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Surnames: FINCH, HALL
Submitted by: Wilma Tyler Dibelka. Email:
Date: November 22, 2011

I have two family lines which seem to go through Bates County, one during the time of the Border War and the other following the Civil War.

1. Elias L. Finch and wife Sarah J.; originally from Calhoun County, Michigan; had 2 small daughters (Nellie born 1855 and Hattie born 1857); was a farmer, family records show the birth of 2 sons while in Bates County, Missouri (Elias Bird, born and died 1859, and William Leonard, born 1860); by 1863 the family was in Bourbon County, Kansas. I have no indication of in which township this family settled, nor any lead to a burial place for the infant.

2. Daniel Chapfield Hall and daughter Martha Mariah Hall Webster are both said to have died in West Point, Bates County, Missouri; Daniel on 6 July 1871 of pneumonia following an extended illness with typhoid; Martha on 16 October 1875 following the birth of a daughter ... the daughter, Cynthia Elizabeth, also died. Martha's husband was named Elijah, believed to have been a farmer. Daniel's family was in Lincoln, Linn County, Kansas. It is believed he was visiting Martha at the time of his death. I have no leads to where any of these family members were buried.

Any help in locating these ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Am willing to pay nominal fees for research, and will reimburse for any copies made. I am able to receive copies via email in most formats.

I live in Siskiyou County in far northern California and am willing to do genealogical research here.

Wilma Tyler Dibelka
5238 High Meadow
Weed, California 96094