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Barry County, MO

Honoring Men & Women Who Served in World War II


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Barry County Casualties of World War II

KIA - killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action in the rear areas. Or if a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or being shot while escaping;

DOW - persons who were wounded and later died;

DOI - those who suffered fatal battle injuries as opposed to wounds, in combat or in combat areas and in the line of duty status;

DNB - other line of duty deaths such as from sickness, homicide, suicide, or accidents outside non battle;

FOD - those who were determined to be dead under Public LAW 490;

M - missing persons

CAMP, Henry G. P. Pfc. KIA No History Betty Lamberson
COLLINS, Lloyd C. Pvt. DNB No History Betty Lamberson
DAVIDSON, Roy Torpedo man on Submarine Deceased: DAVIDSON, Roy

Military Information: He served in the Pacific on a Submarine
Resource: The Wheaton Journal, Jan. 31, 1946

Research Note: Roy was declared dead, missing in action for 2 years, Torpedo man on a Submarine he was awarded Navy Cross and is credited with the sinking of thousands of tons of Japanese ships.
History added by: Betty Lamberson
DAVIS, Eschol Marines Deceased: DAVIS, Eschol
Married: Miss Dortha Lee Davis
Married When & Where: May 1946, Rogers, AR
Father: Floyd Davis
Military Information: Marines, Japanese Prison Camp
Resource: The Wheaton Journal, May 2, 1946

Research Note: Eschol Davis enlisted in the Marines Nov. 3, 1938. He served in Hawaii and Wake Island. After a terrific Battle on Wake Island the Marines were captured by the Japanese on Dec. 23, 1941 along with civilians on the island. They spent the next 45 months in a Japanese Prison Camp. He was discharged in Norman, OK. He married a Miss Davis a former Wave who was discharged in April 1946. Eschol a graduate of Wheaton High School plans to take advantage of Job training for vets and will enroll in College soon.
History added by: Betty Lamberson
DAVIS, Lewis K. Sgt. KIA No History Betty Lamberson
DECOCQ, Paul Lawrence Army Air Corp, Sgt. Alaska, later OSSI County Died: Jasper Co., MO
Cemetery: Rocky Comfort, McDonald Co., MO
Deceased: DECOCQ, Paul Lawrence
Birth: March 6, 1918, Corsicana, Barry Co., MO
Age: 69 years, 1 month and 20 days
Death: April 26, 1987, St. John's Hosp., Joplin, MO
Cause: Aneurysm
Married: Erma Lamberson, 2nd Marguerite Hoyt
Married When & Where: December 17, 1944, Wheaton, MO
Father: Pierre Decocq, born Barry Co., MO
Mother: Hazel Gravitt, born Barry Co., MO

Military Information: Army Air Corp, Sgt. Alaska, later OSSI
Death Certificate Number: Unknown

Resource: Personal Knowledge, I am his stepdaughter.
Research Note: Lawrence was in the "Don't Kick My Dog Unit" from MO. He served in Alaska and Germany. After the War he re-enlisted and made a career out of Military Service.
History added by: Betty Lamberson
DODSON, Howard Pvt. KIA No History Betty Lamberson
DUNCAN, Joe Anti-aircraft Deceased: DUNCAN, Joe
Father: Emerson Duncan
Military Information: Stationed in Ft. Bliss, TX in Anti-aircraft

Resource: The Wheaton Journal, Jan 3, 1946
Research Note: Joe Duncan is spending a 35 day Furlough with home folks at present. Joe was inducted into service early this year and given an opportunity to re-enlist for a year.
History added by Betty Lamberson
DUNCAN, Phyllis U. S. Army Supply Sergeant & Mail Clerk Deceased: DUNCAN, Phyllis
Father: Emerson Duncan
Military Information: PFC Army Air Base in San Bernardino, CA
Death Certificate Number:
Resource: The Wheaton Journal, Jan. 3, 1946

Research Note: PFC Phyllis Duncan, northwest of Town arrived home Dec. 22. She was a supply Sergeant and Mail Clerk. Her brother Joe is also spending a 35 day furlough with home folks.
History added by: Betty Lamberson

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