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Andrew County, MO Family History
Surnames and Queries

Aug 27, 1999 to Nov 26 2001

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Some older posts are alphabetized Spring, 1997 Summer, 1997
July 1998 to February 8, 1999 Feb 8, 1999 to Aug 26, 1999 Aug 27 1999 to Nov 26 2001

Posted to Andrew Co MOGenWeb: Aug 27, 1999 to Nov 26 2001:

From: Louis Colaianni (Feb 2, 2001)
I am the Missouri Editor for the International Dialects of English Archive. I am writing to ask your help in preserving a vanishing part of our culture: the regional accents of Missouri. I am seeking people native to Andrew County who are willing to have their voices recorded to document the accents heard in your area. If you are willing to volunteer, or if you seek more information, please contact me at


Louis Colaianni
Associate Professor
University of Missouri  

  • MORGAN (Ferdinand and Nancy Graham) St. Joseph 1896. Clarissa Stuart (Aug 27, 1999)
    I am searching for any information on Ferdinand Morgan and Nancy Adina Graham. Their son, James Mansell Morgan was born in St. Joseph, MO 10 Sep 1896.

  • SCHREINER (ORVILLE LEE). joaniebarton (Aug 29, 1999)
    Looking for anyone who might be a relative of Orville Lee Schreiner in Andrew County. Also, maybe a friend, schoolmate, or co-worker. He did get his S.S. card in MO. THANX MILLIONS---Joanie

  • BOWMAN-WOOD (Benjamin Franklin and Barbara Francis Wood Bowman) A Morris (Aug 31, 1999)
    My web page has information on this family from a book, Biographical Sketches of the Wood Families, written in 1922 by Jacob F.S. Wood , a brother of Barbara Wood. This book includes sketches on their children, all born in Andrew County, Missouri.

  • LEE (Frederick) Rosendale and area Monty Lee (Sep 2, 1999)
    Looking for more information on Frederick Lee, b 12 May 1854 (w. Adeline Grey, b 16 Jan 1853). Came from Torrington England in 1871.

  • REYNOLDS (Dennis and Hannah and second wife Elizabeth) Platte and Empire Twsp. 1860after 1880. Loretta J. Wright (Sep 4, 1999)
    Dennis born 1799 in Tennessee was in Knox County in 1830, moved to Monroe County, Indiana 1840, then 1850 in Brown County, Indiana and then into Andrew county. Melvina b. 14 February 1821 Tenn. Hiram b. 1823 Tennessee, George b. 1834 Kentucky, William b. 1837 Kentucky, Henry b. 1840 Indiana. Hannah died after 12 July 1870 and Dennis remarried to Elizabeth______somewhere.

  • JARVIS (Abie) Bolckow, January 17, 1913. Millie Alexander (Sep 5, 1999)
    From the Taylor and MO Newspapers it said that "JARVIS, A. and daughter, Lucile, to make home in Bolckow. BFP, 17 Jan 1913". Am searching for any information on this family, as his first wife was my ggrdmother's sister, Maud L. Smith Jarvis, who died at Pickering, Nodaway Co., MO on Nov. 13, 1903. Thanks, Millie Alexander,

  • HARPER ((Unknown Husband's Name) and Mary (Unknown Maiden Name)) Jackson Township. Kelly Saunders (Sep 7, 1999)
    Mary HARPER (b. Abt 1818) is listed on the 1850 Missouri Census in Andrew County, Jackson Township with 8 children listed. Sarah (b. Abt 1838), Nancy (b. Abt 1840), Amanda (b. Abt 1841), Mary A. (b. Abt 1844), James K. (b. 2 May 1845), William (b. Abt 1847), Elizabeth (b. Abt 1848) and Lewis (b. Abt 1849). I am desc. of James K. Any info would be appreciated. Family is listed in Iowa in 1860 and I was unable to locate them in 1870.

  • SCHINDLER (Arnold and Sophia Stuber) Cosby at turn of 19th Century then Valley Falls, KS. Stephen Daniel McLeod (Sep 9, 1999)
    Family surnames include Sommer, Stuber, Schneider. Many members of Cosby United Church of Christ with these surnames would be my second cousins. Other surnames include Eiman, Lehman, ... Have a copy of Schneider Family genealogy for 1744-1939, which includes my grandparents and mother. I want to fill in my Stuber, Schindler, Eiman ancestry. Also, Schneider genealogy is very weak on dates and places. Would like to fill those blanks as well.

  • McGLOTHLIN/McLAUGHLIN BATY HURSH RUBY BOTCHGER BURK PRINCE BETTON BOWSER (Charles McLaughlin & Mary Snead) Rochester, Andrew County. Kathy Eaton (Sep 11, 1999)
    I'm looking for any info on the following names, Charles McGLOTHLIN and Mary SNEAD and any family that is connected to them. Henry BOTCHGER m. Arzela McGLOTHLIN Sarah E. McGLOTHLIN m. George H. PRINCE Francis J. McGLOTHLIN m. Sarah A. BETTON [BELTON] Thomas R. BURK m. Missouri A. MCLAUGHLIN M.A.FOX m. Addie McGLOTHLIN Benj. G. MANGHMER m. Maggie M. DURANT Sovereigh DURANT m. Sarah A. SMITH. All of these people lived in Andrew County between 1841 to 1970. I would appreiciate any info I can get on these names.

  • BOYLES (George and Martha SPROAT) Savannah, Flagstaff 1841-1870. Marilyn Merritt (Sep 13, 1999)
    I am looking for any cemetery info on the Boyles and Sproats of Andrew Co.MO. Does anyone have access to a cemetery book? Thank you.

  • MILLER (GEORGE W. / Nancy Victoria BROWN) Rochester area .. Glenn Miller (Sep 17, 1999)
    I would like to know the where abouts of were they lived between 1864-1899,when they moved to Holt Co. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • DHABOLT (George Dhabolt wife: Annie Arnt or Arndt) 1900 Amazonia Township, Andrew Co.. Brenda Dhabolt-Zuniga (Sep 17, 1999)
    I am looking for any information on George Dhabolt married to Anna Arnt (both were from Iowa). Moved to MO, Andrew Co in 1900. Are listed on the 1900 census in Amazonia Township. Also found through Social Security a George Dhabolt Jr. d: Jan 1986 in St Joseph MO and also found a Clara Dhabolt nee Boush (not sure who she is)... Would love to find any information on the Dhabolt family

  • CARSON (Charles. Nancy S. Garner) . Dorla Stork (Sep 19, 1999)
    Charles and Nancy had a daughter Emma Carson who married a L.A.Mcullm 1874 in Andrew County, Would love any info about this family.

  • TODD (Henry and Abigail Roberts) . Kathy Martin (Sep 21, 1999)
    Henry Todd bn.20March1796 married Abigail "Gilly" Roberts 1817. I would like to find her parents and siblings.

  • BRINSON (Lewis). Galen Brinson (Sep 24, 1999)
    Seeking information on the family of Lewis Brinson, 1817 - 1890, m Lucinda O'Neal, 1822 - 1877.
    Children are:
    Elizabeth, b 1839
    Matilda, b 1841
    Nancy, b 1843
    Marion, b 1844 or 1845 in Andrew County
    Martin, b 1847
    Mary, b 1849
    Marshall, b 1851
    Manual, b 1853, d 1906
    Phoebe, b 1856
    Philander, b 1858
    Ellen, b 1862
    James, b 1865
    Sincere thanks for any help.

  • CARRIGER (JOHN - ALICE CARRIGER) 1886. Frank Carriger (Sep 28, 1999)
    I am also searching for Ido carriger father of John. Ido was married to Mourning Riddle in 1855 in Mo.They are my grandfather and great grandfather.

  • WALTER(S) (David and Rachel (Brubaker)) Rochester Township. Carol Wolf Britton (Sep 29, 1999)
    Am seeking information on the David Walter(s) family that lived in Mo between 1851 and 1869. family names are David, Rachel(regina). Edward b 1831, Peter b 1833 John F b 1834, Catharine b 1835, Mary b 1837, Solomon b 1839, Clarissa b 1841, Charles b 1843, Caroline b 1844 and Eliza b. 1846 the parents were from Hamburg Germany and came to the US in 1827, settled in PA for 4 years then migrated to Ohio then to MO. and NE area

  • Musgrave (Sydney Jeanette) . Janis (Oct 3, 1999)
    I am looking for any information on Sydney Jeanette Musgrave (Musgroul). She had a child, Inda Boots 1891. Janis

  • BOLING (Jesse Dorinda ANDERSON) . Linda McNiel (Oct 12, 1999)
    BOLING - ANDERSON (Jesse & Dorinda), THORNTON, TOWNSEND. Seeking any information on BOLING, Jesse and wife Dorinda ANDERSON of Andrew Co. Dorinda is found on the 1870 Andrew Co Census. Jesse apparently died between 1860 Holt Co Census and the 1870 Andrew Co. With Dorinda are children: Bailey B (Burrell) 22, Z (Zachary) Taylor 20 and Medora 15. She is living a few households from Afred Townsend, whom Dorinda later married. The other BOLING children were: Margaret, Robert D, and Martin N. Jesse and first wife had Mary Ann BOLING who married Benjamin Franklin THORNTON in and lived in Andrew Co also. Another daughter, Louisa BOLING married Benjamin's brother, Joseph H. THORNTON in Holt Co. I am interested in sharing information on any of these families. Thank you.

  • CARROLL (JOHN&MARTHA LONG) 1842-1846 Don Conley (Oct 13, 1999)
    I am looking for the death of MARTHA CARROLL wife of JOHN EDWARD CARROLL. She possible died in Andrew County, Missouri in early 1846. I would like to find out where she is buried, she is my great great grandmother.

    Don Conley
    Kennewick, Washington


  • SPENCER (John Spencer and Bessie Watson) Savannah (1900 - 1951). Mark Laughlin (Oct 23, 1999)
    Searching for information about Dr. John Spencer family. He was a doctor of Osteopathy who practiced in Savannah from 1900 to his death, 1951. He and wife Bessie (d. 1956) had two daughters (b. 1907 and 1908). Would appreciate any help in learning what became of Dr. and Mrs. Spencer's children.

  • COOK (Oda and Nancy CLARK) Rea, MO 1904 C.J. Ellis (Oct 24, 1999)
    Looking for information on Oda A. COOK and Nancy A. CLARK. Married December 22, 1904 in Buchanan County, MO. Residents of Rea, MO.

  • CAMPBELL-CARSON (Lorinda and Sarah) Lincoln, 1870. Janice (Oct 30, 1999)
    Lorinda Campbell was a 43 yr old widow in the 1870 census with her children: James 17, Jahor 14, Hadley 11, Alice 8, Sarah Carson 19, also a widow w/son William 1 yr. old. Looking for more about this family.

  • HARVEY (Andrew & Mary (NOBLE)) Lincoln Twp. Monica Eshelman (Nov 6, 1999; new email address Nov 2001)

  • EISIMINGER (Henry & Mary (POPE)). Monica Eshelman (Nov 6, 1999; new email address Nov 2001)

  • BISCHOFF (BISHOP) (Peter & Margarithe (GERTSCH)) near Amazonia. Monica Eshelman (Nov 6, 1999; new email)

  • TURNER (Rightson Monroe and Abigal REED) Amazonia. Gary O. Turner (Nov 7, 1999)
    Married in Indiana in 1838. Moved to Amazonia about 1858? Left family behind in Indiana? Researching descendents of son John "Jack" Turner.

    I have a letter written from Savannah, Missouri in 1864 by RUFUS and MARGARET VANBUSKIRK. Rufus is writing to his cousin JOSHUA PATTERSON. Rufus mentions an Uncle DANIEL and Aunt POLLEY. The VANBUSKIRK's and PATTERSON's came from MORROW COUNTY, OHIO.
    Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me at
    Kris Townsend

  • COBB (Andrew Jackson and Mary Elizabeth HALL) Amazonia. Alan Cobb (Nov 26, 1999)
    I have information on their descendants that I will share.

    I am searching for information on their ancestors, especially if Andrew Jackson Cobb is related to Phillip Cobb, the early Andrew Co. pioneer and his children.

    I have information about Phillip Cobb's ancestors that I will share.

  • TURNER (Wrifhtson Monroe and Martha M. WILLIAMSON) Savannah. Alan Cobb (Nov 26, 1999)
    I have information on their descendants and ancestors that I will share.

    Elijah came to Missouri from Indiana in 1838 with his wife and three other men (all the wives were Copple sisters). Family names were Foster, Dixon and Garren. According to an obituary of Susannah, these were the first four families in Andrew County. I am just getting started researching the family tree along with my son.

  • WOODRUM (James & Elizabeth (LYON)) I don't know where but at least three of their children were born between 1851 and 1859. Mike Mitchell (Dec 7, 1999)
    Would appreciate any information on this family. I am descended from Nancy Jane Woodrum. Thank you very much. Mike Mitchell

  • GOFORTH (James Harvey & Sarah B. Rodgers) Possibly moved from Clark Co. Indiana around 1837 into the area of Andrew Co that later became Nodaway Co.. Gary Goforth (Dec 8, 1999)
    Any information - particularly the 1840 census records - would be appreciated!!!

    Searching for GGGRANFATHERS FAMILY JOHN FRANKLIN HARRIS was born around 1847 he went to ROCKCASTLE CO. KY. an married LUCY JANE OWENS in 1869 contact; SHARON HARRIS ELDER 148 LANCASTER ST. CRAB ORCHARD, KY 40419 or

  • WOOD (Simeon Mary HOLLINGSWORTH) c.1866-1878. Leon Wood (Dec 25, 1999)
    I am trying to find out what became of Mary I. Wood after her husband Simeon died in 1878. Her children were William H., Lorena, Joseph S. (later Simeon J.), Anna G., John B., and Emma O.

  • CUNNINGHAM (John Milton and Margaret Ellen MURPHY) Clay Twp. Section 10 1869-1916. George Murphy (Jan 6, 2000)
    Looking for descendants of JOHN MILTON CUNNINGHAM and MARGARET ELLEN MURPHY,CUNNINGHAM. Descendants Surnames include: Noland, Wales, Howard, Gay, Cooley, Bartlow, Wade, Hackney, Miller, Boles and Greelee.

  • ALBERTSON (Archie and Hohn) 1840. Joanne (Jan 16, 2000)

  • COLLIER (John B., Joanah BARRON) St. Joseph, 1838 Hal Elliott (Jan 21, 2000)
    This is the family I am searching for. I have many other Colliers before and after this John. They migrated from Lee County, VA to Andrew County, MO then some to TX, IA, and Kansas.

    1. JOHN B.4 COLLIER (WILLIAM RANDOLPH3, AARON J.2, JOHN1) was born 1795, and died WFT Est. 1796-1885. He married JOANAH BARRON.

    Notes for JOHN B. COLLIER:
    Letter available via inter library loan:
    Collier, John B., Letter (C508) 1858
    2 pp., typed copy
    Letter to his family in Virginia from northern Missouri, 28 February 1858. Comments on Indian problems, educational facilities in Missouri, and family matters, and mention of the "Mormon or Utah war." 1) Local History

    Part of this letter states:

    I have hoped that myself and wife would live to see a continual line of railroad from St. Joseph, Missouri to Virginia and then we would come and see you all but we begin to dispair of that. We are both breaking very fast. Both fat and clumsy not able to do much more. Our children is much scattered. Gale and Matilda is in Texas. Murphy in Iowa. amanda and Joseph lives near us but Joe talks of selling out and going to Kansas. A. J. Collier lives in Kansas Territory at Council Grove about 175 miles from here. T. H. B. Collier is at the State University at Columbia, Missouri about 250 miles from here at college. We have not seen him since the last of last September nor does not expect to before 10th of July next. He is progressing rapidly. He expects to stand at the head of the whole school out of 160 students.

    More About JOHN B. COLLIER:
    Census: 1840, Pike County, Missouri (pg. 106)
    Property: April 20, 1823, Purchased land from father Randolph for $400 for 50 Acres as part of tract purchased from Joseph Head in Lee County, Virginia Turkey Cove
    Marriage Notes for JOHN COLLIER and JOANAH BARRON:
    Moved from Lee County, Virginia in 1838 per Fred Graham.
    Children of JOHN COLLIER and JOANAH BARRON are:
    	i.	ABRAHAM M.5 COLLIER, b. May 21, 1827, Lee County, Virginia; 
                d. June 10, 1913, Hawleyville , Page County, Iowa; 
                m. (1) JENNIE COOPER; b. 1856; 
                m. (2) NANCY W. MCALPIN, February 15, 1849, Andrew County, Missouri; 
                  b. March 24, 1827, Greene County, Tennesse; 
                  d. May 05, 1902, Hawleyville, Page County, Iowa.
    Notes for ABRAHAM M. COLLIER:

    The Collier's were a very well to do family who owned their own mercantile store in Page County, Iowa. Per the land abstracts in Page County, A. M. Collier purchase property in 1851 Sec. 13 Part of SW1/4, SW 1/4. He purchased 445 acres for farm land. He was a farmer and a trader who emigrated from VA.

    In the 1850 census Collier appears on pages 325a-326a-326b-327b-332b-333a @

    The person who submitted information concerning Abraham is:
    	2616 NO 30 TH ST
    	USA  85008

    In the Farmer's Directory of Page County, it shows a J. M. Collier living in the same city. (
    More About ABRAHAM M. COLLIER:
    Burial: June 10, 1913, Hawleyville Cemetary, Nebrask Twp., Iowa (#3East Lot 02-1)
    Census: 1860, Hawleyville, Page County, Iowa, p. 946
    Emigration: 1838, To Missouri
    LDS AFN:: 1BT7-G39
    Property: 1851, 13 SW 1/4, SW 1/4 445 Acres in Nebraska Township, Page County, Iowa
    Notes for NANCY W. MCALPIN:
    Headstone says date of birth as 1827.
    More About NANCY W. MCALPIN:
    Burial: May 05, 1902, Hawleyville Cemetary, Page County, Iowa (#3 East Lot 01-1)
    LDS AFN:: 1BT7-G4H
    	ii.	GALE COLLIER.
    	vi.	A. J. COLLIER.  

  • MATTOCKS (John "Lewis" and Emma Pool(e)) . Kari Worman (Jan 22, 2000)
    I have information that the two were married in Andrew county on Sep. 23, 1868. I'm looking for any records of where they came from and where they went to end up in IL. I found them listed in Colchester's census for 1880.
    Kari Worman,

  • SMITH (Anthony and Paulina Martin) about 1862. Virginia Sholin Smallwood (Jan 23, 2000)
    I have letters beautifully written in the hand of Cordelia SMITH SMALLWOOD, daughter of Anthony SMITH and his wife, Paulina MARTIN. They were found in the miliatry pension file of Cordelia's father-in-law. I will be happy to share these letters with anyone who is related to this SMITH family. The children are listed in the Ancestral File as follows:

    1) Jessie SMITH, b. 1854, Midway, Woodford, KY, d. 2 Jan 1918, St. Joseph, MO

    2) John H. SMITH, b. 3 July 1856, MIdway, Woodford, KY, d. 14 Apr 1928, St. Joseph, MO

    3) Thomas SMITH, b. abt 1858

    4) William SMITH, b. 19 Oct 1858, d. 8 Feb 1901

    5) Cordelia SMITH, b. abt 1863 (I differ with Ancestral File here: b. Amazonia, Andrew, MO, d.15 Feb 1933, St. Joseph, MO)

    6) Rosie SMITH, b. 1863

  • ALEXANDER (Euphemia Ann ALEXANDER (married Perry MESSICK)) . Janet Reed (Jan 30, 2000)
    Euphemia Ann Alexander (b.? d.?) married Perry Messick (b. 1845 in Platte Co.)in Andrew Co., MO on August 29, 1886. I would like to find out if she is from Andrew Co. and who her parents are.

  • BOYLES (george & Martha sproat) Savanah abt 1843 to at least 1869. Nancy Leavitt (Feb 2, 2000)
    Need copy of article "George Boyles Memories, Andrew Co., MO" from "Diggin' History", Vol II, Issue 4, Oct 1991. Will reimburse. Thanks Nancy

  • SLAUGHTER (Thomas, Julia Ann Brock) 1850. Joe Edwards (Feb 4, 2000)
    Looking for information on the family of Thomas Slaughter and Julia Ann Brock. They are shown in the 1850 U. S. Census residing in Andrew Co., Missouri. Also shown on the census were the following children: Jess H., Gabriel N., John C., Lucy C., Mary G., Francis, and James O.
    Any help given will be greatly appreicated.

  • ALBERTSON (Archie and Hannah Hohn). Joanne Kennedy (Feb 11, 2000)
    I am looking for information on my great-great-grandparents, Archie Albertson and Hannah Hohn, who lived in Andrew County in 1870. He was a boot and shoemaker. Their children were David, Louisa, Benjamin Archie "Coney"; Henrietta, Alice Rosetta, Frank Hamilton and Mary Elizabeth. Hannah's mother was Rowetta Hohn (maiden name unknown). She also lived in Andrew County in 1870. Children of Rowetta Hohn were: Edward B., Henrietta, Samuel, William, Rebecca Alice, Anise and Daniel. All of the above were living in Buchanan County, MO in the 1880 Census. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • KNAPPENBERGER (Israel and Margaret Wells) Married Jan 30 1881.... Israel died 1916. Sue Knappenberger Appleton (Feb 16, 2000)
    We are searching for any information on any KNAPPENBERGER in Andrews Co., Missouri including Hannah Painter Knappenberger (mother of family), Elias Knappenberger who died 4 May 1917 and his wife Mary C. Jacoby who had a son Harry Knappenberger who married Alice Jenkins. Harriette Knappenberger who died 5 Jan 1908 in Andrews Co. and married 4 Feb 1869 in Andrews Co., to an Edwards and Israel Knappenberger who died 1916 in Andrews Co., and married Margaret Wells and had four children. Any information on any Knappenberger in Andrews Co. would be greatly appreciated. Sue Knappenberger Appleton Thank you.

    Andrew and Flora Bennett lived on the Bennett homeplace many years. Children were Curtis, Jessie, and Dorothy. Grandson John, and GGRandson David are working the genealogy, to include surnames of Ingles,(Union Star) and Smith, Tolle, Buis, Kellogg from Rosendale/Savannah. Research includes late 1700's to the present. See web page at:

  • HOCKER (Louis S. and Sarah Jane Jackson) 1900. Judy McMichael (Mar 11, 2000)

  • JACKSON (Arthur and Elizabeth Stoner). Judy McMichael (Mar 11, 2000)

  • STONER (William and Mary Snow) 1900. Judy McMichael (Mar 11, 2000)

  • KORNEMAN-KORNEMANN (Franz and Mary Christina [Kaseberg]) . Sherry Kaseberg (1/3 update; Mar 19, 2000)
    Franz and Mary Christina [Kaseberg] Kornemann, natives of Germany where they married near Kassel, had issue: Frederick W. born Germany, buried Andrew Co MO 1915; Mary who m Fred Krull and lived Monroe Tp, Andrew Co MO; Henry Kornemann who went to Walla Walla WA where he was in 1915; George Kornemann who lived near Warrensburg, MO in 1915; and Minnie Kornemann who m Conrad Neth, and she d by 1915. I believe Mary Christina Kaseberg Kornemann was the dau of JOhann Georg Kaseberg of Wettesingen, near Kassel, Germany, and his wife Anna Katharina Rumpf. If so, her siblings were, with birth year: Johannes 1824; Anna Maria 1829 m Johann Georg Peppe; Marie Elisabeth 1832; Karl/Charles 1834 came to USA; Frederich Wilhelm 1840-1883 m Caroline Will and came to USA/Venice, IL 1857; and Christoph Theodor 1843-1929 who m to USA 1857, m Margaretha Schueler in St. Louis, MO 1868.

  • MOSER (Peter and Mary Anna Breit) Amazonia. Rita Ellis (Mar 21, 2000)
    Looking for information on the children, etc. of Peter Moser and Mary Anna Breit. Peter and Anna were born in Switzerland, were in Ohio, and came to Andrew County around 1841.

    Any information would be appreciated.

  • STEEBY (Gottlieb and Mary Moser) Amazonia. Rita Ellis (Mar 21, 2000)
    Would like to know more about the children of Gottlieb Steeby and Mary Moser.

  • BANKS (Joseph E. and Cora) Lincoln township, Andrew Co. 1900 - 1910-1920-1930. Brenda Dhabolt-Zuniga (Mar 22, 2000)
    Am looking for Joseph E. Banks (oldest son of Rebecca Banks and Archibald Banks). Joseph had a sister Annabelle "Belle" Banks-Crawford, who is my g-grandma. Please contact me.

  • BANKS (Enoch Albert Banks and Sarah Hall-Banks) Lincoln township. Brenda Zuniga (Mar 22, 2000)
    Looking for Albert Banks (mother Lydia-gunter-Banks-Dhabolt)
    father: Charles Banks
    stepfather: Jacob Dhabolt
    son: Herbert A. Banks b: May 1897
    Am looking for information on this family, because he is the half brother of my g-grandfather John Archibald Dhabolt.

  • WEAVER (David M. Weaver & Rose Dhabolt). Brenda Dhabolt-Zuniga (Mar 22, 2000)
    Am looking for information on Rose Dhabolt (father: George Dhabolt mother: Annie Arndt)
    Please contact me with any inforamtion.

  • DHABOLT (George Dhabolt & Annie Arndt). Brenda Dhabolt-Zuniga (Mar 22, 2000)
    looking for any information on George Dhabolt's family:
    children: Rose
    Johnny E.
    and found a Clara Dhabolt (wife of one of the sons?)

    Please contact me with any information

  • NEASE (George W. and Isabel BURNS) Fillmore 1864-1876; Savannah 1876-. Nancy Coringrato (Apr 5, 2000)
    Seeking any information on the family of George W. and Isabel (Burns) Nease. They were m. in Fillmore on 12 Apr 1864, and had the following children: Cora Alice, Edward, Frank, Major George, Ernestine, and Lucile. They divorced in Dec 1890; George moved to Spokane, WA and in Feb 1892 m. Mary J. ("Mollie") Hulse Killin of MO. George and Isabel were my gggrandparents; I am very interested in hearing from anyone researching this family.

  • BURNS (George P. and Mary Ann LESTER) Jackson Twp, ca. 1855-. Nancy Coringrato (Apr 5, 2000)
    I am searching for any information on the family of George P. (b. ca. 1804 Ire) and Mary Ann (LESTER) (b. ca. 1820 Clarke, IN) BURNS. They m. 22 Nov 1839 in Cass, IN (poss. Georges' second marriage) and relocated to Washington, IN before finally settling in Andrew, MO ca. 1855-1858. George and Mary Ann had the following children: John W., Jane, Isabel A., Thomas, George, Richard, James, Levi, and David. George died ca. 1861; Mary Ann died ca. 1878. George and Mary Ann were my ggg grandparents;I am interested in hearing from anyone who has info on any of these people.

  • MESSICK (LYDIA) Janet Reed (Apr 14, 2000)
    I have a letter that comes from a cousin of my grandmother who was carrying out research on the Messick line. She seems to have known what she was doing -- she actually attended some classes the Mormons were giving and has written up family history sheets. That doesn't prove this information is true, but it seems so unusual that I wonder why someone would make it up.

    Here's what she writes: "We can trace our ancestry back to a maiden lady, Mandy Messick, who bore 5 children, three boys and two girls, all by the same man whose name was Black. The children all bore their mother's surname, Messick. The youngest child was John, tour parental grandfather. Mandy brought these five children from the state of Kentucky to Andrew Co., Missouri. Legend says that she was honored and respected in her community. Her descendants live in NW Missouri and many of them are wealthy. Most of this information came from an woman in Savannah, Missouri who was a cousin to my grandfather, Perry. She said that Mandy worked for this man, Black, who was a plantation owner. Twice her parents came and took her home, and twice she returned to the plantation and to the man. He built her a house of her own and there she maintained her own separate household. this arrangement was not frowned upon by the people of that particular ??? and time. I do not know how old the children were when she left Kentucky; or why she came. This is a good story swolled up in oblivion." [Letter from Cleota ?, 7/6/1969]

    Here is Mandy/Lydia with what I have pieced together of her children at this point. Lydia Messick lived to be about 100 and is buried in the Fillmore Cemetery in Andrew Co.

    1 MESSICK, Lydia Mandy b: Abt. 1771 in Virginia d: August 28, 1871 in Andrew Co., MO
    - +BLACK, FNU
    -------- 2 MESSICK, Lucrecy/Lucretia b: Abt. 1802 in Madison Co., KY d: Bef. 1844
    ----------- +BERRY, William G. b: Abt. 1804 in Madison Co., KY d: February 16, 1863 in Platte Co., MO
    -------- 2 [1] MESSICK, Nancy b: Abt. 1805 in Madison Co., KY
    ----------- +TRACY, William b: February 09, 1855 in Nodaway Co., MO
    -------- *2nd Husband of [1] MESSICK, Nancy:
    ----------- +BLAN, William
    -------- *3rd Husband of [1] MESSICK, Nancy:
    ----------- +ALUMBAUGH, John b: 1805 in Madison Co., KY d: October 23, 1854 in Nodaway Co., MO
    -------- 2 MESSICK, Prudence b: Abt. 1808 in Madison Co., KY d: Bef. 1850 in Platte Co., MO
    ----------- +BERRY, Silas Washington b: Abt. July 1810 in Madison Co., KY d: January 18, 1877 in Andrew Co., MO
    -------- 2 [2] MESSICK, John b: January 18, 1810 in Madison Co., KY d: May 21, 1869 in Fillmore, Andrew Co., MO
    ----------- +GOLDEN, Catherine b: Abt. 1814 in Madison Co., KY d: August 1841 in Weston/Platte Co., MO
    -------- *2nd Wife of [2] MESSICK, John:
    ----------- +CAMPBELL, Mary Ann (Polly) b: January 27, 1816 in Madison Co., KY d: March 14, 1898 in Parker, MO
    -------- 2 MESSICK, William R. b: December 09, 1813 in Madison Co., KY d: January 28, 1878 in Andrew Co., MO
    ----------- +KENNEDY, Margaret b: August 24, 1810 in Kentucky d: February 23, 1894 in Andrew Co., MO
    -------- 2 [3] MESSICK, Elizabeth b: Abt. 1816 in Madison Co., KY
    ----------- +MARTIN, William b: December 22, 1835 in Madison Co., KY
    -------- *2nd Husband of [3] MESSICK, Elizabeth:
    ----------- +KENNEDY, Thomas b: Abt. 1817 in Kentucky

  • HOLTSCLAW (MARTIN m. NANCY WITHROW) 1880`s-1930`s. Steve Oglesby (Apr 19, 2000)
    MARTIN HOLTSCLAW b. 1 May, 1854 in Ky, d. 25 May, 1934 in St Joseph, Mo. m. NANCY WITHROW, 27 Feb, 1883 in Andrew Co., Mo. ( NANCY WITHROW b. 31 Jan, 1855 ) Brothers of Martin: ANDREW JACKSON HOLTSCLAW (1852-1925), WILLIAM HOLTSCLAW (1850-1931), JOSEPH R. HOLTSCLAW 91846-1930)

  • STOCKTON (Marvin O. - Goldie ?). Nancy Moreland (Apr 19, 2000)
    Looking for any and all relatives of Marvin Ovid Stockton.

  • SCOTT (Marion, wife Mary Bell SMITH). Janice Urban (Apr 19, 2000)
    Searching for someone who knows about the Quiet Glenn Stables owned by Marion Scott, son of S M and Elizabeth (Abell) Scott. Marion Scott was born 1861, in Platte Township. According to the book, Andrew County a Community, he held an annual colt show and picnic at the farm, cash prizes were paid to farmers who showed hundreds of the offspring from the Quiet Glenn Stables; a band was employed and thousands of visitors came to enjoy the event. Marion Scott’s father, Samuel Scott, was one of the first livestock buyers in northwest Missouri. Does anyone know of this family and the Quiet Glenn Stables?

  • BROWN (Harry C. and Matilda (DEGLOW) ) Amazonia. Julie (May 10, 2000)
    Trying to trace parents of of g-g-grandparents. Harry Brown's parents were Ira?/Isa? Brown and Nancy McAfee. Matilda Deglow's parents were Herman Deglow and Johanna Hanke. Born in mid 1800's.


  • RYAN (Daniel Edward and Catherine McKinney) Lincoln. Jim Ryan (May 29, 2000)
    Daniel Edward was born in Ireland approx. 1830 and Catherine McKinney was born in New York approx. 1833. They owned a farm in Andrew County during census years 1870 & 1880 but believe they were there even earlier but haven't proven it yet. They had 8 sons.
    John - my great-grandfather
    Daniel and Catherine along with at least John moved to Harper County, Kansas around 1882. John then married Cordelia Belle Turner, daughter of William Edward Turner and Zarilda Turner of Amazonia, Andrew County Missouri. William and Zarilda also relocated to Harper County, Kansas.

  • JUNKER/JUNCKER (Louis and Anna ?) Cosby 1890. Nancy Havill Wortman (Jun 5, 2000)
    I have a family of Louis and Ann ? JUNCKER in Andrews Co. in 1890, where their son Louis Jr. was b.11/12/1890. They were in Washington Co., OR by the 1910 census. Louis Sr. and Anna were m. in MO. Louis immigrated from GER in 1852. I do not know how many years they resided in Cosby, Andrews Co. They also had a daughter, Louise, 1889. Assuming also in Cosby. If anyone knows any information about this family, I would love to talk to you. I have no idea if Louis Sr. had siblings also in Andrews Co.

  • COLBURN (John Revel COLBURN, married to Elizabeth PETTY) Savannah area, moved there about 1840. Margie Schoen (Jun 20, 2000)
    I am looking for information about the date of death of John Revel COLBURN, born January 21, 1798 in N. Carolina. He was a pioneer Methodist preacher of the Platt Purchase, who moved his family to the Savannah area about 1840, from Henry Co., IN. John married Elizabeth Barbara PETTY, about 1823 in N. Carolina.

    John Revel and Elizabeth were listed in the household of George and Fanny Colburn in the 1870 census. Elizabeth Barbara PETTY: Died Nov. 18, 1871 Buried in what was once known as the Colburn Cemetery, now called McGlothin. No stone for John Revel COLBURN.

    10.	i.	JESSE W.7 COLBURN, b. 1822; d. 1892, Oregon.
    11.	ii.	SARAH COLBURN, b. 1824.
    12.	iii.	WILLIAM COLBURN, b. 1826, Indiana; d. April 15, 1858.
    13.	iv.	MARTHA COLBURN, b. June 28, 1829, Greencastle, Indiana; d. December 15, 1900, Andrew Co, Missouri.
    14.	v.	CAROLINE COLBURN, b. 1832, Indiana.
    15.	vi.	GEORGE COLBURN, b. 1836; d. 1865, Missouri.
    16.	vii.	JOHN F. COLBURN, b. December 26, 1838, Henry Co., Indiana.
    17.	viii.	THOMAS STANFORD COLBURN, b. June 24, 1841, New Castle, Indiana; d. June 29, 1927, Stockton, Rooks Co, Kansas.
    	ix.	ELIZABETH COLBURN, b. 1844; m. THOMAS WESLEY MILLER, December 11, 1862, Amelia, 
    Will exchange information. Especially interested in family stories.

  • MILLER (DANIAL and CATHRINE SIMMONS) died in Rochester, Andrew County, MO in 1890. Terry Miller (Jun 25, 2000)
    I am looking for information on my GGG Grandfather, Danial Miller. Danial was born Ca 1808 in VA. He married Catherine Simmons in Fayette County OH on Nov 25, 1830. Daniel died on June 7, 1890 in Rochester MO. The only children I know of would be my GG Grandfather, Samuel Henry Miller. I've just started my search and would appreciate any help I could get.

  • MILLER (Samuel Henry Miller and Catharine Schneider) Rochester MO in 1865. Terry Miller (Jun 25, 2000)
    I would like to find information on my GG Grandfather, Sanuel Henry Miller. Samuel was born on Nov 7, 1936 in Fayette county, OH. He married Catharine Schneider on March 7, 1856. Samuel died on August 14, 1865 in Rochester Mo at the age of 28. Catherine remarried jGottlieb Segesmann in 1867. Catherine died on August 30, 1910 in Amazonia, Andrew County, MO at 70 years of age. I just started my search and would appreciate any help or advise anyone could give me.

  • MILLER (John Samuel Miller and Elise Egger) Amazonia, Andrew County, MO in 1859. Terry Miller (Jun 25, 2000)
    I would like information on my G Grandfather, John Samuel Miller. John was born Jan 15, 1859 in Rochester Mo. He married Elise Egger in Amazonia MO on Feb 14, 1884. John died on Sept 23, 1938 in Amazonia at 79 years of age. I just started my search and would appreciate any help or advise anyone could give me. Thanks.

  • BRADEN (DAVID B. and STELLIE G. WALLER) FILLMORE. Edwin D. Campbell (Jun 29, 2000)
    THEY LIVED IN FILLMORE TOWN UNTIL THE MIDDLE 1930s. I believe they came from Macedonia, Iowa.

  • JOHNSON (Samuel R.M. & Mary Jane "Mollie" CALDWELL) Flag Springs, Empire Twp. Twila Beck (Jul 20, 2000)
    NOTE: Change of E-Mail address on queries:
    Old was
    new dated 20 July 2000--

  • REID (Peter Milia, Emrett JOHNSON) Flag Springs, Empire Twp. Twila Beck (Jul 20, 2000)
    NOTE: Change of E-Mail address in Query: Old was
    new dated 20 July 2000--

  • SPICER (Jabe William & Laura Davidson) Fillmore 1878 -1929. Macie Wolfe (Jul 23, 2000)
    I'm looking for the names of Laura M Davidson's Parents and any information about her family. She was born in 1882 and died in 1929. She is buried in the Fillmore Cemetery.

  • PHILLIPS (James P. wife unknown) 1850. Frances L. Munguia (Aug 10, 2000)
    James P. Phillips, b.abt 1795 in VA.shows up in the 1850 Andrew Co. census with children William, Andrew, Joseph and John. John was b.abt 1818-28 in Ky. He married Martha(Matilda)? Agee and a Sarah. My family descended through his son, Douglass. Between John's 2 wives about 15 children were born. I would love to hear from any descendents. Will exchange information. Besides Agee, other links are Pattersons and Halls, all of Andrew and Holt cos. Thank you.

  • BAHR; COOK; McALROY & SMITH () . Ann (Van Fossan) Lacy (Aug 14, 2000)
    I have come across several 1850-1885 Andrew Co. land records with the following names: Henry & Martha 'Mattie'(Castle?) BAHR; Thomas G.; John, Louiseanna, Sarah E. or Susan E. COOK; A. J. McALROY; and Eliza J. SMITH. Perhaps they're a piece to your puzzle?

  • COTTRELL (ELLIS & ANN (IE) HIBBARD) 1898 - 1930. Deana E (Aug 16, 2000)

  • SCHUNK (LOUISE K. or C.) Lower Neely Grove area, near Rosendale. Sarah L. Shankland (Aug 27, 2000)
    I'm trying to find out what happened to Louise - she died young (1925, age 34) but no information about her is known in my family. She was the only child of Helene (Wilhelm) and Jacob Schunk, and may have married a Harry Anderson of that area.

  • WILLIAMS (George Washington & Cynthia (maiden name unknown)) Benton township; 1880. Rea Ann Trotter (Sep 8, 2000)
    WILLIAMS George Washington(b. 11 Jan. 1852 IND) mar. (1) Cynthia (mn unk) and had two children: Perry (b. 1885/86) and Bertie (dau. b. 1878/79) Wife dies by 1883. George marries March 8, 1883 in Carter co., MO (2) to Mary Ellen (Grindstaff- maiden name) Baker. They were married in Carter county. Their children included: Daniel Elija, b. 1883; Ruth Ellen, b. 1886; Andrew Jack, b. 1887; Lilly, b. 1889; Jesse Rubin, b. 1890; Quilissa, b. 1892; Lon Thomas, b. 1894, Charles Watson, b. 1896. All the children were born in Oregon co., MO. George Washington WILLIAMS may have had four brothers one may be named Jesse. 1880 Andrew co. census shows a James WILLIAMS b. IND living in Rochester twp. Any relation? George's father's thought to be either Daniel, or Thomas. George's mother's maiden name may be McDonald.

  • PATTERSON (William G. and Melissa Jane HALL) Nodaway Twp/Lincoln Twp. 1860/1870. Lucy Phillips (Sep 17, 2000)
    Melissa Jane was the daughter of James and Celia Hall, the Children of Melissa and William were:
    Lucinda, Eliza J., Martha A., Ellen, Mary Frances, who married Douglass PHILLIPS, William, Julius, Warner, who married Florence MELTON; Rosa, James, Lily and Anna.

    I would appreciate any info on any PATTERSONs or PHILLIPS. James P. Phillips, first showed up in the 1850 census for Andrew Co. and disapeared after that. Where did he go? or did he die in Andrew Co.? Some of his sons stayed and lived there. My mother, b.8-31-1913 to 5-13-1999, Blanche Irene Phillips was born there. I would appreciate any info. Thnks.

  • KING (William Tilson and Cynthia Tilford King) grandmother, of children of Cynthia King buried in Dailey Cemetery. Ann (Sep 20, 2000)
    Cynthia Tilford King Tilson disappeared after 1850. She married first, in Clay Co. Abil King s/o John and Rebecca(Rainey) King. I have information that he died in 1847 but where? A daughter, Martha Jane King(born in Whitsell, is buried in Ravalli Co., Montana. Mother Cynthia married 2nd to William Tilson. on Dec. 5, 1850 in Andrew Co.





  • LANDESS (Daniel and Catherine LANTZ/LANCE) Clay Township. Sharon M. Bledsoe (Oct 10, 2000)
    Looking for information on the parents of Catherine Lance/Lantz and her family:
    Daniel Landess was born 1813 in KY and died 4 Nov 1885 in Andrew Co., MO.

    He married Catherine Lantz/Lance on 15 Jul 1839 in Highland Co Ohio. Catherine was born ca 1819 in Ohio and died 31 Jul 1886 in Andrew Co., MO. Daniel and Catherine were buried in Wardlow Cemetry Andrew Co., MO.

    They had the following children:

    1. William Landess born CA 1840
    2. John Allen Landess born 16 Mar 1843 died 14 Nov 1920 Johnson Co., MO m Lovinia J. Bowman in Wayne Co., IN 4 Mar 1863
    3. George Washington Landess born 5 Sep 1844 died 28 Mar 1863 Highland Co., OH
    4. Isaac Landess born ca 1846
    5. David P. Landess born ca 1849
    6. Mary S. Landess born ca 1854 m John Q. Hatfield in Saline Co., MO 3 Aug 1876
    7. Lydia Ann Landess bonr 10 Mar 1855 d 2 Nov 1888 Andrew Co. MO. m Joseph Wardlow in Andrew Co., MO 25 Apr 1875
    8. Henry Levi Landess 28 Oct 1857 d 23 Mar 1942 Andrew Co., MO m Nancy Narcissus Burie 29 Sep 1878 MO
    9. Ida Mae Landess born ca 1858
    10. Rebecca Jane Landess born May 1861 died 12 Mar 1931 Andrew Co., MO m Charles Elmer Collins 22 Jun 1880 Andrew Co., MO

    All children were born in Highland Co., Ohio

    Would like to share info with anyone researching the above family.

  • DURANT-FOX-SNEED-SNEAD-MAUGHMER-KELLY-HUG-PARKER-McGLOTHLIN/McLAUGHLIN-ROWLEY (Sovereign Durant and Altha Sneed/Snead) Around Cosby, MO. about 1870 . Kathy Eaton (Oct 10, 2000)
    I'm looking for any one that is connected to this family I been researching the Sneed/Snead girls. Altha, Mary, and Margaret Sneed/Snead. They came from Maryland around 1844 and settled in Andrew County. Mary Snead married Charles McGlothlin in 1845 in Dekalb, MO. Margaret Sneed married Lewis Rowley in 1851 in Andrew Co., MO. Altha Snead married Sovereign Durant in 1850 in Andrew Co., MO. Anything on these names would be greatly appreciated.

  • GEARY (Tom ) Savannah, circa 1873. Richard (Oct 16, 2000)
    looking for daughter of Tom Geary, Rachael Ann or Anna b.2-21-1873 Savannah, MO

  • HOFFELMEYER (Henry/Heinrichs and Wilhimena Fraking) Just north of St.Joseph,Mo in Andrew Co.. Tracy (Oct 16, 2000)
    Looking for infromation on the Hoffelmeyer family whom lived in andrew Co in the late 1800 (about 1870).henry had two brothers William and August.August is buried in green Cemetry,andrew Co.,Mo.

  • JENNINGS (Jake and Ida Gelvin) St. Joseph. Brenda (Oct 17, 2000)
    Does anyone know information on the Jennings family. I believe Jake ran or owned a gas station in St. Joseph. I know at one time Jake owned a series of taverns. Jake was the son of Thomas J. Jennings and Elizabeth Hazel "Settles" Jennings, he had the following siblings: Jeff Jennings, John Jennings, James Tillman Jennings, Hester Jennings (Howard, Moats), Julia Jennings (Sherlock, Andrews), Lulu Jennings (Leigh, Henderson). In parenthesis is their married names. If anyone knows information or is kin to any of the Jennings please let me know. If anyone has any information or obituary's on Jake Jennings, he died in the 1960's. to 1970. I think 1960's. If anyone knows of the business they owned or knew anything of his siblings and their children please let me know. Thank you.

  • CALDWELL (HARRY). (Oct 19, 2000)

  • GEE (Edwin & Rachael Thrailkill) . Kim Campbell (Oct 22, 2000)
    My great great grandparents, Edwin and Rachael Gee were from Andrew Co. possibly from the township of Savannah. They were were married on 27 October 1867 in Andrew Missouri. Rachael was born on 20 December 1849 in Andrew Mo. They moved to Oklahoma Territory before the OK Land run and settled in Kingfisher, OK. If anyone knows or has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • WOODRESS (William O. and wife, Eleanor HOBACK, also Albert Woodress and wife, Cynthia KELLY) Savannah. Polly A. Woodress (Oct 24, 2000)
    Looking for information of a steamboat named SALUDA which exploded in 1852 and killed a number of people. Family oral history says William and Eleanor Woodress, along with additional family members, were on board the boat and were killed. They did have young children that survived. Is there list of people who died in the explosion? Is there information of the explosion? Also, William's son, Albert Woodress, along with wife, Cynthia, are said to have settled in Andrew County, Mo. Albert died there about 1880 and is buried near Savannah. Any information on these families will be appreciated.

  • KEELEY (Daniel Webster Cook and Viola Ganetta Hall) Savannah late 1800's early 1900's. Jacque (Oct 24, 2000)
    I am seeking info on descendants of John Wesley Keeley; 3 sons, John Wesley, Jr.; George m Eliza Reichen 1897, St. Joe-daughter Lavada; Daniel m Viola -2 sons, Louis & Johnny-5 daughters, Emma Ganetta (Marshall)-daughter Viola (Allen/Dew) (son Ernest Billings Allen b 1923 St. Joe); Mary (Parker/Smith)-daughter Gertrude Parker (Cranor) b Savannah (son Robert Cranor)-son Walter Webster Smith b St. Joe-2 sons (Walter and Robert) daughter (Janel (Guilette)-2 sons (Randy and Randall Bruce)-daughter Carmen-(daughter Casey); Elizabeth (Crouch); Nancy m Lou Milburn-5 children; Martha. Emma Keeley (Copenhaver) 2 daughters Edna/Gertrude; Elizabeth Keeley.

  • TRAPP (William R. and Mary Ann GARNER) Filmore, from 1840's on.. Robert Arthur Trapp (Oct 29, 2000)
    Does anyone have proof of what the "R" in William R. stands for? Willing to trade information on descendants.

    Also have information on NAVE's, ALLISON's, MESSICK's and LINVILLE's
    Bob Trapp
    4th g-grandson of William R. Trapp

  • BEELER (Charles and Martha) Charles died in Andrew Co. March 11, 1862. Diane Dolan (Oct 29, 2000)
    I am looking for info on this family. Any help would be appreciated

    I am looking for all the information I can get on the KIRTLEY FAMILY. JAMES G. KIRTLEY was my GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER. He was born in 1828 and he MARRIED in 1864. I would like to find out who his PARENTS WERE and any BROTHERS and SISTERS Are.

  • PETREE (J.A.---Sarah Yenglin) Ray--Rea. Marv Yenglin (Nov 9, 2000)
    Looking for info. regarding the marriage of a J.A. Petree and a Sarah Yenglin. Married July 9, 1885. Would appreciate any info. Thanks, Marv.

  • BLANKENSHIP (Coleman Hargrove and Margaret Ragal) 1840-1900. Norma Jean (Nov 11, 2000)

  • BALDWIN (Isaac and ?) Caneron City 1830. (Nov 15, 2000)
    I am trying to trace ISAAC BALDWIN who was my great great great grandfather. He had a daughter BETTIE BALDWIN and she married ANDREW OR ANDERSON CAMERON. They had a daughter LUCINDA CAMERON and she married JOHN WOOD HANAWAY January 19,1854. ISAAC BALDWIN lived in Cameron City, 1830 If anyone has information about these folks you may contact me at my e-mail address.

  • HUFFMAN (Samuel,Miranda Boswelldie ) died in Savannah. Rev. Samuel Huffman. Jimmie Huffman (Nov 21, 2000)
    Rev. Samuel Huffman moved to Mo. about 1840. The Huffman Methodist Church in St. Joseph was named after him. Looking for all his children. He had 6 sons and 3 daughters.

  • HENSHAW (John and Eva Harris Henshaw) Savannah, MO. Christine Tiedt (Nov 21, 2000)
    I would like to know where in Savannah they are buried and the birth and death dates of each. Thank you

  • COX (Alfred) town of Empire, 1880 census. Nancy Cox-Misenheimer (Nov 28, 2000)
    Alfred COX was born in 1831 and had no wife on the 1880 Empire,Andrew county census. His children: Charles b.1859;Francis b.1857 William b.1862; George R. b.1866; John N. b.1869;and Nancy b.1871. Would like to have any information on this family to see if they emigrated to Howell Co. Mo. in 1883. Thank you.

  • MOORE (Burton Lewallen) . David Moore (Dec 23, 2000)
    Needing any information concerning Burton Lewallen Moore b 22Aug1833 d 12Jul1912 MO. Married to Unknown in Andrew Co. MO

  • WARDLOW (John, Elizabeth LANCE) Fillmore area. Nancy Wardlow Post (Nov 12, 2000 & Jan 3, 2001)
    Have over 3,000 family members of John and Elizabeth. Happy to share. This is a change of e-mail address to what is already in the list.

  • MOONEY (Israel Sarah E. Morrison) . Karen Price (Jan 3, 2001)
    Looking for any information on Israel Mooney married Sarah 30 Nov. 1854 in Andrew County. Also found another marriage to Mary Jane Garrett 22 July 1852.

  • KELLY (John William and Margaret Jane Richards) Nodaway in 1869. Freeman Grover (Jan 8, 2001)
    By my records, the family of John William Kelly and his wife, Margaret Jane Richards, lived in Nodaway, Andrew Co., Missouri, in 1869. They had a daughter, Mary Ann Kelly, born December 3, 1869. I have been unable to confirm this information and would like to know if anyone knows of this family and can confirm. Freeman

  • TEASLEY (Thomas and Eliza Jane Grimes) In Savannah and Nodaway before 1850. Theresa Rogerson (Jan 8, 2001)
    Thomas Teasley died in Andrew County, Missouri in August of 1850. I think they were in Nodaway at the time, but am not sure. He was in the Mexican War and came home in 1848. I would like to know what he died from and also if John Ren who lived there also was his brother-in-law. Was John Ren's wife also a Grimes, as was Thomas's wife. Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated. Theresa Rogerson

  • LANCE (DOYLE,SR, GRACE?) Fillmore/Savannah. Culbertson,L (Jan 15, 2001)
    Looking for any connection between this Lance family and the Lonnie Lance born 12-10-1897 died 11-1972. Also any and all other relatives of Doyle Lance Sr. I know of those living in the area NOW, but would like brothers, sisters of either of these men.

  • KENNISON (Davis and Mary (maiden name may be Taylor)) 1850- Twp. unknown 1860- Town of Fillmore. Pat Gilbert (Jan 16, 2001)
    Davis and Mary children: Sarah, Ann, Mary, Caroline, Alverda, William

  • BERGER (Frederich(k) Fritz Berger & Ella (Ellen) Brumley) Jeannine Burks (Jan 19, 2001)
    Frederich(k) Fritz is believed to have been born in Prussia (1844-1917) & Ella(Ellen)Brumley?(1849-1921) believed origonally from Pulaski County, MO. They were tho't to have married/lived in Gasconade County & they are buried in Berger Family Cemetery, Saline County, MO. They had 8 children who are buried in Gilliam & Slater, Saline County, MO, named Herman, Harry, Michael, Mina, Louise, Bertha, Florinda & Matilda Ellen (my husband's mother). Any info abt the above ore their parents/siblings, would be most appreciated. Please reply to Thanx, Jeannine & Hansel Burks

  • KEELEY (Daniel Webster Cook/Viola Ganetta Hall) Savannah late 1800's. Jacque Blotz (Jan 21, 2001)
    I am looking for descendants of my Grt. Grandfather John Wesley Keeley. He fought in the Civil War and was discharged in St. Joseph in 1865. My Grandfather George Keeley was one of five children: others included Daniel, John Wesley, Jr., Emma (Copenhaver) and Elizabeth. Any info would be greatly appreciated and I have info to share John, Jr. and Daniel's families.

  • WOODRESS, WOODRIS, WOODRUFS (William and Eleanor Hoback) Rochester Township, Andrew County, Mo.. Polly (Jan 28, 2001)
    William O. and Eleanor Hoback Woodress (Woodris, Woodrufs)last known whereabouts was Rochester, Missouri in 1856. Are there events or sickness that would have killed many people in this area, at this time? Where would one expect the family to be buried, if they died in this area, around this time? William O. Woodress had son, Albert, that was indentured in 1856 to Jacob Gunn of Davies County, Mo., to learn farming from the age of 11 to 18 years. Albert remained in the area after indenture was over because he married Cynthia Ann Kelly on Nov. 24, 1876 in Savannah, Andrews County, Mo. Albert and Cynthia Woodress had, at least, one son, named Harley T. Woodress who lived in Oklahoma City, OK in 1940. Any information will be appreciated, but especially interested in what happened to William and Eleanor Woodress. Thanks.

  • LESTER (James Henry and Nancy E. HENDERSON) Flag Springs, ~1873-1940. Dean Mertz (Feb 4, 2001)
    Trying to find out where in Virginia (or possibly a part of Virginia which is now in West Virginia) James Henry LESTER was born on 20-Feb-1847.
    James Henry LESTER b. 20-Feb-1847 in Virginia, d. 30-May-1900 Flag Springs, MO.
    Nancy E. HENDERSON b. 26-Dec-1849 near Zanesville, OH, d. 13-Jan-1940 Savannah, MO
    Their children were: 
    William John (b. 22-Oct-1874, d. 18-Sep-1938)
    Verda M. (b. 20-Oct-1875, d. 29-Mar-1954, m. BROWN)
    Obediance "Bid or Biddy" (b. 3-Jul-1877, d. 12-Nov-1963, m. DAVIS)
    Eliza J. (b. 24-May-1879, d. 19-Dec-1913,  m. VANFOSSEN)
    Ora (b. 20-Feb-1885, d. 8-Aug-1885)
    Dora (b. 20-Feb-1885, d. 28-Aug-1885)
    David S. (b. 26-Nov-1881, d. 24-Apr-1937)
    Craig V. (b. 17-Aug-1890, d. 23-Jul-1956)
    Cora L. (b. 18-Apr-1887, d. Oct 1977, m. SHORES)

    Trying to find James H. LESTER's birthplace in Virginia (which could also now be in West Virginia).

  • SMITH/SCHMITT (Wilhelm Smith 1(Nancy Holtland (2Mrs Elizabeth Lininger) North of Savannah. Kathy Frick (Feb 4, 2001)
    Wilhelm Smith died 15 Dec 1894, buried in Savannah Cem. Would like to correspond with any descendants of this family. Thank you

  • ERB (John and Emma Owsley ) She in Fillmore or close to Savannah, about 1860-70. Patricia Erb-Hunt (Feb 8, 2001)
    Trying to locate any of the Erb and/or Owsley families.

  • FIXLEY. Marty Crull (Feb 8, 2001)
    Looking for the Fixley descendants of the Crull and Bennett families of Scioto County, Ohio

  • BOWLIN (Chester A. and Dora REILEY (or var)) COSBY AREA 1926 THE RAYMOND FAMILY FORUM. shari leigh phillippie bowlin raymond (Feb 10, 2001)
    CHESTER A. BOWLIN is my step-grandfather, his wife, DORA REILLY (or a variation of that spelling) their son is CHARLES CHESTER, (twins) daughter, DORA LOU BOWLIN, born January 8,1926. Dora Reilly Bowlin was a school teacher, retired at marriage. CHESTER A. BOWLIN, was a business man. He owned or was partner in a creamery, the first chevy dealership in the area, and the local ALLIS CHALMER farm equipment business. The lived in somewhat of an opulant manner, owning a very large white house on a hill near COSBY, sporting its own croquet court. I cannot believe there is no record of these businesses or CHESTER A. He was also Mayor of Cosby along with a man by the name of Bunz, I cannot find any record of him either, sometime around 1926. PLEASE search your files and if you find any records of this family, please let me know. This is an interesting family and I have more information, including a beautiful family portrait that I will share upon request.
    (posted with a different email address Feb 25, 2001: shari leigh phillippie bowlin raymond (Feb 25, 2001)
    I am searching for CHESTER A. BOWLIN(g) from Andrew Co MO. I do not know his date of birth, father's, mother's name. I do know he lived in Cosby Andrew Co MO during 1926-1928. He was married to DORA REILLY(spelling could be different). The had twins, CHARLES CHESTER and DORA LOU. My step-father, CHARLES CHESTER BOWLIN says that their roots are german. They lived in a big white house in or near Cosby. CHESTER A. was at one time Mayor of Cosby along with a man named BUNZ. CHESTER A. owned or was partners in a creamery, the first Chevy dealership in the area, and an Allis Chalmer dealership. He should not be difficult to find in the Cosby records, yet I haven't found a hint. My father said their home was beautiful and they did a lot of intertaining. He said it sported it's own croquet court. When the children were 2 years old ole CHESTER liquidated his funds and left his family. Grandma DORA was, previous to marriage, a school teacher, but in 1928- there were no jobs for teachers. She gave up her home and moved to St Jo MO where she took in washing and ironing to raise her children. The story is from here that CHESTER A looked them up in St Jo and my father being 12 and angry about the hardship that he had caused his mother, shut the door on him. He was suposedly a police man in California. I do not know if that was the state or the town in MO. I think he must have changed his name. We do know the BOWLINS had relatives in the State of California. CHESTER had a sister whom, it is said was in fragile health. I have a wonderful picture of the three of them dressed in their finery for a family portrait. It is a beautiful picture that I would be happy to share. CHARLES CHESTER went to work full time at night in 1938 he was only 12, and went to school during the day to support his mother and twin sister. Grandma BOWLIN never remarried and CHARLES CHESTER provided for her until her death. This is all I know about this family. If you have any knowledge about ole CHESTER or his parents, birthdates, birthplace etc, please contact me

  • ELLIOTT (Maverell TOWNSEND) TWSP 59, 60N R 35w. Sandy Ranier (Feb 14, 2001)
    Maverell Matteson or M.M. ELLIOTT and his wife Elizabeth TOWNSEND lived in TWSP 59, 60N R 35 W on land located next to Road C and highway 187. They donated land for the church on Road C for a church I belive to be called Mt. Vernon Babtist Church. Does anybody have any further info. on this church or can help me with my ELLIOTTS and TOWNSENDS there? Elizabeth had many brothers living in the same area and on adjacent land. I have census and cemetary information already. Thanks

  • OWSLEY? (John and Emily Jane Owsley) lived around Fillmore and Grand River area. Patricia Hunt (Feb 17, 2001)
    If you have any information at all, I would appreciate hearing from you Thanks,

  • GREGORY (Robert and Josephine ?) probably from around 1883 to after 1900 Candace Gregory (Feb 22, 2001)
    Robert GREGORY (b1854 Lewis Co., MO) and his family are shown on the 1900 Andrew Co., census. I am out of Robert's brother, Alexander and wish to share information.
    1  	Josephine ?	- 1900
    		+Robert Gregory	1854 - 1900
            2  	Peonly Gregory	1883 -
            2  	He? Gregory	1885 -
            2  	Robert L. Gregory 1888 -
            2  	Myrtle L. Gregory 1890 -
            2  	George Gregory	1891 -
            2  	Cleveland Gregory 1894 -
            2  	Charley Gregory	1896 -
            2  	Perry Gregory	1897 -
            2  	Ruth Gregory	1897 -
            2  	Infant Gregory	1900 -
            2  	? Gregory	
            2  	? Gregory	

  • WITHROW (Andrew and Mary BRIGGS) Whitesville. Robbie Foster (Mar 4, 2001)
    Looking for information on Mary Malissa BRIGGS or children of Andrew Jackson Withrow: William Henry who married Letitia Whitaker, Nancy Nebraska who married Martin Holtsclaw, Buell who married Elvira Agee, and others

  • SCHOONOVER (John, Mary HAMILTON) Nodaway. Bob Schoonover (Mar 5, 2001)
    John Wesley SCHOONOVER married Mary Jane Letitia HAMILTON in 1857 in Illinois and moved to Missouri after 1871. Their children: Henrietta, Benjamin, Eudala, Anthony, Sidney, Sylvester, Columbus, Camilla and Carrie. I am interested in any information on John and his wife Mary, especially their death dates or tombstone inscriptions. John died in Nodaway, Andrew Co., MO and his wife Mary Jane died in Oregon, Holt Co., MO.
    Please contact Bob Schoonover at:

  • WEEKLY (William & Sarah JUDD) Amazonia area (farm on Dillon creek) 1867-1868. Gary Weekly (Mar 16, 2001)
    Any information on WILLIAM WEEKLY-married Sarah Judd 1863 ST Joe. Farmer on Dillon creek south of Amazonia. 1868 Wm. shot near Flemings grocery on 2nd st. by a Warfield. William taken into Baker's saloon with a wound in the neck-he died a week later.

    Sarah married Wm Yaryan(he died) she married Wm Walker, moved to Wathena,Ks.
    Son John married Carrie Schoonover 1889 in St Joe.
    He was foreman on Missouri Pacific R/R in Brown/Doniphan Co. Ks.

    Unable to find WILLIAM'S parents or where he came from-where he is buried!! Any help greatly appreciated.

  • BENSON (FRANCES "FANNIE" BENSON) St. Joseph. Keri (Mar 20, 2001)
    I am looking for information on the Benson family. All I know is Frances BENSON was born in St Joseph, MO around 1850, give or take a few years. Her father was William Benson according to oral tradition. He is said to have owned land in TN that later became the Milky Way Farms. The BENSONS are of Norweigan decent. Fannie BENSON married Issac STONE in TN in 1870, the whole BENSON family may have moved to TN. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • POTTS (William Henry - Rachel Killian) Approx. 1885-1895 Rachel died in 1895. Patricia Tanner (Mar 20, 2001)
    Would appreciate any info on this family They lived in Bolckow Andrew Co. Rachel was a second wife. They had 6 children Jesse married a girl by the name of Orpha Dugan.

  • WILLIAMS (John Henry and Elizabeth Sparks) Near Savannah- 1852 -1886. Curtis Roberts (Mar 22, 2001)
    Searching for descendants of Sparks and Williams. John Henry and Elizabeth (Sparks) Williams had 3 daughters, Etta, Belle,(married a Steve Etchison) and Martha Elma, married to Dall Roberts.

  • ELLEDGE;ELEDGE (Absolam and Mary McBryan) Lincoln Township. Tammy Eledge (Mar 23, 2001)
    If anyone has any information on Absolam Elledge / Eledge and Mary McBryan Eledge who lived in Lincoln Township Andrew County Missouri between the years of 1850 and 1900 please email at If you need more info please let me know.
    Thank You
    Tammy Eledge

  • KIRTLEY (William Larkin and Sarah Lewis) Savannah, to 1900. Wayne Kirtley (Mar 25, 2001)
    I am looking for information on the parents of William Larkin Kirtley. I believe he might be a nephew of Larkin. He lived in Savannah in the late 1800's. He was maried to Sarah Lewis. They had five sons, probably all born in Savannah.He was born in 1847 in Kentucky Thanks

  • HECTOR (William; Mary Smith) Rochester Township about 1870 - 1900. Marilyn Hector (Mar 27, 2001)
    I am looking for information about William's parents. I believe his father may have been Charles Hector, born in Ohio, but I am not certain. Thanks for any help!


  • WYATT (Frederick M. and Sarah Davidson) Migrated from Tennesse to a farm in the Savannah, Missouri area in 1838. Jane Lundy Brett (Apr 8, 2001)
    Seeking Wyatt genealogical information. Children of Frederick and Sarah are: Prob. Granville, David, Cynthia, Susan, William, John, Francis, James, and Joseph.

  • MOORE (Burton). David Moore (Apr 13, 2001)
    Looking for any information n Burton Lewallen Moore b 22Aug1833 Anderson Co., TN d 12Jul1912 MO. Supposedly marred in Andrews Co. MO.

  • KIMBERLIN (Anna) Married in Andrew Co., MO 1843. Carol A. LaPorte (Apr 27, 2001)
    Anna Kimberlin married Allan W. Hobson in Andrew Co., MO in November 1843. I would like to find out who Anna's parents were, and her siblings. Anna was born in VA about 1820.

  • GREGORY (Robert and Josephine ?). Candace Gregory (May 5, 2001)
    Robert GREGORY was born 1-25-1954 in Lewis Co., MO and died 1-20-1934 in Buchanan Co., MO. His death certificate says he was buried in Savannah, MO on 1-22-1934. His wife is listed as Josephine.

    Does anyone know of a newspaper that may have been around at his death in order to get an obit? Also, any ideas on the cemetery where he might have been buried in Savannah? I am not familiar with this county and appreciate anyone's help in pointing me in the right direction.

  • DOWNING (Noah). ava powell (May 21, 2001)
    Looking for family of Noah Washington Downing b 28 jul 1846 ,md Margaret Elizabeth Copple b 1850 Nodaway co mo

  • GARNER (JAMES _first wife unknown - second wife REBECCA) abt 1830 to 1870. Ellen Neill (May 29, 2001)
    Looking for any information about any descendents of James Garner. James possibly from Pennsylvania. Children of James and first wife were: Pleasant; James Jasper; twins Thomas and William; twins Daniel and Sara, born 8/25/1840; Gerrifita. Gerrifita (f) shown as 1 and 1/2 years old in 1850. New marriage of the elder James Garner to Rebecca ? in 1850. Of these children I have some information of Daniel W. He was married twice without children and then married Mary Ann clark in Holt county Missouri in 1868. Their children were William Jasper; Foushee Nathan; James Henry. These 3 all later moved with their father and raised families in Pawnee, OK. Daniel and Mary Ann had three other sons who died as infants and are buried in Holt Co, MO. They are Alexander, Daniel and Surreldy. After the death of Mary Ann, Daniel W. moved to Kansas and Married Annie Brown on 12/15/1886. Daniel and Annie participated in the Oklahoma Land Run and moved to Pawnee, OK. Children of Daniel and Annie were: Mary Ettie; George Link; Clark Dudley; Lee Bennett; Stella; Ella; Pearl. Daniel W. died in 1917 in Pawnee, OK and is buried in the Masham Cemetery, north of Pawnee.

    I am a greatgranddaughter of Daniel W. and am looking for information for any of the other family members listed above.

  • REILEY (Calvin andLou Jeffries) they lived there between 180-1950. Shari Raymond (May 30, 2001)
    Calvin and Lou Jeffries Reiley were the parents of my step grandmother, Dora Reiley Bowlin, wife of Chester A Bowlin and mother of Charles Chester and Dora Lou Bowlin, twins born in 1928. Dora Lou was born in Cosby area and the twins were born there also. I am told Chester A was Born in Jackson Co MO. They were married Oct 1911. I have a copy of the marriage certificate. My mother has the original and I have a wonderful picture of Dora and Chester and I am told the woman seated in the picture was a sister of Chester A. who was frail and died fairly young.

  • SLUSHER (Eli W. and Nancy Jane Brown) Savannah, Missouri. Ellen Bugs (Jun 11, 2001)
    Eli W. is the son of William L. (John) SLUSHER who died in Savannah, MO in 1888. Eli apparently had lived in the area earlier in that decade. Eli and Nancy Jane BROWN had several children born in Missouri too, but I don't know where. William L. (John) SLUSHER was survived by a wife, Nancy, but I don't know anything else about her.

  • BARNES (AARON, LOIS) Jackson Township. Jean Jennings (Jun 13, 2001)
    Two children born there in Jackson Township, Andrew County, Missouri,
    Census 1870
    William Finney b. March 1868
    Cyrus b. October
    received this information from a "cousin"
    any help--Please
    Jean (Barnes) Jennings
    Amarillo, TX  

  • SULLIVAN (D. P.. SULLIVAN) St. Joseph. candace gregory (Jun 17, 2001)
    Mrs. D. P. SULLIVAN is listed on Robert GREGORY's obituary as a surviving daughter in 1934. I would love to make contact with any ancestors to share information.

  • JACKSON (R. JACKSON, GREGORY) St. Joseph. candace gregory (Jun 17, 2001)
    Mrs. R. JACKSON is listed on Robert GREGORY's obituary as a surviving daughter in 1934 living in St. Joseph. I would love to make contact with any ancestors to share information.

  • SWARTZ (Lynn SWARTZ, GREGORY) St. Joseph. candace gregory (Jun 17, 2001)
    Mrs. Lynn SWARTZ is listed on Robert GREGORY's obituary as a surviving daughter in 1934 living in St. Joseph. I would love to make contact with any ancestors to share information.

  • DAVIS (W. W. DAVIS, GREGORY) St. Joseph. candace gregory (Jun 17, 2001)
    Mrs. W. W. DAVIS is listed on Robert GREGORY's obituary as a surviving daughter in 1934 living in St. Joseph. I would love to make contact with any ancestors to share information.

  • GREGORY (O. C. GREGORY, Robert GREGORY and Perry Oren GREGORY) St. Joseph. candace gregory (Jun 17, 2001)
    O. C., Robert and Perry Oren GREGORY are listed on Robert GREGORY's obituary as a surviving sons in 1934 living in St. Joseph. I would love to make contact with any ancestors to share information.

    My grgrandfather was Finis Ewing Jeffers married to LuEmma Cunningham. He was born in 1862 in Andrew Co., MO. Father was Samuel Jefferson Jeffers. Mother was Elizabeth Frances Miller. Siblings were Nancy, George, James, William, Virginia, Hiriam, Maude, Charles, Harvey, & Laura. Finis & LuEmma's children were Goldie (my grandmother), Roy, Sylvia, Mabel, & Eugene. I would like to find more information on this family.
    L. Evans

  • LAYTON (Mary (McCLAIN)) Nodaway township in 1900 on Census with dau. Elizabeth (Layton) ALLEN. Gayle Hathorne (Jul 16, 2001)
    I'm looking for my cousins descended from Mary (McCLAIN) LAYTON (1819-1909). She was b Fayette Co., PA to John and Keturah McCLAIN. She married a LAYTON ca 1840 there, and they had 3 children: Sarah b 1842, Elizabeth b ca 1944, Morgan Sisley LAYTON b 1846. On 1870 census Putnam Co., IL, Mary is living with son Morgan, daughter Elizabeth & husband John ALLEN nearby. By 1875 Kansas Census they are all living in Lincoln Co., KS. By 1885 they are gone from KS, probably in Andrew Co., MO. 1900 Andrew Co., MO census shows the ALLEN family, Elizabeth, John and son Edwin, with Elizabeth's mother, Mary LAYTON. Elizabeth died in 1901, Mary d in Andrew Co. in 1909. Other ALLEN children were Ida married William WALTON, and Samuel ALLEN. Ida's children were Ethel, Lilly and Rena WALTON, and one of them married a PENDLETON. Please email me if any of these names are familiar!

  • STOUT (thomas, elizabeth Home) west of Platte river--rochester twnship--1840-1880or longer. RobertaWinn (Jul 18, 2001)
    My ggrandfather was their son,he was born1835 in Boone Co.Ind.and came to Oregon early 1850's I need all the information onThomas and Elizabeth Stout and thier Children. Thank you.Roberta Winn

  • WYATT (Frederick and Sarah (Davidson)) Lived on a farm in Andrew County 1838-1890. Jane Brett (Aug 2, 2001)
    Seeking exchange of information regarding Frederick and Sarah and their lineage. Their children were David J., Cynthia A., Susan, William F., John F., Francis Marion, James Monroe, Joseph, and possibly a Granville.

  • COLE (Aaron and Mary HENNON) Fillmore. Robert D. Hennon (Aug 4, 2001)
    Seeking information on the whereabouts of descendants of Aaron COLE and Mary HENNON. The only information I have is that Aaron was the son of Samuel and Rachel Welsh COLE and Mary HENNON was daughter of James HENNON, Sr. Aaron died 29 Aug 1881 in Fillmore, Andrew County, Missouri. I would like to get in contact with the living relatives of this couple. Thanks

  • PERKINS (David K.). Dale Brown (Aug 28, 2001)

  • ROUNDS (CYRIL and CORA LEE CUNNINGHAM) St. Joseph, in 1920's. Rebecca Fegan (Oct 8, 2001)
    Looking for marriage information or birth information on their children: Cyril Ward Rounds (1920)or Tex Roselle Rounds



  • CARMICHAEL (George Okey) Lived in Savannah, Missouri in 1934. Janet Downing (Oct 20, 2001)
    George was born in Monroe County, Ohio in 1904 to John Woodman CARMICHAEL and Emma (HALL). He moved with his family to Guthrie Center,Iowa when he was 15 years of age. At the time of his father's death in 1934, George was living in Savannah, Missouri. I am looking for any information someone might have. I do not know when or where he died.

  • SHEPARD, SHEPHERD (W. E.) 1880, Empire twp. Diane Bender (Oct 21, 2001)
    Would like to ID the family of Shepherds, all single, living in Empire twp, Andrew Co. MO 1880: W. E., 34, MO/VA/KY; Martha E., 32, sister, MO/VA/KY; L.F., 26, bro, MO/VA/KY; J. V., male, cousin 26 MO/MO/KY; G. F., sister, 22 MO/VA/KY; C.A., sister, 20 MO/VA/KY; C.J., bro, 18 MO/VA/KY. Are they related to other Shepard families of Andrew Co., like Richard W. Shepard in Flag Springs?

  • PHILLIPS (John, wife Martha WOOD) lived in Whitesville, Andrew County. Ruby Bergman (Oct 28, 2001)
    Looking for information on John Phillips, b-1827 in Ky. m Martha Wood, Sarah Langley, Matilda Agee; children: Martha, Minnie, Edward Stephen, John, Andrew.

  • CLARDY (Michael and Sarah BATES) Near Amazonia. Vernal (Clardy) Lawnick (Nov 7, 2001)

  • KINSLE (KINZEL) (JAMES \ SARAH ATKINS) 1870 CENSUS in SAVANNAH, MO.. Robert Kinzel (Nov 18, 2001)
    Looking for any information on the family. They came to Mo. from Morgan Co. , Ohio. They were married in 1834.

  • ADELHART (William Ernest and Nellie Marie ROYSTON) Monroe Township. Alison Fuchs (Nov 26, 2001)
    Would like to share information regarding ADELHART and ROYSTON families. William Ernest ADELHART's parents also resided in Monroe Township in 1900. Frederick ADELHART, father of William Ernest fought in the Civil War with the 10th Kansas Volunteer Infantry.

  • ALLEN (John and Elizabeth McCLAIN) ca 185-1910. Gayle Hathorne (Nov 26, 2001)
    Looking for descendants of John and Elizabeth LAYTON ALLEN. Elizabeth's mother, Mary McCLAIN, also lived with them and is buried in Savannah. The family originated in Fayette Co., PA, moved to Putnam Co., IL by 1870, and moved to Lincoln Co., KS by 1873. They moved to Savannah, MO about 1885.