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M. Hilgeman                                                                       Fri Mar 27 14:54:22 1998
Delancy; Taylor Looking for grandparents of Nell Delancy Jones born in Butler August 1886. Parents Robert Edwin Delancy (born 1859)and Harriet Marie Taylor Delancy (born 1861). Thanks!

Nancy Kelly                                                                      Mon Mar 23 13:09:13 1998Thomas; Pryer   My great grandfathers name was Jacob E. Thomas, aparently he started the first business in new home it was a general merchendise store, He married my great grandmother Mary Pryor, she was from Vernon County. She is burried in Rich Hill. I have no other information on their families before them. I don't know if you have any info I don't. he was a confederate soilder. I know thre were Pryors in Vernon county, I wonder if we are related.? Would appreciate any info. My grandfather ended up in Banning Calif. Richard Aubry Thomas

CAROLYN                                                                        Mon Mar 23 07:05:21 1998
HOLDEN;  Albert William Holden born in Dallas County Missouri 23 april 1867 married Alace Ann Bennett 10 july 1890 in Dallas County, died 28 March 1950 in Bates County, Missouri, i would like to find out if they had any children, and where he is buried at ect. thank you

Ken Risley                                                                       Thu Mar 19 15:20:12 1998
WAGGONER; HEATHERLY   Am looking for information on SAMUEL WAGGONER and his wife, ELMIRA HEATHERLY. WAGGONER family lived in Johnstown, Bates County, MO in 1860. The only children I have listed for the family are MARTHA WAGGONER and AMANDA WAGGONER.  Family history indicates that there were more children.

Carolyn Frazee                                                                 Wed Mar 18 11:50:21 1998 BETZ; MEARS, SMITH, MAJORS, .  Mary "Molly" BETZ mar. Levi MEARS Jan. 1868 in Johnstown, Bates Co., MO. Had daus. Clara Belle SMITH & Laura Delle "Birdie" MAJORS. Need any infor.

Christy Alexander                                                          Tue Mar 17 21:38:57 1998 Record(s), John ; Records, Maxwell:   Seeking information for John Records or Record and wife,who died in 1873 in Butler, Missouri. John and wife had at least four sons - John, Henry, Martin G. and Maxell. Maxwell was my great grandfather. He was born on or around 1858 in Missouri. His mother, wife, died in ?Butler in 1873 and a few years after her death, John and his sons left for New Mexico.  According to my great aunt John was Scotch-English, moved to Kentucky then to Butler. In 1875 he left for California in a 35 wagon - wagontrain from Joplin, Missouri and got off at New Mexico with Jackson Tabor and his family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks from Texas.

Nancy Anders                                                             Tue Mar 17 10:58:21 1998
POSTON;      My aunt informed me that my great-greatgrandfather Ashford POSTON died in Cresent Hill, Missouri on 16 Jul 1878. His wife Mary McVicker POSTON died in Missouri in 1892. We're traveling through MO in May and I'd like to know if anyone has information that this is true. I have found him in the Ohio 1860 census, but possibly moved there between 1860-1878.

Marie Clayton                                                              Mon Mar 16 19:49:25 1998
MILLER; VAN BUSKIRK  My great grandmother lived in Rich Hill, Bates Co., Mo. with her father Samuel & Elizabeth Miller. She had the following sisters. Lura (by father's first marriage.) Alma O., Aramay (my great grandmother), Flora A., Malti(who married a VAN BUSKIRK), & Loah ( who married Albert Leonard.). I would like to know what happened to Lura, and if she married. Also Loah and Albert Leonard and if they had a family. Alma, and Flora never married. They lived with their parents until they died. Samuel died in 1912. Elizabeth 1921. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Marie Clayton

Vicki Weaver                                                                Sat Mar 14 21:04:54 1998
RITCHIE; ROUSH   Iam looking for information on George W. RITCHIE, b: 27 Aug 1869, in Letart, Meigs, Ohio. Married Fannie LaVerna ROUSH 5 Aug 1899, in Elkhart, Elkhart, In. Fannie, b: 29 Sep 1880, in East Liverpool, Ohio. They are listed on the 1910 Census of Bates Co. My grandmother, Clara RITCHIE, was born in July of 1910 in Bates Co. Any and all information appreciated. E-mail.

Deborah (FRI) Davenport                                            Sat Mar 14 19:41:50 1998
GOOD; SELBY   Am seeking information on the GOOD family of Bates Co., MO. My great grandfather, Fran Sigal "Sig" GOOD, b. 29 Jun 1863 d. 16 Dec 1890 Bates Co., MO, the son of Charles J. GOOD (1831-1915) and Lovica SELBY (1837-1890). Sig was married 15 Jun 1886 Paola, Miami Co., KS to Sarah Eveline THOMAS, b. 9 Aug 1866 Cass Co., MO d. 23 Feb 1955 LaCygne, Linn Co., KS, the daughter of Burgess THOMAS and Ruthy MILLS. One of Sig and Lovica's children, Nettie Ethel GOOD, b. 24 Jul 1898 Rich Hill, Bates Co., MO d. 5 Feb 1979 Paola, Miami Co., KS m. 20 Jun 1919 Butler, Bates Co., MO to Frank Armour FRI, b. 24 Mar 1894 Adrian, Bates Co., MO d. 30 Apr 1984 KC, MO are my grandparents. Would be interested in any of the above surnames! Deborah (FRI) Davenport 140 Powder Mill Drive Dallas, GA 30132

Deborah (Fri) Davenport                                              Sat Mar 14 19:33:40 1998
FRI; GOOD I am seeking any information on the FRIs of Bates Co., MO. My grandfather, Frank Armour FRI, Sr., b. 24 Mar 1894 Adrian, Bates Co., MO d. 30 Apr 1984 KC, MO, he was the son of Charles E. FRI and Elizabeth KENNEDY. He married Nettie Ethel GOOD, b 24 Jul 1898 Rich Hill, Bates Co., MO m. 20 Jun 1919 Butler, Bates Co., MO d. 5 Feb 1979 Paola, Miami Co., KS, she was the daughter of Fran Sigal GOOD and Sarah Eveline THOMAS. I would be most interested in anyone researching any of the above lines of this family! Deborah (FRI) Davenport 140 Powder Mill Drive Dallas, GA 30132

Rosalie Kimmerly                                                           Sat Mar 14 16:55:42 1998 Needham;  Need information regarding Elizabeth (Lizzie)Stover NEEDHAM.  She and husband lived in Rich Hill, Bates Co., Mo. Lizzie was born in 1848 in Centre Co., Pa.

Diane Williams                                                               Sat Mar 14 13:47:12 1998
WOOD OR WOODS; Would like to hear from anyone knowing about the WOOD family of Rich Hill, Bates Co.,MO ASHER TALBORT WOOD(S) married to MENERVA BOND ABT 1850 children are: Thomas J., Gilmon Oliver, Marquis de Lafayette, Rufus, Charles, Benjamin, James, Susan, Ellen, Howard, Nancy (buried in Ward Cemetery - died as a 1 yr old)

Cynthia Agnell                                                            Tue Mar 10 05:13:12 1998 MANNING/MANNEN; WILLIAMS:   I am searching for information on Stephen MANNING or MANNEN. He married Harriett WILLIAMS.  In 1870 they were living in Pleasant Gap Twp in Bates County along with their eleven children. Previously they had lived in Montgomery County. Harriett was from Kentucky, the daughter of Frederick WILLIAMS. By the late 1890s the family was in Texas. If you have any information on this  family, I will be happy to share what I have.

Angela                                                       Sun Mar 8 16:37:01 1998
WEDDLE; BENSKIN, DWYER, BINYON, WATSON, MERRIMAN    This information was on some old papers: "Bates County, Missouri, November 27 A.D. 1847. Twelve months after date of value priced  we or either of us promise to pay Moses D. Weddle and Silkirk Weddle, Administrators of the Estate of Elias Weddle deceased, the sum of thirteen dollars and thirty-seven cents." Signed Aaron W. Benskin, David T. Weddle. Any information on any of these WEDDLE family members would be appreciated

Karen P. Myers                                                                    Sun Mar 8 10:39:09 1998
HAGAN; HOOKER, RIPPETOE, TILFORD, GRAVES:  I am looking for descendants of George Fredrick & Chloe (RIPPETOE) HAGAN, some of which were on the 1910 Bates Co, MO Census. I have a lot of material to share and exchange. Children were: Geneva D. b. 1870 (James Sherman TILFORD); Perry B. b. 1872 (Anna ______); Rillie Gertrude b. 1874 (_____ GRAVES); Ormond Rippetoe b. 1876 (Maggie _______); Eva H. J. b. 1878 died young?; Goldie b. 1884 ( _____ HOOKER).  Karen P. Myers

Lorie Kraus                                                                             Fri Mar 6 12:59:32 1998
Barr;   I am looking for information on Newell R. Barr who moved to Bates Co. in the mid 1870s. His children were Daniel, Martha, John S., Charles, Fanny,and Uylesses. Newell Barr is buried in the Hudson area.

Larry Summers                                                                       Thu Mar 5 20:25:56 1998
Summers; Casey   I am the great great grandson of John Summers.  John Summers and Mary Elizabeth Casey gave birth to many children in Amsterdam, Bates, MO. I would like a clue where John and Mary came from, dates, etc. Their children born in Amsterdam Bates Missouri are: Horatio O. Summers, born 24 Jan 1863; James S. Summers, born 7 Jan 1865; Ira A Summers, born 21 Oct 1868; Julia Aza Summers, born 30 Sep 1871; Myrtle Ann Summers, born 4 Jun 1874; Addie Marie Summers, born 22 Feb 1876; Odis Lester Summers, born 10 Nov 1878;  John Summers was born 30 Sep 1825 in Indiana.  John Summers died in Amsterdam, Bates, MO in 16 Jun 1897. Mary Casey was born 13 Oct 1838 in Kentucky.  Mary Casey died in Amsterdam, Bates, MO in 22 Dec 1878.  They were married 22 Nov 1852. Their first 2 children were born in Inidana.  Eliza E Summers born 14 Dec 1859; Apollus Riley Summers born 13 May 1861; I would like to know where John and Mary were married. I would also like to know the names of their parents.

Marguerite Atteberry Emmons                                              Thu Mar 5 08:40:24 1998 TIMMONS; Daugherty, Norton, Moss, McFarland:  Looking for death and burial information on Thomas Foster TIMMONS, who was a resident of Kansas City in 1892 when his daughter, my grandmother, Adda "Dimp" TIMMONS married Hugh Houston MOSS. When Adda died in Jun 1911, she was buried in Bates Co and the undertakers were MCCFARLAND and sons, relatives of her mother Mary Dimmis DAUGHERTY wife of Thomas Foster TIMMONS. Other relatives were an aunt, S. Elizabeth Daugherty NORTON. Can anyone help with this family or send information about when Thomas Foster Timmons died?

D. M. Miller                                                                            Wed Mar 4 05:58:59 1998
MYERS; Seeking information on John Myers, died July 18, 1859, in Bates County,Missouri.

Barbie Johnson                                                                          Tue Mar 3 07:45:53 1998GULL; HAMLETT:   Emily Viola GULL b. 15 Dec ? in Amoret, MO. d. 05 Dec 1940 in Richards, MO m. Louis Wm. Jackson HAMLETT in ca. 1914. They had 12 children. Her parents were Robert GULL d. 1918 and Mary Elizabeth (Thompson?) d. 1926 in Amoret, MO. My  information is rather sketchy as I have just begun research on this line but this information is from Grandma and her memory is not as it used to be. ANY information is greatly appreciated!

Lori                                                                                               Fri Feb 27 22:05:01 1998
Nichols Bates County Dorsey Nichols born Rich Hill circa 1869 Father Elias Nichols in Vernon County Census 1880. Other Nichols please contact me searching for siblings, relatives, etc. Thank you.

SANDY SOMMERS                                                                 Thu Feb 26 21:18:09 1998

Wanda McKay                                                                  Wed Feb 25 19:24:54 1998
Harper; Hutchinson, Walker, Henstreet, Carter, Mills   Albert Harper, b. PA 1813 m. Eliza (___) b. NY 1816, where?  when? They had 6 or 7 ch: Asenith, Adaline, F.A., Mary E., Esther Ann, James E. and Cora Adel. The children were all born in Ohio except Cora, she born in MO. They were in VA in the 1850 census, Ohio in the 1860 census and Bates County in the 1870 census. Albert and Eliza d. 1873 and 1874 and are buried in Oakhill Cemetery. Any info about this family would be appreciated. Thanks

Jenni Coe                                                                             Wed Feb 25 11:11:09 1998
COE; STANFORD   Does anyone have or know where to get any info on some early churches in Bates Co.? I am trying to find info on the following churches and any records, bibles, info etc., from them: Harmony Mission Church, Union Church, Willow Branch Church. Union Church has been associated with a Dr. Requa. These are pre Civil War, and post Civil War churches. Thanks!!

Donna K. Smith                                                                  Sat Feb 21 10:50:50 1998
HOOPER,WARDEN; I am looking for information about Alva F. HOOPER; 1880 - 1970 and his wife Nettie F. WARDEN HOOPER 22 Jan 1887-Jan 1981. They moved from Kansas City to Adrian.  Both buried at Crescent Hill Cemetery, Adrian, Bates County, Missouri.

Bud Tumy                                                                         Sat Feb 21 04:56:19 1998
BURGE;  Researching the Burge surname in Bates County. Oscar F. Burge lived in Bates County until about 1861. He then moved to Cooper County, MO. Any information (transactions, deeds, records, etc) will be appreciated.

Linda Knapton                                                                          Sun Feb 15 16:37:13 1998
CARROLL; GRIGGS/CALLAHAN I am trying to find any information on my ggggrandfather. His name was Phillip CARROLL. He was born in Ireland and came to America during the potato famine with a brother.  Phillip had 2 daughters Mary Alice "Mollie" CARROLL b @1861 in MO d @ 1893 in Wynnewook, OK. She married George Washington GRIGGS 21 May 1882 in Hudson township, Bates County. George is listed from Hudson Township & Miss Mollie CARROLL is listed from Rockville township, Bates Co. Julia CARROLL is Mollies sister and she married a man named CALLAHAN. She was from Missouri because after George d in 1900 their 4 girls (Margaret Ethel, Bertha, Leona Massie, Georgia Gail) were shipped off to live with George's mother & Aunt Julia CALLAHAN I can't find Phillip in any census in the Bates county area, and I can not find julia either. I would like to have any information on the above families.

Linda Knapton                                                                    Sun Feb 15 16:27:09 1998
GRIGGS; CARROLL/WARNER/BAILEY/BUNN/DAVIS:  Searching for information on Seth E. GRIGGS b 11 Feb 1832 in Indiana (possibly Ripley County) d 14 May 1872 in Bates County, probably Hudson Township. Seth Married Massie Anne WARNER b 13 June 1836 in Lancaster Ohio d 22 Jan 1917 in Appleton City, St Clair County MO. m ? They had the following children: Mary J. GRIGGS b 1856 in Iowa? Ellen GRIGGS b 1858 in MO George Washington GRIGGS b 1860 d 1900 Citra OK. m 1882 Mary Alice CARROLL in Hudson Twnshp.  Anne E. GRIGGS b 1863 in MO m Sylvanus BAILEY in 1887 in Hudson Twnshp. Ulysses Grant GRIGGS b 1867 MO m 1887 Lillian BUNN Leroy GRIGGS b 1869 in MO m 1891 Cora DAVIS he d 1900 in Appleton City MO. Benjamin Franklin GRIGGS b 1871 d 1957 m Lill ?  After Seth died Massie remarried a John S. BUNN @1878. I have found Seth & Massie burried in the Round Prairie Cemetery in Hudson Township, Bates Co MO. In the same cemetery is a possible brother of Seth a Valincourt GRIGGS b 7 Nov 1844 Ripley County Indiana d 17 Dec 1907. He married a Mary A. ? There is also a G. W. WARNER buried in the same cemetery.  I want to know if the Baptist church across the road from the Round Prairie Cemetery is still a vital church?  I also want to know about Massie she died in 1917 in Appleton City, but all the census records I have found has her & John BUNN living in Hudson Township, Bates Co. Did part of this township break off at some point and become part of ST Clair County?  Massie is buried under the name GRIGGS, but her death certificate states that her name was BUNN at the time of death is this a common practice for women to do during this period of time?  I also can't find where John S. BUNN is buried.  I am trying to fill in any gaps that I have & any help would be appreciated.

Marcia O'Brien                                                                   Sat Feb 14 17:10:00 1998Anderson, Dr. Z. b.7/8/1826; Have searched census for my GGG grandfather, Dr. Z. Anderson born 7/8/1826 in either Barton (?)or Bates County, Missouri; he married Susan Gilkeson (b. 2/8/1830-place unknown)- she & Dr. Z. Anderson were married 9/2/1877, place unknown; his son, Montrose Linton Anderson (b. 8/1/1857 Granby, Mo.) married Martha Ann Bradley 9/2/1877 (Granby, Mo.)

Robert Williams                                                                    Sat Feb 14 01:14:45 1998 AKERS; SMITH    Hi folks!  I am interested in the ancestors of Jonathan Burl AKERS, who was born September 1845 somewhere in Virginia. He married Mary C. SMITH on 23 Dec 1871 in Putnam County, Indiana. His son, Burtis Lee AKERS was born 17 Dec 1881 in Butler, Bates County, Missouri. Jonathan AKERS may have died in Oklahoma at the home of another son. Descendants of other sons  supposedly settled in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you have any information related to this family, please email me so we can exchange information.

Cathy Allor                                                                              Fri Feb 13 22:16:15 1998 OSBORN/OSBORNE; Am looking for information on Phillip OSBORN, son of Anna/Mary (Soudess) and James OSBORNE. Born 12-24-1838 in Bates Co., MO. Later moved with his parents to Mound City, KA.

Cathi Stephens                                                                          Fri Feb 13 16:40:51 1998 Thornbrugh; Evans, Swink, Collett, Marlin, Stinnett:  William and Sarah (Evans) Thornbrugh settled in Boone Twp., Bates County about 1865/66, coming from Franklin Co., KS. With them were their son's; Alfred L. (1835-1884) and his wife Missouri Swink - Lemuel Newton (1838-?) and his wife Mary Jane Collett - Joseph Jasper (1852-1915) who m. Catherine Elizabeth Marlin 1878 in Bates Co. - Francis Marion (1855-1898) who m. Olive Stinnett Dec. 4, 1874 in Bates Co.  William d. by 1867, looking for date and where buried. Sarah died by 1873, need date and cemetery. Alfred, Lemuel Newton and Francis M. all took their families to Osage Co., KS by 1880. Joseph J. stayed on in Bates Co. for some time before going to OK. Can anyone help with dates of death, obits, cemetery listings? Thank you.

Bill DeHart                                                                    Tue Feb 10 06:00:33 1998
DeHART; TANNEHILL   The wife (widow) and three children of my great-grandfather appear in Bates County before the 1880 census. Elijah DeHART had been in LaGrange, Lewis Co. in the 1860 and 1870 censuses; he had served in the Missouri Militia from there; he married Mary Baker in LaGrange and her family was from there. In 1860 and 1870, he is listed as a plasterer. They had two sons William Walter and Albert (Albert was my grandfather). In 1880, Mary is listed with her two sons plus one daughter in the Bates County census as a housekeeper in the home of Wesley TANNEHILL.  No further record of these two found. The children of Elijah and Mary show up in various 1900 census records.  Ponderables: What happened to Elijah? Did he head out for Bates and not complete the journey? Did Mary make the journey with her three children without her husband? Did he die or leave his wife and family sometime in the 1870's? Any and all clues, suggestions, ideas gratefully appreciated.  (A related item related to Elijah's parentage, there was an elder Elijah DeHART living in Scotland County in the 1870's who followed the 1860-70 migration path NC-KY-IND-MO. No Linkage established, but this appears possible. Records give no clue.

Glenna Huls                                                                             Mon Feb 9 11:18:53 1998
Huls; Hulse, von Hultz, Hultz:    I am seeking information about Ezekiel Huls and his wife,Harriet Jane Dole (Foster) Huls with their children, James A., Arenettie, Burton, Lavina and Frank Oscar. Family history says that Frank was born at Rich Hill on July 14, 1875 but I have no record. Court documents in Portsmouth, Ohio indicate that Ezekiel and Harriet were in Bates County in 1870.  We also only recently learned of Burton and Lavina. Neither was with the family when they arrived in El Reno, OT in April, 1889. We think they may have died in Mo. or Ks.

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