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Miscellaneous Information
1914 Graduating Class of Rich Hill
--Donated by:  Verda Fulkerson
Appleton City Journal  June 1894
--Donated by:  Cheryl Bell
Books, etc. For Sale
--Donated by:  Joy L. Snow
Closing Exercises at Hazel Dell School  June 1894
--Donated by:  Cheryl Bell
Courthouse Renovation
--Donated by:  Mary Zeiler
Family Against Family
--Donated by:  Patricia Hines Hall 
Who killed Emanuel Lamon?
--Donated by:  Joanne Bledsoe
Explosion Keith & Perry No. 6
--Donated by:  Patrick Coughlin
Ford Reunion July 23, 1925
--Donated by:  Linda Lewis
Ford Birthday & Reunion   July 24, 1930
--Donated by:Linda Lewis
Osceola Sun,  July 8, 1880
--Donated by:  Cheryl Bell
A Golden Wedding
--Donated by:Linda Lewis
Listing of Bates County Physicians
--Compiled by Mary Zeiler and Cheryl Bell
The Press of Bates Co., MO
-- Listing of newspapers within Bates Co., Missouri