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Andrew County, Missouri Marriages
from Andrew County MOGenWeb
Marriage Records Index
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Some People with Andrew County Ties Married in Other Counties
Submitted by Monica Schirmer Eshelman
Groom Bride Yr Married County
BARADA, Isador RIBERT, Martine 1846 Buchanan
BURRISS, Elijah GILMORE, Cynthia 1849 Buchanan
CARTER, Leroy D ALLWORD, Sarah A 1849 Buchanan
CHRISTY, James McRAY, Nancy 1845 Buchanan
DAVISON, James FURGESON, Elizabeth 1840 Buchanan
DSPAIN, Benjamin PICKERELL, Harriet 1848 Buchanan
ESTES, Littleberry WALLACE, Hannah 1850 Buchanan
FRAKER, Henry McDANIEL, Martha Ann 1849 Buchanan
FURGESON, William DIKE, Nancy 1839 Buchanan
GILKERSON, Samuel H CARTER, Ursula O 1849 Buchanan
GOODWIN, Edward Carl OGLE, Nancy Ann 1847 Buchanan
MIKELS, Henry McCOUN, Katharine 1846 Nodaway
MILLER, John W ROSS, Glioray 1849 Buchanan
MINER, Bartlett THERMAN, Ceressa Ann 1843 Buchanan
MUNKRIS, John GUINN, Jane 1844 Buchanan
NASH, George PISTOLE, Pizzetta 1846 Nodaway
OWENS, Henry SMITH, Drewsylla 1848 Nodaway
OWENS, William MARTIN, Nancy 1849 Nodaway
PARISH, Jesse SPOONEMOORE, Susan 1848 Nodaway
PARKER, Elish COPPLE, Christena 1846 Nodaway
PARKER, Stephen ALLOWAY, Susan Matilda 1849 Nodaway
PATTEN, Thomas CASH, Sarah 1850 Nodaway
PATTERSON, Henry COBB, Sinderalla 1840 Buchanan
PATTON, Joseph CASH, Elizabeth 1849 Buchanan
PICKERALL, Benjamin PICKERALL, Sarah 1842 Buchanan
POTTER, George WALKER HELFREY, Mary 1849 Nodaway
PRATER, Archibald ATKINSON, Rebecca 1845 Nodaway
PRICE, William A EARLS, Elizabeth 1840 Buchanan
RAY, G.B. HOUSE, Elizabeth 1850 Nodaway
RAY, William DUNKIN, Mary E 1850 Nodaway
REINHEART, Stephen D COCK, Sarah 1849 Nodaway
RHOADS, Absolam OHOWELL, Katherine 1848 Nodaway
RHODES, James STEVENS, Analina 1845 Buchanan
RHODES, John M ELLIOTT, Susanna 1844 Buchanan
ROSS, James JONES, Rachel 1846 Nodaway
ROSS, William MASON, Almira 1849 Nodaway
SHARP, John RICHMON, Mary Jane 1847 Nodaway
SHARP, Nicholas SHARP, Althena 1849 Nodaway
SHAW, Joseph TROSPER, Rachel 1849 Nodaway
SHEIVE, James L MYERS, Jane B 1848 Nodaway
SIZEMORE, Ephriam OWENS, Esther 1849 Nodaway
SMALL, Nathan DOWNEY, Margaret 1849 Nodaway
SMITH, Ganum MALOT, Sally Ann 1848 Nodaway
SMITH, John GOFORTH, Lucinda 1848 Nodaway
SMITH, Joseph COLEMAN, Ann 1850 Nodaway
SMITH, Medlaff BOWMAN, Nancy 1848 Nodaway
SMITH, Z YOUNG, Hannah 1847 Nodaway
SMOCK, Christopher PARRISH, Sarah 1847 Nodaway
SMOCK, James LYNVILLE, Martha 1846 Nodaway
STILL, James M SAUNDERS, Rahab M 1850 Nodaway
STINGLEY, Delma STINGLEY, Nancy Mariah 1847 Nodaway
STINGLEY, Moses MOON/ MOOR, Eliza 1846 Nodaway
STOCKTON, William BLAKELEY, Maryoline 1846 Nodaway
STONEBRAKER, David STAFFORD, Nancy 1847 Nodaway
STONEBRAKER, Joel FELPS, Mary 1849 Nodaway
STONEBRAKER, Joseph PHELPS, Phebe 1849 Nodaway
STONEBRAKER, Michael PRICE, Sarah Magdelane 1847 Nodaway
STONER, Jesse H TROSPER, Emily 1846 Nodaway
SULLIVAN, Pleasant HAYTER, Margaret 1849 Buchanan
SWEARENGEN, Henry STEPHENSON, Rhody Ann 1850 Nodaway
TANGBY, Mikel H PRICE, Judah 1850 Nodaway
TANNER, Benjamin R LOWE, Arabell A 1848 Nodaway
THOMAS, Micajah GREGG, Haniah 1849 Nodaway
THOMPSON, Hezekiah ROACH, Ruth 1850 Nodaway
THOMPSON, Moses WILSON, Diceann 1848 Nodaway
TICE, Alexander SNYDER, Elizabeth 1846 Nodaway
TICE, Thomas KILLGORE, Maryann 1846 Nodaway
TRUSTY, Ransom GASKILL, Sarah Ann 1846 Nodaway
TRUSTY, Ransom H LUSINGO, Mary Ann 1839 Buchanan
VAUGHN, James ADKINSON, Elizabeth 1846 Nodaway
VESTAL, Daniel SNELLING, Mary Jane 1839 Buchanan
VINSONHALAR, Dunkin McCAUBERLY, Elizabeth 1845 Nodaway
WEST, Johnson HOUSTON, Margaret P Rebecca1847 Nodaway