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Caples Cemetery, Photograph Andrew County Tombstone Project

Caples Cemetery Photographic Inventory
by Sandy Nehrling
In searching for the old Caples Cemetery in Amazonia, we missed one of our turns and ended up at this cemetery just east of the town and surrounded by farms. One small section of the cemetery is enclosed by a wrought iron fence; the rest of the headstones spreading north and east from that enclosure. Though this cemetery has seen burials into the 1980's, it is obviously abandoned and neglected. Many of the stones have fallen, and the entire area is over run with brambles. unknown
Unknown cemetery, Amazonia
(click on picture to enlarge)

Amazonia Cemetery sign
Amazonia Cemetery sign
(click on picture to enlarge)
As we did not find the headstones we were seeking here, we backtracked into town, and eventually stumbled across the entrance road to Caples Cemetery. Now known as Amazonia Cemetery, it sits high upon a hill above the town. This cemetery is now well maintained and has an identifying sign at the entrance road. We learned from the county offices in Savannah that these improvements are largely through the efforts of Ms. Marie Hardin, a descendent of the Lisle family.

There are a number of families represented in this cemetery. As you reach the top of the hill and turn to the right you will come across the extended Caples' family plot. On the other end of the cemetery is the Lisle plot, surrounded by a wrought iron fence. Though we have yet to locate their graves, the first burials at this cemetery supposedly were John Waud and Frances Scur, parents-in-law of the first Caples to settle in the area. The land for the cemetery was donated to the town of Amazonia by Charles Caples in the 1840's, hence the original name.

Charles Caples
Charles Caples stone
"Charles Caples
in Baltimore Co, MD
June 14, 1796
Jan 2, 1884
87Y 6M 19D"
L. Caples
Lyles Caples plot
N. Minturn
Nellie Minturn's grave
dau. of
L.W. & Ida Minturn
(d. 1890)

These are headstone pictures I have already taken in my ongoing "Amazonia Project" - names as they appear on the headstones (my notes or birth/death dates in parentheses).
[posted 11/5/2000 to the MOAndrew email list by Sandy Nehrling,]
(Monument w/ 2 inscriptions)
Charles Caples	(1796-1884)
Elizabeth Caples	(1808-1883)

Marion W. Caples	(1840-1918)

Elizabeth J. wife of
Marion W. Caples	(1841-1905)

Jessie L dau of
MW & EJ Caples

Katie M. dau. of
MW & EJ Caples		(1871-1897)
(wife of Albert Richard DEWANE [or DUANE] )

(foot stone for Katie. No stone found for
Katie and Albert's infant daughter) Charles G. (son of Marion W. Caples) Allie E. Caples (1884-1957) Robert G. Caples (1878-1966) Robert C. Caples (1915-1985) Marion L. Caples (1912-1982) Lorren Weller Minturn (1862-1925) Ida May Minturn (1862-1957) Nellie dau. of L.W. & Ida Minturn (d. 1890) Wiseman John L. (1861-1930) Leora B. wife (1865-1951) Jane Caples wife of Francis Lyle (1844-1924) Francis Lyle (d. 1879) F. L. Pauline Lyle (1872-1938) Wife Harriet Jane Lyle (1878-1937) Charles F. Lyle (1867-1915) Lyndal Lyle Elfred Graham Lyle (1905-1918) Minnie Collett wife of Walter W. Lyle (1878-1908) Walter Wayne Lyle (1877-1971) Husband J. Montfort Lyle (1903-1968) Wife Eva May Lyle (1893-1966) Aubrey Francis Lyle Jr. (1921-1981) Mary P. wife of Charles Collett (1840-1913) James B. Collett Baby Gomel (1924) Lillian B. Lyle (1908-1942) Infant Lyle (1938) Marlyn J. Lyle (1934-1935) Hull Elizabeth Hull (1841-1908) Cyrus Hull (1836-1918) Charles son of Cyrus & Elizabeth Hull Francis M. Perkins (d. 1879)
Lovell H. Horton	(1898-1965)

Emily E. wife of
L. L. Horton		(1900-1934)

Ora Pearl Caster
wife of L. L. Horton	(1906-1942)

Billy L. Horton		(1922-1945)

Claude M. Horton	(1872-1961)

Maggie E. wife of
Claude Horton		(1872-1939)

Reuben C.

Rueben C. Horton	(1894-1918)

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