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Wheaton Journal

Below is some information concerning the Wheaton Journals, dated April 1919 to midyear 1924, including some of the miscellaneous dates.

In Sept of 2005 at our "Classes" reunion a group of us got together with another classmate JoAnn Fox Hughes daughter of the late Wally Fox and Editor of the Wheaton Journal from about 1924 to his retirement in 1960's. Joann told us about having some old papers still in her Dad's garage attic.

Ralph and Joe Higgs climbed up in the attic at Wally’s former home in Neosho and carried down very large, dry and deteriorating sets of newspapers on poles. We, Joann and I laid them out on the kitchen table to have a preliminary look at them to try to determine the dates. It was a very short look as they were falling apart.

Another classmate, Jon Paden, who had been in contact with the society concerning this project, called the State Historical Society of MO and struck a deal with them to come down to Neosho and pick these papers up and take them back to the society, hydrate them and later make them available on microfilm. We also added them along with other papers we had found from miscellaneous sources to our project of placing microfilm and hard copies (donated by the Cassville Democrat) in the Barry County library. This was not an inexpensive project nor was it a short project. It was all funded by donations from our "Classes of the Fifties Reunion". Without our efforts these issues of the papers would not have been preserved.

Members of the committee were Ralph and Betty Lamberson, Joe and Jackie Higgs, Jon Paden, Kay Lombard, Lisa Schlichtmen of the Cassville Democrat, Bob Davidson and Joann Fox Hughes.

Some of our efforts and the presentation to the library are documented in the Sept. 2005 Cassville Democrat.


A full history about the Wheaton Journal is in the Wheaton Echoes, page 56. Betty will be able to tell you where you can find that information.

You can order a set of four disc of these papers by writing to Betty Lamberson at the address given below. The funds go into a non-profit organization that will help restore the depot in Wheaton. She will probably be able to tell you more about that, too.


     Submitted by:  Betty Lamberson  

   Wheaton Journal

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