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Family Group Sheets
These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through,
Bates County.  To search Family Group Sheets from all over Missouri, or to
submit your  Family Group Sheets, visit the MO Family Group Sheet Project

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The USGenWeb Project, nor this project coordinator make any claims or estimates of the
validity of the information submitted and reminds you that each new piece of information must
be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence.
It is always best to consult the original material for verification.
Family Group Sheet for:
Submitted by:
Adams, John Calhoun Karen Binkley
Adams, William H. Karen Binkley
ALLEN, Henry Sater Dave Thomas
ANDERSON, Samuel Wilson Cindy Wills
BELL, John William Zale Bell-Nagler
BENNETT, Hyronomous J. Clara Bennett
BLEDSOE, William Mary Bateman
BROCKMAN, Charles E. Eric Brockman
BROWN, Zachariah Taylor Vicki Reynolds
CAMERON, William Vernon V. Vinzant
HARDESTER, William Henry Mike Hardester
HERIFORD, James W. Theresa Rogers Griffiths
HOWARD, William M. Jane M. McIntosh
Joseph, Jean Margaret Labenne
LABENNE, Gaspart Margaret Labenne
MCGEE, William Alexander Alyse Kenny
MOORE, Eli Timothy Meng
MOORE, Travis S. James R. Moore
OLIPHANT, Andrew Timothy Meng
PERKEY, Harvey Monroe Mary Beth Janssen
RHODES, James Clifton Paul W. Rhodes
SILVERS, Clinton Harrison Jean Hogue
SILVERS, James Elmer Jean Hogue
THOMPSON, Isaac Cheryl Bell
UTLEY, Benjamin Bradford Mary Beth Janssen
WATERS, Alexander Mary Ann Looney
WYMER, Philip Diana WYMER
YOUNG, James William Leslie Shelly Sanders

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