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1901 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers
Extracted by: Donna Cooper, Coordinator
An interlibrary loan from the State Historical Society of MO of microfilm, was the source from which the data given below was obtained.
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Oct. 3, 1901 Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Oct. 10, 1901
Madry News: Born to Marshall Atkisson and wife on the 24th a fine girl.

Madry News: Born to Frank Williams and wife, on the 25th, a bright eyed girl.

Madry News: James Greenway, who is making his home in Christian County, is visiting his mother, Mrs. Solomon.

Accident News: Warren Potts, who is very low with consumption, is thought to be better.

Licensed to Wed:

Calvin M. Ellis, 21, Madry & Dora Van Horn, 14, Madry

R. B. Hendrickson, 27, Wanda & Malissa Tabor, 29, Waddell

Rudolph Gravett, 19, Amsterdam & Minnie Freeze, 20, Exeter

Ernest Mattingly, 20, Exeter & Venie McNabb, 16, Exeter

Shiloh Johnston, 26, Washburn & Nina Coble, 19, Washburn

Douglass Marbut, Cassville & Zadia M. Hudson, Cassville
Lone Elm News: Miss Susan Doty is staying with T. M. Purdom this week.

Ash News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. I. Vaughn, a fine kitchen mechanic. Mother and babe are doing well but father doing better. He is for the first time a papa.

Bethel News: J. A. Swiger filled his appointment Sunday. Rev. Will Kimball preached Sunday night.

New Site News: Sol Rumbaugh and family were greatly surprised Sunday morning by the unexpected arrival of Sol's sister, Charlotte, who resides in California and has not visited her brother for a number of years.

New Site News: Aunt Sylvia Browning is improving.

McDowell News: Mrs. Rosa Shull is at home again from Purdy after four weeks stay.

Flat Creek News: Born at Mr. and Mrs. George Cheynewent, on the 5th, a fine boy. Dr. Wilson, physician, reports mother and babe doing well.

Washburn News: Mrs. Lou Long King and mother have moved into the vacated house by S. L. Warf.

Mrs. Milton Oliver, wife of a highly respected citizen of Aurora, eloped Monday with a man whose name is unknown.

Mrs. Tom Carlin and little daughter were bitten by a mad dog Saturday, Sept. 28. They at once went to Mr. Kearney's on Flat Creek to apply the mad stone which he has. The stone would not adhere to the wound on the little girl; but in the case of Mrs. Carlin it adhered; ten consecutive times, in the first instance for a period of an hour and half.
Purdy News

Licensed to Wed:

George B. Higgs, 20, Butterfield & Belle Baker, 24, Cassville

Walter Ragsdale, 26, Cassville & Lucretia Lee, 18, Cassville

Charles Rucker, 27, Monett & Martha Huffman, 17, Monett

George D. Lipe, 20, Purdy & Dora VanHook, 17, Travers

J. B. Shanks, 57, Leann & Mrs. Mary D. Rogers, 56, Leann

William E. Dummit, 25, Monett & Rosa Williams, 18, Lebanon

H. B. Price, 38, Coquille City & Ruth Atkins,22, Leann
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Oct. 17, 1901 Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Oct. 24, 1901
Seligman News: Milt Dabbs looks like a new man since he has married. He must be going into the furniture business as we understand he has bought some furniture.

Forest Grove News: Mrs. J. W. Newby is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Towe at Rocky Comfort.

Jenkins News: Geo. Galoway has refused $3,000 for his claim which he drew in the strip at the drawing.

Seligman News: John Reed and lady have moved to Arkansas.

Obituary: Mrs. Ruth Perrine, nee Ruth Hutchens of Cassville, who was living southwest of Thorntown, Ind., was found dead in bed this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Perrine are early risers and this morning got up at 3 a. m., thinking it so early that they returned to bed. About daylight Mr. Perrine got up and started the fire and then called Mrs. Perrine. Receiving no answer he went to her bed and tried to arouse her but found her dead. Dr. G. K. Hurt was immediately summoned and pronounced her cause of death heart failure. The funeral will be held tomorrow. Mrs. Perrine was 60 years 5 months and 16 days and was a life long member of the Friends Church. She leaves husband, three sons, two daughters, one brother, two sisters and a host of friends to mourn her loss.
Jesse Hutchens. [Darlington, Ind, Oct. 11th, 1901]

Six Months in Jail: Tuesday night Joe Jackson captured a crook giving his name as J. W. Martin, who had stolen an overcoat belonging to J. W. Vaughn from the Frisco Hotel, Wednesday morning. Prosecuting Attorney Burgess took the matter in charge and he was arraigned before Walt Williams Esq. where he plead guilty and was sentenced to six months in the county jail. The officers are making it might-hard sidling for evil doers in Monett.
Monett Times

Licensed to Wed:

Thos. B. Stephens, 24, Washburn & Gertie B. Stephens, 16, Washburn

William L. McCoy, 20, Monett & Lennie V. Henderson, 17, Monett

Noah Anderson, 22, Rocky Comfort & Susie Foster, 18, Rocky Comfort

Ed Brown, 25, Joplin & F. M. McBride, 18, Grangeville

B. F. Johnson, 29, Cassville & Florence Gaskins, 21, Cassville

Ellis E. Hilton, 21, Leann & Tishie Qualls, 18, Scholten

Thomas O. Call, 18, Washburn & Gertie West 18, Washburn

John D., 36, Seligman & Tena Williams, Washburn [John was given no surname.]

Will E. Berry, 22, Aurora & Bamie Lowder, 20, Monett

M. D. Reynolds, 24, Cassville & Effie Smith, 16, Mineral Springs

T. R. Holman, 24, Mano & Ida Yerian, 27, Shell Knob
Mount Grove News: Miss Janie Tillery and M. Thomas visited at J. W. Moore's, at the death of little Bonnie.

Madry News: Mill Owens and daughter, Letha, were baptized Sunday evening by Rev. John Thomas of Leann.

Madry News: Married at the residence of Aunt Sallie Rickman, Oct. 17, Walter Wilson and Miss Esther Rickman, Rev. Pinkston of Verona officiating. The bride and groom are highly respected young people of our neighborhood and we wish them a long and happy life.

Muncy News: Richard Elam is camped up at the head of the river rounding up his cattle and chasing foxes.

Muncy News: J. Davis has moved to Jack Wallen's near Cassville.

Muncy News: W. L. Robinson has moved to Beaver, Ark., to work in the blacksmith shop.

Bethel News: J. A. Hagler is building a new house for Chas. Anderson.

Lookout Mountain News: Wash Cooper has moved from Rock Creek to the J. B. Hurst farm and brought his grandmother who is one hundred and ten years old.

Washburn News: J. W. Gates shook the Washburn dirt from his shoes Monday evening and left with his family for Western Kansas.

Washburn News: John Anderson moved to the Nation last Tuesday the 15th.

New Site News: Mrs. T. Fleetwood and daughter Nettie are visiting on Shoal Creek.

New Site News: Sol Rumbaugh and daughter, Miss Leona, accompanied by the formers sister who lives in Idaho, visited relatives near Eagle Rock.

New Site News: Born to Mrs. and Mrs. C. Carlin, Oct. 20, a Republican boy. Mother and babe doing well.

Licensed to Wed:

W. B. Wilson, 19, Madry & Esther Hickman, 17, Aurora

Perry E. Rickman, 22, McDowell & E. J. Young, 30, McDowell

V. H. Grinestead, 43, El Reno, Okla. & M. T. Johnson, 32, Oklahoma City

Millard Terry, 28, Butterfield & Ollie Savage, 18, Butterfield

J. E. Matthews, 24, Monett & Ella Brackew, 24, Granby

J. W. Stubblefield, 19, Roark & Crate Wilhite, 19, McDowell
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Oct. 31, 1901 Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Nov. 7, 1901
Bethel News: Quigley Long and wife will leave in a few days for Ritzville, Wash.

Samuel Archibald came down from Purdy Saturday to see his father, Scott Archibald, previous to his departure for Celest, Texas, where he goes to accept a position in his uncle's business establishment. He is sixteen years of age, but has had four years experience and is thoroughly competent.

Henry W. Goodnight, an uncle of Postmaster Goodnight of Cassville, lies in a very critical condition at his home near Purdy, the result of a stroke of paralysis, which befell him about one month ago and which affected the lower half of his body. He is one of the old and respected residents of Barry County, being 76 years of age, and having resided continuously in this county since 1856.

A son of Thomas Arnold, who moved from Viola to the Territory last year was shot and killed by a brother last week. The boys went out to drive some stock home, taking a rifle with them. There are two stories in circulation concerning the affair, one that the shooting was accidental and the other that a quarrel preceded the shooting.
Madry News: Married at the residence of G. W. Shoemaker, Saturday night, James Mc C. Tipton and Miss Emma Owens of McDowell. We wish the young couple a long and happy life.

Seligman News: George Apple has sold out his residence and will move to the Territory again.

Dale News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Overton, a fine girl.

Licensed to Wed:

W. E. C. Jung, 35, Seligman & Mary Baldwin, 20, Seligman

Lewis A. Beck, 21, Cassville & Lille E. Thomas, 20, Cassville

Arthur E. Cooper, 23, Washburn & Rosa Burnett, 24, Washburn

James Mc C. Tipton, 21, Madry & Emma Owens, 18, McDowell

I. U. Cox, 24, Garfield, Ark. & Ella Mahurin, 26, Garfield, Ark.
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Nov. 14, 1901 Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Nov. 21, 1901
Roaring River News: Dick Elam Jr. is hauling fodder from his upper farm on the river.

Roaring River: Mrs. Cooper started Saturday for the Territory, where her husband is at work.

Shell Knob News: James W. James has gone to Oklahoma to view the country.

Forest Grove News: Uncle Lewis Woodridge who died near Hailey Sunday night was an old and respected citizen. He leaves many friends.

Gunter News: Mr. Whittington was down from Pierce city last week on business.

Flat Creek News: Died on the 8th, at her home near Cape Fair, Mrs. Cassie C. Morris. She formerly lived in this neighborhood. She was born Jan. 19, 1827. She died after an illness of only a few hours of stomach trouble. She had many friends in this community who regret her death.

Flat Creek News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sears on the 2nd a fine 12 1/4 pound boy. Mother and babe doing well. On the same day, a fine girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCarlin.

Eagle Rock News: R. W. Whittington and family have returned from Stone County where thy have been visiting last week.

Shady Grove News: A. J. Ayers has built an addition to his home.

Licensed to Wed:

George W. Gullins, 43, Cassville & Amada Meeks, 32, Exeter

E. D. George, 20, Mineral Springs & Lulu Guest, 20, Mineral Springs

Ollie Huffman, 21, Monett & Janie Silk, 16, Monett

Rufus H. Lewis, 21, Purdy & Alta M. Vineyard, 18, Purdy
Muncy News: Tramp Smith appears before Squire Gillmore in Rock Creek, Thursday next to answer the charge of disturbing public shook at Muncey. [Muncey and Muncy spelling in same item.]

Roark News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Davenport, another Republican boy.

Butterfield News: John Parmley and wife from Weatherford, Texas, are visiting his father, J. B. Parmley.

New Site News: Mrs. Crumley who has been visiting relatives, started for her home in Idaho, Monday, accompanied by her niece, Miss Francie Russell of Eagle Rock.

New Site News: Mrs. Sol Leslie and Mrs. C. A. Rumbaugh, who have been visiting their parents in Kansas, returned to their homes last week.

Licensed to Wed:

Robert L. Toy, 18, Garfield, Ark. & Mattie M. Hill, 21, Garfield

Joseph Franke, Mineral Springs & Sarah E. Miller, Mineral Springs

Albert Cox, 21, Purdy & Hattie Yocum, 18, Purdy

Harvey Banks, 21, Cassville & Effie E. Jackson, 16, Leann

Felix C. Jackson, 30, Monett & Leona Marbut, 25, Monett
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Nov. 28, 1901 Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Dec. 5, 1901
Washburn News: J. Mooney and Ethel Henry have bought the Henbest store or rather the stock of goods.

Washburn News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cargile, a fine girl on the 25th.

Seligman News: The Jeff Herd slander suit is attracting lots of attention. The trial was held Wednesday before Jimmy Carden.

Jenkins News: F. A. Stockton's infant babe was interred in the Stubblefield cemetery last Saturday.

Jenkins News: Willie Coons returned from Nevada Saturday with his mother, who has been confined in the asylum for twelve or fifteen years. She is now considered cured. Mrs. Coons is a daughter of Uncle Bolen Eaden.

Jenkins News: Mrs. D. C. Stockton departed this life week before last and was interred in the King Cemetery. She leaves a husband and four small children, one a babe ten days old.

Mrs. Lina Williams, died at the home of her son two miles south of Monett last Thursday. She had resided in Barry County, forty-five of her seventy years' life.

William Stringer, youngest son of the late Leroy P. Stringer of Barry County, was killed recently near Joplin.

George A. Whitehorne died last Friday at St. Paul, Minn., age 81. He was at one time private secretary to Missouri's famous senator Thomas H. Benton.

Weep Moles, a former Barry County resident, was shot and killed at Wetumka, Indian Territory. He was stuck by a 45 colt's ball and instantly killed. Bad blood between rival parties cause the trouble. Sanders, Mole's partner was shot through the thigh, while Stewarts, the aggressors were all wounded with shot.

Licensed to Wed:

Lewis F. King, 19, McDowell & Bertha M. Walker, 16, McDowell

Anthony B. Griep, 27, Monett & Nellie Miller, 31, Monett

Frank R. White, 23, Bonham, Texas & Eva Senters, 23, Washburn

Charles W. Leach, 23, Shell Knob & Myrtle Dabney, 21, Shell Knob

J. W. Pinkerton, 18, Verona & Rosa Jackson, 17, Verona
Forest Grove News: Uncle Fred Wilkerson of Exeter spent Sunday at Mark Plummer's.

Another News: Miss Stella Pease who has been in Kansas the past summer came home last Thursday.

Another News: Mrs. Selby departed this life Sunday and was interred at the Prairie Cemetery Sunday evening late after services by Rev. Baldwin.

Pleasant Ridge News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Eagle, a fine boy. All reported getting along nicely.

Gunter News: Seigle Whittington made a business trip to Monett Saturday.

Butterfield News: Richard Ferguson has received his new blacksmith tools, has opened his shop and is ready for business. We can safely recommend him as a good smith.
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Dec. 12, 1901 Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Dec. 19, 1901
Hailey News: Ed. Wedingall's little boy was out hunting and killed a fine turkey gobbler. It was so large he went home and got his father to help home carry it home. It turned out to be Will Hailey's tame gobbler.

New Site News: Mrs. Richmond Wormington, who has been sick for some time with a cancer, is reported worse.

Rock Springs News: Ed Weathers has moved to the Still farm recently vacated by his father-in-law, Mr. Ford.

Rock Springs News: Will Fine is now in St. Clair County and will be at home about Christmas.

Eagle Rock News: Died Thursday, Miss Maud Whittington, a daughter of R. W. Whittington and wife.

Eagle Rock News: Henry Skelton and J. C. Whittington saw an animal the other evening that resembles a big black wolf.

Muncy News: Born to A. J. and Nannie Beaver, the 5th, a fine girl. Mother and babe doing well. A. J. says no Democrat for him.

Muncy News: Died Dec. 5, the little child of Richard Whittington. Was interred in the Muncey Cemetery, Dec. 6. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends and neighbors on Roaring River. [Two spellings of Muncey - Muncy]
Eagle Rock News: There will be no game in this county left as Billy Curry and R. Whittington have been hunting.

Eagle Rock News: Born, Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Easley, a fine large boy. Mother and babe doing well.

Barwich News: Married at the home of Hon. S. E. Brown, Mr. P. W. Carter and Miss May Brown, Sunday, at one o'clock p. m. They are both well and favorable known and will go to farm near Jolly, MO amid the best wishes of a host of friends.

Licensed to Wed:

Earle West, 22, Washburn & Carrie Dudley 22, Washburn

John Matlock, 23, Stotts City & Alta Greer, 18, Stotts City

Charles E. Rainwater, 25, Osa & Liddie Smith 19, Flat Creek

Benjamin Stumnff, 27, Cato & Lille Hudson, 17 Jenkins

Frank Boyston, 18, Rogers, Ark. & Nellie Kelley, 19, Purdy
Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Dec. 26, 1901 -
Shell Knob: Born to Mr. J. A. Cooper and wife, a fine boy, ditto to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. James, a fine girl arrived at Joel Cottrell's. The only mistake we heard of was Billy James trying to put on his mother's shoes.

Forest Grove News: Married Tuesday, Dec. 24, at 2 O'clock, at the residence of G. W. Turner, Thomas Payne to Miss Ann Turner. They left that evening for Kansas City and other points on their wedding tour. As Miss Anna was well known here her many friends wish her a pleasant journey through life. J. W. Ennes said the words.

Forrest Grove News: The little girl of T. F. Ennes fell out the door, breaking her collar bone and receiving other injuries.

Jno. W. Braidwood, brother of Mrs. W. W. Campbell of Monett, was killed in a runaway accident at Wentworth, Dec. 2.

Advertised Letter List: List of letters remaining in the post office at Cassville, MO, for the period ending Dec. 23, 1901: If not called for within 14 days will be sent to the dead letter office at Washington D.C. Mr. Bently, Mrs. Nancy Jones. When calling for same please say advertised and give date of list.
Geo. M. Goodnight, Postmaster.

Licensed to Wed:

Ira Garrison, 22, Corsicana & Myrtle McGlothlin, 16, El Paso

William Luttrell, 34, Traverse & Ollie Biggs, 16, El Paso

Austin Campbell, 21, Corsicana & Addie Pruitt, 16, El Paso

Ernest Crumbley, 21, Republic & Ona Beasley, 18, Exeter

William J. Roller, 24, Seligman & Nora A. Weston, 16, Seligman

Thomas G. Payne, 25, Cassville & Millie A. Turner, 17, Cassville

William A. Styles, 33, Golden & Ira V. Hill, 19, Golden

William Flannary, 46, Osa & Salessa Bager, 52, Aurora

Luther H. Edens, 28, Exeter & Ola Holt, 20, Exeter

Benton Lamb, 27, McDowell & Tillie Stockton, 23, Jenkins

W. F. McCann, Seligman & Ora Chaney, Seligman
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