus Bjaaland Tue Apr 10 02:43:05 2007
I am looking for information about :
Ole S. STENSRUD (born in Norway in 1859, to America in 1869)
Ingeborg STENSRUD (Belle) (born 1863 in Norway) who was married to P.A. LARSON. She came to America in 1882.
P. A. LARSON, I know that he had a shop in Canby.
Peter S. STENSRUD ( born 1870 in Norway, to America in 1888)
John S.STENSRUD (born 1871 in Norway, to America in 1888) postmaster in Canby.
Kittil S. STENSRUD (born in Norway 1868, to America in 1889) worked in the bank.
John SWENSON (married Olava SWENSON). I know they had a shop in Canby.

I have some information about them, but I would like to have more.
If you have any information or picture of any of them I would love to receive information.
I do have lots of pictures from people in Canby, but I don't know who they are. Some of the names on the pictures are, L. PAULSON, Gust.ERICKSON, B. NELSON.


Kay E. Fleming Thu Mar 29 20:27:06 2007
I have in my possession several old studio pictures with the imprint Granite Falls on them. They are in the 1900 time frame and are of 2 young men whom I believe to be the ANDERSON brothers who immigrated from Sweden a few years prior. They would be either Marten, Peter, and/or John ANDERSON who came to Hanley Falls, Hazel Run, and Milaca.

The pictures belonged to the family of Elna ANDERSON who was a sister to the men listed. She was married to Marten MARTENSON of Chippewa county, Mn.
Would appreciate any help from relatives in the area in identifying these pictures. Please contact me and I will send a copy.


Joan Winter Mon Feb 19 13:27:01 2007
Looking for members of Harold Louis FROILAND family that lived in Astoria, SD many years. Daughters name was LaVonne. He had family connections with Ole and Lena JORGENSON family. Harold was born here January 31, 1898 and died December 28, 1971 in Hemet, Riverside County, California. He was married September 16, 1923 in Deuel County, SD. WWI draft registration lists Bernhardt S. FROILAND as father.


Joan Winter Mon Feb 19 13:16:16 2007
Looking for members of Gullick JORGENSON family. Gullick was born in Norway, settled in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, served in Civil War Company B 45th Infantry division of Wisconsin before moving to Hammer township section 32 in Yellow Medicine County in 1877.


Joan Winter Fri Feb 16 15:50:33 2007
I am looking for family of Charles M. ANDERSON dob 5/12/1849 in Sweden, immigrated to US (Chicago) when 3 years old. dod 6/15/1913 Canby, Minnesota. Married Bertha JORGENSON. Children: Annie Emeretta (Etta), Edwin J., Clarence, Lulu, George and Lyda. Etta and Lulu died quite young. Charles, Bertha, Etta and Lulu are buried in the Canby Cemetery. My Great-grandmother was a sister to Bertha. I have some family information but it is incomplete. Please contact if you have any information.


Linda Dawson Wed Feb 7 19:32:09 2007
Almyra SKINNER is reported to be the first white child born in Yellow Medicine County. She would be my great-grandmother who later married Robert McCORMICK. Anyone know if this is true?

I am looking for any information on William SKINNER, Archie McCORQUODALE, and Charles PETERREINS.


Bruce Granger Fri Jan 19 13:05:37 2007
Information on GRANGER family living in Canby area Father Aretmas , sons Homer - Arthur - Ceicel. Daughter possibly Madge. Arrived from Napanee Ontario Canada about 1880 1890.


Dale MacArthur Wed Jan 10 23:18:01 2007
I have information on the SCHOEPHOERSTER family in particular on my great grandparents Charles and Emma SCHOEPHOERSTER who are buried in Canby MN as well as Charles brothers Alvin and J. Fred and have SCHOEPHOERSTER info back around 1791. Also buried in Canby are Harold Elroy SCHOEPHOERSTER a son to J. Fred and my grandmother Agnes (SCHOEPHOERSTER) MacARTHUR and her first cousins Edna (SCHOEPHOERSTER) RANGAARD and Pearl (SCHOEPHOERSTER) MAHLUM children to J. Fred SCHOEPHOERSTER. I have additional access to info on my great grandmothers family Emma (BARBKNECHT) SCHOEPHOERSTER.


Beth Wed Jan 3 21:10:32 2007
I am looking for information on a Henry TOWNSEND. I believe he was a doctor in Canby Minnesota in 1880's or so. I believe that he died there in 1883. No real proof yet on that. Any info that any one might have on him would be great. He was married to a Alice YOUNG but I don't think they were together at the time of his death. Alice (YOUNG) TOWNSEND may have remarried to a man with the last name of HILLER. Hope some one can help me put some pieces of this puzzle together. Thanks Beth


Beverly Herman Sat Nov 25 10:49:17 2006
I would like to know if Anna KLEVEN, wife of Carl L. CHRISTIANSON, was buried at Porter, MN. I would like the date of death and cemetery where she was buried. I think she died in 1897. Thank You.


Edith Lueke Sun Oct 1 20:46:51 2006
I'd like to know if there are any newspaper or other records on these families - both have members buried in the St. Leo cemetery.
Sincerely, Edith


Colleen Buckley Wed Aug 30 14:33:24 2006
I am looking for my great, great Grandfather and GGGrandmother. They are Andrew DeROCKBRAIN and Anpetudutawin (Josephine Red Day) Their children we're born in Yellow Medicine, MN. Where can I look for records of them. Also by oral history they had a trading post. Thank you!


Scarlett Glover Mon Aug 7 16:15:37 2006
I'm looking for someone in the Granite Falls, MN area to lookup and print out obituaries for me and either mail or email to me. It would be most appreiciated and would help me finish some research on these relatives.

William Melford THOMPSON died 25 July 1973 in Yellow Medicine Co., ?Granite Falls.
Lenora Erickson THOMPSON died Dec. 1979 Granite Falls, MN
Leona W. Thompson LINDBACK died 13 Dec 1996 Granite Falls
Milton H. LINDBACK died 13 Aug 1999 Granite Falls
(I believe he was Superintendent of Schools)

Anyone with information on whereabouts of Milton and Leona's son's, Richard and John, please contact me.


Jerry Huggins Sun Jul 23 07:55:35 2006
Interested in information on possible grave information on the HAY family in Granite Falls. Paul HAY immigrated from Germany in 1880 and resided in Yellow Medicine between 1885 to 1910. Possible burials of some of his children in Granite Falls area:
Laura HAY
Millie HAY
Amelia HAY b: Abt 1888
Minnie HAY b: Abt 1893
Dora HAY b: Abt 1894


Carroll Groven Wed Jul 19 16:16:31 2006
I am seeking any information concerning the whereabouts, death, and/or burial of Hilma Florence GROVEN, b. 25 Sep 1913 in Fortier Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. She was daughter of Gilbert Andrew GROVEN and Caroline Mathilda OLSON and resided near Canby, Minnesota until 1932. Any leads concerning possible spouse or descendants appreciated.


Billie Schuller Thu Jun 29 13:07:02 2006
In November of 1921 a traveling show, "Henderson Comedy Company" was playing in Wood Lake. On November 26, 1921 my sister, Ruth HENDERSON, was born in the local hotel. The Historical Archives in St. Paul do not have Wood Lake newspapers from that time. Can anyone tell me what hotel(s) were there, the name of the opera house, and if the local library would have the newspapers. Any information would be appreciated.


Susan Elliott Wed Jun 28 13:24:17 2006
Lookng for information on Lloyd Bernhard THOMPSON b. 3/15/1904 in Camby, MN , son of Ole THOMPSON and Nettie ANDERSON. I believe Lloyd was a musician in his 20's and his band played in Gary, IN. Married Rosemary CARNEY in 1927, had daughter Patricia in January, 1928.


Ingrid Slyngstad Fri May 19 14:34:14 2006
We are looking for relatives of Marie and Ananias VIDDAL. They lived in Echo MI in the late 1880`s. Returned to Norway in 1911. My grandmother, Hulda VIDDAL was born in Echo en 1902. We want to visit Echo in June this year to see if we can find the place they lived. Please contact me if you have any information about my grand grand parents.
Ingrid Slyngstad


Phyllis Heller Sat Apr 8 13:56:32 2006
I am looking for the parents of Lewis Hallek CLEVELAND. In the 1930 Census records Lewis and Mary CLEVELAND were living in Oshkosh Township. Lewis died May 24, 1950 in Yellow Medicine County. Lewis and Mary CLEVELAND are buried in the Union Township Cemetery at Defiance, Iowa, along with three of their children who died in Iowa while they were living here at Defiance. I am indexing the ones buried in this cemetery along with all the names of the parents of the ones who are buried here. Any help you could give me on this would be appreciated.
Phyllis Heller
Defiance, Iowa


Julianne Paulsen Sun Feb 12 08:20:31 2006
Looking for any information on my husband's father Warner James PAULSON from Clarkfield, MN. Brother was Emery PAULSON. Would like to reconnect with lineage. Warner changed the spelling of last name to "PAULSEN" after a divorce in or around the '40's. Please contact us with any info. Thank you.
Julianne Paulsen


Donna (CORNELIUS) KORNELIUS Sat Feb 4 13:26:14 2006
Looking for any info on my G-Grandparents, Knute KAUPANG. His wife's name was Barbara, or Betsey FOREST. They were listed as living in YMC- Lisbon township in the 1880 federal census. Their name was listed as KERSANT KOWPEN. Their daughter, Juliana b. 1869 MN, was my grandmother. Juliana had a twin sister (Caroline?) Also a brother names Thomas KNUDSEN and Andrew KAUPANG. Knute KAUPANG may have been related to a Kittle KAUPANG of YMC.
Would appreciate any info on these families.
Donna (Cornelius) Kornelius


Linda M Coffield Wed Jan 25 14:41:15 2006
I am trying to locate any and all living relatives of Dr. Melvin S NELSON (1882-1959) and his family which included his wife Ethel M NELSON (1882-1970), daughter Betty NELSON (she was born approx 1909, a second daughter Ethem M (born approx 1911) and one son Paul S (born about 1915).
Please contact me by e-mail or phone 507-498-2677 ext 106

Thanks so much
Officer Linda M Coffield
Spring Grove PD


James H. Pickering Mon Nov 28 11:16:45 2005
For a history I am writing, I am searching for information on Carlos BURTON (ca. 1845- ), who came to Granite Falls about 1871 with his wife (Amanda (ca. 1849- ) and his son Georgie (ca. 1868- ) from Dane County, Wisconsin. I found a few references in the History of the Minnesota Valley (1882) but nothing else. Carlos and Amanda are listed (with sons, Georgie, Harvey, and Paul) in the 1880 Census. The 1890 Census was destroyed by fire in 1921, and I am unable to locate the family in census records beyond that date. Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
James H. Pickering
University of Houston
jhpick@earthlink. net


Wendy Winkelman Tue Nov 22 14:31:59 2005
I am looking for information on the HELGEMO family living in Canby in the 1870's.
Any info would be appreciated.
Wendy Winkelman


Helen Bjorem Sat Nov 5 22:15:15 2005
Notice death of Carolina (KAUFMANN) BUTENHOFF. She died in Yellow Medicine according to her Minnesota Death Record. Can you help to find who she might have been living with, in Yellow Medicine, and maybe also an Obituary for her?

1  Carolina (KAUFMANN) BUTENHOFF 1875 - 1961  
	b: July 02, 1875 in Waseca County, Minnesota
	d: February 23, 1961 in Yellow Medicine  Co. Minnesota 
	+Herman Friedrich Wilhelm BUTENHOFF 	1874 - 1952	
		b: December 17, 1874 in Zarben, Kreis, Greifenburg, Pommern, Germany	
	m: June 19, 1895 in Oliva, Renville County, Minnesota	
		d: January 13, 1952 in Danube, Renville Co., Minnesota


Roberta Morrow Thu Oct 20 00:47:40 2005
Looking for birth record, parents of Sara SWANSON, born in Canby on 28 Feb 1886.


Sharon Brockman Tue Sep 27 20:10:30 2005
Looking for marriage certificate of Leo LERSCHEN and Mary JACKSON.


Annie Tue Jun 29 02:24:50 2005
I am searching the CERNY / CERNEY name in Yellow Medicine County. My father was born there in Canby.
Annie in Minnesota


ANGELA CANTY Mon Jun 6 15:57:39 2005
Johan Nielsen THOMTON born in Fluberg Parish, Land District, Oppland County, Norway. Died in 1908 in Granite Falls, Minn. Married Ronnaug Marie PEDERSDATTER. She died in 1901 also in Granite Falls, Minn. Their daughter Anna Marie Johansdatter THOMTON married Theodore August STOLTENBERG. I am looking for pictures of any of the above and would love to share information with any descendents of the above people.
Angela Canty


jackie hahn Sat Jun 4 19:52:41 2005
I am looking for CAMPBELLs and GRAHAMs that may or may not have been part Native American. They all were in Minnesota in the 1800s and early 1900s. If you have any information on either family please contact me.
Thank you,


Vicki Steele-Woodall Sat May 21 22:23:41 2005
I'm looking for information about Clark BLISS & his sons Benjamin & Earl BLISS who settled in Wood Lake in 1879. I'm particularly interested in anything that documents their presence in this area before they moved to Redwood County sometime in the 1890s (I think). Hoping someone out there can help me. Thanks.


Ellen Skramstad Sun May 1 11:04:37 2005
While cleaning out my husband's parent's home for sale I came across an old Swedish Bible in Swedish dated 1896. On the front page is a name I interpret as Gust. Kalfrid BENGTSON, Porter, Minnesota. Above the name in old Swedish Script is what looks like Egun Jansson Wergreshult. Does any one recognize these names? I do not know why my husband's family has this bible but I believe it has some connection to family because a piece of notebook paper says Grandma SKRAMSTAD's parents are Caroline Christenson (HIMLE) ERICKSON and Father Charles B. ERICKSON married in Watson MN July 1892.
Thank You.
Ellen Skramstad


Dorothy Cleveland Grupe Wed Apr 13 01:08:22 2005
Trying to find family of Edward Farrell CLEVELAND born approximately 1882. listed in the 1900 Census (17yr) as living with a Roeck, Charles H and Alveretta (?) M in GODWIN, Deuel SD as a farm hand.

On this census he lists himself as born in MN, father born in NY, and mother born in Wisconsin. He told my father he was orphaned at an early age, lived with Indians, went to school 6 years and then was on his own. By 1910, he had moved to Alabama, married, and had one child.


Diane DuBay Sat Apr 2 16:08:24 2005
I am looking for help identifying early photos of Yellow Medicine County (Canby and St. Leo) EISCHENS famiy members. I will scan copies of photos to anyone familiar with EISCHENS family tintypes who might be able to provide names of 1870 - 1910 family groups, wedding couples, Communion and Confirmation photos.


Darlyne Green Tue Mar 29 13:05:22 2005
Hans ARNESON and his family immigrated from Norway around 1876. Among them were Hans wife Guri and children Guri, Liv, Arne & Helga who was born in Yellow Medicine County. Helge was born in 1977. The rest of the children were born in Norway. I would like to know if there are any ARNESON's living there now and if they are any connection to Hans.


Verdell Borth Sun Mar 27 22:57:35 2005
Seeking information on Joseph R. BROWN


Karen Roles Sun Mar 27 07:45:50 2005
Is anyone researching the ROLES families that lived for a time in St. Leo?


John Fri Mar 18 01:40:02 2005
Looking for any information on August NELSON, married to Lena NELSON; not sure of her maiden name.
August and Lena had 11 children:
Lillie, Ella, Ruth, Selma, Myrtle, Augusta, Harold, Harlen, Almyra, and Norma. August died about 1905 from strep throat infection.
I had thought he had married Carolina PEARSON but that has been proven incorrect.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Michael Andrews Tue Mar 15 11:17:55 2005
Ole AARSETH has a collection of photographs of various farms in Yellow Medicine County.

scroll down to "I.97 Ole Aarseth photograph collection 1910 to 1917 (162 photographs)"

A variety of surnames are among the photos.


Tara Anderson Wed Mar 9 23:13:30 2005
I am researching the following families of YM county:
Martin T ANDERSON b 8 Feb 1872 Ostra Wemmerlov, Skane, Sweden
d 9 Aug 1966 Granite Falls, YM, MN
married 29 May 1902
Charlotte Marie ALBIN b 27 Nov 1878 Stilby, Sweden
d 23 Jun 1957 Clarkfield, YM, MN

Albert ANDERSON b 29 Jul 1875 Sweden d 5 Jun 1959 YM county, MN
married 16 Oct 1902
Nellie Alida RUDELL b 2 Sep 1885 Allegeny, PA d 24 Oct 1918 YM,MN

Albert married 2nd Jennie WILLANDER 25 Apr 1923
Jennie WILLANDER b 15 Jan 1877 d 4 Sep 1967 locations unknown, death probably YM, MN

I would love to talk to anyone also researching these lines. I am also interested in more information on the flu epidemic of 1918 and tracking down obituaries and graves of these people and their children.


Jan Butler Tue Mar 8 17:18:36 2005
Am looking for information on my great granparents -- John SMITH born about 1852 and his wife Alberta (WILSON) SMITH born about 1854-1856. Both were born in New York. However, they were married in Beaver Falls, Mn. in 1872. One son was born in Yellow Medicine 9-28-1873. Need info on John and Alberta's parents which should be on their marriage license.
Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated.


Deborah Peterson Wed Feb 23 22:43:22 2005
I am searching for information on my grandfather's brother, Paul H BLAKESLEY. I think his parents were Herman and Edith (McGREW) BLAKESLEY. I don't know grandparents names.
He died at 19 on May 28, 1921 in Yellow Medicine. I have heard stories about how he drown trying to save 2 girls. Did this story possible get in the papers or written down in history anywhere? Any help or information you have available would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance


Kathy Friberg Sun Feb 20 10:54:14 2005
Looking for the place of death and date of death of wife of Enock SWENSON (Enock d. 17 Feb. 1970 in Canby, buried St. Stephen's Cemetery, Canby). Enock's wife: Anna (NYQUIST) SWENSON, d. between 1967 and 1970 ?. Is Anna buried with Enock? Any help is much appreciated.


CAROL OLSEN Fri Feb 18 20:46:24 2005
BENDICKSON's. My Dad was Harold BENDICKSON who was born in Hazel Run.
Thank you. My e-mail is


MARLEEN FAYE GOODTEACHER Fri Feb 18 17:11:47 2005
Looking for the ancesters of my father, the Joseph Johnson GOODTEACHER's parents, Oscar and Alvina and his grandparents, (I think Rev. Joseph GOODTEACHER and Mary CHAPMAN.) I think Oscar was adopted from someone named ST. JOHN


Debbie Wed Feb 16 15:02:58 2005
I am looking for history on Simon and Caroline (WEISE or WISE) MARQUARDT. They moved to Boyd, MN in 1880. They had numerous children. I am mainly looking for Caroline's obituary, which from what I understand contains alot of history. She died in 1957. Simon and Caroline farmed near or in Boyd, MN. They owned a beautiful home just down from Omro Church in Boyd. Any leads would be great! Would like to exchange history. They are my Great-Great Grandparents.


wynona brown Tue Feb 15 13:46:06 2005
I am trying to find out information about my grandmother, Amy DE PEW. She was born in Echo, Minnesota sometime in the mid 1880's. I will be traveling to Minnesota in July and would like to come to the court house and see if I can find any info - Is the courthouse open everyday Monday - Friday. What are the hours?


Harold Miller Tue Jan 18 20:17:23 2005
Mathew KONNER born 17 Apr 1884 Algona, Kossuth, Iowa.
Move to Snt Leo, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota and in 1906 to Saskatchewan Canada. There he wed Rosalea LENZ of Saint Leo, and they raised 14 children. Can someone find Matthew's parents for me?


Marvin B. Green Fri Jan 14 10:01:14 2005
My Norwegian great grand parents Iver and Marit GREEN are from the Lisbon township in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. My great grandma died there in 1884 and is buried in the Stony Run Camp Release Cemetery in a unmarked grave.
Thank You!
Marvin Green


Andrew Mock Mon Dec 13 21:44:41 2004
I'm looking for information on Louis MOCK (b. circa 1869 - 1950) and his wife Carrie (maiden name - KUEHN). Carrie MOCK (b. circa 1877 - 1953). I believe both are buried at the town cemetary in Echo, MN. Louis' father as well (Frederick), though Frederick may have a different spelling of the last name (either MOCK, MACK or MAACK).

Any information would be helpful. Thanks very much.
Andrew Mock


Marcus Klutzny Thu Dec 9 03:23:17 2004
I am looking for information regarding the KLUCZNY family. The family of Nick (Nicolaus) KLUCZNY with wife Magdalena VOCKA or WOTZKA had 8-10 children in the late 1800s century born in Minnesota. Their son John KLUCZNY graduates of Canby High School (1897 - 1913), in Yellow Medicine Co., MN in the year 1911.

So I guess that he must born about 1894. I have no information where the family came from.
Any informations are helpful !!! Thanks


JOYCE WOOD Thu Dec 2 12:24:40 2004
Hi, I'm researching on the name of NYBERG. Could you supply me with any information on Laurel Alfred NYBERG? He was born 24 Apr 1919 in New Richland, Waseca, MN and died 14 May 1970 in Yellow Medicine County, MN, where he owned land/farm? His home residence was in Lamberton, Redwood County, MN.

I'm mainly looking for the maiden name of his wife Patricia J. although I have her maiden name has NIPPOLT/NIPPOLD but because I'm having a difficult time in finding anything with this last name, I wonder if it is wrong.

I would appreciate any information you could offer me, especially from a marriage certificate or Laurel's death orbit.

Thank you for your time.
Joyce Wood


Matt Kitto Mon Nov 15 18:54:54 2004
I am looking for a Ray CCAVENDER. Ray was married to a Julia GOODTEACHER. Ray may be his middle name. They lived in the Flandreau South Dakota area around 1891. I have not been able to find any record of him or his family after 1891. I think they may have moved to your area. Ray and Julia would be my great great great grandparents. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt Kitto


Karen Mengel Thu Nov 4 07:08:13 2004
I am searching for information regarding the JOHNSTON family. My grandfather was Victor George JOHNSTON, great grandparents were George Abssynia JOHNSTON and Mary Samantha (BROWN) JOHNSTON. Any information would be helpful.


Barbara Agenbroad Tue Oct 26 20:41:29 2004
I am trying to find the name of my grandfather's (John O. HAGEN's) maternal uncle. My grandfather was born in Norway in 1879 and emigrated to the U.S. at about the age of 16 and lived with his uncle in Canby, Minnesota until 1907 when he moved to Orient, South Dakota. My grandfather apprenticed as a printer in Canby during that time. I believe the uncle was a physician with the last name of OLSEN. Dr. Olsen had a very large family (nearly a dozen according to an old letter.) Some of his children's names were Edward, Oscar, Gertrude, and Ida.

I have a letter from Ida ERICKSON (one of the daughters) who lived in Canby at the time of the letter (1938).
If anyone has any information about the full name of this uncle or any of his descendents, it would be very helpful. Thank you.


Gregory Thorne Sat Oct 16 23:13:25 2004
I am looking for info concerning Albert THORNE born in Kossuth Co, IA Oct 3, 1888 and died in Yellow Medicine Co in August 24, 1966. I don't know his wife's name but think it might be Emma Pernella THORNE born 11/25/1979 and died 4/22/ 1979 Yellow Medicine.
Thank you so much
Sincerely Yours
Gregory Thorne


Barbara Sat Oct 16 22:32:07 2004
August BENGTSON, widower to moved here about 1890 and his children Walemar, Carrie, Sullivan, Stella, Mabel & Benjamin Harris. Other relatives in Sibley, Canby, Hibbing.


Irene Stone Tue Sep 7 09:22:52 2004
seeking info on BRANMOE, E.T.
D 1904, Porter Mn
and wife, Maret d 1905 Porter. Mn
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Bjarne Jormeland Sat Aug 28 14:20:04 2004
Ole SVENDSON, age 39, b. in Norway are listed in Lisbon, Yellow Medicine in 1880. Living with wife Omber, age 36, b. in Norway and children Mary L., age 5, Caroline age 3 and Sven age 1 - all b, in MN. Does anyone know who are this people ? Perhaps this is Ole SVENDSON, age, 21 - in 1862 living in Chatfield, Fillmore county, MN - when he joined Minnesota 5th. Inf, reg. Co. B and later worked at Fort Ridgely, MN. - during the "The Sioux Uprising". Later (at least in 1912) lived in Prairieville, Wisconson (now Waukesha)?


Donna Kornelius Thu Jul 15 20:18:44 2004
I am seeking any information on the Ole and Annie G. CORNELIUSON family. Their son, my grandfather, was Hans CORNELIUS. Hans was born January 23, 1874, in Yellow Medicine County.


Rick Driehorst Mon Jul 12 22:16:11 2004
Looking for any information on Theodore O, Richard L, Clifford E and Gertrude A THRONDSEN. Any information on other THRONDSENs in Yellow Medicine County or surrounding counties would also be appreciated.


Ronald Johnson Tue Jun 29 21:18:51 2004
I'm looking for decendents of Sam and Mary NOREM of Clarkfield. Mary was my grandfather Lewis's sister. Her maiden name was JOHNSON. The family lived in Big Grove Twp. in Illinois. From what I know most of their decendents still live around Clarkfield. I'm doing research on my JOHNSON family and I would like to get in contact with my cousins in Minnesota.

Some of my YM County family carry the last name of URDAHL, SUMPTER, WILKENS, HOGESON, HANSON, HAAG and NOREM! If anyone reading this is from or around Clarkfield and they know some of the NOREM decendents I would really appreciate if they would let someone from the NOREM family know that I am trying to find them.


Lisa Schefus Thu May 13 16:11:54 2004
Looking for any info on the GAASVIG family.


shirley Mon May 10 13:42:01 2004
Does any one know where to look up naturalization papers? Andrew Edwin ERICKSON, arrived around 1885. Looking for first papers, family was in various parts of Yellow Medicine county until approx. 1912. Thank you for any information that you might have.


Lisa Schefus Mon May 3 08:36:20 2004
Would like to here from anyone that knows anything about the GAASVIGs.


Marian Hill Sun May 2 10:12:16 2004
I am seeking information about the family of Carl 'Charles' and Burtha 'Bertie' GUNDERSON, who moved to Wergeland from Wisconsin between 1876 and 1879. Hattie, their youngest child, is my husband's grandmother.


Karen Werner Tue Apr 27 12:22:04 2004
Looking for any information on the BARLOW families (3 brothers) that homesteaded in Fortier Twp., Yellow Medicine County 1880s.
Samuel & Mary BARLOW; daughters: Maggie married William Cole; Gertie married Thomas STREET; Annie married Joseph TURBAK; Katie B. married unknown.
Alfred & Fannie BARLOW. Their children all moved away.
Thomas BARLOW married Christina Koenig KING (brother Henry KING). Christina died 1895 along with son Rueben, buried together Im told.
Would like to locate cemetery where buried. Thanks.


Tamara (Tammy) Daine Mon Apr 12 09:19:15 2004 5 Nov 2005
Looking for info re my maternal grandmother - Elva Doris KRANGNESS, later changed to KRAGNESS. Daughter of Nels B. KRANGNESS / KRAGNESS and Anna GUNDERSON. Elva was born 10/10/09, in Yellow Medicine County in the Village of Porter. Need to find out any info and if she was married prior to her marriage to William DUERRE.
Thank you, Tamara (Tammy) Daine.


OLIVER SWENSON Thu Apr 8 19:41:30 2004
I am looking for an obit for Emilie (SWENSON) CARLSON who died Dec 29, 1897 and her father Peter J. SWENSON who died Sept 7, 1897. I have hit a brick wall on both of them.


judy Tue Apr 6 12:20:12 2004
Looking for information on the STEFFRUDs that live in Canby, Minnesota in the early 1900's


Gilbert Groven Fri Feb 20 00:25:24 2004
I am seeking any information concerning the whereabouts, death, and/or burial of Hilma Florence GROVEN, b. 25 Sep 1913 in Fortier Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. She was daughter of Gilbert Andrew GROVEN and Caroline Mathilda OLSON and resided near Canby, Minnesota until 1932. Any leads concerning possible spouse or descendants appreciated.


Erin Ortmann Tue Feb 17 15:50:11 2004
Looking for any information on my family. William DRAKE is my ancestor. His sister was married to Henry NORTH. The DRAKEs and the NORTHs were shown living in Omro, YM, MN in the 1880 census. As for what I know, the families were from Omro, Winnebago, WI and came to help settle Omro, MN ca 1878. One of the transplants suggested the name after their original home. NORTHs stayed on but DRAKEs returned to WI within 2 years.
ANY info, or especially photos of the relations would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time! Erin in Oregon


shirley Tue Feb 10 11:41:54 2004
I am looking for Andrew E ERICKSON, b-Dec 12, 1863. Carrie A. ANDERSON, b-Sept 30, 1876, arrived Yellow Medicine co. sometime after 1885. Married may 13, 1887. John Olson and John Nelson were their witnesses, first born Alvina was born Dec 1898, registered in Lucus township, (Swede Prarie, on her birth record.) Any info would be greatly appericated. Thank you.


Nate Molstad Tue Jan 20 18:20:21 2004
Looking for any information or documention on Nels (Died 1894) and Johanna (ANDERSON) (died 1904) MOLSTAD or one of their children, Anton Nels MOLSTAD who married Aslaug (KASIN) MOLSTAD in on December 5th, 1883........Nels, Johanna and Anton (age 6) came to America in 1868 from Norway....Took a homestead claim in Yellow Medicine County in 1872 in Normania Township........In an obituary I found states that Anton was the Normania Township treasuer, on the school board and organized the United Norwegian Lutheran Church.
Thanks you for yor time.
Nate Molstad


Carilyn Booker Mon Jan 19 5:48:42 2004
I'd like to find information on the following persons:
John Conrad AAKVIK and Olga Mathilda (GRANHOLT) AAKVIK
Olga Mathilda GRANHOLT


Kelley Mon Jan 5 12:47:19 2004
I am searching for information on families named BING and ESTBY who lived in Hammer, Yellow Medicine County and Canby as well starting about 1880 or so. I am hoping to learn where Ole BING and Karen BING died and find information related to their deaths (death records, obituaries, wills, probate files,etc). I am hoping to prove the Karen (married to Ole) BING who lived next door to Helga (married to Ole) ESTBY in the 1880 census are mother and daughter.

Helga ESTBY just had an amazing book written about her life. If you'd like to check it out you can visit the author's website at I am attempting to assist the author with some additional research.
Thank you!
Kelley (


Judith Heap Sat Jan 3 06:00:33 2004
Looking for any information on Leonard and William HAZELDEN who were resident in Stony Run from 1870's to early 1800's when they moved to South Dakota. Leonard and William were brothers who had emigrated from England.
Leonard was one of the first County Commissioners for Yellow Medicine County. He married Betsy HALVORSEN


Lorene Schertzl Wed Dec 17 14:34:24 2003
Researching the ROBERTS name in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. I have ROBERTS buried there. I am looking for relatives and ancestors of John ROBERTS, retired clergymen d. 1/25/1942.
any connection?
Lorene Hesselgrave SCHERTZL


Darlene Bush Tue Nov 25 22:20:48 2003
My father Alfred SANDSTROM was born in this county in 1898 to John SANDSTROM and Mari GOLIE.
Any further information appreciated.

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