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1894 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers
Extracted by: Donna Cooper, Coordinator
An interlibrary loan from the State Historical Society of MO of microfilm, was the source from which the data given below was obtained.
Some of the pages have long black lines across the page and were difficult to read, so I borrowed this roll of film twice and made a lot more copies the second time than I did the first time.
April 5, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO April 12, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO
Oliver's Prairie News: King Johnson moved from Joplin to the Johnson house, head? set the prairie.

Oliver's Prairie News: Mrs. Hugh Phillips who has been very sick for some time is improving.

Born Thursday, March 29th, to Mr. and Mrs. Abram Twilligear, an eleven pound son.

There was but little interest in the horse show Monday, but five horses being shown. They were W. H. Brown's Prince, Marion Vaughan's Ned, C. D. Manley's Charley, E.W. Hawk's Boston and Geo. Clark's roan.

Circuit Court Proceedings:

Present: Hon. J.C. Lamson, Judge, Lafayette Beasley, Prosecuting attorney, Geo. M. Goodnight, Sheriff and T. S. Frost, Circuit Clerk.

April 2nd.

Geo. Goodnight, sheriff and S. R. Reynolds, Darb Henley and _ B. Babb, deputies, sworn as to summonsing jurors.

Grand jury empanelled as follows:

Fletcher Wormington,
M. Horine,
W. A. Boucher,
W. R. Browning,
Alex Goostree,
Martin Roark,
H. O. Corman,
L. Atkisson,
A. M. Farwell,
B. I. Webb,
W. T. Tuck,
S.D. Withers.

William Wellsher appointed official stenographer.

Panel for petit jury retuned as follows:

J. W. Phillips,
W. F. Lafontain,
John Smith,
M.. J. West,
L. W. Badger,
Mack Wise,
Frank Northcutt,
W. L. Hutchison,
Perry Wells,
D. R. Thomas,
A. McGlothin,
R. E. Burkhart,
S. A. Peck,
A. L. Wethers, [Weathers]
James Williams,
Callaway Black,
J. N. Skelton,
S. A. Dickey,
L. J. Rogers,
G. W. Roller,
C. M. Collier,
G. M. Brixey,
B. A. Gowan,
H. E. Morrow.

N. Horner v. J. W. Wellshear, on account, dismissed at cost of plt'ff.

Henrietta Churchwell v. Martha Boucher, petition, Jake Davis appointed guardian ad item.

Chas. W. Claycomb v. John M. Bayless and Thos. M. Allen, ejectment, continued by consent.

Verona Lumber Co. v. Allen Perryman et al mechanics lien, dismissed at cost of plt'ff.

State ex re. C. C. Jackson v. T. F. Jackson, on official bond, dismissed at cost of plt'ff.

Elizabeth A. Kerr et al v. Wm. Holman, on attachment bond; change of venue grantee and John W. Wellsher was elected special judge to try case.

Henrietta Churchwell v. Marta C. Boucher et al, petition on Bertie Churchwell and Arthur Churchwell found to be the sole heirs of Wm. H. Churchwell, dec'd and each entitled to $3.92, subject to dower of Martha C. Boucher, Henrietta Churchwell 15-46 undivided interest.

State v. John Kirby, selling liquor without license, pleads guilty and fined $40.

State v. same, same, nolle.

Naturalization papers granted to Alexander and Daniel Bounous, citizens of Italy.

J. E. London of Van Buren, Ark., permitted to sign roll of attorneys.

April 3rd.

J. T. S. Brown & son v. J. R. Madden and St. L. & S. F. R'y Co., vivid action, venue awarded to Lawrence County.

M. C. Lucky v. M. S. McMahan, on note, dismissed.

J. T. Van Hook v. W. F. Townsend and J. J. Eden, injunction, dismissed at cost of plt'ff.

D. P. Pharis v. The Citizens Bank of Cassville, to foreclose vendor's lien same.

Geo. C. Winkler v. Ellen N. Winkler, divorce, same.

Adam Kiniscki v. J. A. Robertson, on note, motion for new trial overruled.
Eliza D. Nelson v. Mark Nelson, divorce decree for plt'ff.

Barry Co. Bank. v. Charles Owens and Galloway & co. on note, motion to strike out same of Chas. Owen, squashed.

J. W. Crawford v. Cy Bolton civil action, motion to dismissed sustained.

State v. Jesse Lewis, criminal action, pleads guilty to burglary and sentenced to 3 years in the penitentiary. Property found, ordered returned to property owners Zela Williams and Stella French. Indictment for burglary and larceny nolled.

Naturalization papers granted to Epiphane Barriquand and Claude Barriquand, natives of France.

Jefferson Hill v. Charles Huber, damages, change of venue from Newton County, jury trial, verdict for plaintiff and $399 damages awarded.

State v. Charles Wicks, forfeiture for recognizance, dismissed by state.

G. D. Milligan & son v. W. F. Townsend, attachment, dismissed at cost of plt'ff.
Mortgagee's Sale: [abstract] Whereas William Jeffers and Viola Jeffers, his wife by their Mortgage Deed, dated the 25th day of January 1892, and Recorded in Book "I", at page 215 in the record for the Recorder's office, within and for Barry County Missouri, conveyed to Barry Co. Bank, Mortgagee, the following property, to wit. Lot No. (2) of North-east quarter of Section (6), of Township (23) Twenty-three of Range (26) Twenty six, W 5 P.M., containing 80 acres more of less according to Gov't Survey.

Born Friday, March 30, to Mrs. and Mrs. C. W. Claycomb, a son.

Lon Perry says that next time he starts out to get married he is going to notify the preacher in advance so as to not have to run down so many before he can be found. The sixth effort, Sunday, proved a winner.

An inquiry was made by the Probate Court, Monday, as to the sanity of Mrs. Mary J. Reno. Jury returned the following verdict: We the jury find Mary J. Reno to be of unsound mind and incapable of managing her own affairs.

The old Pension Board consisting of Drs. D. L. Mitchell of Cassville, H. L. Ambrose, Purdy, and Geo. C. Abbott, Exeter, was ousted the 29th ult. and Wednesday, the now board met and organized as follows: President Dr. C. M. Sparkman, Cassville, Secretary Dr. W. L. Dunkerson, Exeter, Treasure, Dr. R. B. Archibald, Purdy.

W. O. Thompson is confined to his bed with a severe attack of rheumatism.

Shell Knob News: Alfred Greenstreet has a severe attack of pneumonia.

Shell Knob News: Died Thursday, March 28, Annie Huffman, aged 7 years.

Shell Knob News: The first morning after the recent freeze, W. J. Blythe went out to plow as usual, and after attaching his team to his plow made several vain efforts to proceed; but no, the plow failed to move and he went to P. W. Epperly, the blacksmith, for an explanation, whereupon he was informed that there was a blizzard up north and General Coxey was on his way to Washington.

Shell Knob News: J. Castoe and family has moved to the Lowe sawmill, south-east of Cassville.

West McDowell News: Mrs. Judge Hutcheson is suffering with a very bad cough. We call it lagrippe.

H. C. Fitch of Seligman called our attention to the fact that this year the Easter and equinoctial storms came together, the first time for 50 years, which was the cause of the late unusually severe weather.

Crushed to Death: George Hillhouse who worked in a mine with Wm. Clark on the Vance land met with a terrible death shortly after going to work this morning. The particulars as best we could learn are that they had put off a shot and shortly afterward Mr. Hillhouse went near the place where the shot had been placed for the purpose of getting some drills which had left in that part of the drift. When within three or four feet of the place the drills were laying, a boulder weighing perhaps 250 pounds, fell from the roof, striking him on the shoulders and back part of the neck, killing him almost instantly. The boulder fell but a few feet, the distance to the top of the drift being about eight feet. Mr. Hillhouse was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hillhouse who live on East Tyndall street in the north part of the city. He was about 30 years old and never been married. The family have our sympathy in this their sad bereavement. Aurora Republican.

Wm. Chain, who lived at Monett, Mo., was indicated at the August grand jury of Lawrence County on a charge of assault with attempt to rape. He took change of venue to Greene Country and his case was set for the last Monday but did not come up on that day on account of some witnesses for the defense being absent. He was under $1,000 bond and yesterday morning he was on the train going to Springfield but when it arrived he could not be found. It is supposed that he skipped while the train was standing at Nichols Junction. Messrs. Pierce and Hillyard of Monett are on his bond and will probably bring him back to the Greene County Sheriff at the next term of court. Aurora Republican.

John Plummer returned Sunday after a ten week's absence near Carterville, where he had been teaching.

Attorney J. N. Guthrie of Marionville has been looking after the interests of some of his clients in whiskey cases, this week.

Deputy Sheriff Reynolds took Mrs. Guffey, an insane lady from White River to Nevada Insane asylum, Friday.

Licensed to Wed:

John T. Wilkerson, 25, Seligman & Mamie L. Heminway, 24, Seligman

Millard F. McNatt, 37, Butterfield & Oma Hampton, 37, Butterfield

Stephen F. Wilson, 35, Scholten & Thula Hilton, 17, Scholten
April 18, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO April 26, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO
Siloam Springs, AR, April 10th:

A severe tornado swept over this section of the country, inflicting much damage to property and resulting in the death of Cale Simpson. Prairie View School house was wrecked, and several other building more or less damaged.

Washburn News: Uncle Billy McClure is very dangerous ill.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Reese visited friend at Exeter, Monday.

Washburn News: Miss Clara Radabaugh expects to start to Iowa, May 1st.

Washburn News: Miss Hues of Pea Ridge visited the family of Prof. Farley the first of the week.

Hon. Jerry Simpson is seriously ill.
[Paper should be the 25th but was dated the 26th]

Probate Court:

C. M. Reno appointed guardian of T. C. Nation, minor, for the purpose of giving consent to minor's marriage.

Bond of Juliana Sass, executrix of estate of Julius Sass, dec'd for $6,000, approved.

Aldophe Decocq appointed administrator of estate of Peter F. Decocq, dec'd, appraisement rejected; inventory approved; personal property ordered sold.

Inventory of J. F. Pilant, adm'r. of estate of Julia Mayo, dec'd approved.

Sale bill in estate of Sarah E. Harbert, dec'd approved. House ordered rented.

Sarah F. Bear appointed guardian of Mary E. Pharis et al, minors.

Property belonging to estate of Bettie Brook, dec'd ordered turned over to representative of Visa Brooks, child, Susan Henson appointed guardian and curator.

Madry News: Mrs. B. Ellis' health was very poor at the present.

Madry News: Charles H. Ellis has gone to Cassville to attend school.

Madry News: James Card has about recovered from his late illness.

Madry News: Born, Saturday, April 21st to Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Tonnell, a daughter.

Madry News: Master Clyde, son of Charles H. Ellis, has almost recovered from his late illness.

Madry News: Ransom Ellis School closed last Friday. He taught a successful term.

Madry News: James Haggerty has gone back to Stone County has gone to teach a school at unknown city.

Madry News: Died, April 17th, Miss Laura Lemaster, age 19 years. The remains were interred in the Clay Hill Cemetery. She leaves a host of relatives and friends to mourn her departure.

Lee Robertson, of Roaring River started yesterday for near Butte City, Montana, where he expects to spend the summer in the gold mines.

Mrs. Laura Abernathy left Friday evening for Monett where she is visiting friends and relatives.

Mrs. Emma Martin and Dr. Wooten went to near Pioneer, Friday, to visit relatives.

Uncle Billy McClure of Washburn is improving after his serious illness.

R.R. McGuire and family expect to start for Oklahoma Monday next. A public sale of his household goods will occur at his residence Saturday. We regret to see Mr. McGuire's permanent removal from among us but hope it will result in his physical and financial gain.

Mrs. Lydia Box and son, Claude, are spending the week at Mineral Springs.

Seligman News: Hon. Ben Oakley was in town Tuesday.

Seligman News: Robert Wilson will soon visit Kansas for the purpose of buying a farm.

Seligman News: Dr. A. J. Dean is considerably improved and bids fair to soon be as robust as ever.

Seligman News: Miss Rosa Bierly and Mrs. John E. Kern were baptized into the Latter Day Saints Church one day last week.

Seligman News: For the fall term the following teachers have secured the schools in this part of the county: Seligman, C. E. Fetters; Lone Star, Miss Lizzie Hamilton; Butler; Miss Minnie Miller; New Salem, H. M. Murry; Mt. Pleasant, Ellas Roller; McDonald, P. H. Moffatt.

Married, Thursday, April 19, at the M. E. parsonage, J. L. Matthews of Monett to Miss Vest Goode, of Exeter, Rev. R. A. Anderson, officiating.

Florence, the six year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Morgan, was taken ill Monday night.

Miss Effie, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. E. W. McCracken, of two miles west of town, has been confined to her bed with a very severe attack of rheumatism, but is better at present.

Licensed to Wed:

Thomas C. Nation, 20, Monett & Annie Jane Reno, 18, Monett

James L. Matthews, 41, Monett & Mrs. Vesta C. Good, 34, Exeter

Charles Field, ?, Viola & Ida B. Williams, 17, Viola

William J. Renshaw, 32, Monett & Ida Miller, 23, Monett

John C. Snelson, 28, Exeter & Elizabeth ?, 26, Exeter
May 3, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO May 10, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO
Married, Saturday, April 28th, at Monett, Thomas H. Robberson of Purdy and Mrs. Olive Dixon of Parkville, Mo. Rev. S. M. Richardson officiating. We trust that he will not be kept so busy at home rendering lullabies as to take him from his favorite work, teaching singing in which he has done some excellent service.

Roaring River News: Mr. Kelley has been sick, but is better now.

Roaring River News: Wm. H. James died Monday, of erysipelas.

Mineral Springs News: S. A. Gibson is making nice improvements north of town, and will soon put up a new house.

Sheriff Goodnight went to Washburn, Tuesday, and killed a glandered horse belonging to Squire McCary.

It is rumored that R. B. Afrey, who is serving a 10 year sentence in the penitentiary for the killing of Grant Pyatt, is dead, but the report is not confirmed.

Born, Tuesday, April 24th, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee, a daughter.

Robert Cozad and sister, Miss Lou, of White River, spent Tuesday night in the city, the latter the guest of Ms. Wm. Talbert.

B. C. Bennington went to Joplin Sunday morning, where he expects to work in the mines. He was accompanied by Joe Wortz.

The 3 B's court (Bone, Beasley and Bob) was in session at Exeter, Saturday; and took forfeiture on a bond of Bergan, who had skipped, charged with an assault with intent to kill John McNabb with an axe, G. G. James and J. C. Cane paid the amount, which by mistake of the Justice, was $1 instead of $100 as was intended

Circuit Court:

Assignment of Wm. C. Black, J. M. Black, assignee, discharged.

Frank C. Jones, v. C. W. Chamberlain et al on note, continued by agreement.

Submit N. Mills, adm'x. Est. J. R. Mills, dec'd v. L. Sawyer & Co., attachment dismissed.

H. T. Simon Gregory Dry Goods Co. v. M.S. McMahan, attachment; verdict for plaintiff. Appeal granted.

Charles Farney v. W. P. Carney on account appeal dismissed.

John Williams v. A. C. Carney, repletion, motion to set aside judg't sustained.

State v. Leonard White, criminal action, defendant sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.

Ordered by the court that in matters and things not disposed of be continued the next regular term of this court.

Adjourned until court in course.

[Research Note: The above item written Farney and Carney - may be in error.]

Licensed to Wed:

John W. Baker, 30, Exeter & Ova Bates, 21, Exeter

Thomas H. Robberson, 43, Purdy & Olive B. Dixon, 26, Parkville

William E. Davis, 20, Golden & Lizzie Vanover, 16, Golden

William Burges, 21, Dale & Sarah E. Bennet, [Bennett] 16, Dale

William D. Combs, 23, Monett & Willie Wilson,22, Monett

George Albert, 37, Exeter & Mary E. Coffee, 44, Exeter

Wm. D. Stroud, 39, Stanley, I. T. & Elvira E. Pallett, 29, Seligman
No data for this date was on the roll of film.
May 17, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO May 24, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO
B. F. Ross received a telegram, Tuesday morning, that W. M. Norris of Guide Rock, Neb., father of Mrs. W. H. Barcus was not expected to live. Owing to their moving to Kansas, she will not go to Guide Rock until after reaching Preston.

Pasley News: Miss Vian and Dona Alderson of Washburn visited their sister Mrs. Armine Bare, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Atkisson of Ozark were visiting the latter's cousin, Mrs. Shade Wallen and friends in and near town, Monday and Tuesday. On the latter day, Mr. A. celebrated his 48th birthday.

Died: Monday, May 14, at 5:00 p.m., Amanda Stephens, wife of Uncle Jack Stephens, age 71 years. The remains were interred Tuesday in the Vineyard Cemetery; services conducted by Eld. J. C. Sellers, assisted by Eld. J. T. Brattin.

Died: Thursday, May 10, at 5 pm, Everhart Hailey. Funeral Services were conducted at the Antioch Church, Friday, at 2 pm, by Eld J. C. Sellars. After the services the remains were interred in the Hadley graveyard. He made a will leaving all the property to Mrs. Hailey.

John R. Ellis, of Scholten, who was in the city, Tuesday, views the dark side of the wheat crop in this part of the county. His estimate is that there will be over half a crop. The heavy rains washed the fields badly and delayed the corn planting.

Born Wednesday night to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Overton of Traverse, a sunbeam?. Charley thinks they have broken the record.

Miss Thana Stilles who had been shopping with Mrs. Wm. Talbert, has returned home to Golden.

J. H. Baird's team thought they had struck a speed ring, Monday evening, when the reached that part of main street that had been receiving the attention of the street commissioner. It is said that Will Matlock dropped to his knees and began to cry aloud. "My meat! Oh, My meat!" His prayer was answered and the meat which was in the wagon, was saved.

Licensed to Wed:

Ransom A. Ellis, 22, Madry & Mary S. Akin, 17, Leann

Thomas McGolley, 20, Monett & Pearl Phillip, 18, Monett

Love Gilbreath, 25, Forest Home & Eliz Coats, 20, Monett

William Hillman, 41, Monett & Mary F. Lipscomb, 40, Monett
Saturday, while Ella Phillips, aged about 14 years, was ironing at John Scott's north of town, where she was staying, her clothes caught fire from the cook stove. Being temporarily alone she rushed out to the pump, screaming for help. Mrs. Scott, who was in the garden, rushed to assist, but before the flames were extinguished, the unfortunate girl was very severely burned. Heavy underwear protected her body from the waist up but one shoulder and a place on her back is badly burned. Her abdomen, hips, and thighs are charred and the lower limbs so badly blistered that little hopes are entertained of her recovery. While trying to save the girl, Mrs. Scott was considerably burned. Ella is a daughter of Celia Ann Phillips, now serving a sentence in the penitentiary for the murder of Henderson Phillips.

Barry County Court Proceedings [Click here to read]

Obituary: Died at his home near Exeter, on Thursday, May 10, 1894, of quick consumption, Everhart Hadley, aged 59 years, 5 months 11 days.

The deceased was born in Russell Co., Kentucky, Nov 19th, 1834, and came to Barry County in 1859, where he has resided continually since. He leaves a wife and eight children to mourn their loss, one child having preceded him. Of him it can be truthfully said that he was truly loyal, upright and honorable in every respect. By his death the wife loses an affectionate husband, the children a generous father, and the country a good citizen. He was always a true friend and generous neighbor. He had been a member of the Baptist Church, since his 18th year and has lived a Christian life for 42 years prior to his departure to receive the reward of the faithful.
The funeral was preached at Antioch Church by the pastor, Rev. J.C. Sellars and his remains laid to rest in the family graveyard on the old home place. [poem follows]

Mayflower News: Died Wednesday, May 16, at 8:25 a.m., Elmer Miles N. Casebier, after a long illness and patient suffering. Brother Casebier had been a member of the old, primitive Baptist Church for many years and he was elder in charge of Little Hope Church on Sugar Creek. The congregation will greatly miss his wise councils. He was an exemplary man and much beloved by all who knew him. He leaves a family of four daughters, and one son to mourn his loss, all of whom are grown to the years of maturity.

Mayflower News: Born to Mrs. Maggie Powers, Wednesday night, May 16, at the residence of J. S. Little, an eight pound boy. Mrs. Powers is on a protracted visit with her uncle, J. S. Little, hence the circuited? his place. The old man in the seems to take the overuse? as natural consequence and carries a big smile on one side of his face that very much resembles a horse shoe.

Mrs. Alice Hick of Barton County, started to come to this city for her health. When she got as far as W. T. Fipps place, she was taken worse and died May 16th. Her corpse was interred in the Mineral Springs cemetery Thursday. She leaves four small children to mourn her loss. Their father died about two months ago.
Cassville Republican, Thursday, May 31, 1894 Cassville Republican, Thursday, June 7, 1894
J. R. Vanzandt [Search also for Van Zandt] of Taney County has been visiting his brother, Thos. Vanzandt of near Washburn and other relatives. Long years ago Mr. Vanzandt was a citizen of Barry, and was stationed here during part of the war.

R. L. Bright is again in charge of Dodd's store since the departure of Lon Perry for Tennessee.

H. C. Pepper is improving his home property by erecting a meat smoke house.

Licensed to Wed:

William A. Roller, 21, Monett & Nettie Bartholomew, 19, Monett

Robert N. Garrett, 20, Monett & Maggie F. Smith, 17, Monett

William J. Woods, 24, Monett & Daisy A. Hicks, 17, Monett
Obituary: Died, April 24th, 1894, William Potts son of W. F. and Vashile Potts of Sugar Creek. The remains were buried the 25th at the Moore [now Dent] graveyard, services conduced by Rev. I. I. Smith. The deceased leaves a wife and four children.
[poem] Lulf Van Zandt.

Mrs. T. H. Tunner, after a short illness of three or four weeks, departed this life, May 24th. She had been married ten months, and leaves a husband and father's family to mourn her love. Her remains were interred at the 12 Corners Cemetery the 25th. Eld W. P. Polner officiating in the funeral service.

Married, Friday, June 1, Daniel G. Sappenfield and Mary E. Hurd, Squire Horine officiating.

John Longmire has so far recovered from the stab in the back, given by Everett Mitchell, as to be on the streets once more.

Wm. S. Wellshear returned Saturday from Ft. Smith, Ark., where he had been doing stenographic work in the U. S. Court.

The youngest two boys of J. G. Mariott of Purdy got into a brotherly scrap, Sunday, and the older one came out with a knife cut in the neck.

M. and Mrs. L. J. Blankenship of Corsicana were visiting their daughter, Mrs. P. E. Horine, Saturday and Sunday.

Married, Sunday, June 3rd, at the residence of L. D. Oxford, Jacob Oxford of McDowell, and Columbia S. Vaught of Cassville, Squire H. Horine officiating.

Ash News: S. M. Rose has sold his place to John Vanzandt and bought J.D. Vanzandt's in Benton Co. Ark., and J.D. has bought the S. M. Rose place in Barry County. [Van Zandt]
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, June 14, 1894 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, June 21, 1894
Friday, Everett Mitchell was bound over in the sum of $300 to await the action for the grand jury, for stabbing John Longmire.

Hon. Thos. L. Viles and lady of Galena, attended the commencement exercises, Friday night, to witness the graduation of their son, Greene.

Maletia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Y. Setzer is very low with lung trouble.

Miss Mae Salyer of Golden has been visiting friends in the city the past week.

Presley Grigg of Verona and Geo. Kelley of Aurora were the guests of Will Munday, Saturday.

One G. W. Reed, who claims to live between Eureka Springs and Berryville, Ark., was lodged in jail, Friday evening, on a charge of burglarizing the residence of Bert Davis of Washburn. The burglay was soon discovered and a suit of clothes, watch and pistol missed. Reed was seen leaving the neighborhood, followed and searched but nothing found. It was noticed that after leaving a piece of woods he wore a different hat from the one worn previous. A careful search in the woods found Mr. Davis' shirt and a hat with Reed's name in it. Word was sent along the railroad and Constable Lauderdale of Exeter took in the man.

This is to certify that my wife, Rosetta Plumlee, has left my house, and board in Shell Knob, township, Barry Co., MO, and that I will not be responsible for any debts she may make.
Joel Plumlee

Mrs. Nora Ware and son Roger, who had been visiting the former's parents, Prof. N. L. and Mrs. Maiden, returned home to Joplin Monday.

Died, Monday, June 11th, Ella, daughter of Harvey and Celia Ann Phillips, age 12 years, 1 month and ? days. The remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery Monday evening. Ella's death resulted from the burns received a few weeks ago when her clothes caught fire from the stove while ironing, which burned her.

M. V. Brandon of Labette Co., Kan., will soon return to Barry County to make his future home. He has purchased the homestead of Mrs. Henry Whisler near Rock House.

Sheriff Goodnight assisted by Deputies Henley and Babb, run in a Miss Dotson, who was plying her nefarious business close to town.

Dr. W. Dunkeson of Exeter was showing the city, Roaring River and other points of interest to his uncle J. W. Williams of Appleton City, MO, Friday.

Wm. Patters of Possum Trot visited his uncle, W.R. Linn, of Greasy Hollow, where he met his old time cousins. After a general handshaking the former says "Grief, a living! I know you well.."

Thornton P. Brashear of Madry proved up on his homestead Saturday. His witnesses were John H. Hobson and Thomas F. Hobson.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe White, Wednesday, June 13, a son.

Born, Wednesday, June 13, to Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Hutchens, a son.

Born Wednesday, June 13, to Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln England, a son.

W. A. Weaver and Wm. E. Poor, of Oliver's Prairie, were attending the Populist meeting Saturday. The former reports that wheat will be ready to cut this week.

James Griffin of near Exeter is very ill with consumption.

Scott Reno has had Peter Young near Butterfield arrested for threatening or attempting to kill him with an axe. Mr. Young's haring will come off Saturday. Prosecuting Attorney Beasley denies having entered to any law partnership with Scott.

Obituary: Died, Wednesday, June 13, 1894, Marthy Ellis, of Madry, wife of Rev. B. Ellis, age 35 years, 1 month and 9 days.

Marthy Short was born in Barry Co., MO, and was married to Benjamin Ellis, by whom she bore three children, two of whom are living - Finnis and May.

Professing religion early in life she joined the Methodist Protestant Church and lived a devoted Christian until her death. Services were conducted at the Clay Hill Cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest, Thursday, By Rev. Fly.

In the midst of our tears we praise God that there is a home where there is no parting; that when this weary, waiting time is over, we shall gather in our Father's kingdom to enjoy the riches of his boundless love, and to have glad reunions with our loved ones, the ransomed and the redeemed of the Lord. We commend to the special care of our Heavenly Father this bereaved family. May God comfort them in their lonely hours and lead their minds to the brightness of the resurrection morning. How uncertain is the time and manner of our departure. "Therefore be ye ready, for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh."

[poem follows] Yours in Christ, Chas. H. Ellis.
No data for this date was on the roll of film.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, June 28, 1894 -
Mrs. D. D. Roller and son who have been visiting relatives at Grand River, I. T., returned home Saturday night. They were met at Monett by Mr. Roller.

Get your wagon material, tire iron, plow points etc, at Norbys.

C. W. Meadows, recently of Washington D.C. has secured the C. W. Claycomb property and has located in the city. We understand he will soon open a law office. We trust that Mr. Meadows will find in Cassville a pleasant home and profitable business.

R. E. Saxe of Perice [Pierce] City was in town last week and formed a partnership with John P. Hamilton, Theo. Parker of Springdale, Ark., having retired from the old firm. The new business will be conducted under the style of the Cassville Produce Co.

Miss Della Wilson, who had been visiting her sister, Mrs. H. C. Pepper, for several weeks past, returned home to Pineville Monday.

Married, Sunday, June 24, at the Roberts? Hotel, George D. Callaway and Nora B. Lenahrt, both of Monett, Squire H. Horine officiating.

Seligman News: Miss Anna frost is quite low with typhoid fever.

Seligman News: Miss Lou Gorwyn of El Remo?, Ok., is here on a visit.

Exeter News: Mrs. Geo. Green of Cameron, Ind. Terr., visited with her sister, Mrs. Hadley of this place a day or two last week.

Exeter News: John Stapleton is back from Arkansas where he went a short time a go to engage in work for a Texas book company. He says it is a fraud and some of the boys are getting badly bitten by it.

Exeter News: Chas. Catterlin shaved his mustache off recently and his little boy asked his mother if that was the monkey "that dances for the organ grinder". Charles says it is tough but he will play his part in it.

King's Prairie News: Mrs. Sarah Henderson is on the sick list this week.
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