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Cassville Democrat, 1915 Newspapers 1915 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers
An interlibrary loan of microfilm from the State Historical Society of MO, was the source of the below given data.
September 23, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Butterfield News: Mrs. Bessie Marshall and children of Blue Jacket, Okla., came in Saturday to visit her father, R. F. Ferguson, south of town.

Seligman News: Chas. Wright and wife left for Coffeyville, Kan., the 16th. Chas. was one of Seligman's oldest citizen having been here for the past thirty-five years. It took Mr. and Mrs. Wright most of the evening to tell all their friends good bye. We all regret to loose Charlie and Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Wright was a great social and church worker and they will be greatly missed by the young folks who have been in the habit of depending on Aunt Martha to arrange their public functions.

Bethel News: Andrew McDunner moved to the McCoy place Saturday.

Bethel News: Isaac and Floyd Inman sold their fourth interest in the Long Chance Mining Co., this week for five hundred dollars.

New Salem News: Mrs. W.W. McColllum is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Gusta Roller, and family of Rocky Comfort.

New Salem News: Wilma, daughter of General Price and wife, is suffering considerable with her face which is thought to have been poisoned by eating pawpaws.

Rock Springs News: Mrs. Luella Eggleston is suffering from a felon.

Washburn Prairie News: James Weston and family and Walter Weston and family of Pasley and John Weston of Beaver, Ark., spent Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weston.

Washburn Prairie News: Bud McClure died at the home of his father, Thomas McClure, Saturday night and was buried at this place Sunday afternoon. The bereaved have the heartfelt sympathy of the community.

Rock Springs News: All of ten living children of the late Wm. Seamster had a family reunion at Rock Springs last Saturday and Sunday. The members of the Seamster family present were: Steven Seamster age 73; F. M.; Martin; Bethewell; Robert; Isaiah; Amanda Campbell; Ellen Arwood; Julia Hedrick and Nancy Jemerson, making the ten children. A number of the grandchildren were also present The memorial service was preached at the church at 11 O'clock, Sunday, conducted by Rev. F. M. Seamster of Avoca, Ark. They stated that they were coming back again.

Washburn News: Mrs. Lillie Perkins of Galena, Kan., came Thursday and is a guest of her sister, Mrs. W. L. Black.

Washburn News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Black, Wednesday, 15th, a son.

Washburn News: Mrs. J. A. Pease left Wednesday to visit her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lund of Cedar, Kan.

Personal and Local: Mrs. J. F. Haddick [Haddock] of St. Louis is the guest of the family of H. O. Abernathy. Mrs. Haddick [Haddock] and Mrs. Abernathy are sister's in law.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. H. O. Abernathy entertained the members of the Silver Leaf Benefit Club at her home on Tuesday afternoon Sept 21. Subject for the afternoon was Edison's Inventions. Mrs. S. A. Newman read an entertaining appear on Edison's boyhood days. A very interesting paper was read by Mrs. A. L. Brown on the Queen of Belgium. A musical selections was furnished by Miss Ida Abernathy, Mrs. J. F. Haddock of St. Louis was a guest of the club. Dainty refreshments were served. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. H. M. Allen.

Personal and Local News: Prof. C. H. McClure of Warrensburg did post graduate work in the University of Chicago this summer. He returned home last week for his work at the head of the department of history in the state normal school at Warrensburg.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. Sheets of Exeter and daughter, Mrs. Roger Graves, visited the family of J. H. Mitchell, Thursday.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. Jane McClure and little granddaughter Maryo George, went to Lawton, Okla., this week to visit with the family of Mrs. McClure's son, Chas. McClure.

Amos Gurley of Purdy is Agent for Studebaker Automobiles.

Francis Ernest McClure, better known as "Bud" died at the home of his father, Thomas McClure, five miles southwest of Cassville on the Cassville and Washburn road, Sept 18, 1915 , of paralysis. [Click here to read]

J. T. Denton passed away at his home in the Oak Ridge locality northeast of Cassville, Saturday, Sept 18, age 68 years. The cause of Mr. Denton's death was lung trouble from which he had been a sufferer for many years. [Click here to read]

Mrs. Eliza Gleason died at her home in Mineral Spring, Thursday Sept 9th, 1915, after a week of severe illness of heart trouble. [Click here to read]

Licenses to Wed:

J. L. Snoden, 45, Baxter & D.A. Jones, 36, Monett

Everett Williams, Shell Knob & Bertha Strimple, Shell Knob

Oliver Brock, 25, Cassville & Carrie Edmondson, 23, Cassville

Grant Cooper, Eagle Rock & Julia Reading, Eagle Rock

Bent Lenox, 26, Seligman & Cynthia Morgan, Seligman

Henry Morgan, 18, Seligman & Jennie McClain, Seligman
September 30, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Cedar Bluff News: Dutch Morlan and wife and Thurman Smith and wife are the proud parents of fine boys.

Mineral Springs News: Frank Reno and mother and Miss Gladys England spent Sunday with John England and family.

Seligman News: James Stiles and Lis Barnes pulled off a little fight in our quiet little village Saturday evening. The trouble seems to have been an old grudge.

Seligman News: Mrs. O. C. Collier has purchased a monument to erect at the grave of her husband.

Seligman News: It is rumored that George Frost and Polly Skaggs were quietly married the last of the week by George's father, Squire frost. If this is true the young folks should both be complimented on their choice for they rank high in our business and social circles.

Bethel News: Rev. Wormington preached at Bethel Sunday morning. He left another appointment for the 4th Sunday in October.

Gunter News: Miss Cora Blalock is better at this writing. She has been suffering with appendicitis.

Gunter News: Henry Roller and family came in from Oklahoma and visited one day and night with Mrs. Roller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. McPhail then went to visit Mr. Roller's father.

Oak Ridge News: Mrs. Mabel Thomas, who has been at he bedside of her father. T. Denton, for the past few weeks, has returned to her home at Houston, Tex.

Shady Grove News: Ernest Wallace, is on the sick list. It was thought for awhile he was taking typhoid, but is better now.

Purdy News: Earl Carlin's new residence is nearing completion and is a valuable addition to our town.

Purdy News: L. R. McNatt was called to the bedside of this brother, Millard F. McNatt of Weleeka, Okla., last week. He helped to lay his brother away and returned home Sunday. M. F. McNatt formerly lived in Purdy and will be remembered by our old time citizens as a very congenial citizen. We regret to hear of his death. He had a bad form of stomach trouble. He is a nephew of Judge McNatt of Aurora.

Washburn News: Mrs. T. J. Foster returned home Sunday from a visit with her sister, Mrs. G. M. Withers and family, near New Site.

Washburn Prairie News: Mrs. C. H. Farwell and daughter, Helen of Eagle Rock visited with her parents, R. T. Raines an wife, Saturday night and Sunday.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Varner spent from Friday until Sunday with Mr. Varner's sister, Mrs. Claud Stubblefield on White river.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Senter and little son, Earl of Napton came Thursday for a week's visit with his mother and sister, Mrs. Senter and Mrs. Amphlett and family.

Pleasant Ridge News: Mr. and Mrs. Merton Meador spent Saturday night and Sunday at Butterfield with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newt Meador.

Flat Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. John Bibb and little children left Tuesday Sept 14th for their home near Charleston, after a four week's visit with relatives and friends at this place.

Flat Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. Marion Foster and little daughter of near Purdy spent from Monday till Wednesday in our community visiting relatives.

Flat Creek News: Mrs. Minnie Carney received a letter stating that her daughter, Mrs. Lulu Wiley and bade of Wyoming will come in this week to visit her.

Flat Creek News: Miss Eula Bennett spent the latter part of last week with her sister, Mrs. Fran Hudson near Cato.

Personal and Local News: J.C. Skelton and Judge Elam of Eagle Rock were transacting business here Saturday.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. Jane McClure and granddaughter, Maryo George went to Lawton, Okla., Friday for a visit with Chas. McClure and family.

Personal and Local News: J. H. Baird and daughter, Mrs. Mamie Boren, have moved to Stotts City and will make that place their home. Mr. Baird has a brother and a sister living there. The citizens of Cassville regret very much to lose these excellent people.

Personal and Local News: Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Adams of Holberg visited Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Reynolds last week, returning home Friday. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Reynolds are sisters.

Personal and Local News: Rev. W. A. Ireland who held a three weeks successful revival at Oak Ridge has begun a meeting at Mineral Springs. He is assisted by singer Harris and great interest is reported to be manifested. The meeting held at Oak Ridge was one of the most successful held in this section of the county for sometime. The entire community took an active interest.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. C.A. Webber and son, Marvin, went to Carthage Saturday. Marvin is having his eyes treated by a specialist there.

Licenses to Wed:

Erwin E. Morlan, 32, Purdy & Frances Mc Campbell, 22, Monett

Ed E. Yates, 50, Kansas City & Mrs. Anna Gowan, 45, Kansas City

George M. Frost, Seligman & Pollie Scaggs, Seligman

Manoford Waltrip, 25, Purdy & Edith Bennings, 24, Purdy

A. E. Andrews, 39, Neosho & B. E. Nichols, 30, Monett

E. A. Cramer, 45, Dumright, Okla. & R. C. Eidson, 32, Dumright, Okla.

C.C. Cooper, 22, Shell Knob & Susie Call, 19, Viola
October 7, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Personal and Local News: Arthur Stubblefield of near Eagle Rock and Judge Elam of the same locality were Cassville visitors Thursday.

Personal and Local News: Everett Bell who is traveling for a coffee house has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bell, for a few days.

Personal and Local News: E. C. Lutes of Lamar, Col., is visiting his sister, Mrs. W. H. Barcus, near this city.

Personal and Local News: Ab Easley whose home is in Oklahoma has been visiting relatives at Mano.

Personal and Local News: Jim Garner of near Scholten was placed under arrest by Sheriff Brixey and brought to Cassville Thursday upon a charge of removing stolen property.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. Cranford of Clever is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sharp, east of town.

Personal and Local News: George Weatherly of Exeter visited a brother at Joplin last week. His brother has been suffering from a stroke of paralysis.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. Myrtle Howell returned to her home at Sarcoxie Friday after a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Moore, northeast of town.

Personal and Local News: Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wilks of Verona visited his son, W. A. Wilks, Tuesday the 28th.

Personal and Local News: Dave Talbert, rural letter carrier, on route 1 out of this city, has been ill with malaria.

Personal and Local News: Joe England has leased the Henry brick building on North Main Street and will move his stock of hardware November 1 from his present location in the VanHook building on the east side of he square.

Personal and Local News: Mr. and Mrs. Benton Robbins and daughter, Miss Nadine and Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Manley and daughter, Miss Elaine, motored to Monett Sunday afternoon.

Personal and Local News: C. L. Barnes, Fred Cole, Sig Whittington and a number of other overseers from the various districts for the county were here Monday consulting the county court and highway engineer about road work.

Pleasant Ridge News: Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brunner of Monett visited the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Black, and family from Friday until Monday.

Forest Grove News: We are glad to know that Sam Beeson secured his horse that was stolen a few weeks ago.

Seligman News: Mrs. Zuma Bloomer returned home Thursday from a hospital in Kansas City where she had been for four weeks a result of an operation. She is recovering nicely and will soon be able for her work as teacher in the Cassville School. She was met Thursday at Monett by her brother, James Talbert, who accompanied her home.

Seligman News: O. A. Arnold one of Seligman's oldest citizens is moving to Afton, Okla. We regret to lose Mr. Arnold as he has been our chief mechanic for years, doing any kind of shop or lathe work.

Oak Ridge News: J. W. Ennes and daughter, Alice and Mr. and Mrs. Fisher of Cassville, took dinner with W. A. Anderson and wife Sunday.

Oak Ridge News: Riley Brown has possibly the best equipped molasses factory in the county. It is all under shed, coal oil engine to grind the cane, a concrete tank and evaporator. His engine and mill could keep two 14 foot evaporators at work. This mill is in Hungry Hollow. He has some fine molasses.

Oak Ridge News: Sunday night at Oak Ridge school house, a Christian Endeavor was organized, Montie Taylor, president, Mr. Ferrell, Vice President. This society can do lots of good if they are humble and prayerful. Remember the admonition as preferring one another, work to get as works for God.

Gunter News: Emmet Lansdown and Alvin Blalock are doing some painting and carpenter work for Mr. Cornman near Jenkins.

Gunter News: The wedding bells are ringing again. Oscar Prier and Miss Rilla Andrews were quietly married Sunday at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Lon Utter. We wish for them a long and happy life.

Washburn News: Miss Anna Hickey accompanied Miss Cora Davis to Exeter Friday to take a music lesson.

Washburn News: W.F. Senter and family left Wednesday for their home near Napton. They were accompanied by Mrs. J. S. Amphlett and little son, Paul, as far as Cherryvale, Kan., where they will stop off a few days and visit a sister, Mrs. J. L. Sage, and family.

Cross Hollows News: Mrs. Bessie Hoenshell visited her grandmother, Mrs. Hobbs, Saturday.

Mineral Spring News: Mrs. M. G. Hankins is real poorly.

Sunnyside News: We understand that Elenger Fawver and Frank Fine are holding a protracted meeting at Corinth.

Sunnyside News: Born to Robert Persons and wife, a daughter, Sept 26.

New Salem News: We understand Ernest Webb will move to Pea Ridge, Ark., this week. We regret to have them leave us.

New Salem News: Aunt Mary Pendergraft went Saturday to visit her sister, Miss Mussa Bowman, south of Seligman.

New Salem News: Mrs. Solon Noble's mother, Mrs. Guiles of Fayetteville, Ark., has been staying with her the past week or two.

Midway News: The writer was present last week when Chas. Holder harvested his sweet potato crop. They were form the size of hen eggs to teakettles. Southwest Missouri beats "em all."

Mano News: John Head and wife of Golden spent Saturday with relatives here.

Mano News: J. A. Easley of Sycamore, Okla., was looking after business matters here last week.

Mano News: Geo. Stever began making molasses last week. He is making some fine ones.

Mano News: O. W. Stever has bought the Joe Wood farm, Mr. Wood will move to Western Kansas soon.

Mano News: Arthur Stever left for Oklahoma one day last week.

Licenses to Wed:

Oscar Prier, Purdy & Rilla Andrews, Cassville

D. J. Smith, 59, Purdy & Mary J. Warren, 49, Purdy

C. F. Bryan, Monett & Bettie Hutchens, Monett

Forest Corbin, 26, Monett & Elizabeth Curry, Monett

Chas. F. Woody Monett & Clara G. Dawson, 21, Monett

Adam Schroeter, 25, Bricefield & Helen Zuraiski, 25, Bricefield

Wm. Davison, 24, Springdale, Ark & Ava Whiney, 24, Springdale, Ark.
October 14, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Seligman News: The friends of Earn Still surprised him with a good old fashion chavarri Saturday night. Mr. Still was prepared and after making all the noise they could Mr. Still invited the youngsters in and served cigars and candy. It was care of these old fashioned friendly affairs that everybody enjoyed.

New Salem News: Mrs. Paralee Jones and son from Washington are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Trimble, whom she had not seen for six years.

New Salem News: Miss Ronnie Roller, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Maud Henbest, of Washburn, spent most of last week with their sister, Mrs. Harris Montgomery, of Duenweg.

Oak Ridge News: Jess Nafus and family were visiting his brother, Emmet, Friday.

Oak Ridge News: Damon, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett, fell from a tree breaking and dislocating his arm last week.

New Site News: Brit Carlin and family and Misses Knowles and Ruth Haddock motored to Carthage Wednesday and attended the fair.

Personal and Local News: Rev. E. W. McCracken writes the REPUBLICAN from Gage, Okla., stating that he and Mrs. McCracken have returned from California where they have been during he summer and he is now engaged in meetings at Gage and is meeting with great success in the work.

Personal and Local News: Henry King and sisters, Misses Mary and Maggie, southeast of town are planning to move to Carthage.

Local and Personal News: The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. C. Mason of El Centro, Calif., are receiving cards announcing the birth of a son, Jack Mason, on Friday, Oct 8, at the home of Mrs. Mason's mother, Mrs. Rachel Thompson, in this city. Mrs. Mason has been visiting her mother and sister, Mrs. J. C. Henry here for the past few weeks.

Personal and Local News: The preliminary hearing of Rando Garrett whom Chas. Winn had charged with taking $300. from him was held - before - Justice of the Peace Sons, Monday. Garrett was released as the testimony did not show a case against him. After the hearing Garrett, who became greatly incensed over the charge made again hi, assaulted Winn on the street. He was fined $10 and the costs.

Personal and Local News: Harold Arbuckle of Fairmount, W. Va., son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arbuckle, south of Cassville, writes his parents, that when the message was sent across the continent on Sept 29th, without the aid of a wire, he, as a stenographer, took the message down and transcribe it for the use of the newspapers. The words spoken into a Bell Telephone at New York were by means of wireless telephony transmitted to Mare Island near San Francisco.

Circuit Court paid Charles Curry for road work %0.00 and Tobe James relief for the Hadlow family 5.00. And also among the listings was one for A. W. Madison, who was paid 2.50 for hauling off a dead horse from the highway.

Elvin Dummit and Miss Frances Randall of Columbus, Kan., were married Saturday night, Oct 9. [Click here to read]

Pleads Guilty: Sheriff Brixey took John Gorman, the young man who stole J.D. Dummit's team of horses and buggy to Monett. [Click here to read]

Probate Court Docket [Click here to read]

Harvey H. Fox, formerly a citizen of Washburn, but for some time a business man of Markham, Okla., died Aug 29, in a hospital in Oklahoma City, of peritonitis. [Click here to read]

Licenses to Wed:

Robin W. Stewart, Fairview & Georgie Major, Neosho

John Moore, 64, Cassville & Effie Burris, Eagle Rock

Harry M. Nell, 25, Purdy & Lola Lowery, Purdy C. N. Taylor, 23, Purdy & Emma McIntosh, Purdy

George Charles, 22, Ridgeley & Elsie Thomas, Ridgeley

John W. Michael, 23, Washburn & Dora G. Walden, 17, Washburn

Ed Gouge 24, Butterfield & Reva Keeling, Butterfield
October 21, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Personal and Local News: J. W. and Albert George, Mrs. C. M. Landis, Larry George, Chas. Ray, Claude Hessee, R. G. Salyer and Grover Hobbs attended the funeral of Dr. George at Berryville Friday.

Personal and Local News: J. L. Hill of Dysart, Iowa, has been visiting his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. Gibbons, north of Exeter. Mr. Hill is on a return trip from the Exposition at San Francisco and a trip through the west. He had never visited this part of Missouri before and like the country with the exception of the stone to which he had never been accustomed.

Personal and Local News: Dr. S. W. Chandler was called to Washburn last week and, assisted by Dr. Smith of Washburn, amputated the left foot for Miss Maye Howard. Miss Howard's many friends over the country will regret to hear of her misfortune. The amputation was made necessary by a trouble which had become chronic.

Personal and Local News: Miss Mabel Wormington has been visiting the family of F. N. Reese for the past week.

Personal and Local News: C.A. Webber returned Sunday from Sumner, Ill., where has had been called by the death of a sister, Mr. Webber's mother who lives in Sumner has been sick.

Personal and Local News: J. H. Aldridge of Mano was in Cassville Friday. He had been to Chas. Sallee's farm west of Exeter where he purchased a registered short horn two year old male for his herd. Mr. Aldridge and son now have about thirty milk cows on their farm. He sells cream at the Cassville creamery.

Personal and Local News: Samuel Rainwater who had been coffined in the county jail upon a charge of murder, gave bond and was released Thursday. His father and step-mother of Carthage came over Thursday and made the bond.

Personal and Local News: Troy Williamson who will hold a public sale at his farm 3 miles west of Cassville today, will leave soon for the extreme northwest part of Oklahoma where he has bought land and will locate for his wife's health. Mr. Williamson is one of our very best citizens and we regret to lose him.

Personal and Local News: Mrs. Eva Reed of Benton County returned home Thursday after a pleasant visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Higganbotham and brother, C.D. Higganbotham.

Personal and Local News: A little three year old child of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Douthitt of the Shady Grove school district died Sunday of diphtheria. There are five other children in the family and Dr. Bailey went out Tuesday afternoon to vaccinate them.

Purdy News: Geo. Russell has sold his farm to Mr. Raywinkle and then he bought John Moore's near town.

Purdy News: J. R. Wagoner of Corsicana is reported to have committed suicide by hanging Sunday morning early. He had been in bad health for several years. He was living with a sister who is blind.

Purdy News: Lighting struck the store building owned by Jesse McCraw, but occupied by Del Walker as a restaurant last Friday night doing some slight damage to the roof also the west end of upper story. Same time lighting store up carpet slightly in Morlan's barber shop but nothing else was struck.

Purdy News: Albert Cox has recently moved to town occupying the Burrows house north of Chas. Rose. Dave Smith and lady have moved to the Burrows property near the cemetery and Mr. Fitzwater has moved in and occupies the O. P. Smith property. Three other families want to move in but can find no house vacant. Two would buy but find none to suit them are for sale.

Gunter News: Grandma Whittington and Mrs. Nancy Qualls visited last week at Dave Gautney's and with their sister, Mrs. Polly Gautney, who Mrs. Qualls had not seen for nearly twenty years.

Gunter News; Monroe Bullington has moved to his new home near Newtonia. Mr. Bullington was a good neighbor and citizen and we regret losing them. We wish them success.

Flat Creek News: The little baby of Mrs. Lulu Wiley has been very sick but it seems to be better at present.

Flat Creek News: The infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. Will McMinn died the 13th, and its little body was laid to rest in the Carney Cemetery.

Cross Hollows News: Silas Thomas and sons, Earl and Bert, took a bunch of cattle to Purdy last week.

Cross Hollows News: C. M. Writer has moved his cane mill from A. J. Land's place.

Seligman News: Mrs. Margaret Moore (formerly Burnett) was visiting her sister, Cora Whitener, and family the last of the week. She states that times in California are closer than for some time.

Seligman News: Gene Frost had an attack of colic while at his school. He was hurried to town in a car. All looked for him to die but he pulled through. Gene is noted for his his pulling through qualities.

Pleasant Ridge News: Mrs. Leslie Bolton and children of Monett visited Elbert Bolton and family Saturday night and Sunday.

Oak Ridge News: Mitchell Perkins and wife are on the sick list.

Washburn News: Andrew Burnett and family and W. A. Burnett spent Saturday with their sister, Mrs. Cora Whitener, at Seligman. Mrs. Whitener has two sisters visiting her also, one from Texas and one from California.

Clark News: Nellie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowers who has been sick for the past week is reported better.

Clark News: We were very sorry to hear of the death of Riley Wagoner of Corsicana.

Mineral Springs News: Otis Baker and family visited his brother Everet and family, Sunday.

Mineral Springs News: Grandpa Gurley has his new house about completed.

Seligman News: Geo. Engdohl our express man was quietly married Sunday by Squire frost. It was a surprise to all.

Roaring River News: Eld G. G. Cottrell and wife of Shell Knob spent a few days last week with their daughter, Mrs. C. E. Puett.

Roaring River News: James Sons, of near Seligman, was visiting in this part of a few days last week.

Lone Elm News: Voly Doty and Wesley Long attended the revival at Mountain Home Sunday night.

Lone Elm News: Mrs. Rosa McCubbin's friends will be sorry to hear of her illness.

Cedar Bluff News: We are sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Cook.

Shell Knob News: W. P. Brazel sold 80 acres of land and bought 40 acres.

Shell Knob News: A few days ago while Arthur Maloney and wife were gone to Seligman some thieves, thought to be two in number, entered their residence and stole a lot of canned goods, a watch and 75 cents in money and turned the beds upside down. The people have the thieves spotted.

Shell Knob News: J. C. Snider came over Monday in his auto and took his father-in-law, C. B. Carr, home with him at Cato, for a visit.

Dr. W. P. George a prominent physician and business man of Berryville, Ark., died at his home in that city Wednesday night Oct 13, at the age of 69 years. [Click to read]

Mrs. Louisa Beck, widow of the late Daniel Beck, of the Mt. Sinai neighborhood, died at her home Saturday, Oct 16, of dropsy, at the age of 75 years, 8 months and 16 days. [Click to read]

J. R. Wagoner, a citizen of Corsicana, committed suicide by hanging himself in a barn at the place where he lived, Sunday, Oct 17. [Click to read]

Mrs. Caroline Rausch was born in Darmstradt, Germany, April 28, 1840, and died at her home in Pierce City, Oct 12, 1915. [Click to read]

Mrs. Lillie Ann Johnson, wife of William Johnson, died at her home near Clio Saturday, Oct 9, of a complication of diseases, age 34 years, 11 months and 29 days. [Click to read]

Licenses to Wed:

George W. Engohl, 23, Seligman & Myrtle Vetterton, Seligman

John Coatney, 50, Purdy & Myrtle Brooks, 30, Purdy

Delmar Garris?, Monett & Effie Garrison, 19, Monett
October 28, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Washburn News: Misses Amanda Burnett and Effie Weston spent from Wednesday till Friday with their uncle, John Weston and family of Beaver, Ark.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Looney and Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Frost came from Rogers, Ark., Sunday in the Frost car. They were the guests of J. A. Frost and wife. They had the misfortune to break a wheel off the car when in sight of their destination but luckily no one was hurt. They retuned Sunday evening on No. 3.

Washburn News: Mrs. J. T. Denton who held a public sale two weeks ago near Cross Hollows has gone to Joplin and will maker her home with a son there.

Washburn News: Mrs. Ada Rullaford of Springdale, Ark., has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. E. Lamb. [Rutherford]

Washburn News: L. A. Thomas of Leann has purchased the Douglas set of abstract books at Crane and will again engage in the abstract business. He was a short time ago in the abstract business of Galena. L. A. Thomas is a brother of J. H. Thomas of this city.

Washburn News: Albert Eagleson of Alluwe, Okla., visited his brother, Herbert, near Golden last week and attend to business in the probate court in Cassville Friday. He says that the farmers in that part of Oklahoma hardily know what to do about sowing wheat on account of the fly and the wet weather.

Cross Hollows News: Robert Patton went to Joplin with a load of goods for Mrs. Denton who will make her future home there.

Cross Hollows News: Sadie Thomas and son, Burton, visited with their cousins, Will Pruitt and family, of Roaring River Saturday night and Sunday.

Flat Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. Marion Foster and little daughter, Elma, of near Purdy are visiting with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Swearinger, and other relatives.

Butterfield News: Mrs. A. P. Harper has sold the property near the school house to Aunt Sarah Young.

Seligman News: Gene Frost cried a sale for R. P. Lewis Saturday. The sale amounted to over $200. Everything sold well. Mr. Lewis are going to leave. General Price is to give them a farewell gathering Monday night.

Seligman News: Omer Ramey and family left Sunday evening for Arizona. Mr. Ramey recently sold his place to Mr. Hutchens.

Rock Springs News: George W. Roller and family of McDonald County were here last Saturday and Sunday. He is teaching his second term of school of eight months at the Dawson school house.

Rock Springs News: Mrs. Carl Weathers was taken very suddenly with a stroke of paralysis the 23rd but at this writing is thought to be better.

Roaring Spring News: Mrs. Silas Thomas of Cross Hollows visited Saturday and Sunday with her cousin, Mrs. W. E. Puett and family.

Purdy News: Andrew Renkoski who lives near Pioneer while preparing to lad some fertilizer here Monday had a pretty close call to the great beyond. His team became freighted at the incoming train and ran away catching him between the wagon and telephone post bruising his hips and limbs badly. The team was caught about a mile out and returned to town.

Purdy News: Roscoe Peck just tips around touching the high places here and there. Reason - the new girl babe that arrived Oct 23.

Mineral Springs News: Mrs. Owings of the Pasley neighborhood visited her daughter, Mrs. Everet Baker, Sunday.

New Salem News: Mrs. Paralee Jones and son spent Saturday night and Sunday with her aunt and uncle, Sam McClure, and family of Seligman.

New Salem News: Jim and Bill Poe and families moved last week to Oklahoma. Earl Poe has moved where Jim vacated to help his father run the sawmill this winter.

New Site News: Virgil Anderson and family of Marionville visited his aunt, Mrs. C.A. Carlin, Sunday.

New Site News: Mrs. Gertie Henderson and children of Purdy visited her father, Robert Wormington and attended church at New Site Sunday.

Lone Elm News: John Long is contemplating on moving to Kansas soon.

Lone Elm News: Little Vernal Hankins has recovered from a spell of fever.

Cedar Mound News: We understand that Nath Wilson is going to move on the Harve Pasley place. We are glad to welcome him in our community for we understand that he is a good neighbor and citizen.

McDowell News: The little infant babe of Dr. and Mrs. Robertson was buried Tuesday, Oct 19, in Sparks Cemetery.

Oak Ridge No. 2 News: S. H. Turner's brother, Arthur, of near Neosho and nephew, Finis Prewit, are visiting him.

Washburn Prairie News: Mr. and Mrs. D. Banks and daughter, Naomi, spent Sunday at M. M. Meador's.

Shady Grove News: Alfred Hemphill is moving to the Monroe Whittington place on Gunter.

Shady Grove News: A little child of Kirk Douthitt died Saturday night with diphtheria.

Local and Personal News: Mrs. T. H. Hickman came over Friday from Sarcoxie for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bed Hessee. Rev and Mrs. Hickman are well pleased with their new location at Sarcoxie.

Local and Personal News: A little twelve months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Prevo of Exeter died Thursday morning of diphtheria. Mrs. Prevo is a daughter of Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Smith.

Local and Personal News: Mrs. R. G. Salyer and granddaughter, Mary Quinn and grandson Glenn Tucker, Mrs. Chas. Ray and Mrs. T. S. Frost attended church at Purdy Thursday night. Eld. G. S. Yarborough has been engaged in a series of meetings at Purdy.

Local and Personal News: Dr. S. A. Newman reports the birth of a daughter on the 19th, to Mr. and Mrs. Burl Reed and he birth of a son on the 18th to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jones.

Local and Personal News: Miss Nettie Smith had to dismiss her school in the Gaddis district on account of the mad dog scare. A number of dogs in the district have been bitten and the patrons were afraid for the children to be on the roads to and from school

Local and Personal News: Thomas J. Talbert of Columbia spent Sunday in Cassville with his father, Dave Talbert and brother, James, and sister, Mrs. Zuma Bloomer. He had been attending farmer's meetings and lecturing in this part of the state and ran over for the week end with homefolks.

Local and Personal News: Dr. and Mrs. Cullers and little son and Mr. and Mrs. Carter and little daughter, Wylene, of Stella, spent Sunday with the family of Judge C. M. Landis.

Local and Personal News: Herbert Eagleston of near Golden has been appointed by Judge C. M. Landis as administrator to the estate of James Eagleston, deceased. A $7,500 bond was given.

John Moses Dead: John Frederick Moses died at his home on North Third Street last night. He has been ill for a year. His death was caused by stomach trouble.

He was 56 years old. He was born in Ohio and has been a resident of Monett for years. He was a carpenter.

Besides his wife he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. P. Wagoner, and a son, Jesse Moses.

The funeral will be held at the Baptist Church Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Monett Star Wednesday.

Despondent, Takes Poison. Despondent, Takes Poison. Lorenzo Brattin, a good citizen and substantial farmer of the stony Point locality, west of Exeter, chewed and swallowed some poke root, Friday afternoon, while in a very despondent mood and had a narrow escape from death.

Dr. D. L. Mitchell was called to the home about 3:30 o'clock, Friday afternoon and found Mr. Brattin in a serious condition from the effects of the poison which he had taken. He treated him for sometime and left him much improved.

Mrs. Brattin gave as his reason for taking the poison that he had come to the conclusion that it would be better if he were out of the way. His neighbors and friends are doing what they can to encourage him. It is thought that he has been despondent over domestic troubles.

Attempts Murder: While in a fourth street restaurant in Monett Saturday night Lamberine Draper and his wife Maggie Draper, of Joplin, quarreled. Draper drew a revolver and shot at his wife but the ball struck a corset stay and prevented the shot from being fat.

Draper and his wife both stated to officers after the shooting that they had been having trouble for sometime. They had formerly lived in Monett but have recently been living at Joplin.

Mrs. Draper was only slightly injured by the shot. The ball was deflected from its course by a corset stay and circle the body about half way round and did not penetrate the body.

Draper made no attempt to escape but remained in the restaurant until placed under arrest by offices. He was brought to Cassville by Sheriff Brixey Sunday and lodged in jail upon a charge of assault with attempt to kill.

Licenses to Wed:

Willie Senters, 19, Washburn & Etta Hoog, 20, Washburn

C. E. Vinson, Monett & Sarah Curry, Monett

O. P. Murphy, Jr. Cassville & Dollie E. Kerr, Cassville

John Padgett, Cassville & Mary Thompson, 24, Cassville
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