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Bollinger Co Missouri
School Information for Bollinger County

1928 Will Mayfield College Yearbook.

1928 Will Mayfield College Yearbook.

  1. The book is dedicated to: William Walton Everett - Junior High School Class Sponsor
    School Staff:
    W. C. Ferguson - President
    George Whorten Beswick - Dean
    Sarah Lois Grime - Professor of Languages & Sophomore Class Sponsor
    Anna Blanche Cottingham - Professor of English & History
    W.W. Everett - Professor of Zoology
    A. Floyd Tallman - Professor of Mathematics & Physics, & Freshman College Sponsor
    Chloe Ivey - Instructor of Instrumental Music 7 High School Senior Class Sponsor
    Luella Boynton - Instructor in Voice & Expression
    William S. Ritnour - Instructor of Business Education
    Cora Pottenger - Instructor of High School English
    Dennis S. Revelle - Instructor of High School Mathematics and Director of Men's Athletics
    Alice Vinyard - Instructor in High School History
    Charlotte M. Thompson - Instructor in High School Latin, French, and Women's Athletics
    Thomas H. Jenkins - Professor of Religious Education
    Leona Alice Belchamber - Librarian
    Lula Belchamber - Registrar
    Estelle H. Brown - Matron of Franklin Hall
    G. R. Houston - Caretaker & Mechanic
    The Students:
    College Sophomores
    Elnora Brinkman
    Crawford Reynolds
    Geraldine Malone - Class Secretary/Treasurer
    Tharon Stallings - Class President
    Willa Kirkpatrick
    Bennie VanAmburg
    Anna Clippard
    Mary Jenkins
    Dorthy Rolf
    Ruth Walker - Class Vice-President
    Fred Kinder
    Curtis Yount
    Chester Barner
    Floyd Rolf
    Theodore Barner
    Ina Holsclaw
    Evelyn Swihart
    Everett Liley
    Reva Smallen
    Robert Kirkpatrick
    Luther Winchester
    College Freshmen
    Anna Brock
    Elma Flwler
    Jessye Gale
    Nell Mann
    Pauline Britt
    Elbert Fowler
    Wayman Foster - Freshman College President
    James Berry
    Ivan Bidewell
    Luther Smith
    George Croft
    Ira Zohner
    Camilla Beardslee - Freshman College Reporter
    O.R. Burnham
    Welton Foster
    Gertrude Patterson
    Miller Jones
    Floyd Cleveland
    Mary Hopkins
    Elva Walker
    Ruth Alexander - Freshman College Secretary/Treasurer
    Arnim Ray
    Raymond Lee Sheets
    Clarence Utley
    Mamie Stover
    James Higdon
    Milo James
    James Kirkpatrick
    Kimble Swindle
    Dan Caldwell
    Della Liley
    Lorene Bohannon
    Gladys Lee Hart
    Floyd Hamlet
    Mildred Kinder
    Lucille Brannam
    Opal Franklin
    Linus Bartles
    Elmer Revelle
    Eula Smith
    Gilbert Hopper
    Ollie Story
    Claude Stone
    A. C. Rudloff
    Paul Barrett
    Robert Rogers - Freshman College Vice-President
    Byron Booker
    Ralph Rushing
    High School Seniors
    Marie Clingingsmith - High School Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer
    Clive Matthews - High School Senior Class Reporter
    Maude Brinkman - High School Senior Class President
    Pauline Myers
    Flae Lee
    Fred Steward
    Rubin Hill
    Francis Conrad
    Richard Kinder
    Mae Winchester
    Mary O'Niel Conrad
    Raymond Revelle
    Chester Barks
    Robert McGlothin
    Ross Bailey
    Olga Lee Hill - High School Senior Class Vice-President
    Fred Ferguson
    Mae Crader
    High School Juniors
    Margarite Wells
    W. E. Sutterfield
    Clay Steward - Junior High School Class Vice-President
    Edward Morgan
    Aline Masterson - Junior High School Class Secretary/Treasurer
    Kathern Clippard
    Virginia Reynolds
    Rayford Bollinger
    Lena Butcher - Junior High School Class President
    Norma Crites
    High School Sophomores
    Gladys Stubbs - High School Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer
    Bernice Heifner
    Hazel Eaves
    Gale Belchamber
    Webster Grimsley
    Melba Bollinger
    Henry Bidewell
    Mildred Bollinger - High School Sophomre Reporter
    Ruth Hitt - High School Sophomore Class Vice-President
    Wade Freeman - High School Sophomore Class President
    William Yount
    High School Freshman Class
    Herschel Keathly - High School Freshman Class President
    Orville Steiner - High School Freshman Class Vice-President
    Fern Alexander - High School Freshman Class Secretary
    Football Team
    Leamon Bidewell - Captain & Tackle
    Dan Caldwell - Capt. Elect & Center
    Gilbert Hopper - Full Back
    Tharom Stallings - Quarter Back
    Fred Ferguson - Guard
    James Higdon - End
    Robert Rodgers - Tackle
    Ollie Story - Guard
    Orville Steiner - Guard
    Chester Barner - Half Back
    Luther Smith - End
    Crawford Reynold - Guard & Center
    Basketball Team
    Chester Barner - Captain & Guard
    Luther Smith - Stationary Guard
    Ivan Bidwell - Forward
    Ben VanAmburgh - Forward
    Dan Caldwell - Center & Guard
    Paul Barrett - Forward
    Fred Kinder - Center
    Reva Smallen - Queen of the Ozark Glory
    Luther Smith - Best All Around Student for Scholarship, Personality, Versatility, & Character
    Who's Who in Mayfield
    Most Popular Student - Byron Booker
    Greatest Heart Smasher (Male) - Wayman Foster
    Greatest Heart Smasher (Female) - Lorene Bohannon
    Best Athlete - Gilbert Hopper
    Bumbest Bumbell - W. E. Stewart
    Most Popular Prof. - Mr. Tallman
    Most Friendly Student - Elva Walker
    Biggest Woman Hater - Robert Rogers
    Biggest Man Hater - Anna Trovillion
    Most Handsome Man - Leamon Bidwell
    Laziest Person - Bennie VanAmburg
    Most Industrious Person - Luther Smith
    Peppiest Person - Tiny Anderson
    Most Desperately in Love - Flavis Gossage
    Most Dignified Student - Luther Smith
    Biggest Pest - Curtis Yount
    Biggest Bluffer - George Croft
    Most Awkward Boy - Bob McGlothin
    Most Modest Student - Eula Smith
    Prettiest Girl - Mildred Kinder
    Dean's Most Regular Visitor - Red Higdon
    Most Merciless Prof. - Miss Cottingham
    Best Actress - Lorene Bohannon
    Best Actor - Tharon Stallings
    Freshiest Freshie - Max Marlow
    Wittiest Student - W. E. Sutterfield
    Student With Most Promising Future - Byron Booker
    Biggest Griper - Elmer Revelle
    *Note - There are several different clubs and athletic clubs with pictures of the members, but they didn't provide the names in with the pictures.

    Photos: Will be posted soon
    Laura Vonk #13

Submitted by Laura Vonk Poster-#-13-

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