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Andrew County, Missouri: Cemeteries, History, Maps, and Photos

Local Cemetery and Burial Data
Photograph Andrew County Tombstones project
is now on-line.
Index, Cemetery List and What's New?
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Andrew County Archives Cemeteries's Current Cemeteries in Andrew County MO search
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Older Cemetery Photos and Transcriptions

Amazonia Cemetery, Amazonia, MO
Amazonia Cemetery
Established in 1856 on the south side of Amazonia, MO. Pictures submitted November 2004 by Gary Weekly
Amazonia - Caples Cemetery history and photos by Sandy Nehrling, 2000
Unknown Amazonia, MO cemetery
"In searching for the old Caples Cemetery in Amazonia, we missed one of our turns and ended up at this cemetery just east of the town and surrounded by farms. One small section of the cemetery is enclosed by a wrought iron fence; the rest of the headstones spreading north and east from that enclosure. Though this cemetery has seen burials into the 1980's, it is obviously abandoned and neglected. Many of the stones have fallen, and the entire area is over run with brambles." Sandy Nehrling,, 2000

Baker Farm Cemetery - Nodaway Co, MO
Select tombstone photos (2003) by Lanny Weaver, with identification narrative by Monica Eshelman.

This Andrew Co family was buried in Nodaway Co, MO

Brown Cemetery, transcribed by Chuck Walker, August 1998.
Caples (aka Amazonia) Cemetery, narration by Sandy Nehrling
Green Cemetery on Highway K in Andrew County, about 2 miles north of the Buchanan County line.
Green Cemetery, surveyed by Sharlene K. Miller
spring and fall 2005. Burial lists: A-H, I-P, Q-Z
Green Cemetery, December 2000
transcribed & photographed by Sonia

Greenwick cemetery
approximately 2 miles east of Amazonia
established approximately 1845.
Most graves are dated late 1800's.
Submitted November 2004 by Gary Weekly

McGlothlin Cemetery, by Nancy Sween
McGlothlin Cemetery is in Benton twp. (Sec 24 - Twp 60 - Rng 34) on the farm of Bill JORDAN, Rt. 3, Savannah, less than 1 mile from Nodaway twp to the west, and Empire twp to the south in Andrew Co. more...

Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Eshelman and Weaver
Select tombstone photos (2003) by Lanny Weaver, with identification narrative by Monica Eshelman.

Rochester Cemetery, Amy Bryson, at, will do look-ups from this cemetery. Some tombstone photos available; more coming.
St. John's Church Cemetery, in Amazonia, MO; photos by Monica Eshelman
Savannah City Cemetery, photos by Monica Eshelman

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  • Political Graveyard: Politicians born or buried in Andrew County, MO
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  • Tombstone Central - share your tombstone photos

    Above is a view, taken in 1978, of part of the oldest section of the city cemetery in Savannah. It shows the tombstones, left to right foreground, of Conrad, William, Mary, Virginia, and Henry Eisiminger.

    To get an idea of change in tombstones, compare this 1999 view of the same 5 tombstones of the Conrad Eisiminger family. Virginia's and Henry's stones are fallen and partially buried in the ground now.

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