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Bates County Biographies


FALOR, Norman
Osage Township - Norman Falor, of the firm of E. Falor & Sons, proprietors of the Crown Rolling Mills, a notice of which was given elsewhere in this history, was born in Tazewell County, Illinois, December 11, 1852. He was reared on a farm in his native county, and was there educated. In 1873, he moved to Vernon County, Missouri, where his father and family had located some three years previous. They have since been extensively engaged in farming and dealing in stock, having a landed eestate of nearly 4,000 acres. Norman Falor was married October 23, 1879, to Miss Emma Yates, a native of Kentucky. They have two children: Nellie and Archival. Mr. F. is a member of the Masonic fraternity. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Osage Township - T.B. Farmer is a member of the establishment of Farmer, McGrew & Britton, dealers in general merchandise, and one of the leading firms of Rich Hill. The firm was formed in February, 1882, by the subject of this sketch, Dr. W.M. McGrew and John R. Britton, all men of sterling industry and enterprise. Mr. Farmer is a son of the late Rev. Jerry Farmer, of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and was born in Cass County, Missouri, August 30, 1839. He was reared and educated in his native county, and for many years assisted his father, who was engaged in the mercantile trade. At about the time of the battle of Lone Jack he entered the Confederate service, and remained in that army for one year, when he went to Boone County, Missouri, thence to Illinois, and he lived in Edgar and Shelby County of that state for three years. In 1865 he returned to Pleasant Hill, Missouri, where he was engaged in merchandising till 1870, when he went to Nevada, Missouri. There he carried on the lumber business for four years, subsequently locating on a farm in Vernon County. In June, 1880, he came to the then new city, where he has since resided. He and his wife are members of the Baptist Church, and he helped to organize the first Sabbath School in Rich Hill. Mr. Farmer was married, November 2, 1857, to Miss Martha A. Payton, a daughter of Dr. Payton, and a native of Cass County, Missouri. Their family consists of two children, Frank E. and Flora E.M.  John R. Britton, also connected with the firm of Farmer, McGrew & Britton, came originally from Rappahannock County, Virginia, where he was born August 10, 1827. His parents were also natives of the same state, their names being John and Mary K. (Bragg) Britton. When John R. was thirteen years of age the family moved to Missouri and located in Lincoln County, where he grew to manhood, receiving his education in the common schools of Troy. In 1850 he went to California, and was engaged in mining for about eighteen months, after which he followed farming in Lincoln County, Missouri, till 1881. Then he came to Rich Hill, first forming a partnership with Dr. W.M. McGrew in the hardware business, which was afterwards changed to the present business. Mr. B. is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He has been twice married, first in February, 1852, to Mrs. Eliza Hammond, of Princeton, Kentucky. Her maiden name was Goodlett. By this marriage he has one child, Mary E. (now the wife of Dr. W.M. McGrew). Mrs. Britton died November 26, 1857. Mrs. Sarah E. Foster, a sister of his former wife, became his second wife, May 2, 1867. She died July 14, 1872. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Osage Township - Fawcett & Stealey are proprietors of the Rich Hill foundry and machine shops, a notice of which is given in the history of this city. S.H. Fawcett, the senior partner of the firm and also its treasurer and secretary, was born in Durham, England, April 12, 1849. He remained in his native country till fifteen years of age, when he came to America, locating in Jeffersonville, Indiana, where he began work in the J.M. & I. railroad shops. There he learned the machinist trade, and labored at this and other points until coming to Rich Hill from Jeffersonville in the summer of 1882. Mr. Fawcett was married September 29, 1881, to Miss Mollie A. Reed, a native of Madison County, Indiana. W.M. Stealey, a member and superintendent of this establishment, was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana, March 14, 1846. He was reared and educated in the town of his birth, and when fourteen years of age began to learn the machinist trade in the J.M. & I. railroad shops, of Jeffersonville, where he continued for four years. Then he worked the same length of time in the L. & N. railroad shops, at Louisville, and those of the Wabash Railroad, at St. Charles, Missouri. In 1873, he became foreman of the Carthage machine shops, and four years later returned to Jeffersonville, Indiana. In 1882, he came to Rich Hill. Mr. Stealey was married October 5, 1876, to Miss Frances Seager, of Fleming County, Kentucky. She died September 4, 1878, leaving one child, Emma L. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FAY, Francis B.
Mt. Pleasant Township - Francis B. Fay, proprietor of Diamond mill, is a native of Lorain County, Ohio, and was born August 2, 1835. Like many other boys of that community, he devoted his time and energy early in life to tilling the soil of the county of his birth. He was educated in common schools, and at the age of nineteen years removed to La Crosse, Wisconsin, where he gave his attention to the trade of carpentering. After making this point his home until 1857, he removed to St. Joseph, Missouri, and one year later took a trip to Denver, Colorado. In a short time he visited Montana Territory, where he was engaged in mining and stock-raising until 1869, then coming to Butler, Missouri. He soon erected the large stone mill which he now occupies, and where he does a flourishing business. This mill is a massive structure and one of the best in the county. The flour which it turns out is of a superior quality, and finds a most ready sale. Mr. Fay has done much toward developing the resources of Butler and promoting her interests, and is a man highly honored in the community. In February, 1871, he was married to Miss Hannah Fairchild, an estimable lady. Their family consists of five children, Frank F., Glenn, Bert, Harry and Stewart. They are members of the Presbyterian Church. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FIELD, Henry R., M.D.
Rockville Township - Henry R. Field, M.D., was born in Bracken County, Kentucky, October 6, 1840, and is the eighth of a family of twelve children of Ambrose and Elizabeth (Reeder) Field, natives of Virginia. When young Field was ten years old his parents removed to Edgar County, Illinois, where he grew to manhood and received his education in the common schools. He began the study of his chosen profession at the age of twenty, in the office of Dr. York, at Paris, Illinois. The Doctor was sergeant of a company in the Fifty-fourth Illinois Volunteers during the war, and Mr. Field remained with him until he was killed; then he stayed with the regiment, and was attached to the hospital service at Nashville, Tennessee, until the close of the war. Subsequently he continued his studies by attending a course of lectures at Cincinnati, and also a course in Chicago. After this he traveled for about nine months, treating diseases of a chronic nature. In 1867, Dr. Field came west and located at Rockville, where he continued his practice and built the second house in the town. He soon after married, October 11, 1868, Miss Millie Smart, a native of Ohio. In 1875 he began business in a drug store, in connection with his practice. Dr. Field is a respected and influential member of the Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities. Two children have been born to them, Mary and Charles H. He ranks high among the practitioners of this section of the state, and his practice has been increasing until it may well excite the envy of less favored members of the profession. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Spruce Township - David R. Fitzjerrell, section 20, was born in Macoupin County, Illinois, May 18, 1852, and was the son of William Fitzjerrell, a native of New Jersey, who was born in October, 1816. He moved to Illinois with his parents in 1831, and located in Macoupin County, being one of its early settlers. He married Elizabeth Cortney. David R. Fitzjerrell accompanied his parents to Montgomery County in the fall of 1855, where he grew to manhood. His youth was spent on his father's farm and at the public schools. He was married in Montgomery County, October 17, 1872, to Miss Rachel McGowen, a daughter of Brook McGowen. She was born in Greene County, Illinois. After this, Mr. Fitzjerrell was engaged in farming in Illinois for about eight years. In the spring of 1880 he came to Missouri and bought land and settled on his present farm in Bates County. He has ninety acres, all fenced and in cultivation, upon which is a good orchard of 120 bearing apple, 50 peach trees, and some small fruits. Mr. and Mrs. F. have two children: James, born February 22, 1875, and Alice E., born September 17, 1877.  (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Charlotte Township - H.H. Flesher, a prosperous merchant at Virginia, is a native of Highland County, Virginia, where he was born in 1852, being a son of Henry H. and Elizabeth Flesher nee Dettor, both Virginians by birth. The former died in 1861, and the latter in 1856. The subject of this sketch was reared by his grandparents, George and Martha Flesher, and with them he settled at Virginia, Bates County, Missouri, in 1870. He married Miss Caroline Park, who was born in Crawford County, Ohio, in 1850. Her parents were Alfred and Frances (Fox) Park, her father a native of Virginia and her mother of Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. F. have three children: Milton, Rolla, and Charles H. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Deepwater Township - James H. Fletcher, section 22, was born in Cooper County, Missouri, August 13, 1844. His parents, James P. and Philadelphia (Menafee) Fletcher, were natives of Virginia. The former was one of the pioneers of Cooper County, and died in 1845, while on a trip home from Virginia, whither he had gone on business. James H. subsequently moved with his mother to Saline County, where she resided until 1849, then coming to Bates County. The subject of this sketch spent his youth on a farm, and obtained his education principally through his own efforts. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in the spring of 1861, in the Missouri State service, Captain fewel's Company and O'Kane's Infantry Batallion, in which he remained but about six months. In the summer of 1862 he enlisted in the regular Confederate Army, in the Sixteenth Missouri Infantry, and served until the close of the war, when he surrendered at Shreveport. He participated in numerous important engagements, among which were the battles of Lexington, Lone Jack, Missouri, Prairie Grove and Helena, Arkansas, Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, and Jenkins' Ferry. After the close of the war he returned to his home in Missouri. Mr. Fletcher was married in this county, in September, 1868, to Miss Mary E. Simpson, who was born in Cass County, Missouri, and a daughter of James R. Simpson. He was again married here, October 2, 1873, to Miss Mary S. Jarvis, a native of Madison County, Illinois. Her father was Fletcher Jarvis, Esq. Mr. Fletcher moved to his present farm in February, 1882, and now has 120 acres of land, all fenced, with a fair house and improvements, and good orchard. He was appointed census enumerator in 1880, and took the census of Mound and Elkhart Townships. He has three children: Waller, by his first marriage; Juanita and James Henry. He and his wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The former belongs to the Masonic fraternity. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Spruce Township - W.E. Fletcher is an enterprising citizen of Johnstown. He is a native of Missouri and was born in Monroe County, December 12, 1836. His parents, James P. and Philiadelphia (Menifee) Fletcher, were Virginians by birth. The former moved to Missouri in 1835 and located in Monroe County, of which he was one of the pioneers. In 1842 they went west to Cooper County where they resided about two years then going to Saline County in the fall of 1844. After living there for about five years, in 1849 they came to Bates County. W.E. was raised as a farmer and was educated in the common schools. He was married in this county in October, 1855, to Miss Martha A. Bowen, a daughter of George Bowen, after which he engaged in farming in Spruce Township. In 1862 he enlisted in the Confederate army in the Sixteenth Missouri Infantry, and served until the close of the war. He participated in the battles of Springfield and Lexington, Missouri; Prairie Grove, Arkansas; Pleasant Hill, Louisiana; and Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas. After the close of the war he returned to Missouri. Mrs. Fletcher died June 4, 1875, leaving six children: Georgia A., Saphronia, James P., Cora Lee, Rovilla and Martha A. Mr. Fletcher was again married to Miss Susannah A. Gutridge in April, 1879. She is a daughter of Peter and Angeline Gutridge. They have one child, William E. Mr. F. came to Johnstown in 1867 and embarked in the sawmill and lumber business. He is democratic in politics and has held various offices of trust and responsibility in his township. He is a man of excellent business qualifications, and in 1874 was elected justice of Spruce Township and has since been re-elected and held the office for seven years in succession. He was appointed postmaster of Johnstown in 1879, which position he filled for two years. In 1874 he was appointed notary public and has held the office since that time. At the election in 1880 Mr. Fletcher was elected township trustee and treasurer. He and his wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and he also belongs to the Masonic fraternity and has served as master for two terms in his lodge. During the past season he has devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits.  (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

West Point Township - A.H. Flint was born at Randolph, Orange County, Vermont, May 19, 1829, and was the son of Samuel and Relief (Howard) Flint, both natives of Vermont. The subject of this sketch was the youngest of seven children, only two of whom are now living, Mary F. Keys in Vermont, and Sarah M. Thair, at Paola, Kansas. He enjoyed more than ordinary educational facilities, having attended the high school in his native town and the Stutson High School at Randolph, Massachusetts. In 1850 he began to teach, and taught in graded schools in various towns in Massachusetts and Vermont for four years, when he moved to Wisconsin. He taught in the Racine public schools, and in 1855 he settled on a farm near Johnstown, Rock County, with his parents. After living there for eight years, in 1862 he came to St. Joseph, Missouri, and for five years gave his attention to the stock trade in Northwest Missouri, and in connection freighted to Denver. In 1868 he located in Kansas City and embarked in the lumber and stock business. In 1871 he came to Bates County and settled on a tract of 356 acres near Vinton, in West Point Township, where he is occupied in farming operations. In addition to this he is handling a number of horses. His mother is living with him, his father having died in DeKalb County. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FORBES, David C.
West Point Township - David C. Forbes, a brother of S.Y. Forbes, of this township, was born in Green County, Kentucky, March 12, 1831. When the family came to Missouri he accompanied them, and was reared in Pettis County, where in 1851-2 and '53, he was occupied in merchandising. In 1854, he went to Bourbon County, Kansas, and took part in the struggles of the following four years. He was in John Brown's company until that old veteran started on his fool-hardy attempt, which so signally failed. Mr. Forbes anticipated nothing but failure for this attempt and wisely held aloof. He was married June 10, 1860, in Bourbon County, Kansas, to Miss Hulda Loar, a native of Ohio. They have had eight children, three of whom died in infancy. Flora Belle, Minnie May, David, Cordelia and Robert are now living. Mr. Forbes has a small farm, and is devoting some attention to horticulture, having about 300 apple trees of choice selection. In politics he is a Republican. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FORBES, Samuel Y.
West Point Township - Samuel Y. Forbes is a native of Green County, Kentucky, where he was born December 31, 1829. His father, Yates Forbes, came originally from Virginia, and his mother, Margaret (Jackson) Forbes, was born in North Carolina. Samuel is the fourth of eleven children, five of whom are now living, all but one, in Bates County. When about one year old he was brought to Jefferson County, Illinois, where he grew to manhood, not receiving very good educational advantages. In 1854 he came to Missouri, and was engaged in selling goods for one year. He was married at Georgetown, July 24, 1855, to Miss Martha Craghead, a native of Pettis County. In this same year he came to Bates County and settled in West Point Township near where he now lives. His wife died February 2, 1860, leaving two children, one of whom died in a short time. The other child, Margaret Ann, known as "Daisy", married Henry Van Buskirk. In May, 1869, Mr. Forbes was married to Miss Betsy Ann Mills, daughter of Jacob Mills. She lived but three years and at her death left one child, Cora May. Mr. Forbes third marriage occured December 1, 1878, to Miss Jennie Willett, of Bourbon County, Kansas. They have one child, Pearl Maud, aged two years. Mr. F. has a farm of 550 acres near Vinton, and is quite extensively occupied in farming. He is taking especial interest in improving the stock of his farm and neighborhood. He is a member of the Baptist Church and belongs to the Masonic fraternity. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Rockville Township - S.S. Forquer, farmer, was born in Preston County, West Virginia, October 4, 1829, his parents being John and Elizabeth (Smith) Forquer, both natives of Pennsylvania. The former was a soldier in the war of 1812; his mother survived until the age of eighty-eight years, and had lived for sixty-two years on the same farm. They had a family of twelve children, of whom our subject was the sixth. His education was acquired in the poor schools of Western Virginia, and he was reared and spent his whole life upon the farm. When he became of age he began to farm for himself in Virginia, having, on March 28, 1850, married Miss Mary A. Kelly, also of Virginian birth. He continued to till the soil in his native state until 1868, when he came west and lived one winter in Kansas City, going in the following spring to Knox County, Missouri, where he remained four years. Then thinking that Kansas presented superior advantages to the agriculturist, over Missouri, he made his residence in that state, but in two years he returned to Missouri, locating at Boonville. He stopped there but three years, coming to Bates County two years ago. His farm is on section 12, and contains 320 acres of good land, with fair improvements. He has a splendid orchard of 600 apple, 250 peach, 150 cherry trees, and a fine vineyard. The farm is well adapted to the raising of stock. Mr. Forquer has held several minor offices in Virginia and Missouri, and is the present trustee of his township. He is a member of the M.E. Church. His family has numbered eleven children, of whom two died in infancy. Those living ar: Catherine E., John K., Marshall W., Selina A., William E., Araminta B., Virginia, Alice, and Nora Stella. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FRANCE, James W.
Grand River Township - James W. France, of the firm of Tucker & France, Altona, is a native of Bates County, Missouri, where he was born May 8, 1855. His parents, William D. and J.J. (Williams) France, came originally from Kentucky and were among the pioneers of Bates County. His father was a farmer and blacksmith by trade, and reared a family of three children, James being the second. At the age of seven years he was taken to Texas, where he grew to manhood on a stock ranch. His father died in 1865, but he remained in that locality until 1881, when he returned to Bates County and entered into partnership with his father-in-law, M.M. Tucker, in the mercantile business at Altona. He owns his residence at this place and also has some property in Barry County. December 18, 1876, Mr. France was married to Miss Nannie F. Tucker. They have three children: Ada, Monroe M. and Eva. Mr. France and wife are connected with the Christian Church, and he also belongs to the A.F. & A.M. fraternity. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Osage Township - J.J. Francisco, vice president of the Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bank of Rich Hill, and also senior member of the firm of Francisco & Long, real estate, loan and insurance agents, is a native of Hawkins County, Tennessee, having been born there October 10, 1843. His parents were Benjamin and Mary E. (Cassle) Francisco. When J.J. was but three years old they moved to Murray County, Georgia, and in 1853 to Cass County, Missouri, where he resided till September, 1880; then he located in Rich Hill. Mr. F. was brought up on a farm and received the advantage of a common school education, following the occupation of farming till 1875, when he was elected circuit clerk of Cass County, Missouri. This position he held for a term of four years to the satisfaction of the people and with credit to himself. He has been engaged in business ever since coming to Rich Hill, the firm with which he is connected being one of the leading houses of the city and having a complete abstract of the property therein. September 23, 1882, the bank of which he is vice president was opened and at that time he was appointed to his present position. From the beginning of the late rebellion until its close he served as a Confederate soldier, discharging his duties in accordance with his belief in the rights of his country. He is now honored among the best citizens of this community. Mr. Francisco has been twice married; first July 26, 1866, to Miss Carrie Estes, a native of Cass County, Missouri, who died in 1877, leaving a family of four children: Fannie F., Emmet D., Dora and William B. His second marriage occurred February 16, 1880, to Mrs. Hattie Craig, whose maiden name was Conger, a native of Indiana. Mr. F. is a member of the Masonic fraternity, belonging to the blue lodge, chapter and commandery. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Howard Township - John Frank, section nine, came originally from Germany, where he was born September 19, 1827, his parents being Jacob and Mary Frank. John was brought up and educated in his native country, and was there married August 23, 1852, to Miss Eva Barber, of the same country. She was born February 10, 1831. Soon after his marriage, Mr. Frank emigrated to America, landed at New York City, and went direct to Muskingum County, Ohio, where his time was devoted to farming, mrs. F. also rendering valuable assistance. After remaining in Ohio about nine years, he went to Shelby County, Illinois, and purchased land which he improved. In 1871, upon selling out, he located where he now resides, his estate embracing 160 acres of improved land, the results of his own hard labor and superior management. Mr. and Mrs. Frank have five children: Rosa, born January 6, 1857; John, born February 13, 1860; Charles, born September 23, 1862; Lizzie, born February 13, 1865, and Mary, born June 14, 1869. Three are deceased: one daughter named Mdary, another also named Mary, and Willie. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

Howard Township - James J. Franklin, farmer, section 11, a native of Alexandria, Kentucky, was born March 17, 1833. Fayette Franklin, his father, who was born in 1806, married Miss Msary A. Tyree, who, like himself, was a Virginian by birth. He died April 30, 1851, but Mrs. F. is now living in Kentucky at the age of seventy-two years. They settled in Todd County, Kentucky, in 1834, and in Greene County, Missouri, in 1838, moving from there in 1843. James J. grew to manhood in this state, and at the breaking out of the late war he enlisted in 1862 in Company A, Fourth Missouri Volunteer Infantry of the Confederate army, participating in the engagements of Pea Ridge, Grand Gulf, Baker Creek and Vicksburg. He returned home at the close of the war, and in 1867 married Miss Mary R. Field, who was born in Cooper County, Missouri, in 1841. She was the daughter of William H. and Mary J. Field, the former of Virginia, and the latter of Kentucky and now living with Mr. Franklin. In 1873 Mr. F. came to Bates County, and upon settling in this township found but seventeen voters. His farm contains 229 acres of as valuable land as there is in this vicinity. He and his wife have five children: Mary E., Eugene, Arthur, Ernest and Earl. They are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

New Home Township - Samuel W. Frederick, farmer, minister, and justice of the peace, was born in Coshocton County, Ohio, December 11, 1837, and was a son of John C. and Anna M. (Freeze) Frederick. His father was a native of Wurtemburg, Germany, and his mother of Maryland, and they were among the early settlers of Ohio, having gone to the state about 1825. Samuel W. is the youngest of eight children, and he also has four half brothers and sisters, of whom four only are living. Young Frederick received a fair common school education, and when quite young attached himself to the Baptist Church. When about twenty years of age he began to preach, and in 1866, he was ordained a minster of the church. Since that time he has officiated in pastoral duties and is now filling appointments. He has officiated at thet marriage of over a hundred couples, and has preached nearly six hundred funeral sermons. He was married February 20, 1860, to Miss Melissa J. Curran, a native of Coshocton County. Her death occurred April 27, 1880, she leaving a family of five children: Oswald W., George C., Eddie A., Gertrude and Lillie. He was again married September 28, 1882; this time to Mrs. Dicey Donahoo, whose maiden name was Kule, and widow of Alfred P. Donahoo, who died in Illinois, in 1868. Mr. Frederick was elected a justice of the peace in April, 1881, and is now discharging the duties of the office. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is Democratic in politics. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FRIZELL, John H., M.D.
Mt. Pleasant Township - The subject of this sketch, a leading physician of Butler and also of Bates County, is a native of Fairfield County, Ohio, and was born May 26, 1831. When nine years old he accompanied his father's family to Edgar County, Illinois, where he was reared to manhood, receiving his education from the seminary at Paris, Illinois. In 1853 he began the study of medicine under Dr. S. York, with whom he remained till the commencement of his practice. During the terms of 1854-5 and 1855-6 he attended Rush Medical College of Chicago, and at the close of the latter term became a graduate of that institution. After leaving college (1856) he started to practice at Bloomfield, Illinois, where he continued until 1861. In that year he enlisted in the Union Army and became assistant surgeon of United States Volunteers, and was on hospital duty at the post hospital at Columbus, Ohio. After a year's service at that point he was removed to Park and Exchange Barracks, of which he had entire charge; he was also medical examiner of recruits there, where he remained for one year. Then for the following six months he was on duty at Lexington, Kentucky, at the expiration of that time beign stationed at Cumberland Gap on hospital duty. He was subsequently ordered to New Orleans, Louisiana, and served as assistant surgeon at the Sedwick United States Army Hospital until mustered out of service in May, 1866. Returning to Illinois, Dr. Frizell continued to reside there till August, 1866, when he came to Bates County. He has since devoted his attention to the practice of medicine with most satisfactory results. He was married January 24, 1867, to Miss Melissa D. Moore, a daughter of Nelson Moore, of Vermillion County, Illinois. They have four children: Luella, Marion A., Anna and Lloyd N. - the latter two being twins. The doctor is a member of the A.O.U.W. lodge of this city. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FRY, Thomas J.
Summit Township - Thomas J. Fry, among the leading farmers of Bates County, was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1844, and was the son of Martin H. and Maria (Pfantz) Fry. His father was born in 1812, and his mohter February 15, 1815. Thomas J. spent his youth on his father's farm, and attended the common schools. He came west with one of his brothers in 1867, and after looking through Illinois and Iowa finally located in Bates County, Missouri, where, in company with his brothers, he bought a large tract of land in June, 1869. They now have 2,020 acres, with 1,980 acres under fence, and some 900 acres in a good state of cultivation, two good substantial residences adorn their farms and also a bearing orchard of apple, peach, plum and cherry trees. The subject of this sketch was married in Bates County, to Miss M.J. Porter, a daughter of Judge J.L. Porter, of Bates County. Mr. Fry resides on section 35. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FUDGE, Coleman J.
East Boone Township - Coleman J. Fudge was born January 1, 1845, in Ralls County, Missouri, and was the son of Jacob Fudge, a native of Virginia, and Elsie K. Hansborough, a Kentuckian by birth, both of whom came to Missouri about 1832, being married in Missouri. They had a family of five children, of whom Coleman is the fourth. Three of these now live in Cass and Bates Counties, A.R., Mattie E. Jackson and the subject of this sketch. In 1850 the family came to Cass County and settled five miles west of Harrisonville. On February 12, 1868, Mr. Fudge married Miss Louisiana Stephens, daughter of Hiram Stephens. She was born on South Fork, March 26, 1845. Mr. Fudge went to New Mexico in 1863, where he remained one year, then visiting Missouri, where he stopped until 1865. Subsequently he spent over one year in Shelby County. In 1870 he came to Bates County and settled on section 13 of East Boone Township, where he has a farm of 160 acres. They have three children: Hattie May, Ben A. and William Stephen. Mr. Fudge is a member of the Masonic order, and both he and his wife belong to the Free Will Baptist Church of Grand River. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)

FULTON, Alphonso J.
Mingo Township - Alphonso J. Fulton, farmer and stock raiser, was born in Wray County, Tennessee, October 24, 1831, and is the eldest in a family of eleven children. His parents were Fleming H. and Anna M. (Stacy) Fulton. When seven years of age Alphonson came to Cass County, Missouri, with the family and lived there on a farm until about sixteen, then going to Johnson County where he remained the greater part of the time until 1867. Subsequently he returned to Cass and in 1881 he came to Bates County, where he is engaged in farming and raising stock. His residence is on section 29 and his farm contains 120 acres. In 1856 Mr. Fulton lived for a time in Kansas City and assisted in building the wharf, and for a while he was occupied in coal mining and hauling to Kansas City. While a resident of Cass and Johnson Counties he was entrusted with the duties pertaining to several of the minor township offices. Mr. Fulton was married February 7, 1847, to Miss Marietta M. Beard who lived about five years, dying in February, 1852. In the following December he married Miss Sarah A. Anderson. They have six children living: Julia E., Russell J., Alexander C., Joseph G., Cora A. and Homer. Three are deceased: Weightman B., Cornelia and Bertie. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883)