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African American research:
In an effort to help folks on a tough research topic, we have included this section on African American information.

A researcher wrote to me: " I've noticed that the histories of the Missouri counties are very glorious and full of active and flourshing businessmen etc. However, there is no mention of the people who worked for them and made them profittable -- my people, the slaves. I know that slavery is a very low point in history, but leaving it out is an omission of fact. The impact of slavery would be pertinent in describing the history of your county and neighboring counties. Much revenue was generated from slavery, not to mention an entire social construct which separated people who were bought and sold like cattle. There is also no mention of the Indians (Native Americans) and their life and culture. The first white township is discussed but the natives are overlooked with any detail."

While we don't profess to be an authority, we believe any help is better than none. If you have any suggestions or information to contribute, we sure would appreciate a note.

Boone county specific information:

Do you have any information on slaves that might help?? Any you would like to submit (wills, deeds, court records and other documents you might have that mention slaves), I will include it here (assuming no copyright infrigements). Keep in mind we are specifically interested in Boone County Missouri material here.

As for multi-county materials, I suggest you contact Traci L. Wilson-Kleekamp at She is doing terrific work on research in and about Missouri!! You can see her results in some of the links below. Afrigeneas is also collecting this information at Remember that slaves generally only had a first name and adopted the surname of their owner so any and all of that information is valuable to researchers.

African American links:

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