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Andrew County, Missouri Marriages
from Andrew County MOGenWeb
Marriage Records Index

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Husband Wife Married Contributed by
Isaac Kelly Nancy Hungate Aug.14,1843Lorine Lea
John R. Kelly Catherine Hartmon Oct.24,1869Lorine Lea
Charles W. Kelly Lulu S. Glick Oct.24,1912Lorine Lea
Jesse Kelly Margaret Blue Jan.28,1855Lorine Lea
Franklin Kelly Lydia D. Stephens May 9,1868Lorine Lea
Elijah Kelly Ella Durant Oct. 3,1883Lorine Lea
Thomas J. Kelly Sarah L. Gordon Apr.2,1874Lorine Lea
Andrew J. Kelly Mary Wagonblast Nov.15,1887Lorine Lea
Benjamin F. Kelly Rosalinn Schneider Aug.16,1887Lorine Lea
Harry E. Kelly Mary E. Hughes Dec.30,1915Lorine Lea
Carl M. Kelly Ethel McCarthy Dec.17,1919Lorine Lea
Anslem Kelly Ann Eliza Jones May 14,1865Lorine Lea
Anderw J.Kelly Lou Hettie Rose Feb.27,1893Lorine Lea
Horace G. Kelly Carry Glick Oct.22,1896Lorine Lea
George W. Kelly Myrtle Hayes Nov.22,1894Lorine Lea
Lincoln A. Kelly Miltilda J. Morehead Oct.31,1897Lorine Lea
Edward Kelly Hepsibah Dakin Apr.10,1848Lorine Lea
Thomas J. Kelly Sarah L. Gordon Apr.2,1874Lorine Lea
Andrew J. Brown Lydia Kelly Nov.18,1858Lorine Lea
Felix G. Brown Lydia Kelly Jan.3,1868Lorine Lea
Joseph S. Rennick Jr. Francis Kelly Apr.1,1866Lorine Lea
Albert K. Woodress Cynthia Ann Kelly Nov.24,1876Lorine Lea
William S. Crag Julia Kelly Oct.26.1865Lorine Lea
Franklin A. Miles Sarah F. Kelly Jul.20 ,1852Lorine Lea
Elisha Brown Elizabeth Kelly Oct, 9.1859Lorine Lea
Raphel Cook Emma E. Kelly May 18,1917Lorine Lea
Willis McKown Elizabeth Kelly Nov.22,1877Lorine Lea
Daniel Isenhouer Lucinda Jane Kelly Oct.8,1883Lorine Lea
Oren Heth Clark May Louise Kelly Jan.20,1909Lorine Lea
Andrew H. Campbell Louzena Kelly Jan.22,1863Lorine Lea
Fredrick T. Miller Christina Kelly Apr.17,1862Lorine Lea
Joseph H. Lyon Sarah Ann Kelly Feb.21,1867Lorine Lea
Louis C. Dixon Susan Kelly Feb.27,1879Lorine Lea
Christopher P. Lyon Eliza Kelly Dec. 5,1867Lorine Lea
John Thierstein Margaret Ann Kelly Apr.7,1897Lorine Lea
Joshua James George1. Eliza Bowman
2. Lucy Ann Burk
Nov 11 1852
Jan 1 1863
Nancy Sween (See more)
Jasper Winton RobisonSusan Hewittunknown Walter E. Strong
Jasper Winton RobisonSusan Louise HewittDecember 26, 1884 Walter E. Strong
John Quincy ADAMSThursa Jane KENTDecember 7, 1855 Abigail Adams Mabry
Campbell Ewing CHRISMANPhoebe FLANARY 2 April 1835Jan Kerrick McKee
Allen ColclasureNancy Huston21 November 1852 Tricia Colcleasure Carothers
James ETCHISONNancy BURGIN15 Aug 1844 Ron Etchison
Walter Dennis EtchisonMargaret Leora Kelsey24 Apr 1870 Ron Etchison
Issac Granville EtchisonMary Culick21 Feb 1868 Ron Etchison
John Riley EtchisonSarah Caroline Graves 30 Oct 1870Ron Etchison
Samuel C. CoffmanCorda "Cordie" Etchison 27 Feb 1898Ron Etchison
Thomas Benton EtchisonMary S. "Mollie" Devault6 Apr 1879 Ron Etchison
Thomas Benton EtchisonMaggie Elizabeth Moran19 Feb 1896 Ron Etchison
Clinton Wayne McBeathMargaret Elizabeth Brooks17 Oct 1881 Ron Etchison
Rieban BrantNannie McBeath4 Nov 1913 Ron Etchison
William SheltonEvaline Jones19 Jan. 1845 Lin Tull Cannell
Thomas Green FlaneryEmily Jane ChamberlainFebruary 28, 1850 Dennis Belcher
John Edward CarrollMargaret Elizabeth Smith26 Nov 1846 Don Conley (See more)
William B. RouseElizabeth BrantMay, 20, 1857Mike Forsberg
Walter HuffmanLeona1914-1916 Judith Van Meter
R.W. NeelyMary E. Neelyunknown Shril Neely-Culver-Lollar
Henry BalkaMary E. NeelyNovember 25, 1897 Shirl Neely-Culver-Lollar
George N. CastleElizabeth Morroe24 Nov. 1859Linda Waner
David F. SewellTabitha Massey (Massie)29 Oct. 1869Margaret Dean
F. A. Mc DowellMahala Massey23 Dec 1863Margaret Dean
Garman Frederick BrownSarah Ann Rich7 Dec 1869Frances Reynolds
Allen M. BakerElizabeth Yingst23 Dec 1851Doris Hopper Source: Andrew Co., Mo Marriage Records 1841-1856
George W. BakerElizabeth P. Holt11 Aug 1849Doris Hopper Source: Andrew County, MO Marriage Records 1841-1856
Henry HarmonSusan Baker of Nodaway Co., MO17 Jan 1854Doris Hopper Source: Andrew Co., MO Marriage Records 1841-1856
James EisimingerElizabeth Baker22 Jul 1849Doris Hopper Source: Monica Eshelman (great-great-grandniece)