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Andrew County, Missouri Marriages, page 5
from Andrew County MOGenWeb

Marriage Records Index
You can add Andrew Co marriage data to this site.
Date:	9/16/2000 

I had to go to the courthouse yesterday to renew my license plates, so 
thought I'd make the most of the trip and rooted around through the marriage 
records again. I am going to list the latest marriages from that search. 
Hopefully someone can use the info.
1st Person 2nd Person Married Source
BOLES, Lillie B.GEORGE, Benjamin F. 27 Jul 1904Book 4, page 266
BURTNETT, Isadora CUNNINGHAM, Clement V. 26 Sept 1889 b. 2, p. 116
BURTNETT, James N. POWELL, Nellie G. 17 May 1903 b. 4, p. 170
CUNNINGHAM, Belle (Isabelle) NOLAND, "M. C." (Mattison Columbus) 25 Jan 1882b. 1, p. 51
CUNNINGHAM, David Alva STRICKLER, Minnie G. 13 Feb 1889b. 2, p. 83
CUNNINGHAM, Georgia Ola MILLER, Marion A. 1 Mar 1899b. 3, p. 351
CUNNINGHAM, Hosea W. MORRISON, Maggie 15 Feb 1893b. 2, p. 386
(her name IS Margaret)
HAZELWOOD, Nathan O.26 Dec 1900 b. 4, p. 7
CUNNINGHAM, Moses SPARKS, Lottie 2 Mar 1884 b. 1, p. 184
CUNNINGHAM, SamuelFINCHUM, Bessie Mae 21 Sept 1907b. 5, p. 62
(NOTE: there is an error in the dates for the Cunningham-Finchum marriage. The book indicated the marriage license was applied for on 25 Sept 1907; that the marriage took place on 21 Sept 1907; and the license was filed on 23 Sept 1907.)
DINWIDDIE, Charles T. GEORGE, Lola May 25 Dec 1902 b. 4, p. 142
EISENMINGER, Nathan STANTON, Ella 30 Oct 1888b. 2, p. 55
HARVEY, Amanda ROGERS, William 1 Jan 1890 b. 2, p. 142
HARVEY, Anna MINOR, James W. 2 May 1891 b. 2, p. 237
HARVEY, David W. MILLER, Jennie D. 17 May 1894 b. 2, p. 462
HARVEY, David W.. HORTON, Mrs. Sadie 24 Nov 1902b. 4, p. 66
HARVEY, Eliza S. SANDERS, Archer D. 14 Oct 1862b. A, p. 308, #1762
HARVEY, Jacob EISENMINGER, Priscilla 2 Mar 1891b. 2, p. 236
HARVEY, Lena (Lenna per record) MACE, Elmer E. 11 Mar 1891 b. 2, p. 240
HARVEY, Lorren Thomas (L. T. per record) ZIMMERMAN, Minnie 13 Dec 1893b. 2, p. 434
(I believe the bride's name IS Wilhelmina Zimmerman.)
HARVEY, Mary CROWLEY, Jesse O. 9 Mar 1898b. 3, p. 280
HARVEY, Nora B. HERNDON, James B. 29 June 1913b. 6, p. 141
HARVEY, Peter MACE, Maggie 31 Oct 1888 b. 2, p. 55
(Peter was from Amazonia, MO)
HARVEY, Saphronia (Sophrona) BACHMAN, Jacob 12 Mar 1882b. 1, p. 50
NOBLE, Fred RICHARDSON, Ida May 2 Jul 1897b. 3, p. 217
(consent for marriage given by bride's father, Andrew Richardson)
NOBLE, Henry Clay (Sr.) HARMON, Emma Jane 1 May 1882 b. 1, p. 63
(NOTE: Anyone who has researched Henry Noble's family line --- some researchers say Henry had 3 marriages, the first to Elizabeth Schaffer, the second to Emma J. Hanna/Hanan/Harmon, and the third to E. Jane Heckman. I have researched court records where Emma & Henry filed for divorce [they did so at least 3 times] and the signature SHE used was "E. Jane Noble." This is significant since there has been so much confusion about her maiden name, and the alleged 3rd wife's name is given as E. Jane HECKMAN which wouldn't be far off from Harmon.)
NOBLE, Margaret O. PAYNTER, Delbert O. 28 Mar 1908 b. 5, p. 104
(Delbert was from Eldorado, Arkansas; Margaret was from Nodaway, Andrew County, Missouri.)
NOBLE, Nancy DAVISON (or Davidson), Daniel 11 Apr 1882 b. 1, p. 56
NOBLE, Mary L. WOODCOCK, Frank15 Oct 1883b. 1, p. 150
NOLAND, Charles M. DAVIS, Jessie 26 May 1908 b. 5, p. 112
(both were from Guilford, Nodaway Co., MO and were married in Guilford)
NOLAND, Charles Clarence DESKINS, Gracie May 17 Sept 1913b. 6, p. 177
(he was from St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO and she was from Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO and they were married in Savannah, MO)
NOLAND, Chester C. (Shown as Chesley C.) HINKLE, Cecil L. 20 Nov 1912 b. 6, p. 66
NOLAND, Mrs. Mamie SCHMIDT, Otto A. 15 Jun 1901b. 5, p. 296