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Surname List K-O from the Andrew County Missouri GenWeb page


  1. KEIPER of Beattie, St. Joseph, & Kansas City. (6/1/98 update)
  2. KELLEY (Henry S. & Adelia HARLAN) Savannah, 1866-1887. ROGER BOWEN KELLEY (Oct 25, 1997) Henry S. KELLEY was circuit judge in Andrew Co. Practiced law in St. Joseph 1887 until death in 1911. Request information on parents, grandparents of Henry S. KELLEY back to Ireland. Request information on great, great, great, grand children who may be alive today.
  3. KING (David Hecox), BARNHART, DeWITT. Rena Anderson Pittman, (Oct 28 1996).
  4. KING (Wingate, Joseph). Wingate King to Andrew County before 1846; Joseph King and wife, Mary Ann Miller moved there around 1846; Mary Ann's father, Abraham Miller and family, Martin Wachtel and family were in Andrew County. There is a Wingate KING in the 1850 census. He was born about 1820 in Ohio, and was married to Sarah, born about 1822 in Indiana.Their children, Polly A., Margaret E., and Ambrose were born in Indiana. Their children Martha C. and William T. were born in Missouri. I didn't find Wingate KING in the 1860 census. There is a Joseph and Mary KING family in the 1850 census. He was born about 1807 in Ohio, and she about 1813 in PA. Their children, Isaac, Silus, Polly Ann, Hannah, and Tabitha J. were born in Indiana except for Tabitha who was born in MO. This family is still in Andrew Co, MO in the 1860 census, adding 3 children, and no longer showing Hannah. (Also see MILLER & WACHTEL) Joy Miller (Jun 15 1997)
  5. KLINE (Godlove Akanal wife unknown) Rochester Falls 1850's 60's. Wilbur D. Russell (Dec 27, 1997)
  6. KNIGHT. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  7. KURTZ - KENICUTT (John and Lezzie Kenicutt) Oregan, Missouri 1865 to1954. Sandra Kisor (Mar 20, 1998) I am looking for Kurtz and Kenicutt families of Andrew County Missouri. John Kurtz was born 1/14/1865 Oregan Missouri & married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bell Kenicutt. Children: Nellie Viola Kurtz born 10/11/1892 Oregan MO; Wesley David Kurtz born 8/11/1895 Oregan MO; Mini Bell Kurtz born 6/1/ 1897 Oregan MO. Anyone with information please email me at
  8. KYLE (M.L.). (1/1/97)


  1. LANCE - BOMAR (Adam & Lydia), Fillmore area of Jackson Township. Barbara Roup (Aug 13 1997)
  2. LANCE, HILL: Seek info on Jonathan "John" H. HILL, b Feb 1856 MO, son of Stephen and Anne (Anderson) HILL. With parents on 1860 census in Jackson twp, but on 1870 census, John HILL was age 14, living with Adam LANCE family in Jackson twp, Andrew County MO. Seek info on disappearance of Stephen & Anne HILL's family, plus info on Adam LANCE family in Missouri. Marilyn Hill Mansouria (May 17 1997)
  3. LANIER of Platte twp. (1/9/97)
  4. LARIMER/LORIMER (Mary A.BAKER & John LORIMER) Fellmore twp John Lorimer and Mary A. Baker were married in 1869 in Andrew county. They were listed in the 1870 Federal Census in Fellmore twp. Who were Mary A. BAKER's parents? She was born (according to census) in MO. Mary BAKER LORIMER was also listed with a Sarah BAKER in the 1860 census. Anyone having any information regarding this family please contact me. Margo Lurvey (1997; 2001 update)
  5. LAWHORN - DUKE (Sherrard & Polly) ?? (Mar 28 1999)
  6. LEDBETTER - GORDON (Anderson Cheves and Elizabeth Gordon) Rosendale 1853-1875+ John Hope (Feb 13, 1998) I have substantial information on the Ledbetters, their ancestors and descendants. I am looking for information on John Jay Finley who married Deborah Delfina Ledbetter on July 23, 1869 in Rosendale, Missouri.
  7. LEFFERTS. (3/11/97)
  8. LEONARD (David Francis). Jo Anne Neely Gomez, (Oct 30 1996).
  9. LEWELLEN. Lisa Newton (Oct 25 1997; updated Oct 2002)
  10. LEWIS - JOSLIN (Gilbert & Sarah JOSLIN) Savanah MO 1871 until death. David A. Lewis (Nov 1, 1997) I am seeking information on the parents of SARAH EMILY JOSLIN or JOSLYN born 2/21/1855 in IL. Married GILBERT LEWIS born 5/14/1851 in WV. They were married 10/12/1871 in Nodaway Co MO. Her father may be ISAAC JOSLIN and her mother may be NANCY TATES. Sarah d 11/6/1929 and Gilbert d 10/12/1937 are interned in Savanah MO. I have some information to share about the Lewis line which is still active in the Savanah area.
  11. LEWIS - RAYBURN (John E and Catherine RAYBURN). David A Lewis (Nov 21, 1997) John E LEWIS moved to Andrew Co MO along with his seven children and their families. His children were all born in Mason Co WV. They are named:Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth, Caroline, James, John, and Gilbert. Related surnames which married into this family include: STEPHENSON, HINKLE, VANMETER, LEWIS, JOSLIN, and CAPLES. Johns wife Catherine doesn't seem to have made the trip from WV. I am hoping to find someone with information on the parents of John E LEWIS. I will share all the information I have on the John E Lewis children and grandchildren with anyone interested. Thank you! David A Lewis
  12. LEWIS - WARD (Frances & Landy WARD) married 1813 in KY and she may have died in Andrew Co. (Aug 9 1998)
  13. LIGGETT, Amazonia. (10/30/96)
  14. LISLE of Amazonia. (3/29/97)
  15. LONG of Savannah. (1/21/97)
  16. LORIMER/LARIMER (Mary A.BAKER & John LORIMER) Fellmore twp John Lorimer and Mary A. Baker were married in 1869 in Andrew county. They were listed in the 1870 Federal Census in Fellmore twp. Who were Mary A. BAKER's parents? She was born (according to census) in MO. Mary BAKER LORIMER was also listed with a Sarah BAKER in the 1860 census. Anyone having any information regarding this family please contact me. Margo Lurvey (Sep 23, 1997)
  17. LOVELADY. (4/1/97)
  18. LYBARGER, LYBERGER, LYBYER. John Lybarger, Feb 1 1997.


  1. MALONEY (Richard and Americas BECKETT) Cosby. Richard Maloney came to this country in 1857 from Ireland. He signed up with a Union Troop in Mo. during the Civil War. After the War he went to Tx. for a time to fight the Indians and then came back to Mo. He and his wife, Americas Beckett had a son, John Hirman Maloney, b.6-4-1867 in Cosby, Mo. They had other children, one other son that I know of name, William. I would really appreciate any help. Joyce Rhodes (Oct 17, 1997)
  2. MATHERLY (Andrew & Martha (EISIMINGER)). Monica Eshelman (Nov 9, 1997) Looking for anyone with knowledge of this family, including children Elias, Zoe and E. Martin. This is a distant branch of my EISIMINGER family and I would like to know more.
  3. MAUGHMER. Lisa Newton (Apr 6 1998; updated Oct 2002)
  4. MAUL (James and Elander York Hatch) Savannah Paula (Sep 24, 1997)
  5. MAUL (Josiah & Martha Morris & Margaret Gilmore) Savannah Paula (Sep 24, 1997)
  6. MAUL (William B.) Savannah. Born 8-1874 in Savannah Mo. Parents were James and Elander York Maul. He had a half brother by the name of John R. Hatch, 3 sisters, Mary Ellen, Sadie and Nora. William ran off before 1900 and was never heard from again. Does anyone know what happened to William? Paula (Sep 25, 1997)
  7. MAXWELL. (3/11/97)
  8. MAY (Wm David and Mary POST). Left MO for TX. Bob McKenna, at (10/96). William was born in Missouri in April 1852. He died 22 February 1902 in Texas. He was married to Mary POST about 1879. Mary was born January 1862. She died 15 May 1928. Children of William and Mary:
    NANCY E. MAY, born April 1880 in Texas.
    GEORGE W. MAY born February 1883 in Arkansas.
    ZOLLAR MAY born October 1885 in Texas.
    MARY E. MAY born November 1888 in Texas.
    WILLIAM FRANKLIN MAY born 19 March 1891 in Arkansas. (My wifeAEs father)
    ALICE L. MAY born April 1895 in Texas.
    NEONA MAY born March 1898 in Texas.
    I have additional information about the continuing MAY family if it is of interest to anyone. I appreciate your interest and effort. Bob McKenna
  9. MC ADAMS. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  10. MCLAIN (John, Sarah A. SHANNON) Savanah, June 16,1858. Mary (Nov 2, 1997) I am reseaching the McLain's. I need to know John's parents names. Also I need to know when they may have moved to Mankato KS. If anyone has any information on the McLain's of Savannah please get in tuoch with me. I also have some information on Sarah Shannon if it is needed.
  11. MC MACKIN. web page. (4/28/98)
  12. MCDANIEL of Savannah. (3/5/97)
  13. Sarah A. MEEK. Marilyn Merritt
    Mother of Mitchell Moore, Sarah A. Meek- Born at Flag Springs, Mo. (Andrew Co.) Feb.20,1843 - Died Sept.30,1929 Age 86. Married Valentine Moore Jan. 22,1862. They had 7 children (3 died in infancy) Surviving children: Mrs. Paralee Bryan, Edgar and Mitchell Moore - Mrs. Mary Meek. All of Horton, except Mary who was from Scranton, KS. She joined the 1st Baptist Church of Kennekuk, KS 1882. She never remarried. She was the oldest of 16 children- 11 survived her. They were Mrs Rake, Mrs Lucinda Powers,& Mrs. John Scott of Horton, Mrs William Poston and Mrs Frank Vestal of Wallace Mo. C. B. Meek, of KC MO, CP Meek of Paradise Mo. JW and JF Meek of Burns, AJ Meek of St. Joseph, MO. and George Meek of Wallace, Mo. She's buried in Kennekuk Cemetery. (Brown Co.KS)
  14. MEISENHEIMER, of Amazonia. (2/13/97)
  15. MILBOURN (or MILBOURNE) of Amazonia. (3/29/97)
  16. MILBOURN of Amazonia & Savannah. Angeline Tucker (4/29/97)
  17. MILES. (2/1/97)
    Researching the MILES family and would like informatin on the family of Benjamin HAIL who md. Susanna or Susan MILES 23 Sept 1805 in Bedford Co. VA.
    There known children were:
    1. Stephan
    2. Rebecca, b. 1808(?)
    3. Austin
    4. Isham, b. 1815
    5. Sarah, b. 1810
    6. Mahola, b. 1818
    7. William, b. 1820
    8. John, b. 1824
    9. Charles, b. 1826
    I do not have any information on the families of these children.

    Susan's parents were Isham and Elizabeth (CARTER) MILES of Franklin Co. VA. She had 15 brothers and sisters.

    When the Hail family arrived in Andrew Co. MO there was a Franklin Miles also included in their household. It is known Franklin was not a younger brother to Susan. The best guess is he may have been a nephew. His birth place is listed as Indiana in one census. I would like to have his parents names.

    Andrew Co. records showed Franklin md. Sarah F. Kelly, 20 July 1852 who was a widow with children from her prior marriage. One known son to Franklin was Thomas, b. 27 July 1857. Were there others?

    Franklin md. a second time, Sarah FROCK 25 Feb 1860. The children from this marriage are not known.

    There are several MILES records in the county that may have been the result of these marriages. Were there other MILES families in the area that may have been relatives? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ernest Miles

  18. MILLER (Abraham) & wife Mary are in the 1850 census. He was born about 1790 in NC, and she about 1796 in NC. They lived fairly close to their daughter, Mary Ann (MILLER) KING, wife of Joseph KING. Mary KING, age 37, was born in PA, but the oldest child of Abram and Mary MILLER still with them in the 1850 census is Anderson MILLER, 23, born in Indiana. In fact, Abram and Mary MILLER have a total of 7 children still with them, all born in Indiana. (Also see KING & WACHTEL) Joy Miller (Jun 15 1997)
  19. MILLER (Henry Sr.) of Bolckow. (1/14/97)
  20. MILLER, THOMPSON (Abraham & Mary) Savannah, circa 1850-1860. Shirley Lillie (Jan 23, 1998) I would like to contact anyone researchng this family.I have pertinent data relating to the progenitor of this family. I would very much like to share it. Shirley Lillie, P.O. Box 863, Montezuma Iowa 50171
  21. MILLER (William T. and Charity Bruns Miller) Savannah. Edna Youngblood (Oct 26, 1997) Am looking for William T. Miller as a possible Great Grandfather. He had five children, John A, Chester, Benjamin R, Roy A, and Mary. Benjamin R. Miller is my grandfather who married a Mary B. COFFMAN from Andrew Co. also. Any info. regarding this family would be apreciated. Please e-mail me if you have info. Thanks.
  22. MILLER - COFFMAN (Benjamin R. , wife, Mary B. Coffmfan). Edna Youngblood (Feb 7, 1998) MILLER, Benjamin R. married Mary B. Coffman of Andrew Co.. I thought Benjamin might be be son of Wm. T. Miller of Andrew Co., but the date of his Benjamin and mine do not match; however, they could still be related and I feel sure my Benjamin and Mary met in Andrew Co. and were married there around l880.. If any one knows info. on my Benjamin who was born in Illinois in l859 I would appreciate hearing and would be glad to share the info. I have. Mary B. was the daughter of Issac and Sarah Coffman, also of Andrew Co.. You can e-mail me at Thanks.
  23. MOFFIT. (2/18/97)
  24. MORRIS (William) Savannah. Born 1878 in Missouri- Had a brother Barnabus and his mother was Celesta Jane Maul, father was Yeager Morris Paula (Sep 24, 1997)
  25. MORRIS (Yeager & Celesta Jane Maul) Savannah Paula (Sep 24, 1997)
  26. MOSER, of Amazonia. (2/13/97)
  27. MOWERY, Dudley Schubel, born 4-28-1841, in Savannah, Andrew Co. MO, died 5-17-1927, burial at Ingalls Cem. in Yale, Payne Co. OK. Married on 2-20-1872 in Palermo, Doniphan Co. KS, to Armelda Jane DONALDSON, Armelda born 9-2-1855 in Buchanan Co. MO, died 3-8-1922, burial at Ingalls Cem. Payne Co. Yale, OK. Armelda's parents were: John Marshall Donaldson and Lucinda Martha Jane Windsor. At this point, do not know Dudley's parents. The following children were born in KS: Lydia; Addie Cordilia; Lucinda; Calvin; Dudley Schubel Jr; Dora; Ella Maude; and Julia; the following children were born in OK: Albert and Ada Gertrude.

    Have hit the wall on Dudley Schubel MOWERY, b. 4-28-1841, does anyone connect with this name???? Would appreciate any help, and have family info to share, such as: DONALDSON, HADLEY, HAYS, FISK, BOWMAN, HENDERSON, STURGILL, and WILSON. Dudley is my wife's Grandfather. Thanks, Bill Johnson

  28. MUNKRES (Melvin MUNKRES & Sierra Nevada AGEE) 1880-1905 Gerry Munkres Davis (Sep 30, 1997)


  1. NANCE. (5/11/97)
  2. NICHOLDS (John David). Bruce A. Martin (Dec 5, 1997) Seeking information regarding John David NICHOLDS, MO c.1863; believed to have lived in the St. Joseph area prior to 1891. Married Minnie Lee HALL c.1891 in Kingsland, AR and moved to Troup, TX. d.1901-02. Possibly had a brother also living in the St. Joseph area that owned a bank. Names of parents or siblings is unknown.
  3. NICHOLS. Laura Wilson, 311 S Anthony, Anthony, KS 67003 (5/11/97)
  4. NICKS (or NIX) at Savannah. JH5001@AOL.COM (11/09/96)
  5. NUGENT (Florence B. Williams) had a son, Harry S. Nugent, May 1876 in MO. Joy E. Miller, (6-15-97)


  1. O'DELL (Andrew and Sarah E.DAVIS). Donna Allen (Nov 10, 1997) Andrew O'Dell B. 1847 TN , M. Sarah Elizabeth DAVIS had a son, David Wilson O'DELL , B. 28 Sept.1885 Andrew, Co. MO. Andrew O'DELL was son of Andrew O'DELL B.1817 TN. Did he M. Lucy Landers?
  2. OGAN/OGIN family. Emily, (Sep 15 1996; updated 10-1-98 & 12-4-05)
  3. OLIVER (Edgar & Phoebe). Pam, Would you have any information about the Edgar OLIVER family? He was born in Kentucky in 1809. Married to Phoebe Birchfield. Known children, Peter and Leander. Died in Andrew County, Missouri, 1865. I would like to find out where in Kentucky both he and Phoebe were born and the names of their parents.
  4. OSBORN - SKEEN (John & Margaret Skeen) Rochester 1840's -1920's. Darrell R. Holt (Apr 18, 1998)