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Surname list F-J from the Andrew County Missouri GenWeb page


  1. FAIRALL. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  2. FANNON, FANNING, HARMAN (Holton FANON & Nancy Louisa HARMAN) Jackson Township, 1850. Albert V Fannon (Mar 28, 1998) Holton was my 2 great grand father. Came to MO 1847; landed in Savanna. There's a Hezakia FANNING on Nodaway 1850 census. Don't know his relation between him and Holton, but wives could be sisters. Like to here from any body that has any info. I have lot on FANNON in VA. FANNON, FANNING, and FANNIN are all same family.
  3. FERGUSON at Savannah. JH5001@AOL.COM (11/09/96)
  4. FICHTER / FIECHTER / FISTER. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  5. FIECHTER - VAN SCHOIACK (Charles Fredrick & Lorinda). Laura Wilson (May 6 1997)
  6. FIMPLE, of Rochester. (2/14/97)
  7. FISHBECK. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  8. FISHER (Paxton) 1850. Blaine Fisher (Dec 3, 1997) Looking for information on this family.
  9. FLESHER of Rochester. (3/25/97)
  10. FLOYD - ASHER (Mary Ann & Harden) of Fillmore, Savannah, & Rosendale, arrived from IL in 1866. Harden's brother, John Asher also lived in Andrew Co. Martha Nelson, (8/12/97)
  11. FORD of Excelsior Springs. (4/27/97)
  12. FOSTER family info: 1850 census & marriage records
  13. FRAKES - GARNER (William, Leticia Garner) Bigelow, 1850. Dave Frakes (Feb 16, 1998) Am looking for any information on William Frakes of Bigelow, Andrew County, MO in the 1850s.
  14. FREEMAN of Jackson Township. (1/16/97)
  15. FUNDERBURK - BALEY/BAILEY (Jane & Caleb). Family history chart (Jan 1 1997)


  1. GANT, Spencer L., M.D., 1851-62 in Savannah, MO, had married Frances YANCY (in Saline Co. MO)
  2. GARNER - MCCLAIN (Unknown & Rachel MCCLAIN) 1844 TO 1848. (Dec 4, 1997) Seeking to identify Rachel McClain's husband's name and information about her sister Neri. And the names of their parents. They came to Andrew Co. from either Shelby Co. KY or Parke Co. IN
  3. GEORGE, Reuben (Jr.) and Enoch families of Platte twnship. Family history charts (9/5/96)
  4. GILLESPIE - COFFMAN (Sarah Ann & Isiah or Issac), of Jefferson and Lincoln Township. Census 1860 and 1870 children: Perry, Henry, Mary B, Laura, Judith and Anna Edna Youngblood (Aug 22 1997)
  5. GINTER - MURPHY (David & Sarah Carrie MURPHY) rochester township 1870 through 1900. David GINTER born 30 Nov 1834 Penn, wife Sarah Carrie MURPHY, born 31 Aug 1843 Indiana, children 1. David Melton born Jun 1867 Andrews Co MO, married Bertha Naomi GRAHAM. 2.Henry W. born Sep 1861 Indiana, 3.George F. born abt 1882. 4.Clarence E. born Nov 1876 MO. 5.James 6.John R. born abt 1869 Andrews Co, 7.Annie Dora born abt 1870 Andrews Co, 8.Orvill 9. Wilford S. born Aug 1864 Andrews Co, 10. Ida M born abt 1873 Andrews Co, 11.Emmet born 1874 Andrews Co. Terrie Dalrymple (Oct 20, 1997)
  6. GOODLOE family; 1840's - 1870's. Netta (Feb 16, 1998)
  7. GORE family, near Savannah. Will Shade (10/27/96) Do you have anything on the Gore family of Jefferson Twp.? Especially any cemetery listing for a James or Frances Gore? Thank you.
  8. GOSS. (1/9/97)
  9. GRIFFITH - SHARP (William Lewis & Missouri Elizabeth). William was born April 17, 1843 in Andrew Co. and his parents were Joel and Jane B. Griffith from Kentucky. Robert A. Myers (Sep 14 1997)


  1. HADORN at Savannah. JH5001@AOL.COM (11/9/96)
  2. HAIL. (2/1/97)
    Researching the MILES family and would like informatin on the family of Benjamin HAIL who md. Susanna or Susan MILES 23 Sept 1805 in Bedford Co. VA.
    There known children were:
    1. Stephan
    2. Rebecca, b. 1808(?)
    3. Austin
    4. Isham, b. 1815
    5. Sarah, b. 1810
    6. Mahola, b. 1818
    7. William, b. 1820
    8. John, b. 1824
    9. Charles, b. 1826
    I do not have any information on the families of these children.

    Susan's parents were Isham and Elizabeth (CARTER) MILES of Franklin Co. VA. She had 15 brothers and sisters.

    When the Hail family arrived in Andrew Co. MO there was a Franklin Miles also included in their household. It is known Franklin was not a younger brother to Susan. The best guess is he may have been a nephew. His birth place is listed as Indiana in one census. I would like to have his parents names.

    Andrew Co. records showed Franklin md. Sarah F. Kelly, 20 July 1852 who was a widow with children from her prior marriage. One known son to Franklin was Thomas, b. 27 July 1857. Were there others?

    Franklin md. a second time, Sarah FROCK 25 Feb 1860. The children from this marriage are not known.

    There are several MILES records in the county that may have been the result of these marriages. Were there other MILES families in the area that may have been relatives? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ernest Miles

  3. HALE. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  4. HALL, HOLLCROFT, BURKETT (Eli Thomas Hall, Isa Dora Hollcroft. Elsie M. Hall, Elmer Franklin Burkett) 1880-1898. Brenda Rodgers (Dec 3, 1997) Searching for information on these families. Eli and Isa Dora had some of their children in the area of St. Joseph Mo. Names might include Henrietta, Clara Bell, John E., Jo Annie, Mary Nancy, Elsie M., Vivena Magnolia, Thomas Leroy, and Vance Alton Hall. Eli's fathers name was John P. Hall. (1840) mother Lydia ? Hollcrofts include Omer P.(1840), Omer R., Beauregard, Isa Dora, Della May, Eliza Jane, Lysander (Lesander) O.,and Gertie
  5. HARRIS - DOOLEY (James HARRIS & Elizabeth THOMAS DOOLEY) HE DIED IN ANDREW CO. IN 1876 SHE IN 1870. Marsha Pettijohn (Apr 26, 1998) Looking for any info on either the Harris or Dooley surname. Also their daughter Leannah Harris married. James H. Pettijohn he died in 1850 and she second married James McAfee.
  6. HASTINGS (Peter F. & Mary Ellen Byrket Williams Hastings). Joy E. Miller, (6-15-97)
  7. HATCHER - PETREE - Am seeking info on James Walter HATCHER, bn 1870 Morgan Co, IL, md. Mary Elizabeth PETREE on 12/25/1897 in Adair Co, MO. Mary Elizabeth was bn 1872 in Andrew Co, MO. Lived in the Rosendale area, 1872. Have info to share on the following related surnames: SNOWDEN, STRADER, GROVES, EARLS, MOSER, EISIMINGER, NEEDHAMM, HALE, NEIL, PLUMB, NELSON, WHITE, JENKINS, CARTER, FIECHTER. Really need help with my HATCHER line. Nel Hatcher (Sep 11 1997) (Oct 2 1998)
  8. HAYS - CRAWFORD (John Wesley and Caroline CRAWFORD) c. 1850 to late 1800s. Helen M. Matthias (Oct 29, 1997) Would be interested in and willing to share info on this family. John W. HAYS is upposed to have been born in Saline Co, MO in 1832. May have lived in Lafayette Co, mo also. Caroline CRAWFORD is the daughter of Mattiaon CRAWFORD and Mary DYSART. She came to MO with her mothers family c.1850.
  9. HAYS - STEPHENS (Samuel Montgomery and Jane STEPHENS) 1860s to early 1900s. Helen M. Matthias (Oct 29, 1997) Am interested in and am willing to share info on this family.
  10. HELTZEL, Rochester. (9/10/96)
  11. HENDERSON - SULTGROVE - LAMASTER (Widows N. and Catherine Sultgrove) Moved from Ohio to Andrew Co. around the early 1820's. Alison Vigil (Nov 5, 1997) Searching info. on Widows N. Henderson and wife plus his 11 children:Rebecca, Noah, Guilford,Jessie, Annie, Sarah, Catherine, Abel, Polly, Widows (Jr.), and Cas. Have information to share on his decendants all from Andrew County and some Allied Families. Seeking info. on HENDERSON and LAMASTER families in andrew Co and Nodaway Co. they both have very large families.
  12. HIBBS of Savannah. (4/9/97)
  13. HILL of Lincoln & Jackson twp: Seek marriage info for Margaret HILL, b 1845 Highland County OH; on 1860 census of Jackson twp, Andrew County MO with parents Stephen and Anne (Anderson) HILL. Their son James HILL b 1836 OH married in MO to Sarah Jane COFFMAN. NOTE: These Hills are included in the 1860 Census for Jackson twp, Andrew County MO. Then the family "disappears." James and Sarah HILL had a son Simon Francis HILL born June 1857 in MO. His death certif lists ST. JOSEPH, MO (Buchanan County) as his birthplace. I have found no record of these Hills in MO besides the 1860 Census. In 1872 Sarah Coffman Hill - widowed or divorced? - married William H. ARNOLD in Andrew County and moved west (Colorado) with Arnold and her son Simon Francis Hill. Have reason to believe Margaret married between 1860-1870 in Andrew County. Can anyone provide suggestions for finding info on these ancestors? MANY, MANY requests to the Missouri State Archives have been futile. Any suggestions appreciated! Marilyn Hill Mansouria (May 17 1997) (Jul 1 1997)
  14. HILL, LANCE: Seek info on Jonathan "John" H. HILL, b Feb 1856 MO, son of Stephen and Anne (Anderson) HILL. With parents on 1860 census in Jackson twp, but on 1870 census, John HILL was age 14, living with Adam LANCE family in Jackson twp, Andrew County MO. Seek info on disappearance of Stephen & Anne HILL's family, plus info on Adam LANCE family in Missouri. Marilyn Hill Mansouria (May 17 1997)
  15. HILSENBECK. (9/10/96) (new address, 6/97)
  16. HOBSON of Platte twp. Thomas and Kisiah (REECE) Hobson were from Surry and Davis Co. and Surrey Co., NC. Thomas died Aug 2 1847 within 20 days of his 36th birthday. He was buried in Union Cemetery, Empire twp., Andrew Co. Kisiah raised their 4 young daughters for over 12 years before marrying William SULLANGER in 1859. Also see this collection of Hobson families in early NC. (9/5/96; 10/30/98 update) and Thomas Hobson information. (2/2006)
  17. HOBSON. Jay Hobson's web page
  18. HOLLAND, Simpson W. died in 1850, and his wife (name unknown) died prior to him. Any information on either? Steve Holland (Jul 16 1997)
  19. HOLT - DAILY (Solomon & Virginia). Rochester 1867-1920s. Seeking information on Solomon Holt who lived in Andrew Co. MO Was born in Coshocton Co. Ohio. His parents were Stephen and Rebecca Beaty Holt. What was his sister's name and what happened to her? Darrell Holt (Aug 30 1997)
  20. HOLT of Rochester. Lisa Newton (3/7/97)
  21. HOOVER. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  22. HORTON. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  23. HUNT of Cawood. (4/12/97)



  1. JACKSON of Rosendale. Lisa Newton (3/7/97)
  2. JANES (William H.) (sometimes it get transcribed as JONES or JAMES) He had a son Henry C.b. abt 1831. Christine,
  3. JOHNSON. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  4. JONES (Henry F. & Katherine "Kate" Yoder). Mr. and Mrs. Jones lived in Andrew Co., Mo. I would like to know more about Henry F. Jones: his date of death and place of burial. The names of his parents. Any assistance appreciated. Thank you, Katherine Sullivan (May 2 1997)
  5. JONES of Rochester. (2/14/97)