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Bates County, MO queries

Robert Fletcher                                                                 Tue Dec 30 12:24:47 1997
Fletcher; Elswick : Interested in John R.Elswick who m Elizabeth Fletcher on 8 Sept. 1877, Bates Co., Mo. Hadthree chrildre: Clifford Elswick, Lulu Elswick, and Nellie Elswick all in Bates Co., MO. Fletcher family came from Sangamon Co., Il. Elswick family came from Iowa.

Robert Fletcher                                                                  Tue Dec 30 12:10:28 1997
Fletcher; Elger     Interested in the Fletchers in Bates Co., MO. Lloyd F. Fletcher b 22 July 1870, Bates Co., MO m Pearl Elger. Were married in Kansas.  Children: ???

Barbara McIntosh                                                                Mon Dec 29 18:27:04 1997
Dempsey;   my husb is descedant of Patrick Dempsey as shown on the 1850 mo census ( Bates Co.). Patrick was married in 1843 in mo. the census shows his wife as a Myra or Megan with an older women living in the household named Phebe. possibly his daughter, Phebe, was named after this older woman. other children are: Robert, Sarah, Franklin, James, Mary, Julia, Perils?, John, and Cristina.  Patrick is from Ireland. we are trying to prove that he is related to Jack Dempsey the heavy weight champ of the 1920s. to prove this, his relatives would probably be from Logan Co., West VA. we have lots of genealogy from Logan Co., on the Dempseys, but not the right names to link our familys together. Any info would be appreciated. thanks!

Jerry McClure                                                                      Sat 13 Dec 1997
Between the years 1866 and 1874, Alexander C. BENDER, my g-g-g-grandfather, performed marriages in Bates Co. as a minister of the gospel. I would like to exchange information about him and his family with any who are interested.  Thanks!

Bill Rice                                                                                Wed Dec 10 05:56:01 1997
Meaghers; Fitzgerald,or Rhinehart. I am trying to look up my family histroy and trying to find information on my grandfather and his mothers family who lived in Rich Hill,MO. during the late 1800's.(1850-1900).My grandfathers name was Thomas H. Meaghers, his mothers name was Cathern Rhinehart-Fitzgerald(she was cherokee Indian) Her Husband was John S. Meaghers(he was Creek Indian).

H. R. Ficken                                                                             Sun Dec 7 19:15:38 1997
DeSpain; Silvers: Cora DeSpain, married Jesse Silvers about 1879, her parents Thomas & Hester with them in Butler 1880. Any desc out there?

Sally Jackson                                                                          Sun Dec 7 08:08:30 1997
McElroy Atkins Searching for the MCELROY and ATKINS family that lived in Virginia of Bates county. They lived there in the mid 1800's. Thank you.

Dave Tannahill                                                                          Sun Dec 7 06:00:08 1997
Tannahill   Andrew Dennison Tannahill Preacher in area around 1860 If anyone has any info on Tannahill/Tannehill please contact me at rr1 bx5a Franklin Ill. 62638

Judith A Trolinger                                                                    Sat Dec 6 21:48:43 1997
SHELBY    Seeking the desc's of Orville SHELBY b 1863 MO, living with wife Elizabeth, & children, William, Ben, Annie, Letha, Blanche. in Elkhart Twp, Bates Co, MO in 1900 census. Orville's brother Webb SHELBY, b 1861 MO, is also on the 1900 census this County. Webb is single, age 38. In his HH is his widowed Mother Elizabeth b 1841, & Webb's brothers John b 1878; & Howard H. b 1881. Mother Elizabeth, was Elizabeth N SHELBY, widow of her cousin Gen Joseph Orville SHELBY (Gen JO) of Civil War fame- A lot is known about Gen JO, but very little on his children & their desc's. Will be happy to share.

Mary Hill                                                                                 Thu Dec 4 17:32:34 1997
Albert HESS(E) YOUNG Searching for info on Albert Hess(e) b. in Germany. He married Elizabeth Vogler abt 1830 and emmigrated to the US abt 1884 and eventually settled in Rich Hill, Bates County. Their children, all born in Germany: Albert (never lived in Bates Co.), Elizabeth Wilhelmina, b. 1872, d. 1948, Franklin Co, AR, Robert, and I think possibly two more. Elizabeth ran a boarding house in Rich Hill. Albert left on an extended trip to find work (he was a shoemaker by trade, but may have been working in the mines). When he came back, Elizabeth was pregnant by one of the boarders. He kicked her out. She died after Albert did and her body was brought back to be buried in the same cemetery Albert is in but on the other side of the cemetery. Elizabeth Wilhelmina HESS(E) married John Riley Young in 1890 in Bates County. John was probably working in the mines, since he later moved to Arkansas and became a mine owner. He also may have owned a saloon in Rich Hill during the late '80's, early '90's. Any help would be appreciated.

jim riddle                                                                               Mon Dec 1 08:45:07 1997
Riddle Burdette/Bert; Cunningham-Sadie Bert born 1872 Butler married c.1875-1880

S. M Stockton                                                                      Sat Nov 29 20:27:20 1997
Stockton;      Desire information on James C. Stockton b 1847 Illinois and Mary Blankenship b 1845 Ky. They were married Nov 4 1866 in Illinois and lived in Peoria Co. till 1882. Came to Bates Co., Mo in 1883 and resided there (around Rich Hill) till 1892. Went to Cherokee Co., Ks in late 1892. Children: James Albert, Jess David, William, Lark, Pearl, Myrtle, Lillie and Mary(Minnie). Some of their children were born at Rich Hill. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Rachel Applegate                                                                     Sat Nov 29 19:19:17 1997
Doyal/ Stone     I am searching for any information on John A. Doyal b.1843. He died Jan 25,1931 in KY. He married Feb.24,1864 in Lewis Co.KY to Minerva Ann Stone. On his marriage license it states that he was born in Bates Co.MO which was a surprise to our family! Can anyone help me with his parents names or anything about him? Any info would be much appreciated & I am willing to share my material.Thanks.(Doyal around my part of the country is now spelled Doyle,if that makes any difference)

Ken Pumphrey                                                                 Wed Nov 26 22:41:44 1997
Heath; Baldwin, McQueen My grandfather Charles Bates Heath was born 2/22/1870 in Bates Co. Mo. His mother's maiden name was Mary Francis Baldwin. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Jene Benton                                                                     Mon Nov 24 20:13:29 1997
Dawson; Hendricks, Loggins, Brown, These families settled in Henry, St. Claire and Bates Counties about 1850-60 and are buried in Bates County.

Dianne Ellis Andrews                                                      Sun Nov 23 19:35:54 1997
STEWART; SANDERS, TISDALE Researching my gggrandfather, Dr. J.W. Stewart, M.D. He married Caroline Sanders on August 19, 1853. Their daughter was named Naomi Stewart, born March 1, 1867. Any of this sound familiar to anyone. If so, please email me.

Vicki Lipps                                                                             Sat Nov 22 16:49:06 1997
Looking for information regarding the family of Arthur S. LANDON b. Tumbull Co, Ohio 1846. He married Lillie WOOD b.  1855 in Wis.and died in Foster, Bates Co., Their son Elmer S. LANDON m. Rhoda BROTT in Neb. Their dau. Lillian LANDON b. 1801 d. 1990 in Butler Co. She and her husband Eugene J. SCARNIER lived in Worland and Rich Hill for many years 1920-. I would be interested  in exchanging any information relating to this family.

Robert L. Carver                                                                     Fri Nov 21 04:15:43 1997
OSBORN; PRICE    I am researching the ancestors and descendents of Robert OSBORN(b. 1770,VA; d. 1851 Bates Co.,MO) who married Mary PRICE (b. 1778,VA; d. 1851, Bates Co., MO). They had seven children: Zachariah, Ruth, James, Martha, McDaniel (aka McDonald,aka Mac D), Enoch, and Caroline. Any and all information would be appreciated

Sylvia Paden                                                                                          Nov. 1997
I am looking for information on the following:  Nancy Mariah Ramsauer (not sure on last name spelling), Born 18 May, 1848, Butler, Bates Co, died 1 April, 1876, Radford Cem. - Married to:  Silas Nathan "Si" Chase, Born 2 March, 1844, Muscatine, IA or Rockford IL; married 10 Jan, 1869, Anderson, NE; Died 2 Sept, 1885, Bates Co, MO, Radford Cem;

John C. Chapman                                                                        Wed 19 Nov  1997
Would like to contact Martin Kelly who submitted a query on family of  Daniel Watson/Lydia Evans early in 1997.

Carl Ward                                                                    Thu Nov 1317:02:36 1997
MORGAN; WOOD, WILSON     My ancestor James Harrison Morgan was the sheriff of Butler, Bates County in 1889 and some years prior to that. He died from murderous assault in Butler 4 Dec 1889 - 51 yrs., 4 mos. He's buried at Oak Hill Cenetery just east of Butler on H
Highway. His wife was Sarah A. Wood and about 7 years after James' death, she remarried Alfred M. Wilson, a life ins agent. James' two twin boys, Sarah and Alfred are also buried at Oak Hill. I'm looking for more info about this family, descendants, obituaries, or stories about James. Family tradition says that a prisoner escaped from jail, came to James' house and shot
him dead in the doorway. Would sure appreciate hearing from anyone with any additional info. Would gladly share what I have.

david george                                                                     Tue Nov 11 14:13:56 1997
Jesse George;    Jesse George lived bates co. or at least had a daughter born there in 1875.

Jerry McClure                                                                 Wed Nov 12 09:22:49 1997
COX;   Cadmus Cox (b. abt 1809 VA) resided in  Boone Twp. in 1860 with the following members of his family: Mary J. age 31, Noah age 20, Corrida(n) age 12, Martha J. age 9, Emila age 8, and John L. age 6. I would like to find more information about this family and will exchange information with any who are interested.Jesse George;  Jesse George lived bates co. or at least had a daughter born there in 1875

lois j. kline                                                                      Tue Nov 11 22:03:39 1997
Merle Bloom;   I am looking for the parents of Merle Bloom born in Hume, Bates County Missouri 28 August 1909 or any information about his family. Thanks.

David Tonnessen                                                                    Sun Nov 9 16:15:38 1997
HORNER;   I am looking for information on the John Hugh Horner Family in Bates Co. MO.
John Hugh Horner b. June 09, 1831 OH d.Dec 31 1902
Carolina Elizabeth (Campbell) Horner b. Mar 7 1845   d. Feb 07 1914
John T. Horner b. Jan 1865 IL (Res Bates Co. 1880 & 1900)
Sara Emma Horner b. Mar 15 1866 IL or MO (Res Bates Co. 1880)
Henry P. Horner b. 1868 MO (Res Bates Co. 1880)
Rosetta F. Horner b. June 08 1869 MO (Res Bates Co. 1880)
Laura Mae Horner b. Apr 22 1871 (Born Bates Co.)
Elmer W. Horner b. May 09 1873 d. May 16 1873 (b & d Bates Co.)
Mary C. Horner b. June 21 1874 d. Jan 08 1875 (b & d Bates Co.)
Alfred H. Horner b. Dec 24 1875 d. Sept 28 1876 (b & d Bates Co.)
Ellis G. Horner b. Oct 12 1877 d. Feb 06 1878 (b & d Bates Co.)
Elva Horner b. Dec. 15 1878 d. Oct 16 1881 (b & d Bates Co.)
Albert M. Horner b. Apr 1884 (Born Bates Co.)  Edmund Horner b. Apr 1887 (Born Bates Co.)  Family members that died in Bates Co. are buried at the Meyers cemetary.
Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Carol L. Franklin                                                             Fri Nov 7 22:33:12 1997
JACKSON; ASHLOCK/FROST/FARMER/HARDIN/MARSHALL   Looking for the JACKSON Families in Bates Co., & El Dorado Springs. Rebecca JACKSON, b. TN, m. David M. ASHLOCK, Aug 22, 1839. John Andrew JACKSON, b. Apr 21, 1820 TN - d. Jan 11, 1899 in El Dorado Springs. Married Sarah Elmira HARDIN Sep 15, 1842.  Syntha/Cynthia A. JACKSON, b. 1827 TN, m. Henry FARMER Apr 28, 1847. Cynthia died in Mangum, OK. Henry in Clay Co., TX. Frances (Fannie) JACKSON, b. 1823 TN, m. John W. MARSHALL Oct 03, 1843.Samuel A. JACKSON, b. 1825 TN m. Emina ??? He died during the war.  Martha Jane JACKSON, b. 1832 TN m. Joseph HARDIN. William Lindsey JACKSON, b. Nov 30, 1830 TN - d. Oct 28, 1910 in Bates Co. Married Anna FROST.  Parents of these children: Claiborn JACKSON, b. 1795 VA - d. 1871 Anderson Co., TN. & Kizarih RUSSELL CHEEK, b. 1785 NC. - d. 1860  Anderson Co., TN. Marr. 1819 TN.  If anyone has any information on any of these people, please contact me at Thank you!

Susan S. Clardy                                                                       28 Oct 1997
I am researching my great grandfather Frank M. HAMMON. He was Superintendant of DARBY Fruit Farms in Amoret, Mo. in 1895. According to his letters, the farm was 800 acres of primarily apples and small fruits. In 1899 he married Mary Augusta HASSIG (Mayme) who was from a large Amoret family. I am interested in any information regarding Darby Fruit Farms, Frank M. HAMMON, or the HASSIG family. Susan S. Clardy

Ed Neu                                                                          Thur  23 Oct 04:03:22  1997
I'm looking for any information on the following:  Francisca and Jacob Neu: Resided in Butler somtime between 1883 & 1911.  They came from St. Louis county, and settled in Goodland, KS  Joseph R. Neu, son of Francisca and Jacob, married Maude McCormick in Butler, 8 April 1903, moved to Goodland Kansas, where they lived in 1914, and then were back in Butler about 1916.  Phillip Neu, son of Francisca and Jacob, resided in Butler between 1916 and 1949 Please contact: Ed Neu   Buffalo, MN

Dean Anderson                                                                    Sun Oct 12 22:04:19 1997
Looking for information on Joe Anderson, father of Lawrence (Byron) and Joe Jr. Byron ran an auto repair shop in Rich Hill, and married Jesse Irene Leedy also of Rich Hill.

Judy Thomas                                                                       Wed Oct 15 09:25:39 1997
I am looking for information on my great-grandfather William Franklin Pyle. He was born in Pleasant Gap, Missouir December 10, 1838. His parents were Samuel & Martha Pyle. He had 3 brothers Samuel, Albert, and John. He had two sisters Sarah and Mary. Albert married a Frankie Williams on January 2, 1870. Sarah married Edward B. Waggoner on June 1, 1867 and William Fox on July 7, 1869. Any information would be appreciated.

Patti L. Bowman-Silvestri                                                       Thu Oct 16 18:19:31 1997
Seeking any descendants of James L. BOWMAN and Mary Ann GEORGE. James and Mary Ann moved to Bates County, Deer Creek & Mount Pleasant Townships in the mid-1850 from Jackson Co., Mo. THEY had the following children: 01-Merritt Hoblit m: Susan Ruth Warren; 02-Nancy J. "Laura"  m: Sam Wilcox; 03-Martha J. m: John W. Hickson; 04- Elizabeth Frances "Fannie"  m: Alonzo Shipley, then a Smith; 05- Anna A. m: Vincent B. Sweeney; 06-John Hicks (died young); 07-Hiram David; 08- Amanda Charlotte "Lottie" m: ? Fick; 09-Nathan  Lewis m: Lydia Ann Marley; 10-Lucinda d: 1881 & is buried in George
family cemetery in Oak Grove, Jackson Co., Mo.----James L. died 15 Feb 1872 in Bates Co.(can not locate grave), his wife Mary Ann 27 Sept. 1872 and is buried in George Cemetery in Oak Grove. In the probate of March 1872 Mary Ann is Executrix, when she died the eldest son, Merritt Hoblit was named Executor. All the land was sold due to the number of minor children, Merritt Hoblit & family moved to Madison & Carroll Counties, Arkansas. Any information regarding this family would be appreciated. Patti L. Bowman-Silvestri

Patti L. Bowman-Silvestri                                              Thu Oct 16 18:37:49 1997
Seeking any descendants of Merritt Hoblit Bowman b: 1847 Jackson Co., Mo, d: 1912 Perkins, Ok married Susan Ruth Warren 15 Feb 1872 Bates Co., Mo and had the following children: 01-Eliza b: 1875 Bates Co.; 02-James L. b: 1876 Bates Co.; 03-Frances L.; 04- William Henry m: Margaret Upton; 05-Ann; 06-Sarah C. m: Lewis Bowman; 07-Estella May m: Ralph R. Potter; 08-Samuel; 09-Margaret; 10-Maltilda. Merritt & Ruth moved to Madison Co., Ar circa 1879. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Patti L. Bowman-Silvestri

M. Cope                                                                            Fri Oct 10 17:18:56 1997
SHIELDS/COOPER/LOYD   I am seeking information about a SHIELDS family known to be in Bates county 1860-70. Job SHIELDS and wife and children were found on the 1860 census in Mt. Pleasant in Bates Co. By the 1870 census, Job's brother, Isham SHIELDS, was living there with wife, Nancy (Cooper-Loyd) SHIELDS, sons (Dio)Nishious, Edward, and Hosea, daughter Anna Isabella, who was probably born there, and his mother, Anna SHIELDS. This is the last place we have been able to find Job, Isham, or (mother) Anna. Isham's family was in Mercer Co. in 1880 without either Isham or Anna, so it's possible they died in Bates Co. If anyone could share any information about this family, any land they owned, or what happened to them, it would be greatly appreciated

Barbara Kesel                                                                  Wed Oct 8 09:46:43 1997
KENNEDY, YOUNG, ALLEN, WILSON, GILMORE are the names of family that came
to Lawrence Co Kennedys came in 1830 and later moved to Cedar Co I am hunting for the Nichols family that Allen B. Kennedy married into. Nancy Nichols married him and then she died and he married Harriete Hance and she died. Then he married Matilda (Gilmore) Smith, who had married a Smith and he disapeared from the picture. Any help would be appreciated.

Darlene Almer                                                            Thu Oct 2 09:52:41 1997
DOBBINS - PERKINS - MEEK - DENTON   Looking for info on family of Carroll DOBBINS and his wife, Amelia H. (PERKINS) DOBBINS, listed on 1850 Bates Co. federal census, page 258. (If anyone has access to this census, a copy of the page is requested). The portion of Bates Co. they lived in became Vernon Co. Children listed were James, John (my great grandfather) and Mary.  Also, looking for information of the "epidemic" in Vernon Co. in late 1850-60's that took lives of wife and several children of Richard Charles MEEK, who later married Margaret DENTON. Any family info anyone might have on these families would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Kesel                                                                 Sun Oct 5 10:02:32 1997
KENNEDY/GILMORE from TN and KY Anyone with the knowledge of why the KENNEDYS left TN to live in the wilderness of MO in 1830. The same question for the GILMORES of Warren Co.KY What made those folks leave their home states with everything that was familiar and go out to the unknown????

Cathy Cross                                                                    Mon Oct 6 02:15:39 1997
CREASEY - PARKER     Looking for information on my G Grandfather William Henry Creasey,(b. 21 Mar 1884, Weaubleau, Hickory Co MO), and married Zella Parker, (b. Jun 19. 1888, Rich Hill, Bates Co, MO) on Dec 8, 1907. I think they were married in Rich Hill as that is where Zella was from. Zella is listed on the 1900 census as living with her parents Green and Charlotte Parker in Rich Hill. I have not been able to obtain any information on William Henry Creasey to date. Would appreciate any information on him. We think he had a brother named James, and that his fathers name was William also, and his mothers name was Charlotte.

debler                                                                                   Sun Oct 5 20:33:06 1997
BLAKE - ADAMS - HOBSON - HOUSE    william blake, dollie adams, charles hobson, maggie house Please check surnames : Blake, Adams, Hobson, and House. please check in Richhill and Bates county

 Pat O'Neal                                                                      Wed Oct 1 13:21:53 1997
O'NEAL - RADFORD -I am doing family tree from Broderbund Family Tree Maker 3.0 for windows. Have MANY deceased relatives from Bates Co Mo. G'fathers name Claybourne Agustus  "Gus"O'Neal,5-20-1866. G'mother Nelle Catherine Radford 4-19-1876. Have traced O'Neal's and Radford's to to Bates Co and Texas. My father, George O'Neal born in Bates/Butler/Johnstown area. Have many other names of relatives. Seeking add'l info  O'Neal's/Radford's/Hopkins/Ellis. Thanx Pat O'Neal.

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