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Gayle said she mistakenly mixed the two photos, the ones of Margaret Vanzandt Morgan and Elizabeth Schell.


This photo of Elizbeth Yocum Schell was confused for Margaret (Van Zandt) Morgan

Photo in the procession of Imogene Cooper of Powell, MO

Schell Family
Barry And McDonald Counties, MO

On October 17, 1835, Henry Schell and Elizabeth Yocum (Yoachum) were married in early day Barry County. Their marriage is recorded in Greene County, Missouri. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob and Sarah Yocum, early settlers along the White River. She was born Feb. 6, 1819 and died on her birthday in 1900.

Henry and Elizabeth (Yocum) Schell built their trading post in 1835 at the foot of a mountain (knob) on the banks of the White River. This area later became known as Schell Knob. There they lived near members of Elizabeth’s family. When the post office was established by the federal government in 1872, the 'C' in Schell was somehow left out, and it became know then asShell Knob.

This historical site of the trading post is located east of present dayShell Knob on Highway YY and is marked by a large rock. During the sesquicentennial celebration in 1985, a bronze plaque was affixed to the rock.

The trading post was attached to the living quarters with a breezeway between the two buildings, all under the same roof. The structure was built of logs, cut and prepared on the property, then laid on a rock foundation, and daubed with clay to fill the spaces. The exterior was covered with clapboard.

On the 1840 Federal Census they were listed in Taney County (current day Barry County), living near the Jacob (her father)and Levi (her brother, or cousin) Yocum households. Henry and Elizabeth lived in the Shell Knob area for ten years. Their first four children were born there. They then decided to move further west in Missouri and removed to McDonald County around 1845.
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Tin Type - a member of the Moore family, not Elizabeth Schell. - Submitted by: David Funk
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