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Bates County News


The Butler Weekly Times,
Butler, Bates, MO,
Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1887


1887 incoming County Officer biographies, as listed in The Butler Weekly Times, Butler, Bates, MO, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1887:

The Times has a pride in the incoming officers, and has no hesitancy in asserting that, taken as a whole, they are second to no set of officers that ever served the people of Bates county. The first upon the list comes

Circuit Clerk, who is already thoroughly conversant with the duties of the office having served as deputy for eight years. He was born in St. Joseph, Mo. Was educated at Fayette, and came to Butler about fifteen years ago where he has since resided, his interests being thoroughly allied with our people. He is a young gentleman of good moral habits, strictly attentive to business, and by his gentlemanly and courteous manners, has made himself very popular with the masses as his large vote shows. The mantle of J. Rue Jenkins could not have fallen upon more worthy shoulders.

County Clerk, is a native Scotland. He came to this state when quite young and settled in Cole county. He is an engineer by trade and ran an engine for several years, finally losing a leg in an accident. Although he took a prominent part in politics and usually attended all conventions as a delegate. He never before asked for office. He came to Bates county a number of years ago and located in Lone Oak township. All who know him respect and love him, and his best recommendation comes from those who know him best. Tom Harper is a good business man, is well qualified by education and experience to fill the office to which the suffrage of his people elected him.

that old democratic war horse who has never known what it was to falter or grow weak in party affiliation took charge of the Recorder’s office to which he was elected on New Year’s day. Mr. West was born and raised in Bates county and has spent the greater part of his life here with the exception of three or four years he was in the army. This is the first office he ever held though he has been a prominent factor in politics in Bates county for many years. Gent West is an industrious and a genial, clever gentleman, who can always be found at his post of duty and who will treat every one alike who has business with his office.

who enters upon his second term as Prosecuting Attorney is making for himself a reputation that any young man might be proud of. He has performed the duties of his office with ability and distinction, impartial in all cases, and has proven himself a terror to evil doers. It is the first time in the history of Bates county politics that a prosecutor has succeeded himself. Mr. Jackson was born in Iowa, and received his education from institutions of learning in that state. He came to Bates county in 1882 and located in Butler and began the practice of law and his success in his profession since has been almost phenomenal. It has been his duty to prosecute several very important criminal cases and no man can say that he did not discharge his whole duty in the premises.

took charge of the sheriff’s office several weeks ago and is now hard at work. While an unnatural and unholy warfare was waged against Mr. Glazebrook, and came near encompassing his defeat, the indications are that he will make as good a sheriff as Bates county ever had before. He is a man of strong, though honest convictions, and he will be found at his post of duty regardless of fear or favor. Mr. Glazebrook was born in Johnson county, this state, and stands very high among his old neighbors there. He has lived in Bates county for a number of years, and while he has been actively engaged in politics he never before asked for office.

with the new year, assumes the duties of the office of Judge of the Probate court. John is a young man of brains and energy, he has worked hard and deserves his success. He is a native born Missourian having been born and raised in Johnson county. At an early age he studied law and was admitted to the bar, when he located in Butler. He is thoroughly qualified to perform the duties of his office and we have no doubt will make a most excellent Probate Judge and will guard with jealous care the interests of the widow and orphant.

our Public Administrator took formal charge of his office on Monday and immediately set to work administering on an estate, the first being that of Bell Earhart, deceased. Mr. Ennis was born in St. Louis county in 1833, where he resided until the war broke out when he joined his fortunes with the southern cause and laid in a northern prison for ten months. He then located in Mississippi where he lived until he removed to Bates county in 1880. He is a most excellent gentleman and his merits will no doubt be recognized ere long more substantially.

a promising physician and a genial, clever gentleman, enters upon his second term as coroner of Bates county. The doctor is taking a prominent stand in his profession, and this may be but a stepping stone to him for something higher.

Submitted by: Karen Foreman