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Bates County, MO queries
2004 - 2006

Surnames: ADDLEMAN
Submitted by: Dorothy Hawkins -- Email address:
30 MAR 2004
Query: I am looking for information on, Rosa Lewis Addleman, she was born 1867, died 1932, is buried in Crescent Hill Cemetery, north of Adrain, Mo. Would like to know who she is and what relation to James Miller Addleman, who lived in Adrain, in the 1930's and 1940's.
My email is oldhoneypot@centurytel.met, Thanks, Jean

Surnames: ALMS
Submitted by: Michael Rush -- Email address:
06 APR 2005
Query: I am looking for information on my great grandmother Minnie Mae Alms(b.6/29/1885 Butler, MO). Specifically, names of parents, siblings,
other relatives, location of residence, and any other information available. She married Herbert William Rush(b.1/18/1884 Carthage MO) on 10/11/1903. Thanks!

Surnames: ANDERSON
Submitted by: Jolien -- Email address: Catlin
16 JAN 2006
Query: Looking for death and probate information on James Anderson who moved to Bates County in the 1860s from St. Clair County Illinois. He
was born in Georgia in 1800. He is not listed in the 1870 census so probably has died by then. Any information on him and his family or how
to get his probate information would be appreciated.
Surnames: BAGBY
Submitted by: Barry Wood -- Email address:
31 DEC 2004
Query: Looking to contact descendants of Elisha Bagby, who was born about 1804, probably in Wilkes County, North Carolina. It is not known
whether he actually settled in Bates County, but several of his children did, including sons James and Elisha Bagby Jr.

Surnames: BARNETT
Submitted by: Delors Helphingstine -- Email address:
24 JAN 2005
I am looking for William Barnett who married Luticia A Anderson in either Bates Co. or possibly Vernon Co. Missouri approx. 1881-1883. They had two children Edd Norman born 1883 and Alpha Retty born 1889. Am really interested in Barnett family. And death of Luticia if in Missouri.
Thank-you. Delors

Submitted by: michelle -- Email address:
21 JUL 2004
Query: i have many names on my tree but am looking very hard for a charles bishop born in missouri in 1861, his wifes name was lear and he had a child named charles which is my great grandfather . don't know anything more about this man other than that but would love to have contact with any one who does or is related. or any one having info on or being related to his wife she was born around the same time and as far as i know her name was lear jane rinfrow before marriage.
Surnames: BELL
Submitted by: Craig Nelson -- Email address:
12 DEC 2004
Query: Searching for Samuel Bell probably born ca 1890 + or - a few years. Believed to be from MO and working on the George Dimit farm as a
hired hand in the 1915 - 1916 time period. Any assist appreciated.

Surnames: BLACK
Submitted by: Irma Ward -- Email address:
24 JAN 2005
Query: I am searching for any descendants of: Peter & Emily (Miller) Black,  William & Kezia Black,  W.D. & Ellen Black.
All are buried in the Cresent Hill Cemetery near Adrian, Bates Co., MO. I believe my ancestor, Thomas Black is a brother of Peter & William.

Submitted by: Lois Hunziker -- Email address:
13 AUG 2005
Query: Looking for info on Henry Booth. He was born in England September 12, 1819, and died at the home of one of his daughters in Knox County, Missouri in 1907. He crossed the ocean when he was 4 years old. Married Henrietta Evertson in Adams County, Il. on Mar. 16, 1848. They had 8 children. At some point they must have moved to Bates County, for his obit says Henry Booth united with the Christian Church there in
1870. Are there still descendants in Bates County? Is Henry buried there? The obit says his funeral was held in Davis Chapel on April 23, 1907, conducted by C.S. Rennison. Perhaps Davis Chapel was in Knox County. If you can help, I'd sure appreciate it!

Submitted by: David Gambrel -- Email address: <>
09 MAY 2004
Query: I'm trying to find descendants of James and John Bridgewater. James died in Ky in 1867 and his widow Susan Dawes and his brother John moved to Johnson and Vernon County area. I find several Bridgewaters with Rich Hill telephone directory I was wondering if they are descendants?

Submitted by: betty -- Email address:
09 MAY 2004
Query: Jacob Harvey Brown born 1816 in Tennessee married Martha Turner in Crawford County, Missouri and moved on to Boone Township, West Point, Bates County by 1860. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 Jacob died and Martha and the children: William, Nathaniel, Margha J., Andrew J., Emila, and Mary moved to Benton County Arkansas. I believe there were other Browns in Boone township who were related but need help identifying them and place of burial for Jacob.

Submitted by: Travis -- Email address:
30 JAN 2006
Query: Looking for any and all information concerning the Bates County National Bank in Butler, 1880ish through 1906. Perry Burgess and his
uncle Lewis Cheney established the bank and the first National in Holden. Then in the 1880 they move to Boulder Colorado and establish
additional banks there as well. Some of the people associated with the
bank are: Lewis Cheney (Pres.), Perry Burgess (Vice President), Ephraim Cheney, Benjamin White, Emma Semantha White

Surnames: BUTCHER
Submitted by: Sharolyn -- Email address:
06 APR 2005
Query: Looking for information on James & Sarah Butcher who lived in Bates Co. 1900. James b. 1858 IL; Sarah b. 1861 IL. Children Elmer,
Lucy, Albert, Ralph & Chester, all born MO. Appreciate any information.

Surnames: CATON
Submitted by: Christine Riehman -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: I would like to obtain information on Harrison Caton and his family, who resided in Walnut from roughly 1870 through 1880 or so. It is said Harrison was killed as a result of some sort of land dispute. His daughter, Sylvia Caton, was said to be a teacher. Did she teach in Walnut? I would also like any information on Harrison's other children, Ivy Caton (my great-grandmother) and Greenberry Caton, among others. I would dearly love to have any photos of this family, if any exist.

Submitted by: Mary Datum -- Email address:
16 MAY 2004
Query: I am looking for any info on Ann Bartlett Caven b. 9/24/1829 d. 2/14/1898 and her daughter Julia C. Cave. Hupp b. 6/17/1855 d.
12/5/1932 - I know they are buried in Bates county and would appreicate any info on how to find out where.

Surnames: CHOATE
Submitted by: Lois Choate -- Email address:
09 MAY 2004
Query: Richard O Choate,wife Isabella. Purchased land along with Nicholas Choate in Bates County 1857 and 1859. Had son Moses, Bailey,

Submitted by: Nancy Harmon -- Email address:
16 FEB 2006
Query: I am trying to locate relatives of the approximately 150 persons buried in the France Cemetery, Shawnee Township, Bates, County,
Missouri, one mile south and one mile east of Altona. Earliest burial appears to be 1858; the latest 1944.

Surnames: COPE
Submitted by: zelda maggart -- Email address: zeldamaggart@msn.cojm
19 FEB 2005
Query: Any information appreciated on Seth E. Cope, married to Anna Augusta Littlefield, 1885, in Bates County. He died around 1890 or 1891,
and is buried somewhere in New Home Township, Bates County. Was a Civil War soldier, 11th Kansas Cavalry, Companies E and F. Fought with Reno's command, and was close enough to hear the Battle of the Litte Bighorn in 1876. Born 1845 in Ohio, son of early pioneers Edmund Cope and Mary Blackburn, both buried in the Salem Cemetery, Bates County. Family legend has it that he was killed in a railroad accident; may or may not
be true.

Submitted by: Christle DeBow Scheuber -- Email address:
22 may 2005
Query: Would like to know if the Log cabin is still on display at the Bates Co. Musuem of Pioneer History that was built by Will DeBow for
W.O. Atkison on South Fulton Street while he wrote his well known history of Bates County? If so does anyone know how I could get a
picture and is the History Book on Bates still available? I understand two brothers of my g grandfather were well known carpenters in Butler in
the early 1900's. Edmond and Will DeBow. If anyone has info on this or these two men would really appreciate it. Thank you very much
Christle DeBow Scheuber

Submitted by: Margaret Self -- Email address: <>
16 JAN 2006
Query: My name is Margaret M. Self. I am researching the following surnames: Doerflinger, Michel, Stevener. I'm also interested in finding info re: the rural school in Prairie Township which was in operation circa 1908 - 1915.

Submitted by: Bob C. -- Email address:
03 JUL 2004
Query: Desire info on Warham Easley and wife Margaret Dodds, listed in Bates County 1880 census. Married in Sangamon Co., IL, in 1858. Each was the other's second spouse. According to record made by one of her grandsons, Margaret Dodds Easley died in 1879- where? Bates County?
Would like same info for Warham. I am a descendant of Margaret by her first marriage to James B. EAsley, and also descended from Warham's brother Ambrose Easley, so have info to share on family lines of all three, i.e., James B. Easley, Margaret Dodds, Warham Easley.

Surnames: EDDINS
Submitted by: Kathy Gibson -- Email address:
16 FEB 2006
Query: My great-great grandmother, Susan Jane Avery Eddins, lived in Papinsville before 1861, with her husband, Franklin Harvey Eddins, and
their three daughters. My question is: would anyone be related or know of the partner? And I did want to share this story with others, so you would get a glimpse of the life of some residents of Bates CO during the Civil War. From the obituary of her daughter, Frankie Elizabeth Eddins Smith:
Her mother, Susan Jane Avery, was the first white child born in Henry County. Mama (Frankie) was born in this same house, September 26, 1861,
during the perilous Civil war times. It was the first house of hewn logs in the country, the first one with glass windows. It was where the first county court was held, also where many a church meeting was held. Her father, Frank Eddins, ran an outfitting store at Papinsville. When the troublesome Civil war days came he brought his wife and three small daughters to her sister, Mrs. Nancy Fewel (living in Johnson Co). While there, his brother-in-law became ill, and in hurrying for the doctor Frank Eddins ruptured a blood vessel and died with hemorrhage before the last little daughter, Frankie Elizabeth Eddins, was born. Those were troublesome days for the young widow without business experience. A few days later she received an invoice for $50,000 for her husband's share in the store. He also owned a mill and valuable coal lands. In her blinding sorrow, the young widow, thinking to blot out memories, burned the letters. As they curled in the fire, she realized they were legal papers - her deeds. The bushwhackers and jayhawkers - outlaws, robbed the store, shot her husband's partner in the door and burned the courthouse and records of Bates county, then located at Papinsville. All was swept away. Fron Susan Jane's obituary: On January 18, 1861, Mr. Eddins died. His company did a big credit businesss--- there were $30,000 on the books of the store at the time of his death. Troublous times for his young widow followed. The war broke out and Missouri suffered fearfully. Mr. Eddins' partner was shot in cold blood by masked men as he stood one evening in the door of the store. Later, the store itself, with all the warehouses and buildings and the mill owned by the firm, as well as everything the buildings contained, were burned. Such were the fortunes of war. Nothing was left to Mrs. Eddins and her children but the empty lots on which the property had stood. Even the deeds were destroyed. Thanks for letting me contribute!

Submitted by: Darrel Salisbury -- Email address:
06 MAY 2005
Query: Charles F. THARP & Mary EVANS Moore, w. of James M. were m. 20 Oct 1872 in West Point by J. W. Sage. An S. E. Sage was a witness to the marriage. In an 1884 letter to Charles, J. W. addresses him as, "Dear Nephew". In an affidavit, J. W. says he has known Charles since birth and Mary EVANS since the year before her marriage to James M. Moore which took place in Bates Co., 21 May 1868. C. C. Sage submits an affidavit in support of Charles' Civil War Pension claim. They served in the same unit, Co. I, 9th Kan. Vol. Cav. Further info on any of these persons is appreciated.

Submitted by: Debbie Sikes -- Email address:
02 JUL 2005
Query: Looking for information on any of these families as pertains to Bates County. My father, Clarence Finch, was born in Hume. His grandmother, Samantha Ellen Bogan Kerns died in Hume on March 21, 1940. She is buried in the Hume Cemetery. If anyone could get a digital photo of her gravesite, it would be wonderful! ANY information would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: FLINN, FLYNN
Submitted by: Lisa -- Email address:
16 JAN 2006
Query: Susan Elizabeth Flinn married Albert Lester Cameron Sept 8, 1892 in Butler, Bates County. In the 1900 Kansas census, Susan's father is
living with her and Albert. His name is either JM or JW born Feb 1835, married 46 years, occupation is blacksmith. Him and both of his parents
are listed as being born in North Carolina. Any info on him or his family is greatly appreciated.

Surnames: FRANKLIN
Submitted by: Ferne -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: I am looking for William Rhett Franklin. He usually used the name Rhett but some censuses have his name as W. Rhett so I am not sure
how it would be listed. The marriage records show a William Franklin who married Mrs Martha Moore Jan 1871 in Phelps Co., MO. There is also a marriage record for William Franklin who married Emma Wyatt in Aug 1871 Bates Co., In the 1880 MO Rhett was born about 1818 in KY, his father bn S CAR his mother b KY. In the 1880 Cen for New Madrid, MO W. Rhett Franklin is listed as a printer. Could that mean he worked for a newspaper or perhaps a publishing house? Also, one list has that there is a William Franklin buried in Rockville Cem in Bates Co., Mo but his name is not on the Cemetery list. Thanks Ferne If anyone is researching either of these lines I would really appreciate it if you would share some of your information with me so I can figure out if either or both is in my ancestral line.

Submitted by: Ferne -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: I would like to share info with anyone researching these names. W (William) R (Rhett) Franklin may have been the William Franklin that
married Emma Wyatt Aug 1871 in Bates Co., Mo. W R Franklin was bn KY ca 1852. In the 1880 Cen for New Madrid there is W Rhett Franklin listed as a printer. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Submitted by: David George -- Email address:
17 DEC 2006
My G-G Grand mother Elizabeth A. (Belew) George married a man named John R. Menasco, info says he died 10/09/1873 in Lone Oak, Bates County, Missouri. I'm wondering if the two are buried there.

Surnames: GRAGG
Submitted by: Theodore Gregg -- Email address: THEODOREGREGG@AOL.COM
05 MAY 2005
Seeking information on Seymore Melvin Gragg b. 9 Nov 1868 Bates County married
1. Sondia Florence Griffin 2. Stella Mae Gregg
1. children Melvin Elbert, Effie Iva, Roy Clarence
2. Alford Homer, Gradis Marie, Aggie Bell, James Ralph, Hazel Norman Gragg
Seymore died 4 Apr 1942 and buried Milo Cemetery, Vernon County, Missouri

Submitted by: Carolyn Kurtz -- Email address:
31 AUG 2005
Query: We are researching our ancestor, James Washington Hale. Divorce papers were served to him in this county by Sarah Forest Hale in 1860.
The spelling was HAYLES on this decree. We are unable to connect him to his parents. He was born 2/22/1832. We are not sure what state he was
born in. Any help would be appreciated.

Submitted by: Christine Hammon -- Email address:
24 JAN 2005
Query: William Henry Hammon m. Francis("Fannie") Little 1897. The marriage list the couple as living in Rockville, MO. They later moved
to Sheldon, MO circa 1900.

Surnames: HEDRICK
Submitted by: Steve Cox -- Email address:
31 AUG 2005
Query: Can't find William or Elizabeth in the 1860, anywhere, but as of 1870, William & Elizabeth are living with daughter Minerva (now "Compton") in Spruce Township, Bates Co., MO. As of 1880, William (widower) is 76, and is shown as a "boarder" in his daughter Minerva Compton's household in Deep Water, Bates Co., MO. As of 1900, William, 96, is still living in his daughter Minerva's household. Data indicates his dob as: Dec 1803; b. KY; father b. PA; mother b. VA. 1850 U.S. Census, 6th District, Bates Co., MO: William Hedrick 45 Farmer b. KY, Elizabeth Hedrick 46 Wife b. KY, Mary 18 b. IN (I believe this is Michael's wife), Michael 21 b. IN, Rebecca 16 b. IN, Thomas 14 b. IN, Angeline 12 b. IN, Mary 10 b. IN, Sarah 10 b. IN [twins] (I believe this is my gr gr grandmother, b. 1840, IN; md. Elijah Somers Harper, Jr. -- they later lived, and died, in Wilson Co., TX), Manerva [Minerva?] 7 b. MO, Glad to provide additional information on Sarah if you would like.

Surnames: IRELAND
Submitted by: Mona A. Crandell Hook -- Email address:
24 OCT 2005
Query: Looking for the burial spot of Stephen Ireland, b. 9/301799 Maryland d. 4/3/1857 Bates Co., Missouri. Any informaiton would be greatly appreciated

Submitted by: Rae Trine -- Email address:
16 JAN 2006
Query: Researching a Jones family that lived in Bates county, MO according to the 1900 Federal Census. William and Sarah Jones, both born in MO, lived in Hudson Township. According to the census 7 out of 9 children lived with them at the time: James, William, Laura (my GGrandmother), Harrison, Thomas, Bertha and Mary E. My GGrandmother, Laura Jones, married Louis Ridg(e)way in Bates County, Jan. 3, 1907. Laura was born May 5, 1889 in Clinton Township, Henry Co. MO. I would love to talk to anyone with any knowledge of this family. Thanks. Rae

Surnames: KENADY
Submitted by: Richard Cutter -- Email address:
30 JAN 2006
I am looking for information on my Great Great Grand Father. Isaac S. Kenady and family. He and his sons had a farm near Butler from about 1845 to about 1925. Issac and two children died during the 1863 forced movement during the Civil War, his wife Lovica Jane Patrick and two sons returned and rebuilt the farm. I have several photos of my mother at the farm as a child. I am trying to locate where the farm was and who ownes it now, I would like to visit it and get photos. Also information on any relatives who may still be in the area...

Surnames: LEWIS
Submitted by: Nena Merchant -- Email address:
08 OCT 2005
I am looking for information on Arthur Lewis, married Etta Lewis, Missouri, unknown date. Father of Jesse Lewis Sr and 4 other children.

Surnames: LYONS
Submitted by: Linda Frakes -- Email address:
30 MAR 2004
Query: Bates County Query. LYONS Catherine, born about 1818. Husband Elias LYONS was captured by Union Army taken prisoner, died in McDowells Prision. April 4, 1862. Catherine was born KY She and Elias moved to MO in 1860. We believe Catherine died in MO possibly Bates County 1862/63. Need to find where she is buried. Elias and Catherine had eight children: Susan: Julia: David W.: Tabitha Ann: William N: Nathaniel Lightfoot: James Franklin: and Alice (Lucy) Thanks in advance for any information on Catherine LYONS
Linda Frakes E-Mail

Surnames: MARSHALL
Submitted by: darlene ireland -- Email address:
15 JUN 2005
Query: yes i am looking for the family of valentime and frances marshall they were in bates county in the 60 70 and 1880 census would like
information on them they were my ggggrqandparents sent letters to darlene ireland post bos 6504 station f saint joseph mo 64506

Surnames: MCKIM
Submitted by: evelyn staples -- Email address:
10 MAY 2005
Query: Could someone tell me who to contact regarding location of a grave in the Rockville, MO cemetery. I am needing the location of Dr. E.
T. McKim. Thanks to anyone with the time to tell me. Evelyn Staples

Surnames: MILLER
Submitted by: G. Foster -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: I am researching Henry and Temperance Evans Miller. I need their death dates and where they are buried. The last place of residence was Boone Township, Bates Co. Missouri. Thank You , G. Foster

Surnames: MILLER
Submitted by: Judith Goodwin -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: I'm searching for information on Guy Hugo MILLER, b. 1889 in Fulton Co, IL and d. 1972 in Hume, Bates Co, MO. His wife was Erma MOORE MILLER. She was a DAR Member and supposedly traced her husband's genealogy. Does anyone know how I would access that information? They are both buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery in Rich Hill, MO. Their children were John Grey MILLER, Eleanor MILLER and Frank MILLER. Thanks for any information on this family. JG

Submitted by: Rose Higgins -- Email address:
14 SEP 2004
Query: SEEKING DECENDANTS/INFORMATION OF John A NORMAN, who married Lulu B. WHITE, 29 March 1893, Bates County Mo.
Lulu was the daughter of Belinda (JENNINGS) and Hugh L. WHITE Belinda was my Great Aunt. She was the daughter of Henderson JENNINGS
and Nancy Jane CREWS/CRUSE of Newton County MO. Any information regarding John and Lulu would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Emily Nottingham -- Email address:
03 JUL 2004
Query: In 1854 on the Bates/Vernon County line, William Nottingham murdered his wife Sarah Jarrell Duncan Nottingham. He was hung for the
crime in Papinsville in 1855. I am interested in any information on that, especially his written confession, which was given to Dr. Badger, published and distributed at the time.

Submitted by: Gay Hewitt -- Email address:
25 OCT 2005
Query: Looking for Wesley and Eliza McClanahan Phillips. Son William and wife, Anna, also living in Hudson Township, Bates County in 1880
census. Also had children Sylvannus and Ida who both married into the Wix family of Bates County. Trying to find any record of Wesley and
Eliza after 1880.

Submitted by: Flossie Morgan Owens --
16 APR 2004
I am looking for any data at all on the Pickard and Snider (Snyder) family. I have Chester B. Snider married Elizabeth "Libby" Pickard 6 Dec 1861
There were some Pickards in Bates Co. in 1860, and they may be related to her. Chester was in Vernon Co. Mo. 1860 census with parents Joseph and Mary (Henry) Snider unmarried at age 22. Would welcome any item at all on the family , cemetery, or deeds, or any court records with that name on it. Many Thanks for anything,

Surnames: PICKENS
Submitted by: Darlene Burke -- Email address:
07 APR 2004
Query: I am looking for information on a Great Great Aunt, Ida Florence Pickens, who taught in Rockville, Missouri in 1889. Ida died there
September 4, 1889 of "fever". Would appreciate any information on her and her teaching career. She was 28 and unmarried when she died.

Surnames: PILGRIM
Submitted by: Bonnie Bartlett -- Email address:
03 JUL 2004
Query: I have a orginial picture of a George Pilgrim & Family of Amorett, Missouri. I'd give it to the person that is searching this family.

Surnames: POTTER
Submitted by: MIke Keller -- Email address:
30 JAN 2006
Query: I am looking for the family of Harry Potter, born September 06, 1869 at Petersburg, Illinois. He died June 30, 1848 at his home near Hume, Missouri. He was buried in Littell Cemetery, aka Fairmount, in Linn County, Kansas and he was survived by his wife Nancy (Kerby) and nine children

Submitted by: Janice Neagle -- Email address:
16 JUL 2004
Query: Looking for information on Thomas Pryor, born about 1864, married Mrs. Tabitha Sperry on 4/17/1893 in Bates County.

Submitted by: Delores McLemore -- Email address:
18 AUG 2004
I am researching the Ray, Abner, Martin surnames. James Ray, his wife and at least six sons (George Washington, Milton, Joseph, David, John Hamilton, and Abraham Deuteronomy) moved to Montevallo, which was Bates County in 1840. At that time he purchased 160 acres of land. His wife died after the birth of a daughter, Rebecca Lucinda Ray, and he married Asenath Martin Abner in Bates who had four children living with her from her first marriage. The Abner children ( Margaret, Rebecca C., Eliza, and Joseph Abner) lived in Bates County with their step father, James Ray
until grown. Asenath's parents lived in Bates County on 1850 census. They were Joseph and Jane Martin. Their children also lived there as adults in 1850, Ephriam, Lewis and Evan.

Submitted by: Rae Trine -- Email address:
13 NOV 2004
Query: Looking for information concerning Louis (Lewis) RIDG(E)WAY, born: Dec. 26, 1883 in Appleton, Bates Co., MO. Married to Laura Bell
JONES, born: May 5, 1889 in Clinton, MO. Marriage took place Jan. 3, 1907 in MO. Both died in Putnamville, IN, Louis - July 9, 1970 and
Laura - Aug. 29, 1981. Laura's Father was William JONES and her Mother was Sarah LUCAS. Specifically looking for information about Sarah Lucas, who I believe was half or full Native American. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: RIFE
Submitted by: Lynn Edens -- Email address:
07 MAR 2005
Query: Looking for more information on William RIFE and daughter Flora RIFE, who appear with their family (wife Susannah, daughter Elizabeth,
daughter Laura, son Marcus) as inhabitants of Boone Township, Bates Missouri in the 1870 census. The family was from Ohio, although Flora
was born in Missouri. I believe William and Flora died in the 1870s while in Bates county. Any information would be great appreciated.

Submitted by: Sue -- Email address:
06 APR 2005
Query: In the 1880 census I find in Bates Co. Deer Creek TWP, John and Catherine Fansler with son Samuel 26 and Granddaughter Nancy age 16. I think Nancy is really Nancy Matilda Ryan who married TH Shook in Bates Co in Oct 1885. her age was confirmed by an E Fansler. I have not been able to see the affidivat. Just the note on the license by the clerk. why was she living with her grandparents? who were her parents? did they
live and die in Bates Co.? thanks for any help. Sue

Surnames: SMITH
Submitted by: Vicci Snyder -- Email address:
04 JUN 2005
Query: I am looking for any links to the family of Hiram and Mary Smith who lived in Pleasant Gap according to the 1860 census. They were 53
and 49 at the time, and had 7 children living at home: John b age 18, Ursula age 16, Mary A age 14, Catherine age 12, Mal??? age 7, Josephine age 4,. Thomas age 2. The family was in Boone County in 1850, and I haven't a clue as to the children's scattering, except Ursula who went back to Boone County and married Isaac Forbis there. Any help with these family memebers would be appreciated.

Surnames: SMITH, DYER (or DWYER)
Submitted by: Lou Norbeck -- Email address:
31 DEC 2004
Query: I am seeking information on the Smith family of Joseph and Matilda Smith who lived in Pleasant Gap 1851-1868. My grandfather William E.Smith interviewed his grandfather John Franklin son of Matilda and Joseph for the Federal Writers Project in the 1930's. From this information, I know that the Smith's were confederates and slaveholders. I am interested in any information regarding the family, their extended family, and family businesses.Through this search I have contacted Eddie Bryant who is a distant cousin and can also trace his roots to Joseph and Matilda Smith.

Submitted by: Patricia -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: I am looking for any information on the above surnames.This is what I know for sure. Matilda GREEN was married to a Willis Harmon SMITH in July of 1884 and they had two children Clara SMITH, she married a Press WATTS in unknown year and the second child was Benjamin SMITH, he married a Ina May JONAS. Ben and Ina had four children John,Nellie,Clarence, and unknown infant.Clarence was a baby when Ina
died.Nellie married a BAKER in unknown year.Any information of any of these or any of the surnames would be greatly appreciated

Surnames: SNIDER
Submitted by: Flossie Owens -- Email address:
20 OCT 2006
Query: In my search to find what company my ancestor Chester Snider served in, I find his 3rd wife Amanda Snider tried unsuccessfully to get a pension,but their house had burned after Chester's death (21 May 1901 at Grants Pass, Oregon), so she could not tell what company was in, but in those papers she said he joined the confederacy same time as Phil Stanford. She filed her papers where she lived at the time in Tom Green Co. Tx. I obtained Phil Stanford's records, and verified he joined in Bates Co. Mo. So, I am searching for a list of those who joined Co. B. col. Payton's Reg. in Bates Co. Mo. (This is the Company Phil Stanford was in. He had joined this company in May 1861 for 6 months, after which he re-joined for 3 years.) Does any one know of a list of those who served in that regiment?. I would sure like to see it. Chester Snider was in Vernon Co. Mo on 1860 census (borders Bates Co., so it is certain he would have joined there in Bates Co. with Phil Stanford. Can someone help me? Flossie Owens

Surnames: SPRATT
Submitted by: Kris Murray -- Email address:
16 JAN 2006
Query: Looking for any info on this Spratt family: Walter Lee SPRATT b. 1873 IL; died 18 Feb 1953; buried Hume Cemetery. Nancy SPRATT b. 1875 IL; died Feb 1972 in Hume. Children: Bertha O. b. 1897 IL, Arthur Lee b. 1898 IL;died 1 Aug 1967 in Butler,Edward O. b. 1902 IL,
William O. b. 1904 IL; son William Otis b. 1927, Kenneth E. b. 1916 MO. Obits, marriages, ect. needed. Thanks for any help, Kris in IL

Surnames: STINNETT
Submitted by: Gladys Turman -- Email address:
02 JUN 2005

Surnames: TURNER
Submitted by: Joyce Turner -- Email address:
18 AUG 2004
Query: Merwin, Bates county, Missouri. Marion Franklin Turner lived there for several years. He died 5 April 1924 and is buried in the West Point cemetery. Second wife was Mary and third wife was Birdie Ann Hawkers. Marion may have been related to the Rosier family in Amoret and Amsterdam, Missouri. Thanks in advance for the info I may recieve.

Surnames: VOGT
Submitted by: Diane -- Email address:
Query: Searching Charles (Carl) VOGT who arrived in Bates Co., MO about 1880. He was born 1830 in Germany. Would appreciate a picture of his headstone. He is buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Rich Hill Twp., Bates Co., MO. Thanks for any information.

Surnames: WALLACE
Submitted by: Lynn Cox -- Email address:
27 APR 2005
Query: I am trying to contact the person submitting tombstone information on William Wallace and Lafayette Wallace in the Rockville Cemetery.

Surnames: WEBB, SHARP
Submitted by: Susan Webb-Waller -- Email address:
17 DEC 2006
I am looking for information about my great and gg-grandfather's. I have found Thomas B. Webb in the 1880 census. I believe he migrated to Oklahoma between 1881 and 1890.  I believe his father to be John P. Webb. I believe that his daughters stayed in Missouri. Thomas James & Charles along with other family members are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma. Thomas married Sarah Ann Sharp in Jackson County Missouri on 3 July, 1856. Thomas was born 13 August, 1835. He was born somewhere in Missouri. I am looking for some proof that these are my relatives, such as land records, etc. My grandfather, Charles, Married Susan Millie Simpson. They were married in Adair, IT, Oklahoma 17 September, 1893.

Surnames: WELCH
Submitted by: Judi Reed -- Email address:
30 SEP 2004
I did not know how to post this query on your site, so am sending it to you. I have a autograph book from the 1880's that belonged to Mattie E.
March. I am sure that one of her descendants would be more than interested in having it. Here is her descendants from my family tree. Thanks so
much for your help. Mattie March md William Milo Welch, Helen Welch md John Franks, Marylan Franks md ? Van Roekel, Roberta Van Roekel md Craig Richards, Sally Ann Van Roekel md ???, Robert Franks Van Roekel md Wendy Morris. Thanks again for helping me try and find a home for this book that is a treasure for sure!

Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitted by: jo davis -- Email address: newby001@charter.met
20 OCT 2006
Query: william williams wife tempy ?? lived in bates co mo. he is the son of william williams and dianah white.

Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitted by: Sandra -- Email address:
19 FEB 2005
Query: I am seeking information regarding my great-grandfather/family and gr-great grandfather/family with name Williams. Thomas Williams m. Jane., buried Hulberry Cemetery. childen:
1) Kirkwood Williams (Doctor)
2) Artemisia Williams m. Alexander P. Clark on 25 December 1877 in Bates Cty.
3) Eulalia Williams m. Thomas H. Shileds. He died. married John B. Hamilton,
lived in Amoret, MO
4) Lorin William m. Sadie Williams, then married Anne Schlisman
Their children:
a) Nando Williams
b) Marie Williams
I am looking for complete birth/death/burial/marriage records for all: Thank you Sandra

Submitted by: Janice Neagle -- Email address:
09 DEC 2004
Query: Looking for info on Mary Jane WILLIAMS. She may have been living in Walnut Township with her son, Charles in 1910. I would appreciate
anything I can get.

Submitted by: jo davis -- Email address:
28 SEP 2004
Query: William L Williams born 1849 son of William Williams and Dianah White married Pauline Walk she died in Mo. and then Tempy ? of Bates co Mo or She died there don't know need what ever I can get. Thanks Jo

Surnames: WOOD
Submitted by: Mary Thomason-Morris -- Email address:
25 MAY 2004
Query: Interested in the death date or burial site for Harvey Kemp Wood who lived in Walnut, Bates Co. in 1880. His wife was Fannie and they
had Mary & Clarence(twins?), Howard & William, all born Missouri. Harvey K. Wood was listed as a John S. Mosby Ranger during the Civil
War, aged c 19, born Clarke Co. VA. The Regimental history for the Mosby Batallion, 43rd Va. Cavalry, CSA is being updated and we wish to give updated info on Mr. Wood. Any help appreciated. Alternate e-mail is author Horace Mewborn []. Thanks!

Surnames: WOOLARD
16 APR 2004
Submitted by: <>
Looking for cemetery information for Jacob Woolard. The name is also spelled Wollard and Woollard. I believe he lived in the Rich Hill area and
died sometime between 1890 and 1894.

Submitted by: JOyce Brewer -- Email address:
25 OCT 2005
Query: LOOKING for death date and where she is buried. FOR EMILY,"MILLIE" (PERRY)WORTHINGTON.wife of Jonathan"John" Worthington Emily was born in Brown Co. IL in Aug.1837 they went to Rich HIll ,Bates Co. Osage twp.Mo.per wagon train and are in the 1880 census there. They had two children Lucinda who married JOhn Hamilton in Bates Co. Mo. in 1880.Samuel who m. Myra Maude Townsley and lived in Ks.I am aware that her husband died in Ks in 1929 and at time was a widow so Emily would have died between 1910--1929.If anyone knows this family please e-mail me

Submitted by: Eleanor Dunn -- Email address:
24 JAN 2005
Query: I am interested in finding if anyone has information on the Wright cemetery in Bates County. My husband is descended from the Dunns
and Pipes of Bates County that were related to the Wrights.

Submitted by: Charlotte Becker -- Email address: 20 OCT 2006
Query: I am trying to find out the history of the home I purchased at 400 N. Delaware St. Butler, Mo