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Bates County Articles


Local to Bates County:

Aunt Dallie Campbell - Butler Woman to Reach Century Mark June 18
Butler Democrat, 17 June 1965
Aunt Dallie Campbell clutched a handful of greeting cards she had just received in the he morning mail last Friday when the Democrat called on her for an interview and photograph. Already she had begun receiving congratulatory messages from friends well in advance of her 100th birthday anniversary which is Friday, June 18, and it was easy to see that she was very proud and happy. Seated in a rocking chair at her home at 201 south Delaware street in Butler, Aunt Dallie was attired in a print dress and immaculately groomed, thanks to the assistance of Mrs. Pearl Knight, a next door neighbor OLDEST BATES COUNTIAN. "I guess I'm the oldest person in Bates county," she said. "You know I'll be 100 next Friday" This claim to longevity seems to be undisputed, for Aunt Dallie has won this title at the Old Settlers Reunion for the past several years.   Mrs. Campbell (Susan Alice) and her twin brother, John Sherman Harbert, were born June 18, 1865 to Mr. and Mrs. James Harbert while enroute to Johnstown community in northeastern Bates county from Calhoun, Mo. The Harbert's were one of the pioneer families of this section of the state. Much of their history was detailed in Mrs. Reva Stubblefield's Bates County Museum column which appeared in last week's edition of the Democrat. Aunt Dallie said she had lived all but three weeks of her life in Bates county, and had resided at her present home since 1942.  She married Al Campbell in 1917, but he died about ten years later. The couple had no children. Her twin brother has been dead for over twenty years. REMARKABLY AGILE "I want you to tell them how good I can get around, "Aunt Dallie boasted, as she gingerly arose from her chair and walked the full length of the room " I don't have an ache or a pain," she commented, "and I eat well and sleep well."  Although her sight and hearing have failed, she is in remarkably good shape for a 100-year old woman. Mrs. Campbell has a niece and nephew in Butler, Mrs. A.B. Cummings and Jake Harbert. Another nephew, Bill Harbert lives in Independence, MO. Two other nieces, Mrs. Will Hanson and Miss Allie Harbert, reside in Altoona, Kansas. Some of the nearby relatives and neighbors look in on Aunt Dallie every day to see about her meals and other needs.


Adrian Journal, 5 July 2008
Former Altona resident donates cemetery sign.
Those not native to the Adrian area can now find the Crescent Hill Cemetery a lot easier, thanks to Butler resident, Carl Shubert.
Shubert, who was raised in the Altona area and who left there in 1948, recently returned to Bates County. He has many relatives who are now buried in the Crescent Hill Cemetery and it was after a recent funeral that he decided to donate a sign to point the way to the cemetery, from Route AA.


The Times, Butler, Mo., 30 January 1919, page 5, column 5. Submitted by John Wilson:
Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Walker celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home in Lone Oak Friday, January 25th, 1919.
They were married not far distant from their present home and have resided in this neighborhood all this time.
They are blessed with five children, Mrs. Albert Poindexter and Mrs. D.L. Evilsizer, of Kansas City, John Walker and Mrs. Roy Latham of Idaho, and Roy Walker, who lives near his parents.


Out of area newspaper articles pertaining to Bates County, submitted by Kerry Dillard-Nelson:

Sedalia Daily Democrat, 8 May 1878 -
C.C. Bassett, Esq, a prominent attorney of Butler, Bates county, was in the city yesterday, attending to legal business.

Sedalia Daily Democrat, 8 August 1879 -
Appleton Leader
Mr S C Sturtevant, of Hudson township, Bates county, sends us the following interesting item.
"In 1841 Mr. George Rains, with Sarah his wife, from East Tennessee, and settled in Bates county, about six miles west of Appleton City. They raised fourteen children to maturity, one of whom died at the age of twenty-two. They lost two children in infancy. The other thirteen are all married and have sixty seven children. Three of those are now married and have four children. Mr. Rains is dead Mrs. Rains is living with her son, Caswell, near where they first settled. She was 64 years old last January. Now, let us see how many invitations she must send out if she makes a family party. Sons and daughters, and son in-laws, and daughter in law, 26, grand-children, 64, husbands and wives of grandchildren, 3, great grandchildren, 4 making just a round hundred, the lady herself making it up to 101. If there is another person in Bates county as young as Mrs. Rains that can make as good showing, let us hear from him.

Sedalia Daily Democrat, 21 November 1879 -
A pleasant affair took place at the country residence of Mrs. Ryan, the bride's mother, yesterday evening, when Mr. T. W. Haggard, of Bates county, was united in marriage to Miss Sadie Ryan, of this county, the Rev. J.C. Davidson officiating.
After a bountiful feast at the residence of the brides mother, the happy couple came into this city, and will take the train this morning for Bates county, their future home.
The Democrat and a host of friends wish the bride and groom a long and happy journey through life.

Moberly Democratic, 21 April 1916 -
Doctor Bowden of Appleton City was killed in a barn, where he had taken refuge while on his way from Rockville in a motor car.

Chillicothe Constitution, 19 December 1925 -
Kansas City, MO., Dec 19--With a warrant from Butler, MO., charging embezzlement of $11,400 from Bates County, authorities arrested Claude A. Moorewood, former treasurer of that county, here this afternoon.